Charlie Ch. 02

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When I awoke the next morning, Mandy was wrapped all around me, trying to get even closer if that was possible. She was still in that half waking state, not quite asleep but not fully conscious either. We had gone to bed last night exhausted from the whirlwind trip we had made to France to get Mandy a good French meal. We would have liked to have made love again, but there was plenty of time for that once we slept and renewed some of our lost energy.

Mandy was just starting to notice what she was doing when the voice of Brigit made her stop and freeze in place.

“Bonjour, meester Charlie.” She offered.

“Bonjour, Brigit. Yes, there will be two for breakfast this morning.” I added, cutting off the question I knew was to follow.

Mandy had regained her ability to move and had pulled the bed sheet up to cover both of us against Brigit’s gaze. Brigit switched out the towels in the bathroom and left the bedroom to continue with her morning routine.

Mandy was still startled and had questions in her eyes.

“Brigit is my housekeeper. She takes care of things for me and doesn’t let anything get in the way of her duties. I am used to her and don’t even give her presence a second thought. I will introduce you to her when we get up.” I replied to her unasked questions.

Mandy nodded her head and then I pulled her closer to me and kissed her good morning. She responded, but when I moved my hand to fondle her breast, she pulled back saying “Charlie, we can’t do anything with her in the house!”

I knew better than that, but did not want to make Mandy uncomfortable, so suggested we get up and shower before breakfast. She agreed, but protested as I led her to the bathroom to get started.

“What if she comes back?”

“I guess she will see us in the shower together. I don’t think she will be back in here, but like I said, she does her thing without regard to anything else that may be happening.”

“Doesn’t it bother you that she might see you in the shower?” Mandy asked.

“It wouldn’t be the first time.” I laughed. “I can lock the door if it makes you feel better, but I haven’t done that in the 15 years I have owned the house.”

Mandy suddenly seemed to realize we were standing in the middle of the bedroom, both naked, discussing the idea of a shower together.

“I’m not sure about this, but let’s see if we can get in and out quickly. I feel a bit uneasy to have someone else watching me.”

Brigit would not be watching us, just doing her job if indeed she was to come back in, but I didn’t say that, I took Mandy’s hand and finished leading us into the shower. We didn’t take too long, but I did get Mandy to feel better by washing her all over, paying special attention to her breasts and pussy. She did start moaning some, but I didn’t want to get her going and then have to stop if she thought about Brigit in the other room. We dressed casually and then went into the main room of the house where I introduced Mandy to Brigit formally.

Brigit started cooking breakfast so I moved out of the way to give her room. Mandy stayed in the kitchen, taking a few minutes to talk with Brigit and get to know her better. I could hear their conversation, soon switching from English to French. Mandy’s southern accented French was different from Brigit’s native command of that language, but neither of the two seemed to have problems understanding the other. Soon, I was called to eat and we had a very nice meal of eggs and sausage. Brigit had again brought fresh croissants with her so we enjoyed those as well. *****

Today was Thursday and Mandy would have to fly home on Saturday, although we had thought about seeing if she could extend her time here longer. She would have to speak with her employer back home to get another week added to her vacation. She was certain it would be no problem, so I was looking forward to spending the next week and a half with her.

We had finished breakfast early enough that the sun had not yet gotten to the point it would be unbearable to sit outside. I had not finished the tom Clancy novel I started a few days earlier and thought I might give that a little time.

“What would you like to do today?” I asked Mandy as she came out of the house to join me on the patio.

I haven’t thought about it too much, maybe just do some reading like you. I do want to get some sun before I go back, though.”

“Pull up a chair, I will ask Brigit to bring out coffee unless you want something cold.” I replied.

“Coffee is fine for now. This is the nice, quiet time I thought this trip would be. Not having Gina around does seem to make things calmer.”

I had not thought of Gina, but Mandy’s mention of her name brought back a nice memory of her sitting in the same chair Mandy was, eating dinner and allowing me a nice view of her very large tits. I put that memory aside, I had better things to occupy my mind right now. I asked Brigit to make us coffee and bring it out when done. We read and sipped coffee for the next 2 hours until the temperature started to get hot adana escort enough that comfort dictated a move inside. We resumed our reading, now sitting in the main room of the house. Soon, Brigit said her goodbye for the day and left to take care of her own family.

Shortly after Brigit had left, Mandy got up and sat down in my lap, preventing me from doing any reading.

“What’s this?” I asked.

“This is the start of what I wanted to do this morning before Brigit came by. I couldn’t wait for her to leave. She won’t be coming back today, will she?”

“No, she is gone until tomorrow.” I replied.

Mandy swiveled in place, facing me directly and pulling my mouth to hers, kissing hungrily. My book dropped to the floor as I put my arms around her and pulled us closer together. Her tongue had entered my mouth and was doing a fine job of exploring every surface, giving extra attention to my own tongue.

Mandy broke the kiss and pulling apart for a second, removed the tank top she had been wearing, no bra under it again today. She started kissing so I put my hands to good use, resuming the fondling of her breasts that I had started earlier this morning. She was responding to my touch, her body moving against mine and her chest vibrating with the purring she was doing.

Mandy stopped kissing long enough to say “Let’s go into the bedroom and get naked.”

That is the kind of suggestion I can agree with so picked her up off my lap and carried her into the bedroom where I carefully laid her on the bed. She was watching as I took off the few clothes I wore, taking in every movement I made. When I was completely naked, I turned my attention to removing her shorts. They joined the rest of our garments on the floor and then I put a finger into each side of the waistband of her panties and pulled them off. As I took in the beauty of her naked body lying there waiting for me, Mandy spread her legs and commanded simply “eat me!”

This is how things had started the other night in the French villa when I took her for the first time. Apparently, she liked having her pussy eaten and since I did not mind doing it, we were both happy with the opportunity to do so. I moved onto the bed between her spread legs and moved close to the junction of her thighs. She was watching as I slowly moved in, anticipation apparent on her face. She was so excited she was trembling and bouncing as she waited for the first touch of my tongue on her lips, already starting to dampen from her arousal.

“Don’t tease me, Charlie! I need this so bad. Lick me and make me come, please!”

I could hear the urgency in her voice and did not want to make her wait any longer than necessary, but I did want to take a minute to appreciate the wonder of her body, spread out before me and given in complete surrender.

I put my arms around under her hips and moved my hands up to cup each of her breasts as my tongue moved in and met the first of her short hairs, the sensation electric for each of us. I continued until my mouth was firmly pressed into Mandy’s labia then parted the lips with my tongue. She was arching her back and writhing on the bed, begging me to give her more. I had taken hold of her nipples with my fingers as I continued to massage her breasts, and with each tweak of their firmness she would cry out more.

Mandy reached down with her own hands and parted her outer lips for me, humping her pussy hard into my mouth, trying to force me further into her vagina. I slid my tongue in as far as it would go, licking and sucking as I moved it in then out. After a few minutes of this action, I moved up to catch her hard clit between my teeth, the bud swollen and throbbing against my tongue. This brought Mandy to a new level of pleasure and I could feel her starting that build to a climax I hoped would tear through her body like a hurricane, not leaving anything untouched. She was humping up off the bed and I had a difficult time keeping my mouth in position as she bucked and twisted in response to my attention to her clit.

Mandy’s climax had arrived and her voice was getting higher as she announced her pleasure “Oh God, here it comes. Don’t stop eating me, I want this so bad. Keep squeezing my tits and pulling the nipples, I want to feel it all!”

I tried to do as she asked, but her bucking was so violent that I had to let go of her tits to hold onto her hips if I wanted to have any chance to keep her pussy satisfied with my mouth. I knew the magic moment had arrived when she stopped the bucking and wrapped her legs around my head, squeezing them together as I slowed my mouth action to allow her to calm slowly from her orgasm. I could feel tremors and shakes as she felt her whole body trembling from the moment. Mandy still had her legs wrapped around my head and neck, but I could feel them starting to relax. When they had relaxed sufficiently to pull them back apart, I moved my body over hers and kissed her hard. My face was a wet mess as was the bed under her pussy, but she kissed back with passion eskişehir escort and soon had wrapped her legs around my waist.

“Are you ready to stick that hard cock into me?” she laughed.

I assume it was a rhetorical question, my hard cock was poking against her stomach and it was heading for the entrance to her pussy without any conscious effort on my part. Mandy loosened her leg grip on me long enough to allow my cock to find that entrance and soon I was sliding it as far into her as possible.

Mandy moaned at the feel, her pussy was filled again, just as it had been 2 nights ago.

“You know I like this. Long and slow. I want you in me forever. Let me feel you slide back and forth. Tell me what it feels like.” She murmured as I was stroking in and pulling back.

“You feel wonderful. So hot and wet, just like it should be. You fit all around me, I feel at home in your pussy.”

“Mmmmm. I like that. Stay in me, I want to feel you touch every part of me inside. We’re so close like this.”

I was sliding my cock in and then back out, no hurry to my efforts. Mandy was pushing up to meet me and we found our rhythm quickly and it was a comfortable feel for each of us. I tried to keep my attention centered on Mandy’s pleasure, I did not want to end this too soon for either of us. She had come already but I had not so I had to fight off my body’s desire to get myself off quickly. I knew it would happen but wanted to let this feeling last as long as I could.

“This is great. I could stay here all day doing this. After you get me off once I can keep this up almost forever!” Mandy sighed into my ear.

I was happy to try to keep it going, but I hadn’t gotten off yet and my own libido was strong enough I knew that I would be ready for my own release before much longer. Hoping Mandy was overly optimistic about going all afternoon, I was starting to feel the familiar tingling in my loins, knowing it meant I was going to be losing my battle with control and would soon fill Mandy’s pussy with a load of hot semen. I could sense that her body was also getting tense with what I knew was an approaching orgasm. Much as we would have like to keep fucking this way, I knew it would not last that much longer. Mandy’s movements had gotten more erratic as we came together and moved apart and the rhythm we had developed was not rhythmic any longer. Mandy was moaning into the air with each stroke of my cock into her pussy and before I could anticipate, she tightened her muscles around me with her own orgasm in full force. My cock had been getting ready but now it too found the end of the road and was spurting its hot contents deep into Mandy’s womb. We each held the other as our joint climax continued to bring us closer together.

After several minutes the high started to fade and Mandy said “Stay inside me, I love the feel of you.”

My cock had started to shrink, but it had a ways to go before it would be too limp to stay put. Mandy kept her legs wrapped around my waist and I was supporting my weight on elbows and knees.

She started to giggle “How long do you think we can stay like this?”

“Not as long as I would like, but after I pull out I can put it back in later.” I offered.

Mandy giggled again, squeezing my cock with her pussy muscles. To my dismay, my cock was ready for a rest, but would be back for more shortly if I had any say. The next squeeze of her muscles forced the now limp organ out and Mandy offered a goodbye to my cock “Awww. See you again soon.”

We each laughed at the play and lay with each other here in the bedroom for several minutes just holding and caressing the other. I heard the clock chime 3 and offered “I was thinking of a swim this afternoon. Want to go down to the beach?”

“Think Gina will be there?” Mandy asked.

“I really don’t know. You are more familiar with her than I, what do you think?”

“She is kind of hard to figure some times, so I can’t really guess. Let’s go and see.” Mandy replied.

I got my trunks on and then an old t-shirt. Mandy fished her bikini out of her suitcase and put it on, commenting “I’m really wet here. Are you that sloppy of an eater or do I just get that wet when you eat me?”

“I think it is some of both.” I laughed.

Mandy did a bit of cleanup in the bathroom before pulling her bottoms up and then we headed out the back door.

We got to the beach and set up the towel as normal, but did not see Gina anywhere. There were the usual beach goers and we sat to watch them for a bit.

“See any tits you like?” Mandy kidded.

“I see a few, but I don’t see yours.” I prodded her.

She looked at me for a second and then around the beach at the number of people here.

“You said the other day you were thinking about taking the top off, was that just thought or are you up for it now?” I kept after her. I wasn’t going to push too hard, but wondered how she might have changed over the past few days. She had been willing to take her shirt off in front sakarya escort of me as she tried a dress on and that dress showed a lot of her breasts when she wore it. I saw a faint flush of red on her face, but she reached behind her back and loosened the catch.

“OK, here goes.” She said as the top fell to her lap.

Mandy looked around to see if anyone was watching, but she could not see anyone paying any more than cursory notice to her as she sat there with her breasts exposed.

“You know, this feels kind of nice, the sun is warm and I feel excited, almost like I did when I was in France going out without any panties on under my dress. It makes me feel sexy.”

The red on her face was now gone, replaced with a big smile. She had not gotten that much sun so far, but did show tan lines from her top. The light brown nipples were just starting to emerge, perhaps a result of the air blowing across them now that they were free from confinement in her top.

I started to kid further. “How about the bottoms?”

Mandy’s eyes got big and she said quickly “Not a chance big guy. My bare pussy is for your eyes only. I am not going to put it on display for all these people here.”

She knew I was kidding, but I did like what she had said about her pussy being mine alone. My cock was already starting to anticipate the next visit inside that wonderful pussy.

Mandy had brought her book, but we just sat and made small talk for the first few minutes. I glanced around to look at some of the other people but the beach today was much the same as it was every other day. Mandy was doing some casual people watching too and our time here was slow and enjoyable. After 20 minutes of small talk, I decided to take my swim.

“I am going to swim now, do you want to try with me?” I asked.

“I’m not much of a swimmer, I don’t think I could make it nearly half as far as you go out. I will stay here and read while you are gone. Will you be swimming naked today?”

I guess she had noticed me the other afternoon. “I always swim nude in the ocean. Somehow it seems freer that way.”

“I’ll miss you.” She kidded as I started pulling my trunks off.

“Same here.” I answered.

I did my normal mile out and then back as usual. Today, I was a bit winded, I had missed the past few days, but would suffer that kind of lapse for the experience I had enjoyed during that time.

Mandy was reading her book when I got back to the beach, but she put it down and whistled at me as I got closer to the beach towel. Several others nearby looked over at the sound of her whistle, but went back to their own activity after a quick look. I sat on the towel to let the sun dry me and Mandy went back to reading. She still had the top off, now appearing much more at ease with the situation. Once sufficiently dry I suggested we head back to the house, I did not want to chance either of us burning in the tropical sun. Mandy put her top back on as I found and donned my trunks. A few minutes and a short walk later and we were again on the back patio of my house.

“Shower?” I suggested.

Like Gina a few days earlier, Mandy looked toward the back door, but I gestured toward the outdoor enclosure and she got quiet.

“Can anyone see us in there?”

“No, we are out of sight here. Nice and private. Want to give it a try?”

I thought I saw some uncertainty on her face, but she was stripping out of her bikini as I watched, so I followed by losing my own suit. We walked naked across the patio and entered the outdoor enclosure. I turned on the water and once warm, handed Mandy the soap. She started lathering up and I offered to help.

“I know what kind of help you want to give.” She laughed.

“So? I know you like it and I certainly do.” I answered.

“You know I like it, but I just can’t out here. Maybe in time, but right now just being naked outside is enough excitement for me.”

“No problem.” I said as I reached around to do her back.

Mandy washed off my back as well and even reached around to give my cock a few strokes, but pulled away quickly before things could get out of hand. I didn’t mind, being here with her was pleasant in itself.

The sun was mostly gone by the time we finished and dried off. I thought about cooking, but decided that I would wait for tomorrow where I would have more time to prepare something nice. I suggested we go into Marigot and try one of the French cafes there. Mandy liked the suggestion, so we found casual clothes and took the short ride.

Dinner was good, but somehow, not quite up to what the dinner had been 2 nights ago. Maybe we had been spoiled by our experience, maybe the circumstances made the meal taste better, whatever the reason, dinner was less than we anticipated.

I don’t want to suggest dinner was bad, it wasn’t, just not quite up to what we were expecting. After returning to the house late, we headed back into the bedroom. Naked, Mandy again demanded I eat her before we got down to making love. She seemed to like the sensations of my mouth on her pussy and once she got off the first time, she would want to keep fucking for long minutes afterward. I couldn’t complain, I was having a wonderful time myself, either eating or stroking. We spent several hours enjoying each others body and once again, Mandy was complaining about the wet spot she was lying in.

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