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Glenn has received a lot of emails asking for me to tell my side of our adventures. This is just one of many I plan to share. Hope you enjoy … Carol.


During my separation in 2009, I was looking for an apartment in the local paper, by word of mouth and Craigslist. I found a place within a week. While looking on Craigslist I saw the personals and a link called ‘Casual Encounters’. Out of curiosity I clicked on it. There were links men for men, men for couples, women for women and so on. I sure you know what I’m talking about. Scrolling down there was one that caught my eye “Looking to please m4w-35” and it had a picture. I opened the post and my jaw dropped. It was a photo of a man 12 years younger than myself at the time. His cock was gorgeous!

The ad said something about how he was married and his sex life was nearly nonexistent. Needed to be discreet, DD free and said his cock was over 8 inches and so on. He could not host. I’m thinking to myself ‘should I answer this guy’? After a couple of days of starring at his beautiful cock, I decided to answer his ad. I kept checking my email every 15 minutes of so for a couple of hours. Nothing. Later that evening I checked again. There he was in all his glory! He had sent a few more photos of his hard lovely cock and his cell phone number asking me to text him.

I did it! I sent him a text. “Hi, I like your post. Are you still interested?” Within an hour he texted me back. He said he was still interested and asked me for my ‘stats’, which I told him. After a few texts back and sarıyer escort forth we decided to meet the upcoming Saturday afternoon. It was a long two or three days before Saturday.

We met at a small restaurant at the local mall. He was standing outside the door. We introduced ourselves and went inside. It was a bit crowded but managed to get a booth in a corner. We ordered a couple of beers to start. We made some small talk while checking out the menu. After ordering, he told me how pretty I looked. I told him that I also found him very attractive. Kyle, his name, stood around 6 foot tall, great build, brown eyes and hair. He said he weighed around 170.

Our lunch came and started to eat and talked some more. I shifted in the seat and mistakenly hit his foot with mine. I apologized and he said that’s OK, next time you bump me, just make it a little higher! I laughed and told him he was fresh. He smiled. Then it came over me. I thought to myself that soon I’m going to be having sex with guy. So feeling a little horny now, I took off one of my shoes and started rubbing the inside of his calf. He looked at me with a surprised look on his face. I told him that I’m not sorry this time.

I took my foot away and he something like ‘you can go a little higher if you want’. I did. I went up his thigh and found his hard cock. I continued to rub his cock with my foot as he was trying to eat. After a few minutes of this he said if I continued doing this he was going to cum. I suggested that we go to my sefaköy escort new place. He agreed. He paid the check. We went arm and arm to our cars. He walked me to my car. His was just over in the next row. I got into my car. When I got settled, I looked over at him and noticed he still had a hard-on. I rubbed it and told him I can’t wait to get my lips around it.

He said he didn’t think he could wait to get to my place without blowing his load. He asked if I would blow him right here. I told him that I love public sex, but not in bright daylight. Then I got an idea and told him to get in the car and pull his pants down. I’ve never seen a guy move so quick! I drove to the end of the parking lot where it was empty and no one around. I parked and put my head in his lap. His cock was big, and thick too. I put the head in my mouth and I could already taste his pre-cum. His cock was too long to take down my throat, so, with one hand I stroked while I sucked and rubbed his balls with the other.

I don’t think two minutes went by when he said he was going to cum. Having about half of him in my mouth and without bobbing my head, I used my tongue to get him off. He groaned as he started shooting his cum into my throat. I had to swallow quickly because he just kept unloading. As he started to settle down I slowly stroked him to get the rest out of his dick. I used my tongue to get the cum that was down the base of his shaft and my hand. I looked up at him and told him that he had the best tasting cum şerifali escort I’ve ever had.

I took him to his car and told him to follow me to my place. My place still had boxes and junk laying around from my move. I told him to make himself comfortable on the couch. I had to pee so when I got back he did make himself comfortable by taking off all his clothes. I looked down at him and said I see you’re ready to go. His dick was already stiff again. I took off my clothes and sat right on his cock. It felt soooo good having a big one fucking me as he sucked my large breasts. This guy knows how to fuck, I thought to myself. Within minutes he had me Cuming.

I got up off of him and told him to fuck my doggie style. Oh, he feels so good sliding in and out of me, stretching my pussy walls. I came again and again. I told him not to cum inside me when he was ready. He asked where he should cum and I told in I wanted his cum on my face. Soon he was ready. He pulled out. I turned around so he could straddle my shoulders. Blast after blast hit my on the nose, forehead, mouth, cheeks and lips.

I love a man’s cum on my face. It makes me feel dirty and I know men love to see their sperm on a woman’s face. Anyway, he took his cock and gathered the cum so he can watch me as I open my mouth for his spent cum.

After fucking and sucking throughout the rest of the day, we were both exhausted. He left early that evening. I gave him my phone number and told him to call me anytime he needed to ‘let loose’. He called me two days later and got back together again. We got together several more times before he said that his wife was getting suspicious. We keep in touch from time to time having phone sex, but it’s not like the real thing.

Hopefully one day soon, Glenn (my boyfriend) will have the pleasure of watching Kyle, a man with a real dick bang me shit out of me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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