Changing Husbands

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Judith Kennedy smiled at she looked out the small kitchen windows of the holiday home at the lake. The dads and boys of the two families were playing soccer on the rough, just-mown lawn against the girls and the boyfriends of the older girls. The females were shrieking ‘foul’, ‘that’s not fair’ and ‘give us a chance to play the ball’.

Roll back twenty years and she would have been one of those teenagers shouting ‘foul’ as the boys dominated, exhibiting their skills, only in those days they had played football. She watched her eldest daughter’s new guy, an Australia from her college, a really beautiful guy, curl a kick that landed right at Michelle’s feet.

Micki as she was called now, shrieked in excitement and kicked the ball forward only to immediately fall on to her back. The red-headed Australian the young people called Blue or Bluey instead of Rex for some reason, loped over and pulled Micki to her feet and the unruly game practically stopped as most of the participants stood to grin as Blue got his reward, a kiss that appeared to be almost a seduction.

Judith’s younger sister Maxine came in beside her and breathed, “Are they only kissing?”

“I-I think so,” Judith squirmed. She disproved of the public display of affection, or was it lust, of the twenty-one year olds or of anyone for that matter.

“Relax Jude, you’re on vacation. Have you accepted this Aussie has gotten everyone calling your pride and joy Micki simply by calling her that name?”

“He seems to be influential.”

“God you haven’t relaxed yet. Do you think he has a big dick?”

Judith swallowed. “Should we find out?”

Maxine grabbed her and waltzed her round the kitchen singing, “Jude’s beginning to relax; Jude’s beginning to relax.”

They slowed to a stop but continued to hug. Judith pushed back her sister’s ill-disciplined fringe. “Do you remember me teaching you to dance? You are a lovely dancer now but I taught you the basics.”

“You taught me to find my rhythm… that was the big breakthrough. And you also taught me about sex when we that that threesome with Dwight Wells.”

“God Maxine,” Judith said, looking round fearfully but their parents were out on the lawn being well-behaved spectators. “Are you back having sex with Harry now you’ve forgiven him for having that affair with Martha?”

“We are back having something that passes for sex but I’ve not forgiven him.”

“You must darling,” Maxine said, kissing her sister on the lips sweetly.

Maxine pulled away and said gravely, “Unless you do your life will forever be blighted.”

Judith sniffed and blew her nose. “I guess you’re right. But tell me, how does one find forgiveness?”

“Try having an affair yourself.”

The sisters giggled, eyeing one another affectionately and then moved to prepare mid morning coffee.

During the gaiety over coffee and sugared buns fifteen minutes later Judith took a call and went off to hear the caller and returned looking a little upset.

Harry caught the exchange of expression and asked, “Bad news?”

“I’ve been called back to the hospital. A chopper is coming for me. Two of the surgeons were in a car accident last night and both have been admitted with fractured limbs. We are left with only one orthopedic surgeon so they want me back for three days when Muriel Bacarella is due back from her vacation in Italy.”

“Damn,” Harry said. “We have been here only four hours. Somebody will have to drive you back in your car. You are not too good driving on these remote windy roads.”

“Michelle will you accompany me? You are the best driver in the family.”

“Mom I have Sue-Ellen’s 21st birthday party on Saturday night and her mom wants me to lead the singing round the campfire.”

“Oh yes of course.”

“I’m taking the boys on an overnight fishing trip tomorrow,” Harry said. “I guess…”

“No way,” yelled two of the boys.

Maxine said with Judith gone she’d need to remain to take charge of catering. “Blue you go with her. You’ll get a wonderful view of this lakes district from the helicopter. You’re here to see as much of America as you can, aren’t you?”

“Well if Mrs Lucas is happy about that and what about you Micki?”

“Yes you go. I can then stay a couple of days with Sue-Ellen and her family.

Judith said she couldn’t ruin Blue’s first vacation in America.

“It’s only for four nights counting tonight mom and we’re here for twelve days and he’d redundant on Saturday because the party is only for females. Take him.”

“Yes take him,” Harry said. “Blue’s shown he’s a good driver, driving on the wrong side of the road for him and if you are tired after setting limbs and sewing up people you’d not handle that 220-mile drive yourself.”

“Well that’s it by popular support Mrs Lucas. We best pack our bags,” Blue grinned.

The journey from the heliport was uneventful apart from one sad disclosure. Judith learned Blue’s mother had died two years earlier after suffering a brain embolism.

“It was so sudden and it was a great shock avcılar escort to everyone but we are all well over it now, even dad.”

“What does your father do?”

“He used to practice law but is now fulltime into property investment and has clients in Asia, India and North America, Mexico, Chile and Argentina buying into well-performing Australian property.”

“How can that be fulltime?”

“He leads a team of seven and drives them to find clients to fit investment opportunities they have found as they are major properties, usually sold to syndicates. Dad heads negotiations and supervises the news letters to clients and reports to clients quarterly about the state of their investment with graphs showing local and regional property and financial trends. It’s quite complex.”

“Very complex by the sound of it,” Judith said.

Judith was called to the hospital just after 9:00.

“There’s been a bus accident. It rolled after leaving the highway with three confirmed fatalities.”

“Duty calls, off you go,” Blue said, taking her into her arms and kissing her gently. She felt something hard against her belly and then realized it would be his belt buckle.

Judith thought about the impossible, having sex with him, but turning her car into the hospital and seeing the line-up of ambulances outside ER her mind jumped to another level.

She arrived home just before 3:00 and Blue appeared dressed in only his briefs. She noted the bulge but she was so tired it meant nothing.

“Into a hot bath young lady, it’s already running. I’ll fetch you hot chocolate.”

Judith heard him arriving and pulled a flannel over her breasts. She’d used a bubble bath mix so her lower privacy was assured.

“I’ll slide it across the floor as far as I can without coming in.”

“What would you have done if bringing hot chocolate to your mother in her bath?”

“I’d take it in”

“Well fetch it in please.”

Judith was sure he appeared disappointed finding her breasts were covered. At forty-four she was in good shape and rather proud of her figure. She felt tempted to remove the cloth and say ‘What do you think of these?’ but knew she was only teasing herself.

‘Thanks,” she said, taking the drink and smiling.

“You have a great body. It noticed up at the lake when you were in that little top and tight shorts.”

“I’m tired Blue.”

“Yeah I guess it would have been a rough night. Sleep well and dream peacefully.”

When she flopped into bed Judith thought she’d like to dream about him thrusting into her. The next think she knew it was an hour away from noon. She showered and spent quite some time playing with her breasts and running a finger over her trimmed vulva, putting on quite a show and imagine he was looking through the bathroom door at her and tugging at his erection.

She was appalled and got out and dried herself. God she hadn’t have such rampant carnal thoughts for years. What was wrong with her?

No way would she try to seduce Blue. Michelle would never forgive her.

Judith dressed in a modest sundress and expected to find him beside the pool.

He was.

“Hi,” he said and smiled. “Go back and change into that back one-piece swimsuit and fetch a jug of Martinis.”

“I can’t drink. I’m on call.”

“Then the swimsuit and fetch me a beer.”

“Why the black swimsuit?”

“The wet back enhances your curves.”

“Should you be talking to me like this?”


Judith thought he should too, not that she would say that.

She returned wearing her loose fitting blue swimsuit and handed him his beer and sat at the table sipping her icy mineral water.

“Thanks,” he’d said when taking the beer but not moving off the sun lounger. She noticed he wore baggy shorts. He made no mention of her not being in black.

Judith managed she could feel tension rising.

She looked over but saw nothing rising in the vicinity of his crotch. God should a married women with three children be thinking like this about a twenty-one year old?

She decided, in this instance, the only appropriate answer was yes. She also had grounds for feeling flighty like this, knowing she was not being sexually fulfilled and until that sexy talk with her sister had more or less accepted changes of being sexually fulfilled in emotional terms would be a lost experience for her. Perhaps is she did have a fling with a young guy it would be like turning back the clock and starting all over again.

Oh yeah? She felt like giggling but withheld knowing he’d demand an explanation for her frivolity.

Omigod, what had he just said to her?

“What did you just say?”

He eyed her steadfastly. “I asked you to pull down your top and give me a look at them.”

“You would never have asked your late mother to do such a thing, would you?”

“Hell yes.”

She knew he was lying and they laughed. Without any delay she met his request, knowing it required only two quick arm movements and it would be done.

She avcılar escort bayan did it and felt very naughty.

He sat up and she felt her confidence plummeting. What if…?

“God you have a great pair.”

Her confidence soared. She felt like cupping them and inviting him to take a closer look.

“Cup them and hold them out for me. I’m coming over to get close up and personal. If you don’t like that then tough.”

As he straightened she saw the concealed bulge. If she wanted that she knew there was no turning back.

“Yes come over. Sit across my knees. This chair is strong enough to support both of us.”

Had she just said that? Omigod, she had. She could tell by his grin.

He swaggered towards her and she heard him say that Micki had said he might get lucky. Micki had said he could really help her mom whose appeared to have been left adrift and confused after catching his husband fucking her best friend and then hearing their confessions they’d been at it for almost a year.

Yes it would be just like Michelle, who was studying to become a psychologist to work with children, to come up with a theory like that. “I-I don’t know what to say?”

“Invite me to lick your tits.”

“Omigod” she yelled and jumped into the pool and began swimming to the end nearest the house.

But there was no escape.

He dove in after her and caught her and pulled off her swimsuit.

Judith turned and spat, “Leave me alone. Go away.”

Blue held Judith but made no effort to paw her. “Come on admit it; you need to be fucked by another guy to make you feel even and just to being fucked.”

For heaven’s sake, who’d given him that logic? Judith knew the answer: Michelle.

But she wasn’t done. They were standing, the water was almost to her shoulders. She pushed him away, or rather attempted to do that. He was immovable.

“Did you ever have sex with your mother?”

He looked at her solemnly.

“Just the once. Dad was away for three weeks and we were amid a heat wave and then there was a change and temperatures over all of Victoria plummeted. She was horny, I was eighteen and perpetually horny so we just got down onto the carpet and fucked like rabbits. She was so embarrassed later but got over it.”

“Oh god,” Judith cried.

He let her go and held out his arms. “Oh Peter, be gentle and kind,” she said, folding into his arms and calling him by his real name.”

They heard her phone ring.

He pushed away and swam swiftly to that side of the pool and hauled himself out athletically and picked up the phone.

Judith heard him say, “Dr Judith Lucas’s phone. She’s here, I’ll get her for you.”

She had waded to the side of the pool and took the phone.

“Hi it’s Laura. Who’s your pal?”

“Michelle’s boyfriend from college.”

“Oh I didn’t know she came back with you. We have four coming in from a car crash so Dr Struthers asked that you to come in on standby. Preliminary assessments suggest two are internal, and one limbs and the other facial so you might not be needed. But being young she’s nervous vice.”

“I’m ten minutes away Laura.”

Blue took the phone and pulled her out with his other hand.

“You dress. I’ll back your car out and turn it around. Return to me horny.”

“Right, there’s no way I’m going to back off,” she smiled and hurried off to dress.

She returned in just under an hour and leaped out of the car and enveloped him in a full hug and turned up her face to be kissed.

Blue squeezed her butt and she whispered, “Come on, inside.”

He grinned, opened her car door and turned the motor off.

Judith was in the kitchen, highly colored and attempting to give the impression she was relaxed.

Blue grabbed a kitchen chair, spun it around and leaned over the back of it. “Remove your dress.”

She obeyed, taking her time.

“I like hold-ups,” he grinned.

“You remove them.”

“Nah I like the feel of stockings against me when fucking. Just remove your bra and that silk thing and go onto your back on the table.”

“We eat off that table.”

“I’m not so thick that I’m not aware of that.”

“W-why do you want my panties kept on?”

“Because I like removing panties.”


When she was comfortable as one can be on a wooden table with no pillows Blue moved in and tongued over her vulva. He held one hand up between her breasts. Judith placed his hand over a breast and she grabbed the other breast, squeezed and groaned. She felt her panties being pulled sideways and his tongue flick over her outer labia.

She groaned and groaned again when he said she had an almost pretty cunt.

Blue soon had her fully aroused and her head swinging from side to side and she climaxed. He lifted up grinning, liquids running out of his mouth and off his chin. He ripped off her panties and wiped his face with them.

She had another release just on the strength of his almost obscene exhibition.

“Do you escort avcılar swallow,” she gasped.

“Yeah do you?”

She didn’t know what to say but in time he’d find that she did although as she explained, it had been many years since last doing that. She found him so cute she would feel more than obliged to please him.

Although uncomfortable on the table Judith lifted her head to find what the delay was. He was putting on a condom.

“You won’t need that if you believe you a clean.”

“What about when butt-fucking?”

“Yes of course but I-I haven’t done that since college.”


She watched him jerking his dick harder and though having that big thing up her rectum, no way. On the other hand perhaps they could try before they returned to the lake.

Judith stayed lifted, with her arms behind her taking the weight. She watched fascinated as it slowly slid into her. She swallowed and felt this really was fucking. Harry preferred doing it in bed and with the lights out. She imagined a guy having no idea of a women’s thought as she watched a long and hard cock disappearing into her depths. She groaned since he appeared to like that. Actually it was a beautiful fit and she felt really filled.

She clung to him and raked his back but taking care not to leave marks. Oh this brought back great memories. What had she and Harry fucked up her marriage? She guessed the demands of her work and her attitude had contributed. Of course some guys like to think they wanted more sex and would go looking for more but really would never get what they really thought they wanted because who bothers to try to analyze urges?

Much later Judith had to cry a halt. She was covered in semen and sweat mixed with her own juices that were oozing down her legs and on to the floor.

“I’ve probably had enough,” Blue said.

She noted the word probably and smiled. “I can’t believe how you can keep coming and coming although I realize you are young and at the peak of your virility.”

He grinned and his expression made Judith think he looked as if just having been presented with an Olympic medal. Oh well perhaps a medal awarded by the sex industry.

He grabbed a kitchen towel and said to hold that over her cunt and go to the shower.

“Did I make all that mess?”

“No you did not. I got off numerous times and I sweat too,” she said indignantly.

He grinned and earned a medal, “I’ll clean up here.”

Judith was called to the hospital at 8:00 as the mayhem created by Friday night drinkers added to the routine workload. She arrived home and 3:00 and slept for much of the day.

She came out to the pool late afternoon dressed only in a robe and said yes they could have sex but slowly and gently.

Blue obliged and treated her beautifully.

On Saturday night Judith received two standby calls but wasn’t required. She experienced anal sex instead and told Blue to his disappointment she didn’t think much of it.

“That’s fine,” he said. “Fortunately I’m with someone who revels in it.”

Judith knew that had just slipped out and chose to ignore it. They had not made any rules but knew not to discuss sex life with their respective partners.

On Sunday at 7:00 Muriel Bacarella called from the airport.

“Hi I heard about the mishaps to Kevin and Logan. Give me till noon to grab a few hours sleep in my own bed and I’ll call and you can be on your way back to the lake.”

Judith woke Blue at 8:00 and jumped clear giggling. “God doesn’t that thing go down. Let’s have breakfast by the pool. The surgeon has arrived back from Italy and will take over from me from round noon so we can head for then lake.”

“Can we fuck this morning?”

“I suppose so.”

He looked pained and she realized what he would be thinking.

“Yes of course. It will be our finale won’t it? We will never be together for sex again.”

“Never say never,” he grinned and leaped at her but she raced from the bedroom yelling delightedly and managed to get to the pool first. He saw the food and being male his priorities switched.

Ten days later they packed up and returned from the lake and the next day they all went to the airport to see Blue off. He would spend the rest of summer back in Australia.

Back home Judith hugged her tearful daughter. “You should have gone with him honey. I told you I’d pay.”

“It’s just an emotional release mom. He’s too shallow for me and I accept that. I am so happy you were compliant enough to allow him to release you sexually.”

Judith pushed back her daughter’s fringe. “I regret to have to say but nothing has changed.”

“You don’t know. Give it time. He’s a good fuck isn’t he?”

Judith looked around nervously.

“It’s okay. I can see dad and the kids in the pool. Talk to me mom.”

“I had sex coming out of my ears.”

Michelle giggled and said she hoped her mom was speaking figuratively.

“He’s the best I’ll ever had darling and there were quite a number before your arrival.”

“I’m happy about that. What did Aunt Maxine think of him? He wouldn’t tell me.”

Judith frowned. “She made me promise not to tell.”

“You two are always breaking promises.”

Judith colored. “Maxine said she tried to fuck him legless but believes she came nowhere near it. She labels him a fuck machine.”

Michelle screamed in laughter. “What else?”

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