Chatting with Daddy Ch. 02

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The only reason I was wearing a dress is that Grandma likes to have everyone dress up nice for Thanksgiving, which means the girls are supposed to wear skirts or dresses, except that sometimes my cousins don’t and that upsets Grandma quite a bit. I always wear one to make her happy and I don’t really mind, either, because I think dresses are cute and I wish you could wear them more often without people thinking you are a jerk. My dress was light blue with a red floral design and it was a little clingy, with a short hem. I was kind of a knockout in it, to tell you the truth. Anyway, Daddy thought I was a knockout and I hadn’t been in the rec room for five minutes before Daddy came up to me.

“Let’s go upstairs for a second, I want to talk to you about something,” he whispered in my ear.

“Ok.” So what was he going to tell me? That Mom knew about us!!? He took me to a bedroom across from the one where people had left their coats and things, and closed the door. That Thanksgiving was warmish and sunny and the room was bright and happy, with pictures of elephants and clowns and balloons on the wall, though it had a double bed.

Daddy pushed me against the wall. I blinked into this face and he was blinking back.

“I want to fuck you, honey.” Daddy said.

Hmmmm, I should have guessed, I told myself. Daddy was being pushy, just like a boy. Also, I didn’t want him to think I was a slut and just wanted to get fucked all the time, even if that was partly true. Plus, he was crazy if he wanted to fuck me right there in Grandma’s guest bedroom with people all over the place.

“Daddy you just did that to me last night, for goodness sake. How often do you want to fuck me, like every day?” I tried to sound not too offended.

Daddy put his hands on my breasts, making my nipples tingle and get hard even if I didn’t want them to. I gasped and put my hands on Daddy’s arms but it didn’t accomplish anything

“Not now, silly. We will get caught. Do you want that to happen. Oh, Lorraine, your husband is fucking your daughter in the guest room so they probably will be late for dinner.”

Daddy dropped his hands. “Yes, you’re right,” he sighed.

“Ok, well lets go back to the party, Daddy,” I said, and I turned to go but Daddy grabbed my wrist and pulled me back. I bounced right into him and lost some of my breath. Daddy put his hands on breasts again.

“I can at least feel you up, honey.”

My nipples poked into the middle of his palms.

“Well it help my appetite?,” I teased him. I sort of wanted him to feel me up.

“Mine, it will.”

Daddy used his whole hand when he rubbed We stood there in the middle of the floor, Daddy rubbing my tits and me biting my lip and closing my eyes, keeping myself from backing up, making myself stand as still as I could. I was trying to keep a lookout, because I was the one facing the next room. I didn’t want Daddy to get caught but I didn’t want to get caught either. So I was like doing two things at once, having Daddy rub my tits all over and watching out so we wouldn’t get caught.

“To answer your question, honey, yes, I do want to fuck you every day.”

Daddy’s face Escort Bayan Antep was getting red and he was starting to breathe funny the way he had the night before when he was getting ready to fuck me. And I was tingling like crazy from having my tits felt up so much. If this kept up much longer, I wasn’t going to be able to stop myself from letting Daddy fuck me right then and there. I looked up into his eyes. His hands were making circles on my breasts while his index fingers rubbed in circles on my nipples.

“If you fuck me every day Daddy you won’t be able to make love to Mommy, will you?” I thought maybe if we had a conversation, it would help.

Daddy just looked at me. I could see he liked to look into my eyes while he felt me up. Then he kissed me. I guess he didn’t want to talk about making love to Mommy.

“We better get back, Daddy,” I said.

Daddy smiled and said ok. He gave me another quick kiss before we went back.

When we got there, Greg and Nancy were standing by the punch bowl talking with Grandpa. Daddy and I said hi and happy Thanksgiving to them, and I gave Greg and Nancy a kiss on the cheek. No one else was coming to Grandma’s this year, so it was a smaller than usual gathering, just our family of three, Greg and Nancy and Grandpa and Grandma.

“Hmmm,” Nancy said, looking me up and down. She was wearing a sweater and skirt and the sweater really showed off her tits. Nancy has pretty big tits and she likes to let people know that as much as possible.

“You look tasty, as usual,” Nancy said, taking me by the arm and leading me to a corner of the room where no one would hear us.

“Thanks.” Nancy has this way of complimenting a person that makes you feel like you are being put down. I wondered what she was going to say next.

“I like you with lots of legs in your dresses,” Nancy said, looking at me funny, and sounding this time like she really meant it. I had almost flirted with Nancy before but now she actually was flirting with me. I mean her look confirmed it after that remark about my legs. .

”I know about a certain Thanksgiving fantasy,” Nancy said, softly.

“What fantasy?”

“Elsie, I know all about it. Your dad told me, just me. He likes me, I guess.”

My head was spinning. “What? Is that all he said?, I mean what did he say about it?”

“You know, about the pie getting ruined and the girl filling in for it, so to speak. Oh yes, and the other part, not a fantasy, where his fantasy comes true and he fucks the girl. Sort of like when your daddy fucked you last night Think about the girl being a pie idea, Elsie, it will be great.” Nancy gave me a friendly smile, her first one, and went to talk with Mom. I had to sit down. Was Daddy having an affair with Nancy? I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t believe he would have told her about having sex with me, either!! Why did he tell her? Was he bragging about it or what? I felt my cheeks getting hot like they always do when I’m seriously mad about something.

“You look stressed, young lady.”

“Oh, hi, Grandpa,” I said, looking up. I had been holding my head in my hands.

“Here,” he said, handing me a glass of Grandma’s pink punch.

Mmmmm. It was good, better than I remembered, I thought. I was glad to see Grandpa. He was like an anchor for me at that moment. It was sweet of him to bring me a glass of punch.

“You look extremely pretty, Miss Blossom,” Grandpa said in this very debonair voice, as if he was acting in a movie. He does that kind of thing a lot with me because it makes me laugh, and I laughed when he did it then. So, Grandpa joked around with me for a few minutes and made me feel better, but mainly I was still upset about the situation with Daddy and Nancy, whatever was going on there. And then Grandma called us to dinner.

The dining room was bright like the bedroom upstairs and Grandma had everything decorated beautifully with her best china and silver and linen napkins and so much great food that she had cooked herself served in these beautiful trays with big silver spoons and forks and knives and there were other things like sterling silver salt and pepper shakers and unlit candles that were like accents in the wonderful way that they looked on the table, which was this long pine table from Colonial times with thick boards on the top and for Thanksgiving it had Grandma’s red and white checked linen tablecloth that Grandma’s own grandmother had made when she was a young girl. I sat next to Daddy and on the other side of me was my brother Greg and Grandma at the end, and on the other side of the table was Grandpa and Nancy and Mom in that order. I think you ought to know that because of what happened later on.

When Grandma called people to dinner, I had been in the living room with everyone. There is a kind of archway that is not that wide from the living room into the dining room and as we were going through it I bumped into Nancy and my breasts pushed up against her breasts and we both looked at each other with our breasts bumping. I felt embarrassed and started to say I am sorry but Nancy said something else.

“Mmmm, that’s a good girl”. Then we were apart again and in the dining room taking our chairs at the table. I glanced at Nancy sitting across from me. I didn’t know what to say.

“Everything smells and looks so wonderful,” Nancy said. “I can’t wait for dessert.”

Daddy chuckled at Nancy’s remark

I had left my second punch in the other room but Grandpa noticed and brought it to me.

“Thanks. You’re good at giving people punches.” Grandpa gave me a pat on the head and went to his chair. I drank down the punch.. Mmmmm. Was something in this punch? No, it couldn’t be. Oh, well.”

As soon as Daddy sat down, I whispered in his ear,

“Are you having an affair with Nancy?”

Daddy looked at me and nodded. He had a big smile.

What is going on here? Daddy is married to Mom, he is having an affair with Nancy and he wants to fuck my every day! I needed more punch. I didn’t know why I thought that but I did. I wanted to tell Daddy that Nancy was crazy because she wanted me to think about getting up on the table and being dessert for everyone just like in Daddy’s fantasy, but people were in their chairs, including Grandma at last, and dinner was starting so I had to keep that to myself for the time being.

We were like midway through dinner when Daddy put his hand on my leg. I reached under the table and slapped his wrist. The hand stopped for a second but then it started moving again. I slapped it harder and the same thing happened except this time the hand didn’t bother to stop. I felt a little tipsy from the punch. Someone really had spruced it up, like Grandpa would say, and now I was feeling spruced up. I can’t drink at all, to be honest. I even hate it. But I was in a pretty good mood. Daddy’s hand slid the rest of the way down my thigh and went underneath my dress. Then the hand moved up my thigh and I could feel my dress going up with it.

“I think the President is a nitwit, blah blah blah,” Daddy was saying past me to Greg, and Greg looked past me and said, “blah, blah blah,” and they kept talking back and forth like that about politics while Daddy moved his hand way up on my thigh, also moving it as you might expect between my thighs.

“Elsie is very interested in political discussions, aren’t you, sweetheart?”, Daddy said. I had my hand around Daddy’s wrist, gripping it, trying to push it back without pushing my chair into Greg’s. Daddy was way too strong for me.

“Blah, blah, blah,” I said, gritting my teeth. Daddy’s fingers reached my panties and slipped underneath them. I felt a little woozy. I’m not going to have any more of that darned punch, I decided, letting go of Daddy’s wrist. People were louder than usual, I realized, and laughing more. It seemed that the punch was having a good effect on everyone. I sat back in my chair, keeping my hands on the table. Daddy pushed my legs open. I closed my eyes when I felt Daddy’s finger go inside me.

“Elsie, eat your vegetables, dear,” Mom said, as if I were eight years old instead of eighteen. She still talks to me that way and it is embarrassing. Of course what Daddy was doing was a lot more embarrassing if anyone found out and I was terrified that someone would notice. I mean, wasn’t it obvious? Well, I guess it wasn’t as obvious to them as it was to me. You could see Daddy’s arm moving slightly but he had like a perfectly normal expression on his face and he kept talking away about politics, and now Nancy and Grandpa had joined the conversation so that you could hear “blah, blah, blahs” all around the table. I tried to act as normal as possible but it wasn’t easy. Daddy’s finger was going deep inside me; it was going back and forth, yes I was being fingerfucked at the Thanksgiving dinner table with my whole family for an audience, or at least an audience for my face which did give a sign that something was wrong because Nancy and Mom stopped talking and began looking at me strangely.

“Are you all right, Elsie?”, Mom asked.

“Yes, just a little dizzy, from the punch, I guess,” I said. I was breathing fast. I knew my eyes were blinking but I couldn’t stop them from doing it and I couldn’t stop myself from squirming on the chair either. Daddy’s finger was going in and out of me and rubbing my clitoris whenever it got the chance and it was having lots of chances! I was getting hot all over and if he didn’t stop, I was going to have an orgasm. I could feel it. It was starting!

End of Thanksgiving Dinner – Part 1, Part 2 coming up

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