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Big Tits

Picture two horny 18-year-old girls in bikinis, looking for guys, at the public swimming pool on a Friday night.

OK, let me guess: You’ve got in mind two skanky little hard-bellies with perfect tits, asses you could bounce quarters of off, and an Avril Lavigne pout. Correct?

I wish.

Jessica and I are the two geeky girls who can’t get laid. What do you think we’re doing at the pool on a Friday night? Hello! If we had lives, would be at the swimming pool with all the older people and the kids?

We could always try to sneak into one of the clubs, but neither one of us can hold our liquor, and besides, our parents would freak.

You see, we’re good girls. Good grades, good manners, good teeth. If we only had good looks…

Not that we’re ugly.

Hi. My name’s Crystal, by the way. That’s with the accent on the last syllable, like the champagne. How ironic. I’ve got this, like, bitching cool name. Something you expect a model to have. And I look nothing like.

My mom. She gave me the name. My dad liked Allison. I look more like an Allison.

My mom is this hot trophy wife. She’s like 42 years old, and guys still spray their shorts over her, including guys my age.

She married a doctor. You guessed it – a Jewish doctor. Guess who got his nose? The rest of me is pretty good. I’m short, kind of on the thin side. I think I have a pretty good body. And nice hair. It’s long and dark and naturally curly. Then, just to ruin the whole effect, there’s this big honking shnoze. And I have braces. A mouth full of metal and a beak like Barbara Streisand.

Jessica tells me I’m cute. Tells me I’m going to look like that slut on Sex in the City, soon as I get the braces off. Sarah Jessica Parker or whatever.

Jessica says she wishes she looked like me. She feels even uglier than I do. She’s not. I think she’s kind of attractive, in an old-fashioned Rubenesque way.

Now, by that I don’t mean she’s fat. She’s a big girl, true. But not fat.

She’s five foot nine and has huge tits. God, what I wouldn’t do for tits like that. She has this old-fashioned hour-glass shape that guys used to find attractive before fashion models started living on Evian, cigarettes and cocaine. She has nice wide hips – child bearing hips. The kind of body you want to just sink into. Like a couch.

Her face is also nice: nice nose, beautiful smoky grey eyes. But she has acne. She’s very self-conscious about her size and her acne. She’s never been laid.

I’ve only been laid twice. Given a few handjobs and a couple of blowjobs. But the only guys who want to fuck me lose interest the instant they cum. And the guys I’m interested in don’t want to fuck me. They’re too nice. Too nerdy. But I really like sex. I think about it all the time. I masturbate a lot.

“That guy’s looking at us,” Jessica says, nudging me. I am looking longingly at three young girls with perfect bodies. They’re like 16 and have these great bodies and belly button piercings. One even has this amazing tattoo on here lower back. My parents would kill me if I got a tattoo.

“Where?” I say.

“Don’t look,” Jessica says. But it’s too late. I look right in his eyes. We’re in the hottub, and he’s at the other end, looking right at us, with a greasy smile on his face.

“Jessica. He’s like fucking forty years old,” I whisper to her.

“Think so? I don’t know. He’s not bad looking for his age.’

“Oh my God, we have got to hook you up, girl.”

There are no guys here tonight our age. Just kids and old people.

The old guy gets out of the hottub, and we see how flabby he is. Nice enough face, but he has grey hair on his chest, and handles and faded tattoos. I wonder what that 15 year old girl’s tattoo will look like when she’s 55.

“Let’s go,” I say.

“Where we going to go?” Jessica asks.

“Let’s go to my house,” I say. “We’ll steal some booze and watch TV.”

In the shower, I see a woman in her mid-thirties with a shaved pussy. Well, not completely shaved. It’s trimmed down to just a tiny little strip. It makes me self-conscious about my own bush.

Let me tell you – it’s a rain forest down there. Major forest fire hazard. I look at Jessica, and admire her big soapy boobs. She has a lot of curves, that girl.

When we get back home, my mother is already in bed, and my dad is in his den watching TV. I sneak two beers from the fridge and we head downstairs to my room. I have the whole basement istanbul escort to myself, now that my sister has gone off to college. There are two bedrooms, a full bathroom, a pool table, and a widescreen TV.

We sit on the sofa and drink beer, and flip through the satellite channels. We have the Playboy channel, and I stop there a couple of times. The women all have these tiny patches of pubic hair.

“OK, are we like the only women on the planet that don’t shave our pubes?” I ask.

“You don’t shave?”

“You do?” I say, shocked.

“Just along the sides,” Jessica says. You know, for a bikini line.”

“No, I mean shaved. Like that woman at the pool. The one with the little heart-shaped beaver? Don’t tell me you didn’t notice.”

“I noticed that she had a Caesarean section scar,” Jessica says. “It’s really noticeable when you shave it all off like that.”

“I think it looks kind of nice. And I know guys like it.”


“Yeah. They like them totally bald.”

“Really? Why?”

“How would I know? Do I look like a guy?”

“Yeah. Yeah you do.”

Jessica cracks a smile.

“Fuck off,” I say, and kick her.

“Ow. That hurt.”

“Look at this,” I say. A Tall, lanky Playboy model is posing for the cameras. She has just a tiny strip of public hair.

“I kind of like that look.”

“Yeah…” Jessica says thoughtfully. “Not that we have boyfriends who would care or anything.”

“I have way too much hair down there,” I say.

“I wonder if it makes it more sensitive,” Jessica says. “For like oral sex and stuff.”

“I’ll bet it does,” I say.

There’s a long pause.

“Let’s do it,” I say.

“Do what?” Jessica giggles, knowing full well what I’m talking about.

“Let’s shave.”

“What, right now?”

“Yeah. We can help each other.”

“Why would we need to help each other?”

“I don’t know about you, but I’m not so sure I trust myself with a razor down there.”

“I’m not so sure I trust you with a razor down there either!” Jessica says.

“Come on,” I coax her. “Let’s do it. I’m going to do it.”

I get up and go to the bathroom. Jessica follows me. “Get serious.”

I begin taking off my clothes. I have drunk two beers and I’m half drunk. I strip naked and turn on the shower. I get in and let the shower soak my prodigious bush. Then I take some shampoo and rub it in.

“Hand me a razor,” I tell Jessica, who does so.

“You’re crazy,” Jessica says, laughing, a little drunkenly.

I turn off the water and soap my bush up. I start shaving. It’s like peeling a coconut, all that dark hair falling away to reveal a pale, tender mound beneath.

When I first started getting hair down there, when I was 12 or 13, I was excited. But within a couple of years, it was already quite dense. I feel a sense of liberation as the hair comes away to reveal my pubic mound. I turn on the water and let it wash the hair away. It swirls down the drain.

“This part could be tricky,” I say. Most of the mound is clean shaven, but there are still tufts of hair along the outside of my labia and around the tender clitoral hood.

I sit down on the edge of the bathtub, and spread my legs wide. Carefully, I begin trying to shave around the tender parts. “I’m afraid I’m going to cut myself,” I say.

“Why don’t you leave a little bit right here,” she says, pointing to the area just above the folds of my pussy. “Like that woman at the pool tonight.”

“I thought you didn’t notice. No,” I say decidedly. “I want it shaved. Totally. I want a clean Barbie-doll look.”

It is awkward, trying to see myself down there.

“Here, let me,” Jessica finally offers. She kneels down before me, and takes the pink razor in hand.

She puts her fingers gently on the folds of my pussy, and pulls it slightly to one side, and she gently shaves the hair off from the inside, between the thighs and outside folds of my pussy lips. It feels nice to have her fingers there. I like the feeling of someone else’s touch down there.

Now she pulls my works over to the other side as she shaves the other side. She is very intent, very serious. I burst out laughing.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this!”

Jessica smiles, then starts laughing too. “Don’t make me laugh, I might cut you.”

“Don’t you dare. That things bleeds once a month as it is, I don’t need any more bleeding down there.”

When the sides are beylikdüzü escort shaved smooth, she gently begins to shave off the few tufts of hair that still grow from around my clitoral hood.

Looking down, at my newly revealed pussy, legs spread wide, with Jessica bending down intently towards my crotch begins to make me tingle inside. I can feel the blood slowly begin to fill my labia. I can feel moistness.

Jessica is tidying up my hatchet job. She rubs her fingers along the skin of my pubic mound, testing for missed spots. We are like sisters. We have known each other for years, and so there is no embarrassment in this. It’s like washing each other’s hair. But I am turned on by what she is doing. She is such a good friend. A want to reach down and gently raise her chin and kiss her.

“There,” she says, standing up. “Smooth as a baby’s ass.”

I stand up. I close the bathroom door, which has a full-length mirror on the inside, and study myself.

“Oh my God!” I say. “I’m bald!”

I cross my hands over my crotch, feigning embarrassment. Then I lift them and really study my body.

“I like it,” I say.

“Yeah, it suits you,” Jessica admits. “You were too hairy.”

“So are you,” I say. “Now it’s your turn.”

Jessica blushes. “I don’t know…”

“Come on. God, it feels good,” I rub my hands over my smooth pubic mound. I let my finger touch my magic button, and a shudder goes through me.

“And it looks good.”

“I don’t know…You think?”

“We won’t shave it all off. We’ll just trim it.”

“OK,” she agrees, and takes a sip of beer. Off come her clothes.

I have seen her body a hundred times. But right now, that voluptuous hourglass form of hers makes me feel warm inside. I want to fold myself into that big warm abundant body of hers.

Jessica gets in the shower, then soaps up. I get in the shower with her, the water turned off, and kneel down in front of her.

“Spread ‘em,” I order her.

Jessica obliges by standing with her legs apart. She is a tall girl, so her crotch is right at eye level. I begin to gently shave away her dark, silky pubic hair from the sides, shaping it into a narrow strip.

When I have a nice little strip down the centre of her pubic region, I turn on the water and wash the hair away. “Oh my God,” Jessica says, as she sees the hair go down the drain. “I can’t believe we’re doing this.”

I get her to sit on the edge of the bathtub and do as she did: I kneel in front of her, and finish the more delicate job of shaving on the outside of her pussy lips where they meet her thighs.

She has grown quiet as I do this, and I note that her pussy lips have taken on a deeper pink colour. They begin to pout, like an opening flower, and I can smell a delicate smell of female musk. The smell of my own musk turns me on when I masturbate. I often smell my own fingers, and even taste my own juices. Her smell is turning me on. I am having thoughts I have never had before. I notice her breathing has changed, and she is quiet – more quiet than usual.

“You see,” I say, leaning back to admire my work, like an artist finishing a painting. “You have a beautiful pussy, and it was hiding beneath all that hair.”

Jessica laughs nervously.

“What do you mean, beautiful pussy? Don’t they all look the same?”

“No,” I tell her, seriously. “Haven’t you noticed? It’s like guys’ cocks. Some look really nice, some look ugly. Same with pussies. Yours is nice. It’s cute,” I say.

Impulsively, I kiss it. Just a quick peck at the base of the strip of hair that I have left, just above the cleft where her clitoral hood is.

“Oh!” Jessica says, shocked. Then: “That felt good.”

“Yeah? You like that?”

Then I address my question to her pussy. “Did you like that, you cute little furry thing?”

I kiss it again.

“Hmmm,” Jessica says, and flips her hair. “She likes that.”

“Yes, I can see that,” I say. “Look at you,” I say to her clitoris, which is now becoming tumescent. I touch my fingertip to the little fleshy bud. “Are you coming out to play?”

I kiss it again. Playfully. Then again. Jessica’s breath catches in her throat, and her pelvis lifts slightly, inviting me. I kiss the fleshy hood again. Then, I stick out my tongue. It seems the most natural thing in the world to do. I gently lick her hood. I kiss it again, this time letting it go between my lips, like some sweet berry.

I look up at her. esenyurt escort Her mouth is open, and there is a look of desire and hunger in her face that tells me I can do anything I want with her now.

“You like what I’m doing?” I whisper, and begin to kiss and lick the folds of her pussy.

She nods her head. She puts her hand on my cheek, then as I bury my face in her crotch her head rolls back and she lifts her pussy to me. She is all mine.

I gently part the folds of her labia with my tongue. Tentatively, I push my tongue inside, and she moans. I am surprised by the taste and the smell and wetness there. Her juice is thick and salty and rich. I push my tongue in as far as it can go. It meets no resistance. She may be a virgin, but she has no hymen.

I stand up and take her by the hand.

“Let’s go in the bedroom,” I tell her.

We fall into bed, into each other’s arms. I fold myself into her body. I kiss her neck, her cheek, finally, I find her mouth open and waiting for me. We kiss, and she lets my tongue into her mouth.

I know she can smell and taste her own pussy in my kiss. I take her lovely large breasts in my hands and massage them. I have wanted to feel them for so long. I take a large, stiff pink nipple into my mouth and suck on it. My hand moves down between her legs. Her pussy is hot and slick with juices.

“God, you’re on fire down there,” I say. I insert a finger inside, and am delighted by the way her hot cunt hungrily pulls at it. Her pussy is very tight.

“What about you?” She whispers.

“Later,” I say. “Just enjoy.”

I go down on her. Hungrily I eat her pussy, as though it were something I always wanted to do. To be honest, it’s not something I had thought about much. But it seems so right, so natural. And I love the taste and the smell.

I suck and lick her pussy, which has grown red and swollen. I insert a finger and she humps my finger while I tickle her clitoris with my tongue. I have fantasized so often about what I’d like a guy to do to me down there, so I do it to her. It does not take long before her fingers tighten on the bedspread and her back arches. Her legs come together, nearly crushing me, and a spasm contorts her body, like she is being electrocuted.

“Oh fuck,” she says.

Jessica never swears.

I continue to lick her and soon she is shuddering with a second orgasm.

“Oh. Oh. Oh,” she says in short pants. “What are you doing to me? Jesus.”

I put my tongue inside and get a mouthful of pussy juice. My face is soaked with her musky cunt nectar.

“Come here,” she says, and pulls me up to her. She holds me tightly to her as her convulsions begin to subside.

I rest my head between her breasts. After what seems a long time, she relaxes.

“That was awesome,” she says.

“You’re not weirded out by it?”

“I’ve fanatasized about it,” she says.

“Seriously? I haven’t. It just seemed like a good idea at the time.”

“Oh it was, my little friend, it was,” she says.

She rolls me over, on my back. She bends her head down and kisses me on the neck. She smothers me with kisses, on my neck, on my tits, sucking my nipples, then she is moving south, kissing my stomach, my thighs, my pubic mound.

I feel her tongue on my cleanly shaven mound, so sensitive now, and a warmth flows through my body, like sinking into a warm bath. There is no guilt, no reservations. Nothing that feels this good can be bad, I tell myself.

“Oh God, eat me,” I say. “Eat my cunt, Jess.”

Her lips are on my clitoris, her fingers inside me, her tongue bathing my entire pussy in warm wetness. My hands hold her hair, and I look down to watch her as she devours my pussy. It is such a turnon to watch her tongue in and out of me. She is making loud delicious sucking and licking sounds, and we are both moaning. I am moaning with pleasure, and she is making thrilling yummy sounds – a wonderful “mmm” sound that vibrates through my clitoris.

I am moaning, my back is arching, I am coming, a flood of juice spilling from my cunt into Jessica’s mouth.

In a final convulsion, my legs close tightly on her head and my back arches. A jolt of pleasure rips through me.

“Fuck!” I scream, and then try to stifle my cries, lest my father come running downstairs to see what is happening.

I pull Jessica to me. Her face is red and bathed in pussy juice. Her eyes are full of lust. It’s look I have never seen before. She hovers over me, then lays down beside me. Her leg goes between my hot wet thighs, and we hold each other tight, as my orgasm subsides.

I have known Jessica since we were kids. Why, I wonder, has it taken us so long to do this?

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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