Candice , Rob: The First Night

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Big Cock

My name is Rob. Candice and I have been married for 9 years. We met in college and have two children now. Ages 5 and 6. They spend alternate weekends with their 2 sets of grandparents. Candice is 5’1″ tall, weights 103. Blonde and well endowed on top with nice full milky white tit’s a narrow waist and full hips. Her ass is to die for. Full looking round ass and further down she has what I like to call. Thunder thighs. Candice is always saying they look fat but guys are always starring at my wife wherever we go out.

My fascination with interracial sex came about the time I was in college. I seen lots of hot looking white girls dating these black guys on campus and always wondered what the attraction was all about. I rented a couple interracial movies at this adult book store near the campus and they really got me excited. Candice and I were dating at the time so I asked her if she wanted to watch them with me. She was curious to see them herself so this was my second viewing as we laid in bed together watching these hot flicks.

I remember how wet Candice got that night when we fucked. I knew those big black cocks turned her on but she acted like their size didn’t matter to her. At least at that time. I’m not huge but I’d say I’m very average in size comparing to the other guys I seen in college.

We got married and a couple years later I brought up the subject of interracial sex when I saw this hot amateur interracial movie at one of my buddies place. I told Candice all about it and we had wild sex that night. She teased me about fucking a black guy. I knew at the time she wasn’t serious. She was only trying to enhance our sex that night.

I got up enough nerve to ask her if she really wanted to experiment with another man and she said no. The fantasy of watching Candice being taken by a hung black man really got my blood flowing. I brought up the subject every so often. Our kids were born and I’d forget about it on and off than recently brought up the subject again while we were having sex one night.

I was kind of shocked when Candice told me she would fuck another man under the right circumstances. I began thinking. What kind of circumstances was she talking about. That night I asked. She told me she would have to get to know a guy first. I was excited and curious so Candice explained everything I needed to know that night.

I came home early from work one Friday afternoon and found the kids playing in the living room and Candice busy having an internet video conference with a man on our computer. I walked into the room and noticed it was a black guy she was speaking with. He was dressed in a suit and looked to be around 25 years old.

She turned and gave me a quick kiss than turned back to the screen and introduced me to this man she was talking to.

“Daryl. This is my husband Rob. Rob honey. This is Daryl.”

I leaned down in front of the computer screen. “hey. How are you doing.” I said.

Candice than went on to speak to this guy named Daryl. “I’ll let you go now Daryl. eskişehir escort Text me if something comes up before tomorrow evening. See yeah later.”

Candice ended the video chat and stood up giving me a big hug.

“What was that all about baby?’

“Daryl is a guy I met in a chat room a couple weeks ago.”

“Two weeks ago? How come you didn’t mention anything about talking to a guy online?”

Candice had her arms wrapped around my neck holding on to me as she gave me these little hot kisses on my lips.

“I wanted it to be a surprise for you.”

I was a little confused but Candice went on to explain everything. She had been talking to this guy everyday since they first met. Candice told me how she brought up the subject of experiencing her first black cock to Daryl and how I’d love to watch.

My cock got rock solid hard listening to Candice explain all the details to me. She said she would explain everything in more detail after the kids were in bed that night. We ate dinner and tucked them in bed that night. I couldn’t wait to hear everything.

“Honey. I made plans for Daryl to come over tomorrow evening. The kids will be at your parents house this weekend.”

” I was excited but was still in shock. “You going to fuck this guy?’

“I don’t know honey. It depends how I feel.”

My body felt numb but my cock was hard thinking about watching Candice getting poked by a big black dick. Candice didn’t want to have sex that night. Candice said she wanted to be extremely horny in case something happened tomorrow night. She did give me a blow job. I mean for forty five minutes this wife of mine sucked my cock. Swallowing my hot load of cum too.

The kids got picked up by their grandparents the next morning so we were alone. I was just about ready to stop by the drug store after breakfast when Candice asked me where I was going.

“Thought I’d run out and buy some condoms just in case you want to fuck Daryl tonight.”

“Honey. That won’t be necessary. I already spoke to Daryl and he said he only had sex with his girlfriend about 4 months ago until they broke up and assured me he was clean and free of anything.”

“So, your not going to have him wear a condom?”

Candice smiled and walked over and wrapped her arms around me. “Honey. If I’m going to fuck another man tonight. I want to feel his cock inside me. Not a condom. Besides. I’m on the pill.”

Candice kissed me hard so I left it at that!

That afternoon Candice showered. The aroma of perfume started filling the air as she got herself ready for the evening. Candice is a little old fashion and loves romance novels. I knew she was going to wear something really sexy tonight. When I walked into our bedroom she was clasping a little hook on her garter belt. She looked so sexy standing with one foot on a stool. Her creamy white thigh and ass was clearly visible to me as I walked up running my hand along the softness of her exposed ass.

“Are escort eskişehir you going to wear a thong?”

“I don’t know yet. Depends.”

I watched her adjust her stockings and helped her pull her new dress up over her head. She looked so sexy. The dress fit her tight and much of her milky white breasts were exposed. I wondered if this guy Daryl knew how lucky he was going to be if Candice decided to fuck him?

Candice came strutting out of our bedroom wearing her 6″ pumps. I always teased her about the height of some of her heels in her collection. At 5’1″ they made her look tall and super thin. Daryl arrived about thirty minutes later. He was on time and looked very professional wearing a suit and tie. We shook hands and sat down and had a drink together while Candice called for Chinese take out. That was something they planned since Daryl was a big fan of Chinese food.

I had to admit that Daryl wasn’t just a run of the mill black guy from the hood stereotype. He was very polite and well educated. We finished dinner and sat in the living room. Candice and Daryl sat together on the sofa getting better acquainted. I fetched everyone drinks a couple times. Daryl and Candice were getting more cozier each time I returned from the kitchen.

Candice stood up and walked over to me. She leaned down and whispered in my ear. “Why don’t you get the movie camera out?” She smiled and gave me a little kiss before walking back to set next to Daryl on the sofa.

I got up and went into our bedroom to find out new high definition camera we had bought to take movies of the kids. The battery was completely charged. This would give me way over an hour of recording time If I needed it. It had a large memory card that would hold a good length movie.

When I returned I didn’t see either one of them but heard noise out in the kitchen. When I got out there, Candice had her arms wrapped around Daryl’s shoulders. He was holding her waist as they gently kissed. I put the camera to my face and started shooting.

Daryl was still much taller than my wife even with her 6″ pumps. They looked so erotic standing there kissing. Biting lips, tongues mingling. It was such an erotic scene to watch. Daryl’s hands were all over my wife. I moved around to the other side of the kitchen Island and got a good shot of Candice playing with Daryl’s cock through his pants.

I could see it’s hardness sticking straight out from the material of his pants. Daryl already removed his suit jacket and tie. They laid on the Island counter top nearby. His hands on her ass hiking her dress up exposing her garter belt and bare ass now.

The kissing was so hot to watch. His tongue entering her mouth than hers into his mouth. Biting his lips than locked tight in a heated kiss. So hot and passionate. They were either putting on a show for me or really enjoying the passion. I think a little of both.

The dress was soon taken off and Daryl’s pants hit the floor. Candice pulled out eskişehir escort bayan his big black cock with both hands rubbing her dainty long fingers along the stiffness of his thick black shaft. I zoomed in for a close shot. So erotic with my wife’s hands on his black cock. Her wedding rings clearly visible in the camera’s view.

Almost naked except for the stocks, heels and garter belt. My wife kneeled down taking that big black cock in her hands and stroked it a few times before putting it inside her mouth. Daryl held his hands on the back of her head. The contrast was so erotic. Dark black and my wife’s pale white skin and blonde hair.

My cock was stiff as I watched my wife lovingly suck her black lover. I kept the camera rolling as my wife finished sucking on that cock. Stood up and positioned her full round ass back again her lover. Daryl ran his thick black hands along my wife’s ass while he poked his huge cock up against her pussy lips doggy style. Candice playfully wiggled her ass like an invitation to fuck her wet pussy.

Daryl took hold of his cock with one hand guiding his black cock between my wife’s wet pink pussy lips. Her body stiffened as Daryl’s cock split apart her pink pussy lips for the first time. As soon as his cock head was embedded between her pussy lips he pushed forward sending a few inches inside my wife’s pussy.

Candice let out a load moan holding herself against the kitchen Island counter top. Daryl put his black hands on my wife’s ass and began fucking her steady sending his huge cock a little deeper with each new stroke. In and out as Candice moaned. I moved around and decided to try and put the camera under her belly and get a nice shot of Daryl’s cock going in and out. Her body quivered with each inward thrust of that huge black cock.

A few minutes into the fuck and Daryl pulled out only to help Candice sit on top of the Island counter top. She opened her legs for Daryl as he positioned himself between her legs aiming for her wet pussy again. His cock sunk in much faster this time as Candice rested her ankles on Daryl’s shoulders.

I stood watching Candice get fucked while taking the movie. My cock wanted to explode but I knew I’d get my chance later tonight. Daryl was fucking my wife furiously now as my wife’s ass quivered and shook with each thrust of his huge cock. She must have came three times before Daryl yelled out that he was getting ready to cum. Daryl grunted and held onto Candice’s ass holding her pussy tight against his body as he filled her belly with his potent seed.

He soon pulled out and out came a gush of hot white sperm. He held Candice’s legs up and open while I took a nice creampie shot. A real gentleman. I got the opportunity to watch Daryl fuck my wife on the sofa later that evening before he dressed and left kissing my wife one more times on her wet lips. She was still wearing her stockings, garter belt and heels when I walked up behind her after she closed the front door.

We fucked for almost two hours after Daryl left. Her pussy felt wet and well used. Yes, it felt stretched out and Candice made a point of asking me if she felt stretched. It only made our sex more passionate that night.

I realize we will never be hardcore swingers but Candice said she might have Daryl over again in a couple months. I can’t wait to watch my wife take that big black cock again.

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