The Slave Maker

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This story is just beyond the edge of consensus. There is violence, sexual slavery, feminization, body modification, prostitution, sex scenes.

By continuing to read you accept this.

All the characters are adults.

The story takes place in France, but all references are explained.

I want to thank Multitude for his precious help.

I — Saintélyon.

SaintéLyon is a running race between Saint-Etienne and Lyon. It is run at night in December. I wanted to participate and I had trained. I had run at night by the light of a headlamp. I had run in the mountains, because this race is not on particularly flat ground. Moreover, it is 80km to cover at a time when it is not hot.

Michael lived on a farm a little far from Saint-Etienne. When I contacted him, he seemed delighted to take me in for a few days. While we were still hanging out at the university, we had gotten a little lost in sight. That’s what life wants. I became an engineer and he… I didn’t know what he became. At university he was more interested in business and psychology.

One day when he had drunk too much, he had told me he wanted to become a “Slave Maker”.

I had pointed out to him that slaves no longer existed. He had laughed.

I had never dared to discuss the subject with him since that day, but of course I often thought about it. I knew he had bought this lost farm in the Forez Mountains, a large residence, isolated in the forest.

As I was getting there I discovered that this farm was a small mansion, slightly far from the village. The building was located far from the entrance gate in a garden surrounded by high walls. I couldn’t help but think of the “Slave Maker”. Wouldn’t this place be the ideal place to have slaves? Would I see them? As I rang the bell, an engine activated the gate and I entered my friend’s property. I was impressed. Michael was walking down the steps to me.

“Stephen! Stephen! Still as athletic as ever! I’m impressed, you know? “His welcome was warm.

He took me around the garden. The subject of slaves was not discussed. Yet I had it on the tip of my tongue.

“Do you think I could practice in the garden?”

“Of course, no worries, and I’ll give you a remote control if you want to get out, you’re not a prisoner here.” What did he mean? Were there any other people who were being held prisoner here?

“Should I be careful not to let anyone out?” I tried.

“Someone, but who is it?” He seemed very surprised.

“I don’t know a dog?”

“Do you say anyone for a dog? No, I have no dog, and you don’t have to take any special precautions before you go out! He laughed. He let me in, and the house was simply decorated.

“Your room is on the second floor” He was leading me and I was in a room with a blue decoration. A double bed, a cupboard, a private bathroom and a curious folded table were almost all the furniture. I would change into a sports outfit and go for a run around the house. In the two days before the race, nothing let me predict the presence of slaves in the house, except Angelina.

Angelina. I didn’t see her often, but she was the one who made the beds and the meals. She was just a maid. A housekeeper is not a slave. She didn’t seem to wear chains, necklaces. And she wasn’t walking around the castle naked. I was a little disappointed after that I had to concentrate on my race, and not to hurt myself in training just before the race.

It was almost 11pm when all the runners gathered in the exhibition park that serves as the starting point for the race. It was dark and cold. Yet we were all going to leave together. I was nervous. Michael wanted to come with me. I think it made me even more nervous. I jumped on the spot to avoid getting cold, or just because I was nervous, probably both.

At 11:30 pm, the start was launched, and we all left. It was a bit of a melee. I knew I was one of the heaviest, slowest runners. My strength would be endurance; I wasn’t looking to get to the top. Having more people in front of me would give me light to avoid bumping into a ground defect.

So as not to disturb I would stand on my side. We were still in town on asphalt. I was going at a slow pace. And I was breaking down the barriers that separated us from the audience. This race, I felt it well, when, all of a sudden, I lost my balance and switched to the front!

My foot got caught in the foot of one of the fences. I fell heavily on my arm, my leg caught in the fence. The pain was numbing me.

“Are you all right?” somebody asked

“Yes, I’m fine, I’m getting up!” I was trying anyway, nothing was lost, I had to start the race again. I was sitting on the floor and my leg was sore. I would get up and:

“Ouch” I fell back, my leg was unable to carry my weight and the pain was hard to bear. And my knee shape was curious.

On the stretcher, the doctor directed me to the X-rays to find out if my leg was broken, but there was little doubt about that. I had run about 100m of the 80km race!

II Betturkey – Convalescent

The diagnosis was quick, but it still took a few hours to cast me, and Michael suggested I spend a few days at his place. By the time I get used to my cast, and I can manage on my own. I was quite offended by my poor performance, but I quickly fell asleep in the bed in the blue room.

“How are you doing? I heard about your accident!” She told me as I woke up. I was surprised by her voice. She was leaning towards me, it was the first time I had ever seen so close up. Something was emanating from her, yet she wasn’t very beautiful.

“Yes, it hurts a little, but I think I have what I need right now…” I replied.

“Don’t move, I’ll take care of it, and then I’ll bring you your breakfast.” Her attention touched me.

“It may not be necessary…”

“Yes, I think so, and these are my instructions,” she said in a firm tone that did not allow contradiction. As she was leaving, I wondered if it was her instructions for me, or the one she had received.

A few minutes later she posed in a generous tray next to me.

“Has your product already worked?”

“Uh, not yet?” I was surprised; it always takes at least 20 minutes.

“I have a natural remedy for pain, you know?” she proposed.

She approached me and lowered the sheets of my bed, with a wide gesture and on top of her.

“Uh, Angelina…” I protested.

“You only protest for the form,” she said, placing her hand on my erection.

She lowered the bottom of my pyjamas, and took a small tube of lubricating gel out of her uniform pocket. I was surprised that she had this on her. But she smiled at me by brushing my sex with it. I was very uncomfortable, but she seemed to think it was normal. She winked at me.

“It’s medical, of course!”

“Of course” I repeated stupidly as her hand went up and down on my sex.

“It’s beautiful, your sex, I like it when it’s quite flexible,” she commented, slightly twisting my penis.


“Do you like it when your testicles are stroked? Some men hate it!” She added. Some men she had said, did she thought about Michael? Where had he found this cleaning lady?

“Uh, yes, I don’t hate it, but right now with the cast, I’m afraid it’s going to be difficult,” I objected

“You’re right,” she concluded as her thumb stroked my glans from left to right. Soon I was in no condition to speak, and neither was she, because she had leaned over her patient and slammed my sex with her tongue. A second one passed on my brake and I couldn’t stand it anymore, I was ejaculating into his mouth. For her, it seemed natural. When she was finished, she pulled up the sheets.

“I’ll keep your pyjamas down in case you need more doses,” she said. I was quite uncomfortable, but she seemed very amused.

“But and you,” I said, anxious to return the favour.

“But I have no pain anywhere!” she replied as she left my room!

Later that day, a creature came into my room, I didn’t know her yet.

“Hello, I’m Erika!” she introduced herself. I couldn’t help but wonder where Michael was recruiting his staff. She too had a deep voice, and was rather well built, while having a very feminine gait on her heels, with her split red dress.

“Hello, I’m…”

“Stephen and you broke your leg!” she ends up in my place.


“Angelina, send me to make sure you’re not in pain anymore.” She explained. It just so happens that I was going to take my medicine again. What was she going to offer me? The same treatment as Angelina I wondered.

“Precisely I was about to resume…”

“I’ll help you,” she said, grabbing the tube and slipping the capsules into my mouth, and holding a glass of water in my other hand.

“Angelina, also advised me to give you a natural treatment,” she added once the capsules were swallowed.

“Uh, I wouldn’t want to…”

“It is not you who are abusing! But for once we have a guest so much to enjoy, and you don’t seem to be complaining about it,” she cut me off, revealing my sex to the guard. She almost licked her lips.

Erika made me bend my valid leg, and weighed my testicles.

“Angelina was right,” she said before throwing herself at my limb and swallowing it as deep as she could. In her mouth her tongue was spinning and swirling. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed being hurt as much as I did at Michael’s.

Erika came and went on my sex, and I was thrilled. I laid my hand on her head, to accompany her, and then she stopped suddenly.

“Oh, no… Behave yourself,” she said. She grabbed what things under my bed and grabbed my hands. Without me understanding the handcuffs were closed.

“There…” she said, pointing my hands up the bed and sliding one of the links of the short chain into a pin she was unfolding from the wall.

I didn’t know what to say, but immediately she went back to her “work”… massaging my testicles with one hand as her lips went up and down along Betturkey Giriş my erect rod. I felt my enjoyment coming when it stopped again.

“I’m sure you don’t think about pain anymore,” she said as her fingers moved from my testicles to my perineum.

“Uh, no, as long as I don’t move,” I replied.

“Hmm, I’ll take care of it!” And a few minutes later my valid leg was tied to the bed too, and Erika went back to her “work” and let me come this time.

“I’ll give you a few minutes and come and untie you…”

And indeed about ten minutes later, she came to untie me.

I spent a curious week, where Erika and Angelina came three or four times a day to extract the pain after having taken care to tie me up so that I would not hurt myself while moving. Each time they took longer, and at the end of the week, it took them almost an hour before they let me come. But I didn’t mean to complain!

I must say, I liked it.

But I was going to have to go back to work.

III – The challenge

Of course, you say, that’s all I did, sleep, eat, and get sucked off by Erika and Angelina. Well, you’re not entirely wrong. I also practiced walking on my crutches. And after a week I was pretty much dressed. So there was nothing to stop me from going home and going back to work.

“Stephen, I have a little challenge for you,” Michael told me just before he drove me home. How can I refuse? For a week I had been received as few guests are, and what’s more, he drove me home with my car, and planned what it would take to get home afterwards.

“Of course!” I replied.

“It’s a difficult challenge after your week here, but I’m sure you’re up to it,” he added. What was he referring to?

He was leading me to a beautiful vaulted cellar. And then in what looked like a room without windows, he showed me an object.

“I challenge you to wear this for a month!”

“Uh, yes, but what is this?” I asked intrigued by the pink plastic object.

“It’s a chastity cage. Maybe you’ve gotten into some bad habits here, and I feel responsible for that. While I’m offering you rehab. And then it’s just a challenge, you’ll come back next week to see us for a point, Erika, or Angelina will pick you up at the station!” He explained. I was speechless. I didn’t know how to react. Above all, I was very embarrassed, because I didn’t know that he knew what medicine his employees practiced.

“I… I’m willing to try,” I finally let it slip away, not knowing what else to say.

He made me sit down, and called Angelina, who opened my pants. I was erect.

“Cold, or should I take care of him?” she asked.

“He may still be ill,” Angelina added, before Michael could answer.

Michael shrugged his shoulders, and Angelina knelt before me.

“Thank you for agreeing,” she told me before rushing my member into her mouth!

It didn’t take long for her to bring me back to dimensions that were compatible with the cage.

She herself put my sex in that portable prison.

I must say that I was very uncomfortable on the way back to home, and it was Michael who broke the silence.

“They’re incorrigible, but you’ll see, it’s effective,” he said. Was he wearing one too?

“I… I don’t know”

“I understand. But don’t worry about it. Here, take these two pills, they limit erections, it’ll help you!”

Actually Sunday evening was quite easy. I swallowed one of Michael’s pills, ate, and then went to bed. There was a pressing need there. Have you ever worn a cast? I had to find my crutches, and then get up to go to the toilet, there I was in balance in front of the toilet with my sex covered by its pink plastic protection. How to urinate? I found myself sitting with my leg on my side trying to maintain all the projections as best I could.

‘My God, a month like that’ I thought! And I hadn’t even talked about wiping yet. The night went well, even if Angelina and Erika regularly spent in my dreams. Who were those women who loved giving oral sex so much?

In the morning, I was looking for my erection and found the cage. I took the second pill on Monday evening because I had erection thinking about Angelina and Erika’s painkiller. And finally until Tuesday evening my worries were limited to the bathroom: Urinating, taking a shower. It was a little humiliating, but after all, it was only for a month!

It was on Tuesday evening that things changed. I had been without Angelina and Erika’s services for two days, but I was only thinking about them. And the pills, there I already spent both of them! The thoughts for my two lovers had an effect that the cage was upsetting. I forgot the pain in my leg. I needed a hard-on and it was impossible. In fact, I needed more and it was even more impossible. I was trying to take a cold shower, but with my leg in the cast it was an expedition. The night from Tuesday to Wednesday was a hell of a night. On Wednesday I was quite exhausted. At work no one made any other remarks to me, other Betturkey Güncel Giriş than “it’s tiring to come to work with a cast!”

And the exhaustion allowed me to spend the night from Wednesday to Thursday, but as a result I went through hell the next night. Saturday morning I thought I had 4 weeks of plaster and 3 weeks of cage left, waiting for my train on the platform. I was hoping Angelina would be waiting for me when I got there. How was this weekend going to be? I had ideas about what I wanted, but was that what Michael was talking about when he suggested a month of wearing the cage!

IV – First report

It was Erika who was on the station platform, in a cute tailor. She insisted on carrying my bag, which made me uncomfortable.

“I’m used to it, believe me,” she simply said before driving me to the farm.

When I arrived, Angelina greeted me and asked me if I had had a good trip. It was almost noon, and the meal was ready. In one week my worries with the cage had made me forget that Angelina was not only good with her mouth. She was also an outstanding cook. Once the dessert was eaten, Michael attacked the subject directly.

“So, wasn’t that first week too difficult?”


“It has been a horror, hasn’t it?” Erika assumed.

“In any case, it’s difficult; I can’t imagine lasting another three weeks!” I said clearly.

“At the same time, it’s a shame to drop a challenge. You just need a break,” Angelina suggested.

“A break?” I liked the concept!

“I agree” Michael added, I was delighted.

“But you need a penalty, otherwise it has no value,” he added immediately. That worried me. “Two days’ penalty?” Erika asked. Two more days in the cage to spend the weekend without a cage, I mentally approved.

“Let’s say half a week,” Michael concluded.

“It seems reasonable to me; it’s his first week,” Angelina said.

I preferred two days, but the soft tone of the maid reassured me, and I accepted. In my head, I was already calculating. A month is nearly four weeks, half a week’s penalty per week, that’s two weeks’ penalty, which will surely also generate penalties. I was getting to six, maybe seven weeks in total. It was a long time, though. But until the time my cage was opened, I was enjoying the veal Blanquette memory.

“If, to digest, we went for a walk in the park,” Angelina suggested. I couldn’t believe it. I had another priority, and then I had a broken leg!

“You’re right, Angelina, it will do us good to walk, you feel capable of it, Stephen?”

“I… Not too long, I had to…” I was about to explain my difficulties walking on crutches, when Erika pushed a wheelchair in front of me. The walk was not helpful; we were in the cold, on the track I had taken during my last training sessions. On the contrary, sitting still on my chair I was shivering with cold, when the exercise of walking would have kept me warm.

“Michael, look, Stephen’s dying (to die) cold!” Erika said.

“Oh, there, there, there, yes, my God!” Angelina added. A few minutes later they laid me down on the bed in the blue room: Angelina knew a treatment for hypothermia, and soon Erika introduced me to her small chest with hard nipples while Angelina opened my bird’s cage. While I was suckling Erika’s breast, Angelina, she was suckling me gently. After the cold I appreciated the warmth of each other’s breasts and mouths. The excitement of the situation with these two women was against me. The fact that I couldn’t relieve myself for a week, I didn’t last very long, and my two lovers laughed amicably at it, while closing the cage. I was hoping for a weekend break, but I was too optimistic! However, the rest of the afternoon remained pleasant, and the evening meal delicious.

I was surprised on Sunday morning when Erika came to wake me up.

“I thought I had to help you to wash… including there,” she said, pointing her finger at my crotch. This allusion had its effect, and my erection reminded me how small the cage was. Erika had prepared the bathroom with a stool so that I could take a shower while sitting, like I had done before going back to work when I spent my first days with that cast here.

“In order for me to open your cage, I have to tie your hands,” she said with a wink.


“You mustn’t be able to touch yourself,” she explained, and my hands were tied to a ring in the wall. I had noticed it without being able to know what it was for. I found myself naked, sitting on a stool in the bathtub, one leg in the cast on the rim of that bathtub, my hands tied to a ring in front of me. As soon as the cage was removed, my erection appeared. Erika tested the water temperature, and then wet my body. Then she put shower gel on my chest, under my arms and came down. Her fingers passed through my pubic hair, then over my balls. She soaped my sex, including under my foreskin.

“I do it quite often,” she told me, biting her lip. I could only moan, and I was unable to ask for explanations. Who did she do this “quite often” to?

“Do you still want sex?” She asked, stroking my testicles.

“Yes,” I acknowledged. Then she knelt down in front of me and slipped my deployed limb into her mouth. I have nothing to say against this technique. This time I was able to last a little longer.

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