Dirty Old Man

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I still live at home with my parents, I’m only 18 and there’s no way I’m going to be able to afford my own place yet, plus I quite like where I’m living. It’s a small village in the Devonshire countryside, only a 10 minute walk to the coast, very idyllic.

The village doesn’t consist of much, there’s a crossroads where the local pub is and the village shop. There’s only two houses on the “street” I live on, we’re in one and opposite is Mr Garfy. A fat old black guy who’s lived on his own for as long as I can remember.

One day I was having lunch at the local pub when a couple of fire engines went whizzing past with blue lights twirling and sirens blaring and headed up the road towards a plume of smoke. My eyes went wide, they were headed in the direction of my house!

I shot out the door and ran up the road and sure enough the fire engines had pulled in down our lane. I pushed through the crowd of people and stopped. Bright orange flames where leaping from our windows and part of the roof had collapsed. I started to feel faint and was about to collapse when a pair of big arms grabbed me. “It’s ok Tracy, I’ve got you.” I looked up into the eyes of Mr Garfy and began to cry.

The firefighters had put the flames out by the time mum and dad arrived home, smoke and steam rising from the ashes of our house. The crowd had largely dispersed and I was sitting on Mr Garfy’s porch staring blankly at the ruin.

“You guys can stay with me tonight.” He said to us, “I’ve got plenty of room for you all.”

“Thank you, Mr Garfy.” Mum said.

“Please, call me Michael, we’ve been neighbours for nearly 25 years now.”

“I know, old habits die hard.”

Although I’ve know Mr Garfy for my entire life, I’ve never been inside his house or even been invited round. Upon entering the house it was probably evident why. It was in a dire state, I doubt it had been decorated in 30 years, the hallway carpet was threadbare, a track worn into over the years and what was left if of the material on the carpet was dark brown almost black in colour, I suspect not it’s original colour.

The worn out carpet was a theme throughout the house, the living room was the same so where the stairs, the lyno was worn through in the kitchen which was filthy. Mr Garfy seemed blind to it all and happily showed us up to our rooms.

I could barely get into my room, there were boxes all along the wall and I had to squeeze round the door then close it and climb onto my bed. But to be honest, beggars can’t be choosers, I was grateful that it was just the house that had burnt down, houses can be rebuilt and no doubt it would be.

“Am I ok to have a shower?” I asked Mr Garfy.

“Sure, I’ll grab you a towel my dear.” He said giving me a quick look up and down. “By the way, the door doesn’t quite close properly but you’ll be ok.”

I stepped slightly nervously into the bathroom and was greeted by a bright orange bath sweet which hid some of the dirtiness of the bathroom, but to be fair this was probably the cleanest room in the house. Mr Garfy was correct, the door didn’t close, not even close to closing, it left a huge gap!

I started to run the shower and undressed, carefully hanging my only set of clothes up. I stepped in and enjoyed the feeling of the hot water washing the upset of the day away. I grabbed the soap from the dish and rubbed it into my body, making it lather up. Rubbing it into my big, pert 34DD’s, down my smooth flat stomach and into my lightly toned legs. I washed my long blonde hair as well, using a surprisingly good shampoo that was on the side.

I had forgotten the door was slightly ajar and it wasn’t until I stepped out of the shower that I remembered and grabbed the towel quickly and wrapped it around my naked body, grabbed my clothes and hurried down the landing to my room and closed the door.

Mum and dad had already gone out by the time I woke up, they told Mr Garfy they wouldn’t be long. I sat in the living room eating my toast as Mr Garfy sat and watched the TV in presumably his favourite seat. Mr Garfy was in his late 60’s with a ring of grey hair circling the bald spot on top, a matching grey goatee framing his mouth. He was about 6ft2in and heavy set, he definitely enjoyed his food and was enjoying a bacon sandwich at the moment. The plate resting on his belly, a blob of ketchup on the corner of his mouth.

“Your parents left you some money on the kitchen side, said to go and spend it on some clothes and whatever else you may need in the short term.” He said.

“A mini shopping spree on mum and dad, just a little plus point.” I said and giggled.

“Ah, the bank of mum and dad always good, do you need a lift into town at all?”

“I’m ok, luckily I had my keys on me and my car was parked at the end of the lane. Do you need anything from town?”

He thought about it for a moment, “Nah, I’m good cheers.”

I returned later that day with a whole new wardrobe and makeup and then adana escort remembered I had nowhere to store it in the room I was in, but to my surprise I found most of the boxes gone and a wardrobe in its place. I hung my clothes up and went back downstairs.

We’d all settled into a mini routine and seemed to be getting on fine. Even though Mr Garfy had some “interesting” habits, he made us feel welcome, offering his place to us for as long as we needed. I was showering again and the door was as closed as it could be, I was certain that Mr Garfy was watching as I showered. I’d take special care in rubbing the soap into my big tits, putting on a little show for him if he was watching. It gave me a funny feeling thinking someone was watching me, but a feeling the ultimately i was enjoying.

I dried myself and wrapped the towel around me before walking down the landing towards my room, as I passed Mr Garfy’s room I could hear sobbing. I gently opened the door “Mr Garfy? Are you ok?” I asked peering around the edge of the door.

He was sitting on his bed, his head in his hands. “I’m ok, Tracy.” He replied between sniffs. “It’s just…it’s just that you’re the first people I’ve had in my house for 20 years. I’ve never had anyone else in my house since my wife died.”

“I, we never realised we can go if it’s a problem.”

“No, no, oh God no. I’m enjoying having you around. It’s just making me realise how much I’ve missed and what I’ve missed out on.” He paused before continuing and looked up. I moved and sat next to his big bulk on the edge of the bed and put an arm around him.

“It’s ok, there’s still time to have fun.”

“It’s not just that, I’ve missed, well, it’s difficult to say.” He said.

I didn’t say anything, I just sat with my arm stretched round him and waited.

He took a deep breath. “I’ve missed the feel of a woman!”

“Oh.” Was all I could say, my mind whirring. “Maybe I can help him out” I thought to myself, “At least once, it might help him feel better.” with my mind made up I stood up and moved in front of him before turning and facing him.

“Maybe this will help.” I said. I pulled at the tucked in part of my towel and then let it drop to the floor. I was completely naked in front of Mr Garfy. He looked up at me, his eyes wide as they traced their way up my slender legs to my completely shaven pussy and then up to my big, pert 34DD tits where they seemed to stop.

“May I?” He asked pointing at my tits.

“I suppose just this once won’t hurt.” I thought to myself and nodded at him.

The look on his face changed and for a fat old man he moved pretty fast. He was standing in front of me, his hands all over my big tits. “I love these big white titties, they feel so good.” He was rolling and rubbing my nipples between his fingers, sending bolts of unexpected pleasure through my body and to my pussy. He was squeezing my tits hard. “How I’ve missed playing with titties, they make me so hard.” He said.

He was right, I looked down and there was a big bulge in his jeans trying to escape. Mr Garfy was at least 6’2″ and towered over my 5’6″ frame, he bent down and started licking on my nipples. A little moan coming from my lips, my pussy tingling with excitement. “What is going on?” I thought to myself. My body defying my brain, I shouldn’t be getting excited at this old black man licking and pinching my hard nipples. I’d never had a guy do this to my tits, be so hard with them that it would get my pussy wet.

“Do you think just this once you’d, you know relieve me?” Mr Garfy asked, the innocent look back on his face.

“I suppose just this once won’t hurt.” I thought to myself and nodded to him. His devilish look returning to his face. Suddenly his trousers were down and somehow I was on my knees in front of him. His big black cock inches away from my face and my what a big black cock it was too, it must’ve been at least 11″.

“Well, best you get to relieving me now you’re down there.” He said looking down at me, the devilish grin back on his face.

I’d only sucked on a couple of cocks before and certainly not one this big or for that matter a black one. I looked up at him nervously, my hand clasping his thick black shaft and held it steady. It felt so fleshy, meaty and warm. I leant forward and kissed his helmet and then licked it, long and slow. Then I took his helmet in my mouth and sucked on it, gently and slowly at first.

“Mmmmmm that’s good, Tracy. It’s been so long.” He said watching me suck his long, black cock.

I sucked and sucked on it, slowly my mouth going further and further down his shaft as I began to enjoy the size and taste of his cock and the feeling it was giving me. My pussy was soaking and that was just from him playing with my tits and me sucking his cock.

My hand twisted round his shaft as it followed my mouth up and down his long shaft, strings of spit hanging down and onto eskişehir escort my tits.

“That’s it! That’s it! Keep doing that, Oh fuck! Nnnnnnnnnnn Aaaarrrrgggghhhh! He shouted and came hard in my mouth.

His cock pulsed and exploded his cum in my mouth, I swallowed what I could before he took control of his cock and pulling it out of my mouth and wanking it furiously. His cum spraying from his cock and splattering all over my face and in my mouth and down onto my tits. I was covered in his hot sticky cum and I must say I quite enjoyed it. His salty taste in my mouth.

Mr Garfy collapsed backwards onto the bed, seemingly spent. “Jeeeeeeeez, that was needed! You may need another shower after that looking at you!” The devilish smile on his face.

I stood up and grabbed my towel and looked down at my cum covered tits, streaks of cum running down my body. I could feel it also running down my face, I looked in his wardrobe mirror and yes, I was covered in his thick, white, creamy cum. I used a finger to scoop some off my face and into my mouth and headed out the room and back to the bathroom for another shower.

I was still surprised how he had made me feel, how I had seemingly lusted after his cock. I’ve sucked on a cock before but never had I got into and enjoyed it like that, also I’d never had a guy cum on my face before and I’d thought nothing of it when Mr Garfy spunked all over me. In fact, I rather enjoyed the feeling and the taste.

There wasn’t any awkwardness between us because it was just a one-off thing and nothing more, but I couldn’t stop thinking about his big black cock and how wet I’d become from just sucking on it. I shook my head to remove the thought and carried on drying the dishes.

But before long the thought was back in my head and I was daydreaming again about Mr Garfy’s cock in my mouth, licking, sucking on it and enjoying it.

I retired upstairs after making my excuses about feeling tired and needing an early night. I lay on my bed in my nightie and idly watched TV, soon I heard mum, dad and Mr Garfy make their way upstairs and into bed. I lay still for a while before making my mind up, I got up and opened my door slowly and crept down the landing. A slither of dim light crept out under Mr Garfy’s door. I took a depth breath and put my hand on the handle and turned it slowly and stepped in.

Mr Garfy was sitting up in bed looking at me as I entered, the covers around his waist, his chest bare and hairless as was his big round stomach. “I wondered how long it would take you?” He said, that devilish grin on his face.

“What, how did you know?”

“You’re only human, Tracy. You’ve had a taste of temptation and enjoyed it and now you want more. You have a thirst you need to quench, a desire you need to fulfil and I have what you need.” He pulled the covers back to reveal his massive black cock just laying lazily down his leg.

“You tricked me!” I said to him, trying to sound disgusted.

“No, not at all. I merely opened your eyes to what was right in front of you. Now come over here and suck me dry again.” He said, grabbing his cock and slapping it against his thigh.

I did as he instructed, he was right, I did desire his cock and his cum. The size of it was mesmerizing, I’d never seen one so big and it had awoken some deep dark desires of mine. I pulled my nightie off over my head and climbed onto the bed next to him and lay across his legs, his cock in front of me as I looked at him.

I took it in one hand and gently wanked it, feeling it grow in my hand as I did. Kissing up and down his long shaft until it was fully hard and then I took it in my hot little mouth. “You look so good with big black cock in your mouth. You naughty girl! What would your parents say, knowing their little girl is getting off on old black man cock?”

“You wouldn’t tell them would you?” I asked, taking his cock out of my mouth but wanking it still.

“Not yet, not as long as we’re getting along fine.” He replied and reached and started playing with one of my nipples, rolling it in his fingers, pinching it, pulling it. My tongue swirled around his helmet as I pulled his cock towards me and took it further in my mouth. Licking down his shaft to his big black balls. I took each one in my mouth and sucked on it slowly, my tongue swirling around them as I carried on wanking his cock. “That’s very good Tracy, I do like that. Keep licking my black balls. Urge the cream out of them!”

I smiled to myself as he said this and I sucked and licked on his balls, my hand stroking his cock and running over the sensitive underside of his helmet. My spit coating his balls, making them slippery and slimey. “Mmmmmm that’s it. You’re going to make me cum quickly again. All over your face.”

Mr Garfy took hold of his cock and began gently wanking it as I carried on sucking and licking his balls. His fingers working over time on my hard sakarya escort nipple. I felt his balls tighten and he tensed up and then they started pulsing and I felt his hot cum landing on the side of my face as he came. He plastered the side of my face in his cum as I licked his balls, I sat up and could feel it running down my face and neck.

He leant forward and using his forefinger scooped up cum from my face and fed it to me, I sucked his old man finger clean of his cum as he scooped more and more. “You can go now.” He said and clicked his light off. I found my nightie and left quietly. Vowing not to be used like that again.

The next morning I showered and got myself ready for the day. I’m lucky enough to be naturally pretty and don’t need much makeup, but I like to add some and make myself feel good. I slipped on a new white thong and a lacy bra before putting on my new yellow summer dress and checked myself in the mirror. I did like the cleavage this dress gave me and maybe Mr Garfy would appreciate it too. I tied my blonde hair up into a high ponytail and headed downstairs just in time to see mum and dad leave for work.

They were now back at work after having to sort out all the house insurance and getting the ball rolling on our house being rebuilt. I stood at the door and watched them go and looked over as the first of the clearing crew arrived to finish dismantling the ruins of our house so the new one could be rebuilt.

Suddenly a pair of hands grabbed my boobs from behind and squeezed them hard. I nearly shrieked out loud. His big belly pushed into my back as he groped and squeezed my big tits, finding my nipples and pinching and pulling them, my pussy betraying me and getting wet.

“I love your big white titties! And your nipples are so hard already under my touch.”

“Mr Garfy, we can’t…”

“Oh yes we can!” He replied cutting me off. “You were basically begging for my old big black cock last night. Plus, it’s hard for you again, feel that?”

I could feel the bulge in his trousers poking me in the back and I knew I was going to give in.

“Tell me you want my big black cock, tell me you want it in your mouth. Tell me, Tracy.”

I closed my eyes and gave into the temptation, “Mr Garfy, I want your big black cock, I want to suck it, I want your cum on my face again.”

“Good girl, now come with me.” He said and grabbed my ponytail and pulled me back into the house and to the living room. He took his pyjama bottoms off and sat down in his favourite chair, that big black cock hanging loose, just inviting me to suck it.

I hitched up my skirt slightly and knelt down on the grubby threadbare carpet. Mr Garfy put his hands behind his head and looked down at me expectantly. I didn’t disappoint, I took hold of it and began sucking on it. Long and slow sucks, enjoying the feeling of it growing in my mouth until it was rock solid. I sucked on it softly, taking my time, my tongue swirling around his shaft and his helmet. Gently licking the sensitive underside of his helmet, feeling his cock twitch slightly as I did, a little smile breaking out across my face.

I sucked on his cock slowly and teasingly, enjoying and savouring the feel of this monster black cock in my mouth, enjoying how it was making me feel, giving in to my want and desire. With one hand I cupped and fondled his balls, using my nails to stroke them. My other hand held the base of his cock, squeezing it every now and then as my mouth slid further and further down his long shaft. Soon it was disappearing down my throat. I came up for air, strings of spit hanging from my mouth to his cock and smiled at him as I wanked his slippery cock.

It looked so good and inviting all covered in my spit, glistening and winking at me. I licked up the shaft and dangled my spit over his helmet before sucking on his cock, long slow sucks, taking his meaty cock in my mouth and down my throat. My spit pooling at the base of his cock before rolling down onto his heavy balls before I rubbed it in.

His cock then twitched and he started cumming, shooting his cum straight down my throat. He held my head there until I had to pull away, I stream of cum splattering against my face and another and another. Until it started just oozing out of his cock, I immediately started licking it up. Loving the taste of his hot, thick, creamy cum. “How do you cum so much?” I asked in amazement.

“This is half of what I used to cum and I’d be able to go again. But now, I need my rest.” He said.

And I took that as my cue to leave. I cleaned myself up again and headed into town for some more clothes shopping, but this time I gave myself a different brief to fulfil.

I returned to Mr Garfy’s later that day with a few more shopping bags in hand and saw that dad had grabbed our BBQ and had wheeled it round in Mr Garfy’s garden and was stoking the flames. I dropped my bags upstairs and headed into the kitchen to see if I could help prepare the food.

“You look lovely today dear, that’s a lovely summer dress you have.” Mum said to me.

“Thanks mum, it was one of the new purchases the other day.”

She then lowered her voice as she spoke to me, “You should be careful around Mr Garfy though. I think he has wondering eyes, if you know what I mean?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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