Country Roads

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Tommy and Dutch screamed at the top of their lungs as their Nova cleared the rise at ninety miles per hour, catching air before slamming back to the blacktop. They laughed and bumped fists. They were having the time of their lives.

Tommy had graduated from Millard Fillmore High the year before and had been working at the Duke’s Grocery store downtown since graduation. When Dutch graduated two months before, the two had taken all of the money they’d saved and headed out on a Great American Road Trip.

The brothers were as close as, well, brothers, and they liked nothing more than to have a good time together. Beefy and ruggedly handsome, the boys looked almost like twins, except that Tommy had ten pounds of muscle on Dutch, and Dutch had the swell cleft in his chin that the girls seemed to like so much.

They’d already driven South to Barstow, where they’d stayed for a day visiting their second cousins, the Platts. Now they were cutting up the back roads to the tiny town of Mayford, in Colorado, where their Mom’s brother Dan lived. They’d had their mom call ahead, and hopefully they’d be able to stay for a day or two and check out the local cuisine (their private name for the females of a community).

“See if you can catch air on this next rise,” Dutch dared Tommy, and in response Tommy floored the accelerator. The engine’s purr grew instantly to a loud ratcheting sound as the engine worked harder than it had in twenty years, and they crested the rise in the road at just about a hundred and ten.

The boys screamed as the car flew, but the landing was rough and they bounced. Tommy panicked a bit and hit the brake, throwing the car into a fishtail. The tires were chewing up the shoulder, sending grit and gravel flying when Tommy finally got control and brought the car to a skidding stop.

The engine rumbled while the boys fell over themselves laughing at their near misadventure, and the cloud of dirt they’d raised obscured the road from view. When the dust cleared, the boys stopped laughing.

Standing fifty yards away, on the side of the road, stood a girl. What a girl! The brothers sat up straight and ogled the pretty blonde, from her four inch wedge heels and up her long legs that were bare and curvier than the winding road ahead of them. She wore Daisy Duke cut-offs that were almost indecent, approaching a French cut that gave a pretty nice view of her tight rear end. Her middle was tight, firm, and bare as the day she was born, and she wore a red and white checked shirt that was tied under her bust. The bow that held the shirt would have had to be enormous to be visible beneath the full, cantaloupe-sized titties within, and her industrial strength brassiere showed white in a couple of places where the shirt didn’t cover.

Idling the engine, the boys slowly rolled toward the girl, and when she got a fair look at them she smiled a great big toothy smile and stuck out her thumb. They rolled to a stop next to her, and she leaned in on the passenger door.

Her eyes were periwinkle and she had a little button nose. Her teeth were shining and perfect, and she had full, luscious lips, with her upper lip slightly more full than the lower. A sprinkle of light freckles spotted her nose, and she wore her hair up in long pigtails.

Of course, leaning in as she was, Tommy and Dutch only noticed her generous ta-ta’s and the way they seemed to personally invite each boy to lay his head between them and rest. The boys were both struck with the same problem, as their dicks swelled up uncomfortably in their blue denim jeans.

“Hi,” the girl said, looking both in the eye, and seeing that they didn’t notice. “Are you heading anywhere near Mayford?”

“We are now,” Dutch said, his vision almost completely dominated by the mouth-watering titties only inches from his face. Tommy punched his shoulder, and Dutch jumped. “Actually,” Dutch said, looking up into her angelic face for the first time, “we’re going to Mayford ourselves.”

“Can I grab a ride with you two then?” the girl asked. “I can’t pay for gas or anything.”

Tommy and Dutch looked at each other and then back at the girl, grins growing as their dicks turned to steel. “I’m sure we can work something out,” Tommy said.

“Ooh,” the girl said, winking at them, “I’m sure we will.”

Dutch scrambled out of the car and pulled his seat forward, and the girl squeezed past him into the back, putting her knapsack on the floor. He was leaning down to drop the seat back when she put her hand on his thick forearm and said, “Don’t you want to ride in the back with me?” Dutch stood up, unmindful of the full-on view he was giving the young lovely of bulge running down his pant leg, looked Heavenward and mouthed “Thank you” before climbing in and pulling the seat back.

“My name’s Megan,” the girl said and she settled back in the fairly cramped back seat. Tommy leaned over and pulled the passenger door closed, then stepped on the gas and started cruising down the country lane.

“Hello Megan,” Tommy said as Dutch leaned in and Gaziantep Oral Escort kissed her, his hand closing on and squeezing her very firm young breast. “I’m Tommy, and the lucky guy who isn’t stuck watchin’ in the rear view is my little brother, Dutch.”

Megan was wide-eyed and gasping for air when their kiss broke, and she busted out in a wide smile looking down at both of Dutch’s hands as they squeezed her titties, both individually and together. “You all are fast workers,” she laughed, and then winked at Tommy in the mirror and added, “I hope not too fast though.”

She untied the knot on her shirt and was shrugging it off while Dutch pressed his face between her tits and kissed her chest. When Megan unfastened her bra, the garment seemed to pop off of her and was swept aside carelessly by Dutch. Tommy found his vision obscured by warm cotton as it wrapped around his head and hung down over one eye.

Dutch latched on to one of Megan’s nipples and sucked on it until it drew up tight and hard, his hand trying unsuccessfully to work the same magic on the other. He switched, twisting the hard little red nipple in his fingers while he sucked the other one tight.

“That feels good and all,” Megan said, unsnapping her shorts, “but I’m in need of some fucking right now, okay?”

Dutch had his eyes glued to her hands as she lowered her zipper and raised her ass from the seat, wiggling her hips as she struggled to get the tight shorts over her hips. His shirt was off in an instant, his own button popped and zipper down while Megan’s legs kicked over the front seat, dropping her shorts on the passenger side floor.

“Oh my fucking G-” Dutch said, giving an honest reaction to the sight of Megan in her black thong panties, but she put her finger to his lips, and with a stern look, too.

“If you want to get into the Kingdom of Heaven,” Megan said, “you’d better not take the Lord’s name in vain.”

“Okay,” Dutch said, staring at the little cartoon sexy devil on the swell of Megan’s underwear.

“Okay then,” Megan said, her smile returning, “let’s fuck.” She peeled her panties down, and Dutch sat back on his heels, staring slack-jawed. There was a tiny puff of light blonde hair over the swollen pink mound of her pussy, her lips shading darker until they were red where they met. He could smell her, and his mouth started to water, so he leaned down.

“Aiee!” he cried out when Megan pulled his head up by his hair.

“I said fuck now, play later.”

Dutch forced his pants down to his knees and sat back in the seat, Megan’s leg crossing over him to straddle his lap before his ass was firmly planted. Dutch had hoped for kind words about his prodigious manhood, and maybe a lick or two at least, and he opened his mouth to say something. All thoughts left his head quickly when Megan’s hot, wet cunt snugged tightly around his dick as she took him to the root.

“Oh J-, G-,” Dutch moaned as his eyes rolled back in his head. “Holy shit!” he finally exclaimed. Megan grabbed onto the sides of Dutch’s head and she planted a hard kiss on his mouth, pressing her tongue inside while her hips worked her cunt up and down his throbbing cock.

“My!” Megan gasped when she came up for air. She took her lower lip in her teeth and ground hard and fast against his rod, making Dutch press his body back into the seat and moan. “You’ve got a big, fat old cock, don’t you?”

“Man up!” Tommy called from the front seat. “I can’t see you, but you sound like her bitch.”

Megan laughed and said, “Mmmm, Dutchie is my bitch, aren’t you, Dutchie?”

“So tight and wet, Tom, she feels like freakin’ heaven, I swear,” Dutch moaned, until Megan lightly slapped his cheek.

“I said,” Megan said, pulling Dutch’s face up to hers so they were eye to eye, “you’re my bitch, aren’t you?”

“Y-yeah,” Dutch said, shuddering as Megan’s pussy clamped down on him hard, “I’m your bitch.”

“Disgusting!” Tommy said, shaking his head.

“Mmmm,” Megan moaned with a smile, “I think I’m gonna come all over your nice fat cock now.” Dutch whined as Megan began to rise up and slam down onto his cock hard, the slurping and slapping sounds so loud and hot that even Tommy groaned.

“That’s right, Baby,” Megan moaned, “Make Megan come now!” Her rise and fall degenerated into a fast bounce as Megan began to squeal and throw her head from side to side. “That’s it, that’s good, Baby! I’m gonna…I’m gonna…yes!” she screamed, and she arched her back until her head leaned over the front seat, her smile broad and open mouthed.

Megan’s body shook hard, her lightly tanned skin turning bright pink, and Dutch whined as his cock was twisted and crushed inside her, seemingly sucking the cum right out of him before he was ready. His own orgasm let go, and Dutch’s ass slapped down into the seat again, his balls feeling so drained that he was surprised he didn’t hear the dry sucking sound a straw makes in an empty glass.

Megan sat forward and laughed, pulling the little elastics from her pigtails and shaking her long hair free. She looked excitedly at Dutch, and her smiled faded, replaced by concern, and then disappointment. Her eyebrows came together and she tensed, ejecting Dutch’s softening dick.

“That’s not fair!” Megan said, pouting, but she leaned in and kissed Dutch. They sucked on one another’s mouths for a short while, and then Megan looked over at Tommy.

“You up for a go?” Megan laughed loudly when she was thrown against the front seat, as Tommy stomped the brake.

“I’m not ready yet,” Dutch whined, really sounding like a bitch now.

“Then make your doo-dah big and hard for me again so we can play some more,” Megan said before sitting up and pressing her tits into Dutch’s face. “It’s not like I don’t like you.”

The driver’s seat pulled forward and Tommy leaned in and said, “Get out, Dutch. You’re driving now.”

Dutch pulled up his pants and shorts with a pout bigger than a kid not allowed to open a Christmas present until Grandma got there. Megan climbed off of him and patted his back as he climbed out.

Tommy jumped in and grabbed Megan, leaning her back and kissing her hard, his tongue searching her mouth. The driver’s seat slammed back and the car shook when Dutch got in, and he looked back at his big brother making out with Megan and said, “It’s not fucking fair!” He turned to the road, started the car, and pulled back onto the country lane.

Tommy felt his pants open and heard his zipper before feeling Megan’s fingers wrap around his throbbing dick. He looked into Megan’s periwinkle blue eyes and saw them flare with passion.

“You are the big brother, aren’t you?” Megan whispered, and she opened her legs wide. Unfortunately, in doing that, she kicked Dutch in the head, almost running them off the road.

“Sorry, Darlin’,” Megan said as she folded her leg down so her foot was on the floor. She’d been pushing at Tommy’s jeans and shorts and was about to guide him in, when he came forward and plunged his meat inside her and made her cry out.

“That’s a fucking big cock!” Megan cried out, followed by a squeal of joy. “No offense,” she said to Dutch, and then squealed again loudly. “Make that bad boy go, Tommy!”

Tommy felt up to the task, and he started to fuck Megan as hard as he could, slamming into her with all the might he could muster in the cramped confines of the back seat. The only problem was, Dutch hadn’t been exaggerating. From the moment he got into her, Tommy felt like he was plucking a harp while laying on a cloud. Her very tight, very wet (he tried not to think about how much of that wet was Dutch’s jism) pussy was stroking him, sucking him, hell, her pussy owned him.

“You gonna make me your bitch?” Megan challenged, and Tommy redoubled his efforts, slamming into her with enough force that Dutch had to correct his steering. But the tiny squeak that escaped his throat gave him away, and Megan looked into his eyes with an evil grin.

“Naw,” she said happily, “you’re my bitch too, ain’t ya?” Tommy’s face was a tortured grimace as he shook his head no, and he tried to slam her even harder and faster.

“Oh yeah,” Megan cooed, “You can make me come too. You wanna make me come like Dutchie did? Are you man enough to make me come like Dutch?” Tommy snarled and squeezed Megan’s tits hard, slamming his cock into her hard enough to hurt himself, and when she started to whine he knew he had her.

“That’s right, Bitch,” Tommy growled, “Who’s your fucking Daddy now? Fucking Bitch, say it!”

“Uh-uh-uh-uh,” Megan cried softly with each slamming, thundering thrust of Tommy’s hips, “you’re-my-Daddy-Baby-uh-uh-ooh!”

She dug her fingers into Tommy’s arms and writhed under him silently, but he felt her cunt grab onto his cock and try to suck his whole body into her heavenly hole. He knew if he could have, he would have gone.

She held him, twisted him, and squeezed him like a vice, and Tommy bit down on his lip and slammed his palm down on the top of the seat’s backrest again and again as he fought to hold on…but it was futile, and with a shuddering groan, Tommy emptied his balls inside Megan’s pussy.

Megan lay back on the seat with her eyes closed, sucking each of her fingers like she’d just finished a big greasy piece of fried chicken. Her smile was enormous, and when he looked down on her flushed, happy face, Tommy felt his pride swell. Unfortunately the swelling of his pride was directly proportional to the shrinking of his dick, and Megan didn’t even have to eject him.

Megan laughed happily, still lying back with her eyes closed, running her tongue slowly across her lips. She sucked her lower lip between her teeth and shuddered, then lay trembling for a while. Tommy saw the tight red hole, the entrance to the most perfect pussy he’d known, and he saw it pull up tight and then release, thick white fluid dripping down her body, running over her little red asshole to pool beneath her. Again her pussy flexed, and more cum dribbled out. Tommy was transfixed by the sight.

The Nova pulled to a stop and Dutch turned around to look in the rear, his eyes moving slowly over Megan’s hot body and heaving tits. He looked at Tommy then and snapped his fingers until Tommy looked up.

“Get your ass in the front seat,” Dutch said. “If I’ve got to be up here, then so do you.”

Tommy grumbled as he pulled his pants up, then crawled over Megan to get out of the car and into the front seat. They’d driven for about a half hour in silence when Megan leaned on the back of the front seat.

“You all are a credit to your sex,” she said happily. “You got girls back home?”

“Nobody steady, if that’s what you mean,” Dutch said.

“Yeah,” Megan said, “me either. I mean, there’s one man, but we’re not getting married or nothin’.” They drove on in silence again for a few minutes.

“You all ever shared a girl?” she asked.

“We just did,” Tommy said, and the brothers bumped fists.

“No,” Megan said, “I mean at the same time. You know, double-team?” The boys looked at each other and then shook their heads.

“You wanna?” Megan asked, and then giggled. “You two have pretty nice equipment there, and I’d sure love to take you both at the same time.”

“Holy shit,” Dutch said, “I’m pulling over. I’m hard again.”

“The hell you are,” Tommy said quickly. “I’m hard as a rock, so I’m getting in back.”

“Now boys,” Megan said sweetly. “No arguing. There’s a side road up ahead a few miles that goes to a lake. I don’t think anybody will be there, and if you can hold out, all three of us can get what we want.”

Both boys were weighing the options, each wanting to plumb her pussy again, but the thought of being in that sweet mouth made them shiver. Without speaking, both resolved to play Rock, Paper, Scissors.

“Either of you like fucking in the ass?” Megan asked, and the car swerved as the turned in their seats to look at her.

“Are you serious?” Dutch asked excitedly. “I’ve always wanted to fuck a girl’s ass!”

“Me too!” Tommy said.

“I called it!” Dutch barked. “I called it, and I get to fuck her ass.”

“Boys,” Megan said with a giggle, “I’m going to be in town for three weeks. I don’t know how long you two are planning to stick around, but I think you’ll both have a turn.” She disappeared and returned a moment later, holding up a big jar of anal lube from her knapsack and said, “See? I’m all prepared and everything.”

“Where in the hell is that turn off?” Dutch said, and Megan laughed.

About an hour later the Nova pulled to a stop under a stand of trees, next to a picnic table of red fiberglass. The three of them got out and stretched their legs, wandering out a piece to make sure nobody was too close by. When they got back to the table, Megan stood with her fists on her hips, looking from one brother to the other.

She pulled a penny from the pocket of her shorts and eyed both boys mischievously. “Call it,” she said.

“Tails,” Dutch called.

“I can’t lose either way,” Tommy said with a grin.

Megan flipped the penny into the air and let it fall to the ground. “Tails,” she called and bent to pick it up.

“Both of you all stand by the table,” Megan said, and the boys hurried to comply. She looked them up and down, comparing them with the height of the little table, and then said to Dutch, “Drop your drawers and sit up on the edge of the table.”

Dutch struggled to get out of his jeans and underwear, and he sat on the edge of the table, his dick sticking out in front of him. Megan put her hand on his chest and pushed, and Dutch fell back, prone on the table top. She handed him the jar of lube and said, “Rub lots of this all over your dick.”

Tommy watched Megan strip naked while listening to the sloppy wet sounds of Dutch coating his dick with grease. Megan went to the table and got a glob of the jelly on her fingers, then reached down and rubbed it around her tight little hole, pushing her fingers inside to deposit the goo there as well.

“Stand here and catch me if I fall,” Megan told Tommy, and she climbed up onto the table and carefully lowered herself toward Dutch’s cock. He felt her tight little ring pressing against the tip of the head, and tightness as she started to envelope him. Tommy watched with reverence as Megan slid down the pole, making it disappear inside her ass. Her face twisted and she bit down hard on her lip as Dutch whined like a hurt puppy.

“Fucking shit!” Megan gasped, “You got a big dick!” She was firmly planted on Dutch, and Tommy leaned over to see his brother’s expression, and was shocked to see he was crying. Tears leaked down toward his ears from closed eyes.

“Just fucking shoot me now,” Dutch whispered, “’cause it ain’t ever going to get better than this!”

“Wanna bet?” Megan said, and she fell back, supporting herself with her hands pressed to the table. “Come on, Tommy,” she gasped, her breaths coming fast, “Come give me that big beautiful cock.”

Moving between her legs was easy, but negotiating his brother’s tightly clenched thighs wasn’t. Eventually he figured out how to stand, and Tommy shoved his cock into the already convulsing hot wetness of Megan’s cunt.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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