Child of Three

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We met at the newsstand a block from my apartment. You held a tabloid, though you didn’t seem the tabloid type. Average height, average build, too old for a swagger, too young for defeat. I immediately wanted to lose my fingers in your silver beard.

As I bought my paper, you held it out and smiled, pointing at the headline. “Cecil the Lion’s brother, Jericho, who is also a lion, escapes captivity at Metro Zoo.”

I couldn’t contain the snort. In that moment I wanted to know more about you. In that moment, I felt you already knew all about me.

Bed beneath my back, head slightly off the edge. You’re standing close. Naked. Your eyes are kind. I say your name, and you bend and kiss me. My lips, cheeks, ears, neck; my breasts swell and nipples grow long and hard. I beg for your touch while saying nothing.

We’re not alone. I’m aware of two others in this room. One is small statured, dark, wiry and hard; he’s nine inches, uncut. He’s not yet 40, but his skin is leathery and worn. He’s hard, but standing back.

The other is a few years older, taller, slightly overweight. His dark blond hair reaches his shoulders and he sees with amber eyes. His soft beard is peppered with silver. He’s fair but for deeply tanned arms. The way he’s looking at me, at you, how he stands close, possessive – my mouth and pussy water and a small moan escapes me. I’m on edge. I’ve never been put on such display; I feel my flaws until I look into each of your eyes, especially yours. You’re in control. Whatever happens, you will keep me safe.

Because of you, this will be one of the most incredible experiences of my life.

You stand at my head. I reach to caress your skin. down your sides, your hips; I cup your cock and squeeze, rolling your testicles through my fingers. Ümraniye Escort I brush down your inner thighs. You catch my wrists and hold them, gently, firmly over my head. You are the restraints.

The Viking, that is what the blond man brings to mind, watches. His face is conflicted. He’s had me before. He accepts who and what I am, and chooses to be aroused by it. His cock is growing, and I look to you, then tell him softly to stroke it. He does, and puts his other hand on my stomach. He watches the two of us, conflicted between wanting me to himself, and needing to see me controlled by another. I want to kiss his mouth. Taste his tongue. But you hold me where I am. I am quiet.

Your hands on my wrists, the smell of you so close, his hand caressing my belly, the air across my tits, and over my naked pussy… My body begins a purposeful gyration. It’s instinctual, the need to touch myself becomes the only thing I know. The Viking watches the Italian, whose thick cock is waving. He’s patient. You beckon him and tell him to give me his cock, let me taste. The Viking darkens with jealousy or arousal. I know him, I know he’d like to share it with me. He likes them big.

I take in his tip, lapping my tongue over swollen flesh. It’s like a ripe plum. My focus narrows to this gorgeous cock, until I feel hands spreading my thighs and breath over my wet sex. His mouth is on me, long, firm, lazy licks from bottom to top with a pause to suck me gently in. Each time he leaves to begin again, I groan around the cock in my mouth, and the vibration makes it harder, thicker. The Italian begins an easy thrust in and out.

You squeeze my wrists, pulling my arms back to remind me; the sensations heighten. The Viking’s tongue swirls against my insides, and the Anadolu yakası Escort noises he makes, I know he’s hard now. He’s ready to fuck me. You won’t let him. Not yet. I feel him leave, hear your voice, and he’s back on me, his fingers slipping inside to massage while he bites and sucks my clit. I meet your eyes, begging you. You hear me.

The cock slams against my throat. You release me, gently gripping my neck to relax me; I open and take him to his balls. Your mouth and teeth are on my nipples, sucking and pulling, and the tension in my cunt becomes almost unbearable. The first wave bears down. Euphoria and panic, because the pleasure and ecstasy are larger than me, and I think I may be lost in them. My body tenses. I grab at you, and you never take your mouth from my breasts, but you push the Italian off… I can breathe, I can come.

The release is pure relief. I can’t see him, but I know the Viking’s face is dripping with me, and he licks me clean. You kiss down my body between my breasts, down my torso to my mound, and the hairs of your chest and belly and finally, groin, tickle my face… impulsively, I open my mouth and take in your balls, sucking gently, never certain how it feels to you, but loving the taste and sensation and intimacy of such an act.

The Viking wants to take me. I hear him tell you, and feel you leaving, pulling yourself carefully from my mouth. You kiss me again and tell me to turn over. On hands and knees. You ask if this is what I want, but it feels more a statement. Yes, please. I’m trembling from my climax, every nerve ending is sparking fire across my skin. The Viking’s hands are on my hips, holding, and I feel his cock. It’s familiar and perfect. You’re watching him. You’re here for me, but maybe you’re here İstanbul Escort for all of us. That realization somehow makes it more erotic.

You motion to the Italian, still awaiting his release, over to the Viking. I realize what’s happening and excitement surges through my body. I push my ass hard against the Viking. His hands roam my body, and his thrusts are long and slow and hard, and it’s exquisite. You put your hand beneath my chin and kiss my lips, then turn my head to make me look over my shoulder.

The Italian is standing on the bed beside the Viking, and the Viking is swallowing his cock, deep, while he still fucks me. I moan, the second orgasm knocking around the edges. I watch, growing wetter. I reach down to rub my clit, wanting to see him come, wanting to suck something. Anything. You slip your wet thumb over my teeth, in and out over my tongue, and I suck and tease and feel the waves lapping, then washing, then pounding over me. My scream brings the Italian, and the Viking takes him, drinks him, and he’s fucking me hard and fast, never slowing. I come around his cock, squeezing, feeling him get close, and I circle my hips as he slides in and out. I suck your thumb. I rub my clit. I watch the Italian emptying himself on my back. The euphoria is intense, I’m trembling with it. My arms collapse, and the only thing holding me up is the Viking.

When he comes it frees my climax, leaves me dizzy and gasping. He doesn’t wait, he doesn’t ask. He lays beside me and puts his arms around me and kisses me, deeply. I taste him and cum and myself. He’s slow and tender.

You, with a warm cloth. You open my legs and I quiver when you touch me. You clean me, kissing my pussy while he kisses my mouth. The Italian is behind me, his calloused hand on my back, stroking, touching my hair. I want to kiss him, too. The Viking won’t let me. But I want to. Badly. You kiss and lick my inner thighs, your touch feather-light.

When I drift off, it is with a feeling of completion, of safety, of being loved by one, cared for by another, and worshipped by a third.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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