Close Neighbors Ch. 02

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Author’s note: Although this story stands on it’s own, I believe you will enjoy it much more if you first read the original installment where you will get to know the characters. Thanks!


Looking out the door to my backyard late that night, I had to feel a bit sad about how quickly the summer had flown by. Fall was in full swing. A blustery wind blew the leaves around on the deck and a full moon shown through the dark billowy clouds that moved quickly across the sky.

I had freshened my vodka rocks and settled into my favorite chair to catch up on some reading. It wasn’t long before I felt my pocket vibrate with a new text message, strangely from a number I didn’t recognize.

The text read, “Hey dude, remember me? Ur good Facebook friend, Lisa? Ha ha! U wanna come 2 our slumber party next door?”

Holy Shit! I was suddenly flooded with wonderful memories of my incredible encounter with Lisa and Becky last summer on Becky’s deck. And now a slumber party? How could I pass this up?

I quickly texted back, “Oh my, a party on such short notice? I haven’t a thing to wear!”

“Well, then don’t wear anything! Lol! Just get ur ass over here! Come in thru the deck door in back.” Lisa shot back.

I texted one last time, “On my way!”

I closed the deck door behind me and folded my arms in tightly as I walked quickly through the cold wind into Becky’s yard, toward the softly lit deck. As I approached I saw Lisa and Becky standing, waiting for me at the door.

They pushed the door open and Becky shouted, “Get in here already, it’s freezing out!”

The girls were just as petite and adorable as I had remembered, and looked sexy as hell in their jammies. Lisa, ever the show off, wore a pair of black athletic sweat pants tied with a pink cord at the waist. They fit loose in the legs but skin tight around her tiny ass and over her crotch. A pink T-shirt was cut short to show off her muscular abs and pierced belly button. She had let her blond curly hair continue to grow and was past shoulder length now.

Becky, always shy and modest, was wearing baggy plaid flannel pajama pants with an elastic waist, and an oversized black heavy metal rock n roll T-shirt. Even with the loose fit, I could see that she was braless.

Unlike the last time I saw her, she was wearing stylish black framed glasses that matched her short, black hair. Just like Lisa, she still had her summer tan and as she smiled she may have had the whitest teeth I had ever seen.

“So dude, what have you been up to?” Lisa asked with her trademark impish smile. “Long time, no fuck!”

Same old Lisa, always going for the shock value.

I laughed and replied, “Yes Lisa, it has been way too fucking long!”

As we walked on into the house, I looked around the family room where they were hanging out. It was warmly lit with several table lamps, and there was a couch and several comfy chairs set facing each other, inviting intimate socializing.

Pillows and blankets were strewn around the room along with a few fashion magazines, and the TV was going in the background with the sound turned down. Looking into the kitchen, there was a half empty pizza box on the counter, and the island had become a makeshift margarita bar.

Lisa and Becky sat down on the couch and as I plopped down in a chair across from them I asked, “Sooo Becky, where’s the family tonight?”

“They went out of state to stay with Bill’s mother for the weekend,” she replied.

“And why didn’t you go with them?” I asked.

“Oh, I don’t know, maybe because my mother-in-law is a fucking bitch!” Becky announced with obvious contempt.

Lisa started laughing and chimed in, “It’s true! I’ve met her and she’s a first class skank!”

After a short pause I said, “I just gotta say, I’ve missed you two and you both look great!”

“Good enough to eat?” Lisa asked slyly.

Becky squealed and exclaimed, “Oh my god, I can’t believe you just said that!”

I squinted a bit, looking back and forth at them. “Why do I get the feeling there’s something going on here that I don’t know about?”

Becky pulled the neckline of her T-shirt up over her face with a bit of faux embarrassment as sex hikayeleri Lisa started to explain.

“Well, me and Becky are BFFs ya know, and we tell each other everything.” Lisa continued, “Imagine my surprise when she hits me with the fact that her hubby has never given her head. Ever. And also consider she was going steady with Bill since her Sophomore year in High School, so she hasn’t even been with anyone else!”

“You are shitting me!” I exclaimed. “Never?”

“He thinks it’s gross.” Becky went on. “Well, I guess it is gross down there.”

“Whoa there, I think you are just getting a little too clinical now.” I interrupted. “Just because I wouldn’t pour a nice tall glass of pussy juice to drink on a hot day doesn’t mean I don’t absolutely love it during sex!”

Lisa laughed out loud at the beverage reference.

Becky giggled and added, “And I wouldn’t drink a tall glass of some guy’s cum either! So I guess we’re even! One time after Bill came on my tummy I put a drop on my finger and tasted it. It was awful! I don’t know how anyone swallows that stuff!”

“Sex is supposed to be dirty!” I explained, “and messy!”

“Yeah! And hot, and smelly, and sweaty!” Lisa added, laughing at herself.

Becky was laughing now too and concluded, “Yeah, I guess I just need to let go a bit for sure.”

“Actually,” Lisa said looking at me, “speaking of letting go a bit, Becky has something to show you.”

“Uh, I don’t think I’m ready for that,” Becky said nervously.

“What?” I asked anxiously. “Don’t keep me in suspense!”

Lisa continued, “So happens I shaved Becky this afternoon.”

“Oh my.” I said slowly, trying to form a picture in my mind. “What I wouldn’t have given to watch that! I don’t suppose you took video?”

“You wish! You strike me as just the kind of perv that would enjoy a little girl on girl action!” Lisa laughed then added, “I have to admit that even though I have always been straight, I got a little wet while I was doing it. It felt so kinky.”

“You didn’t tell me that, Lisa!” Becky exclaimed, feeling surprised and a bit intrigued.

“OK, that is about all the suspense I can stand!” I insisted. “Let me see it, Becky.”

While looking down at the floor, Becky stood up and slid her thumbs under the waistband of her pajama pants, and slowly pushed them down.

Though at first nervous, she was overwhelmed knowing I was seeing her most private places, and became increasingly aroused by the sensation of my eyes upon her.

Now loose, her pants fell down to her ankles.

Still trying to hold onto a bit of modesty, she held her thighs tightly together with just a bit of vaginal cleavage visible.

Her narrow waist created gorgeous feminine curves around her hips and though not as muscular as Lisa, she had the thighs of a gymnast. Her smooth hairless pubic mound made her look all the more naked and vulnerable.

“Oh damn, Becky,” I exclaimed softly, my eyes frozen to her form. “Your body is absolutely amazing!”

“Way to go Becky!” Lisa shouted, cheering her on. “Now sit down on the couch and give him the same view I had this afternoon!”

There was a new found intensity in Becky’s eyes as she lowered herself to the couch and slowly opened her legs wide, inviting me to see everything.

Her thick, protruding labia separated in layers and laid open at the top, framing her engorged clit. Her tiny pink opening was shiny and moist.

I stood up from my chair, feeling irresistibly drawn to her. I dropped to my knees between her legs, placed my hands on her thighs and moved them inward.

She let out a breathy gasp as her tummy heaved up and down in anticipation of the sensations she knew were coming.

I brought my face in and placed my lips over her as I sucked her meaty labia into my mouth and nibbled on them gently. I became aroused by the musky aroma of her juices mixed with the faint minty smell of shaving cream. I then repeatedly slid my tongue deep inside, then up and following through the center and over her clit.

With white knuckles Becky grasped the couch cushion as her body tightened. Waves of pleasure shot through her like an electric current.

Watching Becky getting head made Lisa want porno hikayeleri to be a part of the experience. While I licked Becky’s pussy, Lisa grabbed Becky’s T-shirt and pulled it off over her head.

Becky was completely naked now. I looked up and saw her breasts for the first time. They were small, pointed and sat high on her chest and jutted straight outward. Her areolas were large and dark, and grew swollen and puffy as she became increasingly aroused. Their uniqueness made them all the more sexy.

As I continued to eat Becky’s pussy, Lisa kissed Becky full on the mouth, then brought her hand up to caress her breast, massaging one then the other.

Becky was whimpering with pleasure and started to grind her hips against my mouth. While concentrating on her clit with my tongue, I entered her wet pussy with two fingers while I slowly and purposefully stroked it in rhythm with her movements.

Lisa dropped her head down and took Becky’s swollen, bulbous nipple into her mouth and started to suck and nibble on it. Becky’s whimpers rose into high pitched frantic screams as her breathing became quick and deep. Her hips spasmed uncontrollably.

Lisa was still sucking on her breast as Becky orgasmed violently. I plunged my fingers in as far as I could and massaged the contracting walls as she came. She continued coming as if she had been saving for this her entire life.

Becky finally collapsed back onto the couch, completely spent.

“Holy fucking shit!” Lisa laughed. “You dirty little slut, you! Way to go!”

Becky finally caught her breath and said smiling, “Can we do that again?”

We all laughed and then I looked over at Lisa.

“So Lisa. Maybe this would be a good time to explore those feelings for Becky you had while you were shaving her.”

For only the second time since I’d known her, she was taken completely off guard.

“Well, a little kissing and boob sucking is one thing. I dunno.” Lisa stammered.

I laughed and looked over at Becky. “Hey Becky. Who does she remind you of?”

Becky giggled, “She sounds like me!”

Lisa the bad girl was not taking this well. She did not like to back down from anything.

“Here’s the thing,” Lisa explained, “I have always considered myself straight, but I was surprised at the feelings I was having this afternoon with Becky. Kind of scared me a little actually. And then just now, kissing her and stuff. Well, I’m kind of wet again.”

“You know,” I said, “you guys have been best friends for a long time. If it turns out you have intimate feelings for each other, is that a bad thing? Why not explore those feelings?”

“Lisa,” Becky said softly as she looked at her friend, “if it helps any, I really liked having you touch and kiss me.”

Without speaking, Lisa stood up and got on all fours in front of Becky. Becky smiled and opened her legs once again and scooted her butt forward, closer to Lisa’s face.

Lisa kissed her inner thigh before she moved in to lick Becky’s labia softly with the tip of her tongue. She then brought her lips down against her soft flesh, extending her tongue to fully enter Becky’s pussy.

“Oh fuck, Lisa!” Becky exclaimed, her voice rising. “That feels incredible!”

I was sitting in the chair right across from them, and was witness to this incredible spectacle. I was not only watching Lisa with her head buried in Becky’s twat, but I was looking at Lisa with her tiny rump pointed up at me.

From the beginning I wanted this to be Becky’s night, but a guy can only take so much. I had been hard for so long that I was hearing the Viagra disclaimer going in my head.

“Seek medical treatment for an erection lasting longer than four hours.”

I really think I need to do something now, I mused to myself, strictly for penile health reasons only of course.

I dropped down behind Lisa and slid my hands over the tight flannel hugging her tiny ass, then reached through her legs to untie the cord that held up her sweats, as I playfully rubbed my arm against her crotch as I did. I then grabbed the waistband and pulled her pants down over her ass. Lisa invited me to proceed as she moved her knees farther apart.

I grabbed frantically at my belt, loosened it seks hikayeleri and unzipped my jeans so I could pull my cock out. With my thumb I pulled her cheek aside to reveal her pussy that was so wet her upper thighs were slick and shiny. I stirred the opening with the head of my cock to get it wet before I pressed it into the opening, then thrust my hips to drive it deep inside her.

She let out a muffled moan of pleasure, not wanting to interrupt her work on Becky. I began a steady rhythm of long forceful thrusts, having grabbed Lisa’s hips for leverage. Each time my hips would spank her ass, her body would jerk forward, pushing Lisa’s mouth firmly into Becky’s pussy. It was if I was fucking them both at the same time, and that realization was certainly not lost on Becky as she watched me intently.

Becky’s moans of pleasure started to rise once more and her breathing became deep and rapid. The combination of Lisa’s mouth on her pussy and the sight of my cock pounding her friend’s ass was bringing her to climax once more.

When I saw how close Becky was, I pulled away from Lisa and moved back to my chair so that just the two of them could enjoy this moment together.

Becky suddenly rose to the brink of orgasm, as her torso lunged forward. Her legs came together hugging Lisa’s head tightly and pushed her face full against her crotch, as pulsing waves of pleasure washed over her.

As her orgasm finally subsided, her body relaxed and Lisa fell back onto the floor.

“Jeez Becky!” Lisa said as she pushed herself up to a seated position. “I thought you were going to suffocate me there!”

Becky pointed at Lisa and started laughing. “Oh my god, your face looks like a glazed


“Oh you think that’s funny, huh?” Lisa exclaimed as she jumped up off the floor with her pants still down around her thighs.

She climbed up into Becky’s lap and gave her a big sloppy kiss, making sure to rub her face all over Becky’s. They were both squealing and laughing when Lisa finally collapsed onto the couch.

“Now that was quite a show!” I said as I sat applauding.

They looked over at me and Lisa said, “Aww, is there anything sadder than a guy with a big lonely boner?”

“Well, I for one think I owe some oral thanks to the wonderful guy that gave me my first head,” Becky said as she walked over to my chair.

She dropped to her knees and took my cock full in her mouth without hesitation. Lisa couldn’t help but notice that my dick was still wet with her own juices.

“So tell me Becky, how does my cunt taste?” Lisa asked with a wry smile.

Becky took my shaft out of her mouth just long enough to reply, “Ya know, it doesn’t taste bad at all when you’re sucking it off of a nice hard cock.”

Whatever Becky had lacked in technique, she made up for with a newfound enthusiasm for sex. Dirty, smelly, messy, sweaty sex.

After all that had gone on tonight, I had no control left. I could feel the pressure building quickly and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

“Oh shit, Becky! I’m going to cum. I mean it!” I warned her. All I could think about was her disgust for the taste of semen.

She took my dick out of her mouth for a moment and said, “Well, who’s stopping you? Go ahead and cum!”

I didn’t need any further invitation. There was nothing more at that moment that I wanted than to fill that sweet little mouth with my hot load.

I groaned as my cock pumped jizz into her mouth and filled it to overflowing. Her eyes got big and she coughed and gagged just a bit. She pulled her mouth off of my dick, turned and started to stand up and it was evident that she was headed for the kitchen sink.

Lisa quickly grabbed her arm and pulled her back down. Lisa put her hand behind Becky’s head and pulled her face to hers.

“Give it to me,” Lisa instructed.

Lisa forced her mouth down on Becky’s. After a brief moment of confusion, Becky opened her mouth and using her tongue, pushed my cum into Lisa’s mouth.

Lisa then turned to me and with a shitload of attitude, opened her mouth to show me a puddle of my wad as it sat on her cupped tongue.

Once more with that impish smile, she turned her head to Becky, opened her mouth and watched as my jizz ran out and onto her chest. She then took her hand and spread my cum all over her tits, making them wet and shiny.

Lisa looked at Becky. “Always remember. Dirty and messy!”

“Oh, don’t worry,” Becky assured her. “I get it now.”

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