Christmas with My Brother Ch. 04

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Eye Contact

It was Christmas Eve, 2012. Our parents had to travel to Ontario to tend to my grandmother who had a stroke, leaving my 18 year old brother and me alone for the days leading up to Christmas. My mother had told me that they hoped to be able to return Christmas day, but even that was uncertain.

I was sad and depressed that our Christmas had been disrupted this way. Feeling lonely and nostalgic, my brother and I had raided my father’s liquor cabinet as we watched classic Christmas movies after dinner on Christmas Eve.

The loneliness of my parents being away at Christmas, coupled with the alcohol, combined to making me very vulnerable and longing for any human touch.

It started out quite innocently. I gave Michael a shoulder massage and he rubbed my feet as we watched ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’.

But soon the touching became increasingly intimate, and resulted in us masturbating each other to powerful orgasms, and then humping naked on my brother’s bed until we each came a second time.

With Michael’s semen smeared across both of our bellies, we decided to cap off the night by relaxing together in our parent’s large Jacuzzi bathtub.

Michael and I were reclined together in the warm tub. We sat opposite each other. The water did not fully cover my breasts; my erect nipples sat just above the water’s edge.

Michael’s penis was firm but not erect. It seemed to float in the water, rising and falling as he breathed. I continued to be intrigued by this wonderful new pet I had discovered; my brother’s penis.

His penis bobbed up and grew slightly as he breathed. I felt loved, desirable, and pretty for the first time in my life.

I wanted to be held, so I moved over towards him, turning my back to him and nestling my way between his legs so I could rest my back against him. I lay my head back so it was resting on his shoulders.

I felt his penis pulse against my back. The contact with me began to make my brother hard again.

After a few firm pulses against me, Michael’s penis was obviously making him uncomfortable. He pushed my back forward slightly with one hand and adjusted the position of his growing erection with the other. He then pulled me back against him again. Now his penis was pointing up towards his navel.

Michael brought his hands over my shoulders and gently tweaked my nipples as we cuddled together. I felt his boner continue to throb against my lower back as I lay there in his arms.

I was in heaven. I was completely relaxed and content as I lay there in post orgasmic bliss, my eyes closed resting in my brother’s arms.

“Would you like to sleep with me in my bed tonight?” I offered hesitantly.

A huge smile broke out on Michael’s face. “Yes, I would. I would like that a lot.”

The thought of us sleeping together and being able to hold and touch each other through the night was very appealing.

After cuddling with Michael for several minutes, I bolted forward from my brother’s arms. I heard a sound that threatened my very existence in my parents’ home. I heard the distinct sound of the automatic garage door opener activating. Instantly I knew our parents were coming home unexpectedly.

And I was naked in my parents tub with my brother!

I panicked and screeched, “Oh shit! Michael! Mom and Dad are home”

Both Michael and I instantly realized the gravity of this situation as we scrambled to get out of the tub. I released the drain and grabbed a towel as I scampered out of my parents’ bathroom.

As I fled my parents’ bathroom, I could hear the car pulling into the driveway. I ran naked through the living room as the headlights briefly shown through the front window.

I grabbed my sweat pants and panties, as well as Michael’s gym shorts, which were strewn across the living room floor before bounding up the stairs. Michael was right behind me, his erect penis swinging wildly as we both fled the scene of the crime.

I remember observing that the fire place was down to glowing embers at this point. The TV was still on, playing ‘Miracle on 34th street’. The movie Michael and I had been watching, ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’, when our intimacy started earlier in the evening, had ended long ago.

Quickly, I donned my flannel pajama bottoms and a t-shirt, sans panties. I did not have time to put on underwear. I wrapped my wet hair in a towel and grabbed my robe, before descending the stairs just as my father came through the door lugging two suitcases. Mom was right behind him carrying her purse, a computer case, and a shopping bag. Both parents looked very tired. Their exhaustion could play in our favor.

The shock of my parents’ early return seemed to sober me up. I no longer felt any effects of the alcohol. Trying not to look or sound guilty I expressed surprise at seeing my dad, “What are you doing home? I didn’t think we would see you until tomorrow.”

I could hear the quiver in my voice, but I could see that my dad was more concerned with hauling the suitcases into his bedroom than the shaky manner in which I spoke.

“We Bycasino decided to come home early and spend Christmas with you kids. Your mom will return the day after tomorrow to be with your grandmother. But we did not want to miss Christmas with you.”

As they both disappeared momentarily into the bedroom, I grabbed the two empty tumblers which had previously held the vodka and orange juice and rinsed them in the sink. Then I went to the bar to ensure that there were no ‘tell tale signs’ of us helping ourselves to my dad’s liquor. Everything looked to be in order.

The bathtub was just finishing draining when my parents entered their room. “Who’s been using our tub?” Mom asked.

“I took a Jacuzzi bath. I hope you don’t mind. I haven’t had a chance to rinse the tub yet.” I replied, feigning innocence.

“No, not at all. But do clean the tub. That’s all I ask,” Mom responded, indicating that she bought the story. She certainly did not jump to the conclusion that Michael and I had been in the tub together. Who would?

My heart was still pounding in my chest as I began to think, ‘I might actually pull this off. They do not suspect a thing.’

Michael came down a few minutes later dressed in his gym shorts and t-shirt. I was very pleased to see that his erection had disappeared.

Mom and Dad quickly unpacked, changed into their night clothes, and returned to the living room. Mom got a glass of wine and Dad poured himself a ‘scotch rocks’, as he called it. And we sat around discussing my grandmother’s condition with my parents occasionally asking about what Michael and I had been up to.

I learned that evening that the best form of lying, and the easiest way to remember what you said is to tell the truth while leaving out the incriminating details. So we told our parents about the spaghetti dinner, watching ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ in front of the fireplace, feeling sad and nostalgic that they were not here with us, and of me deciding to take a Jacuzzi bath in their bathroom; while leaving out any mention of the vodka, the foot massage, the petting, humping and orgasms.

And they were not the least bit suspicious.

Everyone went to bed shortly after midnight. I lay in my bed, my mind racing about the incidents of the evening. I could not believe Michael and I had done the things we had done. But more amazing was that we were so stupid that we almost got caught.

Then the door to the ‘Jack ‘n Jill’ bathroom Michael and I shared, cracked open and Michael entered into the darkness of my room. The bathroom, which we shared, connected our rooms, and allowed passage between our rooms without entering the hallway.

The only light in the dark room was coming from the LED dial on my clock. Michael’s form was silhouetted, but the red glow from my clock as he approached my bed.

“Michael, what are you doing in here? You can’t be in here. Really,” I whispered.

Michael just sat on my bed, ignoring my protest and said, “Can you believe we almost got caught? That was so fucking freaky.”

“We were lucky. Thank god the garage is right next to the master bathroom and we heard the garage door open. Can you imagine if they had walked in on us?”

A shiver ran through me as I thought about the consequences of being caught like that with Michael. It was simply too much to fathom.

Michael reached up and caressed my breast. I grabbed his hand and tried to remove it. Michael was too strong. I could not remove his hand from my breast, so I held it still.

“Michael, no. We can’t do that now. It’s crazy. Mom and Dad are downstairs.”

“Kelsey, they are asleep. They never come up here. When was the last time either of them came up here at night?”

Michael had a point. Neither of our parents likes climbing those stairs. The staircase probably could not be any more of a deterrent to Mom and Dad if were a moat with alligators. When they wanted us, rather than climb the stairs my mom would use the intercom and my Dad would simply yell up the staircase. They almost never ascended the stairs.

In fact, if there was something that needed to be carried up the stairs, they would just leave it on the bottom step for Michael or me to carry up.

But that was not the point.

“Michael, we can’t be ‘together’ when they are here. We just can’t. We probably shouldn’t be doing this any more regardless of whether or not they are home; but when they are here, we have to behave.”

“I just want to hold you for a few minutes. I just need to hold you.” Michael pleaded as he released my breast, got up, and walked over to lock my bedroom door that led to the hallway.

I said nothing. I knew this was crazy, but I too wanted the contact. I wanted to be held.

The lock made a distinct click as Michael pushed it, assuring me that the door was indeed locked. No one could just walk in on us.

I could see just the outline of his form as he returned to the bed.

“Michael, we can’t do this. It is too risky.” I protested. But I knew my tone was Bycasino giriş unsure and not convincing. The lack of conviction in my voice revealed to my brother what I knew deep inside; I wanted him to stay a while.

He sat on the side of my bed and slowly he pulled back my quilt. I could feel my pulse quicken in anticipation.

Michael placed his hand on my inner thigh between my legs on the outside of my pajama bottoms. Instinctively, I squeezed my thighs together, trapping his fingers and preventing their ascent towards my pussy.

Michael stopped his upward movement with his fingers trapped between my upper thighs, and waited patiently. I could not see his face clearly in the dark, but I could feel him looking at me, waiting for me to relent.

I felt myself grow flush as burns of embarrassment spread across my neck and chest. I knew I was a deep crimson color. I lay there for 15 to 20 excruciatingly long seconds as I struggled with either allowing or denying my brother access to my vagina, which was starting to lubricate at just the thought of what might happen next.

With shame burning across me body, I slowly opened my thighs while saying, “Michael, we can’t do this.”

As I write this, I fully realize how foolish it sounds to verbally object as I opened my legs to allow my brother to touch me intimately, but that is precisely what I did.

Even in the darkness, I could see the whiteness of his teeth showing as he smiled broadly, realizing that I was spreading my legs so that he could finger me again. I know he was very pleased with himself and he was enjoying the power he had over me.

When Michael’s fingers reached my vulva, he found my clitoris and then moved his fingers to my opening. The flannel material was noticeably damp now from the steady leakage of my aroused vulva.

“Damn, Kelsey, you are very wet down here. Did I do this?”

I did not know how to answer that question. I was not really comfortable discussing the profound reaction my body had to my brother’s touch.

I remained silent for several moments before speaking.

“I guess so, there is nobody else making me respond this way. It is only you,” I said, trying to make light of his question.

Michael ran his fingers up and down my slit, making the crotch of my pajamas soaking wet from my juices. I moaned as I began rocking my hips to his touch. I was like a bitch in heat. I had already had two orgasms this evening, and I was aroused again.

Michael then reached up, grabbed the waistband of my pajama bottoms and started pulling them down.

“Oh god, Michael, we shouldn’t…I mean we really shouldn’t.”

But even as I expressed my concern, I lifted my bottom to allow my brother to strip me.

Then Michael shocked me. After removing my bottoms, Michael knelt by the side of the bed, and pulled me into position so his face was between my thighs, inches from my naked vulva.

I knew what he was preparing to do, and it frightened me.

“No, Michael, don’t do that,” I said. The thought of my brother placing his mouth on my private parts seemed so wrong, so dirty, and so perverse.

Michael was undeterred. “Kelsey, I just want to taste you.”

Michael slowly moved my knees apart, and wedged his face between my thighs. I continued to resist.

“Please Kelsey; please let me be the first to taste you?”

It hit me; someday I would let someone do this. So why not let my brother be the first? It was only right that my first be someone I love. And that evening, I was ‘in love’ with my brother.

I opened my thighs, and said, “are you sure you want to do this? It sounds kind of nasty.”

“Kelsey, I want to taste you. I want to take you into my mouth and experience everything about you.” Michael stopped to kiss my vagina briefly. “I want to make love to you with my mouth.”

I did not understand why my brother wanted to do this, but if this is what he wanted, I guess I owed it to him to let him. I reasoned that within the hour, I had been in the bath tub, and I was very clean and fresh right now. I slowly relented.

I said nothing. I simply opened my legs wider to allow Michael to experience cunnilingus for the first time.

I was doing this for Michael. I did not expect much for myself, but I was wrong; I was going to react in a profound manner.

Michael kissed the outside of my vulva several times, and then his tongue began lapping at my slit. I could not help associate the licking action with that of a dog. I stifled a giggle at how silly this seemed.

Then Michael’s tongue found my clitoris, and the sudden shock of pleasure forced an unexpected moan from me. “Oh my, that feels good.” I exclaimed.

With my encouragement, Michael focused on my engorged clitoris. He licked it, flicking the tip of his tongue across my erect nubbins. I moaned as I brought my hands down between my thighs and held Michael’s head in place.

Michael took my erect clit into his mouth and started to suck on it directly.

“Oh my god! Bycasino güncel giriş Too much…too intense…oh fuck!” I tried to whisper as the intensity on my clitoris increased.

Michael then brought his fingers to my opening, and without breaking the suction grip his mouth had on my clit, my brother started to part my vagina open with his fingers.

I cannot describe how turned on I was.

While continuing to suck on my erect clitoris and finger fuck me with one hand, Michael used his free hand to lower his gym shorts and free his cock. My brother was soon naked from the waist down. I was impressed that he was able to do this without releasing my clit from his lips or removing his fingers from my snatch.

In a move that would make any Olympic wrestler proud, Michael climbed on the bed, moved me around, and swung his leg over me so that he was now straddling my face.

I found myself lying on my back with my brother’s mouth sucking on my clit, his fingers deep inside my uterus, and my brother’s cock and ball sack in front of my face.

I was caught off guard. I had not anticipated this.

With Michael straddling my face, his large cock waving in front of me, I knew what he wanted, what he expected. I knew that I needed to comply. But honestly, I was not ready for this next step. I was not prepared to take Michael into my mouth; however, I knew that I needed to give my brother whatever he needed.

For an instant I was no longer concentrating on the oral gymnastics Michael was performing on my clitoris. I was distracted by this huge boner and the tight set of balls that were inches from my 18 year old face.

Several hours ago, I had never even seen an erect penis in the flesh. Now my brother’s cock was literally an inch from my mouth. I struggled with what I should do, what I could do.

Hesitantly, I took his erection into my hand, and brought it to my mouth. I kissed the shaft and the head without really opening my mouth.

I opened my mouth slightly and placed the tip at my lips, allowing my tongue to stimulate the tip of the glands. I allowed the head of this large penis to penetrate my mouth as I swirled my tongue around the distinct ridge that separates the head from the shaft.

My brother’s response was profound. As I teased the head with my tongue, Michael moaned loudly, arched his hips as his penis pulsed in my mouth. My brother really liked this stimulation. And suddenly, my power to evoke this response from him became a powerful stimulant for me.

I did it again, evoking the same response as I grasped the firm shaft in my fist.

I inserted the tip of my tongue into the tip hole of his urethra. His penis throbbed in response.

I loved this power I had to stimulate Michael, to make his cock dance in my mouth, and to make his hips arch, causing him to moan. I was suddenly aware of my own arousal and Michael’s sucking on my clitoris. My brother’s arousal fueled my own.

I could detect the slightest trace of the unique taste of the pre-orgasm secretions coming from the erect penis in my mouth. I did not find the taste offensive, just unique and peculiar.

Michael continued sucking on my engorged clitoris like it was a nipple, causing it to swell further. It was so very sensitive that I was not sure I could take it. I tried to reach down with my free hand to push Michael off my clit which was so sensitive that the continued stimulation of his sucking was almost painful. But because his torso was on top of me and his legs were straddling my face, I could not reach him.

I took his dick out of my mouth momentarily so I could speak.

“Michael, it is too much. It is too sensitive,” I said in a whisper. But he either did not hear me or chose to ignore my plea. In either case, he continued to oral assault on my clitoris as his fingers massaged my inner core.

Because our parents were just down stairs, we were force to keep our moans and movements very muted, which only heightened my excitement.

His fingers which were reaching around under my legs, had found that special place inside my vagina that arouses me so. Michael was sucking and licking my firm little ‘nubbins’ while his fingers probed deep inside me. I was rapidly moving towards yet another orgasm.

As my excitement grew, I became far less inhibited with my brother’s rigid cock. I started sucking the glands with abandon, softly moaning around the bulbous head in my mouth. My slightly stifled moans around the head of my brother’s erection seemed to arouse him more. I could feel the head swell and pulse as I sucked and licked it.

I was now fully enjoying my first blow job.

I started thrusting my pelvis into his face as I felt my climax approaching. I knew that I was going to cum now, there was no stopping me. I was past the tipping point. And it was going to be a big one!

As the first wave of my orgasm crashed through my core, I instinctively took my brother’s rigid penis more deeply into my throat causing me to gag for a moment before recovering.

I could not completely muffle my cries as I came, but with a large dick halfway down my throat muffled my moans; and the sounds did not carry downstairs. But with his cock halfway down my throat as I came, my moans seemed to vibrate against the throbbing head.

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