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I am not sure if everyone considered Camille to be attractive, but I certainly did. The 19 year old had a trim, sexy figure, nice sized breasts and brownish-blonde hair. She had a round face with large brown eyes and a pouty mouth which never seemed to smile, but the puffy lips seemed to be inviting my cock to part them.

She attended the college where I taught, but fortunately was not one of my students; my office mate advised her. I knew as soon as I met her that I wanted to bed her, so I admit that I groomed her. Little by little, casual interactions throughout the winter to peak her interest. When spring rolled around, I was tracking her activities through social media, and I knew that she was going to be at a local arboretum one weekend. When I arrived, I was able to surreptitiously poke a hole in her car tire, and then waited in a good spot to wait for her return.

My mouth started watering when I saw her returning. She was dressed in a snug-fitting, light green sun dress. I made it seem like I happen to be walking out of the woods at the same time she was, so luckily I was there when she discovered the flat tire. Of course, I helped her change it and asked for nothing in return, which lifted her trust in me. I did give her my cell phone number, and told her to call me if she had any problems with the spare on the way home.

After that, I began to hear from her more frequently; texts at first, but then calls. Very rapidly, we started to arrange to meet for coffee. It was very low key, on a range of subjects, not at all about sex. She shared a lot of information about herself; she was actually quite interesting.

One particularly warm day near the end of the semester, she arranged for us to meet in town for a friendly dinner. I lived in town and headed out early, and happened to spot her walking around talking on her phone. She had this peculiar way of using headphones without a microphone and therefore had to speak into the end of her phone.

She looked delectable in a light blue, sleeveless tee and a crazy comic-book figure skirt. With the warm weather, I noticed, to my delight, that her shirt had rubbed her nipples erect (she hardly ever wore a bra). As I tailed her, I saw her stop at a little shop and come out with a small gift bag.

I was surprised that she arrived early at the restaurant—that is not a common trait of teenagers—and I loitered a bit until arriving at my standard 10 minutes early, feigning surprise to see her there before me. It solicited a rare smile from her. As we sat at our table, it was hard to not notice her protruding nipples, and she seemed to be fine with the attention that I paid to them.

Dinner was great, and she presented me a gift for helping her with her tire and for being a good friend. It was a nice little wooden box that she said I could put on my nightstand. I thanked her for the gift and was starting to offer to buy dinner, when she interrupted me to say that I should open the box. I must say that I was surprised to find it stuffed with condoms—ribbed and lubricated. As I stammered, she informed me that they were the ones she preferred. I asked her if she wanted to help me put the box on my nightstand, and she readily agreed. The sultry look in her eyes made me want to melt.

We held hands on the short walk to my home. When we walked in, she kicked off her sandals and accepted the offer of a glass of wine. I handed her the gift bag back and pointed her towards the bedroom. She still seemed very business-like as I uncorked a bottle of a sweet white which I kept in the fridge for such occasions. I could hear her in the bathroom and was glad to have given her a little time.

When I came into the bedroom, Camille was already under the covers, presumably naked, and the box was on the nightstand illuminated by the lamp there. I sat down next to her with the glasses, and she sat up, revealing her two tight little breasts. The nipples were still jutting out like two ripe pink berries that I just wanted to suck into my mouth.

She took a sip of the wine and complimented it before we set our glasses down. She then wrapped her arms around me and our lips met lightly. Her full lips made her kisses soft and gentle, and we kissed for several moments before I lightly flicked my tongue into her mouth. Hers responded similarly. Before long, we were kissing deeper and deeper, and almanbahis adresi with my hands on her bare torso, I almost squeezed the air from her lungs.

She broke away panting, and started to unbutton my shirt. I doffed it as soon as it was unbuttoned, and stood up to remove my pants and underwear. My hard cock was swinging in front of me as I slid into bed beside her. I could already smell her sex aroma.

We resumed our passionate kissing, and now I moved my hands across her ripe tits.

I maneuvered her onto her back and straddled her, kissing and nipping across her shoulders, then her neck and upper chest, and then around her taunt breasts. I knew what she liked by the way her hands guided or held my head. I slowly approached her left nipple and just breathed on it; she was impatient for my mouth and just pulled my head towards her chest. I sucked it into my hungry mouth and held the pert nipple gently between my teeth while sucking and flicking it with my tongue. It was the first time that I heard her moan.

We both enjoyed me sucking on her tits immensely, but after several minutes, I decided to continue my journey south, down over the ridge of the ribs and across her smooth, flat stomach. Her skin quivered in certain spots, but I did not tarry there because I didn’t want to distract her. My mouth delved into the creases where her legs met her torso, and then into her inner thighs. She was now trembling and breathing rapidly.

My mouth crept up the folds of her neatly trimmed pussy, until it was parted and fragrant there in front of me. I hesitated just a moment again, only to hear her sigh in frustration, and then my tongue flicked her clit causing her to shudder and groan. She was delicious and I lapped at her hungrily. She was now unabashedly moaning and I kept at her as she gradually rocked her hips. I could now feel her hands pulling at the bedding, her body slowly arching up off the bed, and at that moment, I inched a finger into her and gently twirled it inside her. She exploded and it was all I could do to keep at her with mouth and finger.

After several moments, she shuddered and collapsed on the bed. My mouth crept up her, but she was unmoving. I gently rolled her over, and started massaging her back and shoulders, intermingling caresses with kisses and nips. I worked my way down her back, over her ass, and on to her calves. When I was through, I laid down next to her, propped up on one elbow to admire my handiwork.

She opened one eye at me and smiled languorously. Her hand glided down the sheets to grab my throbbing erection, and my breathing shifted as she wrapped her dainty hand around it. Shifting up, she now guided me onto my back, and her mouth enveloped my nearest nipple. I moaned in ecstasy and her hand gave me a harder squeeze. She worked on that nipple a while as the pleasure flooded through my body, until she leaned over me to attack the other nipple, and in the process, I engulfed her left breast. She nipped down on my own left nipple and I could feel the air whizzing over the damp, cold flesh as she gasped in pleasure. This started a sort of competition as we both attempted to outdo the other with our groaning mouths on the other’s nipple.

Finally, with a brief cry, as if to signal that she could not take it anymore, she broke contact with me, swiveling her body down over mine while her mouth left a wet trail down my torso. My cock settled into the groove between her breasts and she pressed herself against its throbbing prominence. Then her hands were grasping my hips, as her mouth first worked around the base, and then up both sides of my shaft. Slowly, tantalizingly, she eventually sucked the head of the cock into those soft, plump, inviting lips. I groaned my approval.

Her tongue caressed the head of my cock, and then she took a little more in slowly and incrementally. Her lips formed a tight seal around it, and she sucked while coming up the shaft. I didn’t know her sexual history, but she was certainly an expert at fellatio.

As one of her hands began to gently caress my balls and shaft, I knew that I would not be able to last much longer—just the sight of her bobbing up & down on my cock was almost enough to send me over the edge. While fully intending to cum in her mouth, I fought back the urge to let it loose as long as I could. Considering all of my groaning, Camille almanbahis adres had to know what was “cumming” and was therefore complicit in my desire.

At last, I could not hold back any longer, and my body tensed before my cock discharged a tremendous load into her willing mouth. As the pleasure crashed over me like a wave, I was vaguely aware that she was gallantly trying to swallow; at first, it was too much for her, and she choked and coughed. Taking only a moment to regain her composure, however, she was right back at it, and finished me off by slurping up the last three or four spurts.

Now it was my turn to collapse in bliss. I just lay there as she wiped at some of the random sperm on my belly, my semi-rigid cock trembling every time she brushed against it. She shimmied up the bed and laid her head on my chest while I let the bliss seep through me.

After a few minutes of recovery, she shifted to fetch a condom from the new nightstand box before kneeling between my legs. My cock was still rather hard and quivering, and as she opened the package, her head sunk down to engulf it once more. It did not take much for me to become as hard as steel and ready once more, so after a couple minutes, she wrapped the prophylactic over it.

As she straddled me, one hand guiding my dick towards her pussy, she gazed into my eyes. Her face lacked any affect, but the flushed cheeks, the large brown eyes, and the pouty lips all said fuck me. Her expression did not change as she began to lower herself onto me, until—almost as if she could not take it anymore—she pounced on me, her hands on both sides of my face, her mouth devouring mine. She slowly impaled herself on me, going down and then back up, a little farther down each time. The moment she fully pressed me into her, she shuddered and moaned through her first orgasm.

But I had no intention of giving her any respite, and grasping her thin hips, I started slowly thrusting, aiming the point of my cock at that spot on the inside wall of her belly. Her eyes sprung open in wonder at my ministrations, and she raised herself halfway off me so that I could better make contact. As I increased the tempo and the force, her eyes literally seemed to roll back, and her eyelids fluttered. She was flushed, a sheen of sweat glistening on her—she looked beautiful—and she was panting desperately with each thrust.

I would never have taken her as someone who would be loud during sex, but surprisingly she shouted as she came. She was having multiple orgasms, and around number four I could take it no longer and came myself. I arched my back as I thrust deep into her, and briefly she gasped in surprise, before moaning through several more orgasms.

My entire body deliciously sated, I dropped my arms to the bed and just lay there with Camille flopped down on top of me, periodically trembling as gentle orgasms continued to ripple through her. I am not sure how long we lay together like that. I did not want to be parted from her, but my cock was shrinking and the rubber was getting loose, so I gently rolled to my side, easing her down onto the bed while sliding the condom out of her sopping wet pussy.

I pulled the covers over us and snuggled next to her as darkness settled in the bedroom and we both dozed off. A couple hours later, as moonlight illuminated the bedroom, she climbed out of bed to freshen up in the bathroom, and I took the opportunity to refresh our wine.

We sipped wine and talked about life before those incredible lips began another sensual journey round my body. We rather quickly got into the 69 position with me on top; because of our size difference, she had to tilt her head rather far back for my cock. I was perfectly positioned over her clit to make her cum rather quickly and strong enough that it seemed as if she was going to bite down on me.

Forgetting the condoms, I quickly repositioned so that I could enter her from on top, and I hungrily took in her delicate features as I thrust myself into her almost to the hilt. She arched her back as if to both resist me and better take me in. Another couple thrusts, and she was skewered and moaning loudly. She wrapped her delicate legs around me, as I loomed over her. Cumming again, she pulled me down to her, her mouth devouring my nipple. As her orgasm crashed through her, she bit down rather hard on me, and a mixture of almanbahis adresi pleasure and pain electrified me.

When the orgasm subsided, her arms and legs slid off me, while I remained propped up over her. I was still hungry for more, and took the opportunity to correct my earlier mistake by wrapping up in a condom. While I was doing this, Camille had rolled onto her belly, watching me, and once I was ready, she boosted her butt up, offering me to take her from behind.

I didn’t need any encouragement, and eased myself into her. Again, starting off with a slow rhythm, I slowly drove myself deeper and deeper into her. When I was fully inserted into her, I pulled her up to me, my hands massaging her breasts, my fingers teasing her nipples, my lips and teeth gently tracing the edge of her shoulders. After several minutes of this, I was eager to cum myself, so I shoved her forward and began thrusting strongly into her. She gasped in surprise, but sensing my urgency, she pushed herself back to meet each push. Hearing her grunts and seeing her dainty form helpless before me only added to my desire and after a few moments I thrust into her so deeply that it lifted her partially off of the bed and I came in an explosion of ecstasy.

I was aware of Camille’s own groaning and I suspected that she was coming again as well. With each spurt, I thrusted into her until I shuddered empty, and feeling light-headed, I collapsed down on top of her. She rolled us both over onto our sides, satisfied and exhausted.

A few minutes later, we sorted things out again—removing the condom, wiping up wet spots, pulling up covers—and wrapped in each other’s arms, went to sleep again. I don’t think that I have ever had such a wonderful night of sleep.

I woke before Camille in the morning and lay there a while admiring her beauty. I let her sleep while, I used the bathroom and took a quick shower. She was awake by the time I got up, and she invited me back to bed. She pushed me onto my back and pressed her naked body into mine. After some deep kissing, her mouth roamed down my torso, spending quite a bit of time teasing my nipples until I was panting with sensation. I wanted to reciprocate her affection, but she told me that she just wanted me to lay back and enjoy; that she had had so many orgasms the night before that she just wanted to show me her appreciation.

Now between my legs, she sucked each one of my testicles into her mouth and batted it around with her tongue. I felt like I was being electrified, and I trembled on the bed with the sensation. Her tongue licked up the underside of my throbbing cock until she reached the top, and then her fat lips sucked down each side of the shaft.

She then sucked my nob between her soft, pouty lips and her tongue lashed all around the head as she strongly sucked on it. She gently stroked the shaft with one hand while her other caressed my balls. I am sure that it was only several minutes, but time seemed to stop as she just kept diligently slurping on the end, like a baby nursing at a teat.

The combination of her lips and tongue and hands was getting to be too much, but after cumming three times the night before, it seemed like now the cum was being drawn from somewhere deep inside me. The sensation was indescribable, bordering on painful. But when I did orgasm, it was a sharp-edged release that caused me to yell out. This time she managed to slurp down all of it as I thrashed about beneath her.

Shuddering, I had to pull myself out of her mouth after I had stopped cumming because the sensation was simply too much. It felt like every nerve-ending in my body was tingling with delight. She lay cuddled next to me for a short while before getting out of bed to clean up herself. I had not moved a muscle when she came back 15 minutes later.

We spent the morning together. I made us breakfast as she wore one of my t-shirts. We made love again afterwards, and we continued in the shower after that. She got dressed and ready to leave, but we ended up undressing each other in my living room before she could get out the door.

It turned out to be more of a hook-up for Camille, and given my position on the faculty that was fine with me. We remained friends, and I was working on other conquests too. She often skyped me at home and at work, calling from her dorm room; she never sat down, but would always be bent over so that I could look down her shirt (those times when she wore a shirt). She still got the itch occasionally and would come over for me to scratch it. She was a tremendous lover and I was always grateful for her visits.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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