Cream Pies Ch. 01

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In a small town called Ribbon City, Oklahoma. There is a boy named Rudy.

Every day during the week he went to school and really enjoyed it.

He really liked learning in school.

Every day when he got home, he would do his homework. Then he would go outside to find things to do to make money. He would sweep the sidewalks, take out the trash for people or sell newspapers.

He wanted to earn money so that he could by some cream pies at the store. He loved the filling inside the dough. Especially when it was a white cream pie.

When he got to high school, played sports. He did so well in high school that he got scholarships to a university in Ohio.


In a Village in Iceland. There is a girl named Gilda.

Gilda was taught by her parents how to read and write. So, when she went to school. She was right on track with everyone in her class.

She always dreamed that she would go to college in a different Country. She looked into a lot of them. She found a university in Ohio that she would like to attend. She saved and worked hard in school. So, that she could get some scholarships to help pay for school. She did receive some scholarships. She thought my dreams would come true.


When Gilda arrived in the United States. She was astonished that it looked so beautiful.

When she arrived at the University. She thought wow this is a huge University. Is she ever going to find her way around?

She found an apartment near the campus.

Her first class was a math class at 8am. Which she really loved and adored. But she didn’t like it that it started so early in the morning.


Rudy arrived at the campus. He thought how I am going to get around.

Where am I going to find apartment or even a house to live in. Which is in reasonable amount to pay for rent.

Looked around and found a house that was affordable and easy to get to school by riding his bike.

Rudy first class was English at 8am. He thought oh great i have to read and write at pendik escort that early in the morning.

He found a group of people that he could study with. Gilda was in an English class but not the same hour as him.

They all met at Rudy’s house because it was huge.


The night after finals Rudy had a party for all the English Students. Which they all needed because of the stress they were under.

Rudy thought that Gilda was hot.

Rudy thought, I bet her pussy taste sweet and juicy. I bet she has a lot of cream in her pie. Her boobs were probably smooth and probably even sweet also.


Rudy went up to Gilda and asked, “Would you like to have coffee with me sometime?”

Gilda says, ‘Sure I would love too.”

Rudy says, “Great. How about tomorrow?”

Gilda says, “Sounds good. How about 9am?”

Rudy says, “Perfect. How about we meet at the coffee place on the corner?”

Gilda says, “Sure we can do that.”


The next day at the Coffee shop. They both order coffee and muffin.

They are sitting down at a booth. Talking and laughing about the party at Rudy house last night. The ones that are going to have hangovers and the ones that are going to regret what they did.

They were discussing what they were going to do for the winter break.

Gilda says, ‘I am going to try to Tour New York.”

Rudy says, “That sounds interesting. I know a few places in New York you should go see.”

He thought to himself, “I wonder if she would like a tour guide.”

Rudy says, “How long will you be gone?”

Gilda says, “About 2 weeks. Why do you ask?”

Rudy says, “Curious. Would you love a tour guide? If you, do I know someone, and they are really cheap.”

Gilda says, “I would love a tour guide. I get lost very easily. What is the person’s name and phone number?”

Rudy says, “Me. I will be your tour guide. Plus, I would love to go back and see the sights again. I haven’t escort pendik been there in about 5 years.”

Gilda says, “Sure. If you don’t mind. I would love for you to show me the sights.”

Rudy says, “Okay. How about Tuesday we leave around 10am?”

Gilda says, “Sounds good. Tuesday it is.”


Tuesday morning Rudy pulls up to Gilda apartment.

Gilda is standing in front of her apartment with bags on the ground. She even brought a pillow and a blanket for the car.

Rudy says, “Are you ready to go on this wonderful sightseeing trip?”

Gilda says, “Yes, I am.”

They loaded the luggage. They got situated in the car. They were off to New York.


They arrived and found a motel. They found a two-bedroom motel and they thought why not. We are adults and we can manage.


They went out and saw at night Times Square. The lights down the center of the roads where all the opera houses and Broadway. It was really pretty to see.


The next day, they got up early and went and saw Museums and the Big Apple. They even went To Washington D.C. to see the different monuments. They both were impressed. At one time another they kissed each other. They didn’t even stop when they both realized what was happening. They started to hold hands when they were walking.


They got back to the motel. They both wanted to shower before dinner. Gilda went first and she started to get undressed and was sitting on the toilet when the door flung open, and it was Rudy walking in with just a towel on and speaks. “Oh my gosh. I am really sorry. I thought you were in your room.” Rudy was embarrassed that he was in a towel, and she was sitting there in the nude on the toilet.

Gilda says, “No, I was just getting ready to take a shower.” She was also embarrassed because she was on the toilet and trying to cover up her big boobs, but it wasn’t working.

Rudy was starting to get hard on his pendik escort bayan cock and trying not to let Gilda see it. The towel fell off because he wasn’t wearing it very well. He says, “Why can’t we take a shower together? What do you think?”

Gilda says, “Okay. I don’t mind. That way we can go to dinner early. Because I am starving.”

They got into the walk-in shower. The water was okay for both of them. Luckily it was a two shower heads. They started to soap up and Gilda asked, “Rudy would you mind if you could wash my back because it is scratchy?”

Rudy says, “No problem. If you don’t mind washing my back?”

Gilda says, “Not a problem.”

Rudy starts to wash Gilda back and the washcloth slips and he starts washing her bottom and even inside the crease. He really enjoyed putting his hands her bottom and even stuck his finger in her asshole. Gilda jumped and then started to laugh. Gilda wanted something else in there, but she wasn’t going to push it.

Then Gilda started to wash his back and massage it. It was so soft, and she started to kiss his back because she wanted to feel it with her mouth and taste it.

Rudy was enjoying it. He never had his back washed by anyone before.

Gilda moved down next to his bottom and was washing it and moved inside the crease and even went underneath where his huge cock was and even washed his balls. She wanted to put her mouth on his wet cock and suck it dry or until he would cum. She did. She moved around to the front of him and knelt in front of him and put her mouth on his cock and rubbed her clit and lips.

Rudy was rubbing Gilda hair and he was really enjoying being wet and getting sucked on by Gilda. Rudy pulled on Gilda to stand up and he kissed her. He then lifted her up and his cock went into her vagina and they both were enjoying it very much. The water was going all over them, and Gilda was making noises. They got out of the shower and went to Rudy room.

Rudy put Gilda down and unmade the bed and then put her on the bed while she was wet, and he went down and saw the cum on her vagina and he thought what a good cream pie and it is all mine to eat. He sucked it all up and then moved up to kiss Gilda on the mouth They stood there until the water started to get cold. They got out of the shower and dried off. Instead of going to dinner. They thought let’s go to bed.

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