Cheerleader Chronicle Ch. 16

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Thanks to my editor Cheer_Smartie526 for all the help with the story. It would not be this good without her assistance.

The story should make sense ( and be fun to read ) even if you have not read the previous chapters, it is more like a TV series than a book.

Voting is encourage and comments are welcomed.


Rick placed the rifle case in the back of Chance’s car. The trunk was completely filled with the gear the two of them had used at the shooting match. He noticed Chance was walking back towards the range.

“I thought we were done, why aren’t we leaving?” Rick asked.

“All the targets and stage props still need to be put away, it won’t take long,” Rick answered.

When they arrived at the bay the other members of their shooting squad had already started tearing down the stage. Rick help load the equipment on to the trailer.

Chance had been right, it had only taken a few minutes to put everything away, and now they were headed back to the house. They showered and changed clothes. Chance explained that he and a college friend owned the house. Most of the time the house was a short term rental for people on vacation. This weekend Chance had booked it from himself.

“You up for a little more excitement?” Chance asked.

“What do you mean?” Rick asked.

“Well, we can grab something from the restaurant, or we can grab someone from the restaurant.” Chance replied with a grin. Noticing Rick’s confused expression, he elaborated, telling Rick that he and a friend had picked up a waitress for a threesome a few months ago. Chance told Rick that he had stayed in touch with her, and she might be willing to come back to the house with them. Chance also explained that she had a preference for role play, specifically a scenario of being abducted.

Rick had been feeling tired, but suddenly felt a second wind.

“Were you and Nancy going to abduct her?” he asked.

“Yea, we were.”

“Is Nancy into other women?” Rick asked.

“I don’t know how much. I have seen Nancy make out with other women, but I have never seen her go full on lesbo,” Chance answered.

“Yea, me neither,” Rick replied, thinking about what he almost saw at the park a few weeks earlier.

“I’m sure you would be an acceptable sub, uh, substitute for Nancy. The last threesome with Misty was with her and another guy,” Chance said with a grin.

“What is she like, the waitress?”

“She is smart, funny… she is a lot of fun. She did well as a captive, but also managed to turn the tables on us. That was fucking hot.”

“Then I would be a fool to say no,” Rick said,” what is the plan.”

Chance explained they would grab Misty at a predetermined location. Rick would put a bag over her head. Rick’s job was to strap her arms to her body. Then she would be put into the back of the pickup and brought back to the house. Chance went on to explain what the hard and soft limits were and what the safe word was. Rick listened and nodded. This was turning out to be an excellent weekend.

Rick settled into his chair. The restaurant was a short drive from the house. Chance had asked the hostess to seat them in a Misty’s section so there was a short wait while a table opened up.

Once they were seated Rick looked around the room, trying to pick Misty out. The sound of a chair moving surprised him. A waitress sat down in the chair between him and Chance. She looked at him and smiled, then turned to Chance.

“This isn’t what I ordered, but I don’t think I will send it back,” she said, putting her hand on Rick’s knee.

“Yea, last minute sub,” Chance said.

“Sub? Him? I would not have guessed that.” Misty replied.

Rick scowled at Chance. The idea of being a submissive did not sit well with him today.

“I mean substitute. I have got to stop doing that. Rick took Nancy’s place at the three gun match, so I figured he could take her place for this as well.” Chance replied.

“That’s too bad that Nancy couldn’t make it.” Misty lamented.

“She was not happy about it, but we are going to have a good time.”

Misty turned to Rick, “First off, I’m Misty. I will be serving you tonight, or should I say, ‘being served to you’?” she giggled. “Second, how did you like the three gun match? I really wanted to go but I had to work. Now, have you ever done anything like this before?”

“Let’s just say today has been the first time for a few things, this included,” he replied, “but I am a fast learner”.

“He is being humble. He has not done much role playing, but I have seen what he can do with restraints and it is impressive. Rick is really good with ropes and knots, among other things. What will be new is this level of domination,” Rick interjected.

“Great. I have been thinking about this all day. I am so fucking horny right now, I can’t wait to get started. You set the bar pretty high last time, I can’t wait to see what you have planned for me tonight.” Misty said, glancing at both çekmeköy escort of them with a big smile. She noticed a concerned expression or Rick’s face.

“Is something wrong?” Misty asked, looking directly at Rick.

“I’m not sure I understand what you want,” Rick replied.

“I want to be scared out of my mind while you two are fucking my brains out. Think of having sex while riding on the tallest roller coaster you can imagine. That’s what I want.”

“Rick,” Chance interjected, “is a bit of a risk adverse control freak, but I think I can get him to play along. He is still more hero than villain, but he is learning.”

Rick slid a piece of paper across the table to Misty, “Your safe word, in case you forgot it. Does someone know what is going on?”

“About that,” Misty explained, “Here is the plan. I’m going to change clothes and leave out the back. That’s where I want you to grab me. It is very important that one of you take my hat and put it on your head. The friend I told about this insisted on watching you grab me. She’s a cop, and if you don’t put the hat on you might get tased… or shot. She is more nervous about this than I am.”

“Hat, got it.” Chance replied calmly.

“You guys want anything to eat?” Misty asked, “I recommend the house salad. You don’t want to be weighed down.”

“Works for me,” Chance answered.

“Me too,” Rick said.

Misty stood up and headed to the kitchen. Rick fidgeted in the seat. He already had an erection, even the risk of getting tased was not a deterrent.

“You don’t really think that cop would shoot us, do you?” Rick asked.

“Probably not, but if I don’t pick up that hat, you grab it.”

Misty came back to their table, and picking up their empty salad plates stated, “I will be out the back door in ten minutes, see you there.”

“If this goes according to plan all you will see is the inside of a black bag,” Chance replied.

Misty quickly walked back to the kitchen and dropped the plates off. She turned around and looked at Chance and Rick. She watched Chance put some cash on the table and leave. Rick looked quite a bit younger than Chance, she wondered how many times he had done something like this. He was certainly cute enough for the part.

Misty changed clothes. She was wearing exactly what Chance had told her to, a long sleeve button down shirt, a skirt and comfortable shoes. Misty put the all important cap on her head. She dropped her bag of work clothes with one of her friend’s items, and then slipped out the back door. The second she shut the door everything went dark.

Someone had put a black bag over her head, knocking her hat off. She felt hands on her wrists then a tight band squeezed them together. Her arms were pinned together behind her head. One of them slid his hands inside the front of her skirt, rubbing his fingers against her wet pussy. She heard what sounded like tape being unrolled, then something wrapping around her forearms. When her captor released her arms she let them drop to her chest. Misty was a bit confused. Tape was not part of the plan. She felt her body being lifted, and then unceremoniously dumped into the back of a truck. A tarp landed on top of her and the truck accelerated away from the pub. Misty tried to sit up, but the tarp had been tied down. She was pretty sure Chance and Rick had grabbed her. Marcy would have stopped anyone else. The truck began to slow down and turn, and turn and turn. This was not the way to the house Chance had taken her to. It sounded like they were in a parking garage. A sliver of doubt crept into Misty’s head. Maybe it wasn’t Chance and Rick. Maybe Marcy had been called away by an emergency. She felt her pulse quicken. She would not panic. This had to be Chance and Rick. The odds of someone else waiting for her were astronomical.

Chance sat in the back of the truck, watching the lump under the tarp that was his guest for the evening. It had been Rick’s idea to alter the plan slightly. He thought it would be more exciting if there was an element of uncertainty. The parking garage was an idea they came up with together. Rick had suggested they stop along the way and have some fun. Chance had thought of the actual location. Chance held on as Rick stopped, then backed the truck into a spot between two large vans. They were pretty well hidden and were near the ventilation equipment. The fans were so loud he and Rick would have to shout at each other. The noise would also mask any screaming Misty wanted to do.

The tarp was pulled off abruptly. Wherever she was it was loud and smelled like trucks. Misty tried to curl up into a ball, but was pulled to her feet. She tried to keep her arms folded over her chest, but they were ripped away and held behind her head. She felt her shirt being ripped open. Through the roar of the industrial fan she heard a distinct metallic click, and then felt her bra being cut away. Knowing there was a knife that close to her skin upped the fear cevizli escort another notch. Why did they change the plan? Suddenly she was pushed until her hips hit the cab of the truck. Another shove and her breast were pinned against the cold metal roof. A large hand tugged at her panties, pulling them down to her knees. Misty realized she was about to get fucked, in the back of a truck, in a public parking garage.

Without warning a thick, hard cock rammed into her. She screamed, partly from surprised and party from excitement. She was aroused enough that she was dripping wet. He filled her completely on the first thrust. Again and again his hips slapped against her ass. Her hips were beating against the cab of the truck, but she did not care. It was wonderfully rough. She wondered if it was Chance or the sweet looking young kid that was pounding his cock into her pussy. He pulled her hair, lifting her tits off the truck. Each time he thrust into her they bounced. Misty realized that at any moment someone could drive by and see her getting fucked. See her breasts flailing back and forth. It was at that moment that she came. She screamed again as the orgasm coursed through her body.

The screaming was louder than he expected. Rick figured Misty might spout off some dirty talk. Instead it was like a primal scream. The first one caught him off guard. He was concerned that something was wrong. Chance had waved him on with a reassuring look. Misty clearly wanted this. She was so wet. He had expected the first thrust to be difficult. It was not. Instead his thrust had buried his dick deep inside her.

Rick had half expected to hear the safe word. Misty had not seemed like the kind of woman that would want to have sex in a public garage. She could not know they two large vans blocked the view from the side, or that Chance had opened the hood of the truck, blocking the view from the front. She screamed again and Rick exploded inside her. When the last bit of cum bubbled out of his cock he withdrew. Rick grabbed Misty and put her back in the bed of the truck, securing the tarp over her. He tucked his penis back into his shorts and sat down in the bed of the truck. Chance lowered the hood and got in the driver seat. They began to drive to the house.

More doubt was nagging at Misty. As the truck bumped along, winding its way out of the garage, Misty felt a mixture of his cum and her wetness running down her legs. Why had only one of them fucked her? Why didn’t they go straight to the house? If it was not them someone would have called her phone. It was in her purse, but she did not know where that was. Misty realized she was scared. She thought about the safe word. It was useless to her now. Even if it was Rick and Chance they would not hear her. And even if they did, it would only end a near perfect fantasy. If it wasn’t Rick and Chance it would be completely useless. Misty struggled against the tape holding her arms together, but it was wasted effort. All she could do was hope it was Chance and Rick in the truck, not two strangers. They picked up speed and one corner of the tarp folded back. Misty was still tied down, but she could feel a cool breeze on her exposed breast.

Rick gazed at Misty. Chance had been right about being him being uncomfortable with risk. The fact that Misty was enjoying what he and Chance were doing was a bit shocking. He wondered if they had taken things too far. Rick knew part of Misty’s fantasy was to be scared, but he worried about her. When part of the tarp folded back and exposed her, his first instinct was to cover her back up. He appreciated the chance to see her naked breast as the street lights flashed by, but he did not want her to be uncomfortable. He finally decided to leave it alone; he did not want to spoil her fantasy.

The truck finally came to a stop. She heard a door open and close, but only one. The truck shook as the tailgate fell open. Misty felt the tarp being pulled off. Someone grabbed her feet and dragged her to the edge of the truck’s bed.

“Walk,” one of them said. Her ears were still buzzing from the wind noise of the ride in the truck, and one word was not enough to confirm the voice as Rick or Chance. She stumbled forward. A hand gripped her shoulder, steering her right and left. Finally they stopped.

“Get on your knees.”

Misty felt someone tugging on the bag that covered her head. The fabric ripped open and cool night air flooded in and on to her mouth and nose. The bag still covered her eyes. She felt something brush against the inside of her thighs. Misty’s heart was pounding. Nothing felt familiar. She struggled to free her arms, but the bindings were too strong. She had been more excited than scared, but that ratio was changing.

Someone put a hand on the back of her head. Misty knew what would be next. She was about to have a hard cock in her mouth. She felt it against her lips. She wondered if it was the same person that had fucked her in the parking garage. erenköy escort She felt her head being pulled forward. Misty opened her mouth and let the throbbing erection penetrate her lips. Her head was guided back and forth, each time she took in a bit more until she felt it hit the back of her throat. Despite her efforts to suppress it, she gagged slightly. Whoever was fucking her mouth did not hesitate. Misty felt like things were spinning out of control. How was she supposed to use the safe word with a mouth full of cock?

It had to be Rick and Chance, it just had to be.

At the moment the balance of fear and excitement was perfect. She was thoroughly aroused. Her nipples were swollen almost to the point of soreness. Her thighs were wet, partially from being fucked earlier and partially from her excitement. She felt an orgasm building inside her body. Apparently her instincts thought she was safe enough to enjoy what was happening. Her fear began to fade as her excitement increased. Misty pressed her tongue against the cock that was invading her mouth and was rewarded with a groan.

Rick was lying on his back with his head between Misty’s knees. He was staring up at her pussy. It was cloaked in the shadows of her skirt, but enough light leaked in that he could see her labia. She was so wet she was almost dripping. He wanted to touch her. Rick knew Chance wanted to keep her guessing just as long as possible. He heard her gag on Chance’s cock. Then he heard Chance moan. Rick could not wait any longer. He reached up and put his hands on her breasts, squeezing her nipples between his fingers. They felt hard as rocks.

Misty felt warm hands on her breasts. The sensation of her nipples being pinched inched her closer to orgasm. The hands glided down her body and rested on her hips, then pulled her down. She felt something warm and wet on her sex. All the tension and fear exploded into an orgasm. Misty felt her mouth filling with cum as her climax overwhelmed her. It was all she could do to keep from choking on the hot salty fluid pouring down her throat. Strong fingers dug into her hips, pinning her against his mouth. She felt his tongue briefly swirl around her clit, and then slip between her labia. She fought to tilt her head back. Misty felt the last bit of cum dribble on to her chin as her mouth slipped of his cock. Misty gasped for breath, and then screamed as her orgasm engulfed her entire body. She fell forward and someone caught her. She tried to put her hands on the floor, but they were still bound. She continued gasping for breath. The next thing she knew there was another mouth pressed against her, this time on her tits. Another orgasm surged through her body, or maybe the first one just caught a second wind. Two pairs of hands held her up as her arms and legs turned to jell-o. As her orgasm finally faded away she realized she was making a weeping noise.

Chance pulled Misty on to her feet, interrupting whatever Rick was doing to her. He led her through the house to the bedroom and pushed her on to the bed.

“Stay there,” he growled as he walked back in to the hall to meet Rick.

“She is fucking awesome,” Rick said.

“Yes, she is,” Chance said, “and nice glazed donut face.”

Rick wiped his face with his shirt. Misty had gone from dripping wet to gushing wet when she climaxed. Rick felt like he had been on the receiving end of a money shot. Over Chance’s shoulder he could see Misty sprawled out face down on the bed. Her ass peeked out from under her skirt.

“What now?” Rick asked.

“I don’t know, I’m sure we will think of something,” Chance replied sarcastically.

“I have an idea,” Rick said.

The sound of voices drifted into the room. Misty could not quite make out the words but she was certain they were talking about her. She was almost certain she was with Chance and Rick, but the fear that she had actually been abducted would not go away. Misty was glad they were allowing her a much needed rest. So far the ordeal had been thrilling and exhausting. The sound of approaching footsteps made her skin tingle with anticipation. The bed shifted as one of the climbed on to it. A hand gripped her shoulder, rolling her on to her back. Then one of them was on top of her. He forced his leg between her thighs. Suddenly he was inside her. She gasped as her body stretched to accommodate his thick cock.

For the second timed in one night Rick shoved his erection into Misty. He wrapped his arms around her and rolled over so she was on top of him. Rick put his hands on her and pushed her up, peeling her breasts off his chest. Her tits were fantastic. They were round and firm with dark areola. Misty’s nipples stood out like large pebbles. Rick lowered her just enough to reach her breast with his mouth. With his erection buried deep inside her Rick thrust his hips back and forth.

Despite having just filled Misty’s mouth with his cum Chance felt his dick getting hard again. It probably had something to do with seeing Misty’s pussy stretched around Rick’s thick cock. Chance put his hand on his penis and stroked it. His cock was still wet and slick from being in Misty’s mouth. He could feel his erection swelling. Chance climbed on to the bed to fill his role in Rick’s plan.

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