Carpe Diem

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Mr. Tantrick sticks his head into the classroom. “Maria?”

She looks up from desk, a little nervous at the intrusion. “Yes sir?”

“As soon as your class lets out please stop by my office, I’d like to talk to you about some of your recent schoolwork.”

“Yes Mr. Tantrick,” Maria replies, swallowing. Oh my god, she thinks to herself, what did I do now?

Class lets out about 15 minutes later and Maria walks down the hall to Mr. Tantrick’s office at the end of the corridor. The whole way she goes over the last couple of weeks of school in her head.

Could it be the paper I turned in late last week? No, it can’t be that the teacher gave me special dispensation.

Maria mumbled out loud, “Maybe it’s about my being caught napping in the library yesterday…I hardly think so, everybody does it.”

Totally fearful by now, she stands outside the office door. Finally mustering up her courage, she knocks on the door. She hears his voice.

“Come in please.”

She enters his office looks around but doesn’t see him immediately. Maria starts to walk to the chair at his desk, but her eye is caught by a photo on the wall. Is that erotic art? As she gets a little closer she notices that it is a young girl bound with scarves kneeling at the feet of a soldier. A flush comes over her face.

Oh my God! Mr. Tantrick is…um…unusual.

Maria was a tall attractive girl with an easy smile. Long legs, bright eyes and a figure that caused men to turn around and watch her walk down the halls at school. She was the captain of the swim team and had the finely tuned body of an athlete. Mr. Tantrick had been watching her for a long time and this was the first opportunity he had to spend some time with her.

Mr. Tantrick clears his throat making her jump. Maria she spins around blushing and looks at him. Up close, she took note of his strong features. An older gentleman, he took good care of himself. He was a tall, fit, and an attractive man. She probably wouldn’t mind if he made a pass at her. Looking at him Maria thought that he had that Richard Gere look. His hair is salt and pepper, but it was still full and healthy. Continuing her inspection she notices that he is attractive in a dangerous sort of way, the kind who is sure of himself and carries himself well. His eyes seem to look right into her, setting off a little alarm at the back of her consciousness. I’ll bet the female teachers can’t get enough of him. Maria flinched at the thought. What the hell are you doing? You’ve never thought like that before!

Mr. Tantrick smiles at her. “Please sit down Maria, we have several things to cover.”

Seating himself behind the desk, the counselor leans forward and intently watches her cross the room to the chair. Maria thought she could have been mistaken, but did she see a gleam in his eyes?

Sitting down in the chair she notices that her short skirt is showing her legs to their best advantage. Feeling a little self-conscious, Maria thinks: If I’d known I was going to be called in here today I would have worn something a little less revealing.

Mr. Tantrick watched her fidgeting, his eyes drawn to her legs and then to admire the rest of her outfit. She bağdat caddesi şişman escort dresses very well for a college girl. You don’t see a lot of Donna Karan on college girls these days. He admires the fit of her clothing noticing that she has dressed impeccably. Legs showing, just enough cleavage to draw the eye, and colors that set her eyes off. Feeling a little nervous and more than a little confused, she pulls at the hem and folds her hands in her lap. After a few moments of awkward silence, Maria tries to break the ice.

“Well Mr. Tantrick, what do you need to see me about?” She manages to choke out.

“Well, Maria, to tell you the truth, you’re doing quite well in your classes. Your zeal for your studies and you winning attitude have made you a favorite among the faculty,” Mr. Tantrick says smiling at her. “There is one thing that has come to my attention though that I felt should be discussed in private.”

The possibilities race through Maria’s mind, she stutters, “Wh-what is that Mr. T?”

“Maria, as you know that we provide access to the internet free to students here at the college.” His intense stare bore down upon her.

“Yes sir, I usually bring my computer to school to take notes and do research between classes, it’s been a real boon for me to have high speed access”.

“Well, Maria … what you do not know is that all your work here at the school and your other computer uses is recorded by our ISP and I receive a monthly printout of activities.”

Maria gulps, a flush coming over her entire body. Oh shit, that sex chat website! In a feeble attempt to redirect the conversation, she says, “So you have seen the number of research sites I visit for my schoolwork then Mr. Tantrick. I couldn’t have done half that work without the high speed access! I am very grateful to the school for providing it.”

After pausing for a moment, Mr. Tantrick gets up and strides around his desk, stands behind Maria. Lowering his head to hers, he whispers in her ear, “I know about your activities on the Literotica board Maria.” She gulps, and feels herself start to tremble.

Mr. Tantrick places his hands on her shaking shoulders, “Now usually when we find a student misusing the facilities we would expel them. But in this case I think there may be some room for…negotiation.”

Maria looks up and sees Mr. Tantrick looking at her. His face is mere inches from her. His eyes are looking deeply into hers with an intent she is just now grasping. Oh my God! Does he mean what I hope…er, what I think he means? To her complete surprise, she was immediately wet at the thought.

Mr. Tantrick slides his hands down her shoulders into the top of her blouse. “Mr. T-tanrick, w-what are you d-doing?” she moans. Not answering her he pinches her nipples and twists them. “Ahhh,” she moans. What am I going to do?

Pushing her blouse over her shoulders he bares her breasts and lifts her to her feet. He spins her to him and stares steadily into her eyes. His warm hands provoking her body to work against her mind. But, Maria’s legs tremble and her pussy begins to flow. Oh God, she thinks, I want this.

Maria feels herself being bağdat caddesi ucuz escort pressed up against the desk. Mr. Tantrick then pushes the objects on top of it onto the floor. Roughly he lifts her and places her seated on the edge of the desk. She feels the room spin, trying to control the situation.

“Mr. Tantrick, please” she cries out “Y-you can’t do this.”

“I can and I will, Maria. And you know that you will love it.”

At this, Mr. Tantrick lays her back on the desk and reaches under her skirt. Sliding her panties down, he lowers his face into her groin. Sucking her clit into his mouth he slides two fingers into her pussy. Looking back up at her astonished face, he grins, “Maria, you’re already soaked, you naughty girl.”

Thrashing on the desk, Maria gives in to his demands. Her hands hold his head between her legs, quivering with lust. Her mind crying out for relief. Fuck me, damn it! Just fuck me!

Mr. Tantrick stands and pulls out his already hard cock. It’s a fine cock, not huge, but fat enough and long enough to make her eyes open wide in anticipation. He buries it in her quickly driving right to her depths.

“OH GOD!” She cries, “You’ve got to stop Mr. Tantrick.” Feeling his cock stretching her and driving through her tender pussy lips she thinks instead: Please, don’t ever stop!

With a wicked smile the counselor looks down upon her, splayed wide open and vulnerable on his desk. He slowly withdraws his cock right to the edge and then drives it back deep into her. Mr. Tantrick is rewarded by the look on her face. Maria’s eyes snap open and she looks at Mr. Tantrick through a cloud of confusion, embarrassment, and utter lust. Involuntarily she moans, blushing she tries to silence herself. Clutching the sides of the desk she tries to push up. Mr. Tantrick again slides his cock back to the edge of her vulva and then slams it into her.

She wails “Oh God, please Mr. Tantrick.” A strange look crosses his face.

“Please what Maria?” Again he begins withdrawing and driving his cock deep into her.

“Please Mr. Tantrick,” she cries, “Please, please fuck me!”

A smile broadens on his handsome face, she is his.

He begins a slow and steady reaming of her pussy. The smell of her young pussy fills his office, her fluids mat the hair on his groin. Mr. Tantrick watches her face twist in passion, mewling sounds coming out of her mouth. He smiles, knowing that she is totally possessed by her needs right now and thinking to himself, this is what makes life good. A beautiful young woman giving herself over to her passion and helping her fulfill her fantasies and his. Watching her for the last couple of weeks had awakened a hunger in him that could only be quenched like this. He knew that he could lose his job and maybe even be arrested for this, but her beauty had inflamed him and made him a little less circumspect than normal. It was a “Seize the Moment” kind of thing and he’d be damned if he was going to let it pass him by.

Maria is out of her mind. She is mad with lust and wondering how this happened and how did it happen so quickly? She feels the hardness of the desk under her back and bağdat caddesi yabancı escort her legs wrapped around the counselor’s waist, but most of all she feels his hot cock sliding in and out of her wetness. Its stimulating nerves she didn’t know she had! Her hips begin to move in total rhythm with the man pleasuring her and she forgets everything except her need to come.

The experienced Mr. Tantrick senses that Maria is close to the edge. He reaches down and takes her clitoris between his thumb and forefinger, he massages it. What a pleasure it is to watch her buck each time he does. She’s a hot little fuck, he thinks to himself. I was lucky to find that web monitor program! Chuckling at his luck, he continues manipulating her clitoris till she is thrashing around his cock.

The familiar feelings start to well up in his spine. The electricity flowing through his ass as it hammers his cock into her. Mr. Tantrick takes in the scene before him. Maria is holding on to the desk, crying for more, begging for release. His balls begin to swell at the sight.

“Oh yes,” he says breathing heavily, “That’s it fuck me, Maria!”

Maria’s body reacts to his voice and she falls over into a massive orgasm. Hips driving to meet his cock, totally out of control. Her strong legs pulling him into her, pussy sucking at his cock reluctant to release it. Mr. Tantrick looks down at her, consumed by her lust, her face is glowing her eyes are fluttering and her tongue is flicking across her lips. He looks at her body stretched out on his desk and marvels at the sight of his cock entering and pulling out of her. My god, she’s absolutely perfect.

She wails out loud, “Oh fuck me, please fuck me! I want you to fuck me, make me come!”

Mr. Tantrick is momentarily shocked. He did not expect her to be so insane for his cock. The come starts traveling up his cock. He revels in the knowledge that she is blind, deaf, and dumb now, she lives only for the cock that is sending her into spasms.

He starts to come, spraying her pussy with his warm jism. He is buried deep, unable to move because of the sensations. His orgasm seems to go on for hours. She is pounding into him drawing sensations from him that he has never felt before. Her lust is possessing him and being returned to her twofold in his pounding release. For a perfect moment they are both in another universe. Completely absorbed by one another. Senses feeding off the other and sending them crashing back into each other.

Finally spent, Mr. Tantrick looks down at her. His cock slipping out and come dripping down the side of his desk. She looks so hot laying there! Her breasts heaving, her thighs trembling, her eyes closed and lips smiling all point to a very happy woman. He hands over her panties and zips himself up. Even though he knows he has overstepped a boundary that no man in his position should cross, he is strangely drawn to her. He knows at that moment that he must somehow possess her again. Forcing himself to turn to her he boldly watches her put on her clothing, his head cocked and a smile on his lips and eyes.

Maria gets dressed, strangely intrigued by the counselor watching her. She has never felt sensations like that before. She glances up to see him sitting behind his desk smiling.

Mr. Tantrick signals to her to sit in the chair opposite him. “Now Maria”, he says “you have violated a very serious rule here at the school and I feel that we should set up a schedule to discuss your needs.”

Maria smiles. She can hardly wait to tell this to the group in Playful Questions.

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