Created in the Image of a Superior Being Ch. 03

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‘Created in the image of a superior Being.’ Part 3

Gloria’s husband Greg’s sensed his world was coming apart at the seams the day he was let go at work. Words were spoken anger flared up him and the boss glaring at each other it seemed they were one chair-toss away from it becoming a ‘Jerry Springer’ show.

Unaware of it he hadn’t known Gloria negotiated a buy-out package for him to leave his place of employment with an early retirement. At 44 he’d put in 22 years in there so the payout was decent yet he had also seen the role of workers in the manufacturing business disappear before his eyes. Pacific-rim countries could do what the they did for pennies on the dollar.

The owners were glad to do it and told Gloria they planned on converting the manufacturing plant to full automation over the next 18 months. It was the industry trend over the past decade 82% of manufacturing jobs that stayed in-country were lost to automated-robots that could be used round the clock 24 hours. They never took a ‘lunch break’ or paid union dues were a couple of reasons why.

3 weeks earlier she had confronted him about his ‘gambling problem’ and let him know from now on all finances and money would flow through her. His name removed on some others requiring his signature sign off within a week the tactical relationship maneuver on Gloria’s part had muted his input to nothing.

Gloria timed it so the he would learn about being let go then have his ‘take me to the river’ moment with what she planned on laying on him. Sitting on the couch at home he knew at his age he’d never find a job any longer in the industry. His computer skills were next to nothing as though believing it to be a ‘fad’ he considered himself lucky he could navigate google.

Tears began to swell up showing an emotional side. Had he really examined the ingredients of the smoothie mixes that had female hormones and t-blockers in them he might have understood why he was having such noticeable mood swings the last few months.

Gloria brought them home at the time saying someone at the health-food store recommended them. ‘The woman told me they’re popular so I didn’t quiz her….not sure of everything that’s inside yet like Haagen Daaz ice cream they are addictive since they seem to taste wonderful and have shown positive results for those that want to lose weight and change their body shape. I must have seen 7 different women pick them off the shelves as we spoke’.

Greg found they were addictive and took to them digesting the smoothies every morning. It was part of the woman’s over-all strategy of completely ruling his world as so many females now do in their marriage.

Her three-pronged attack Gloria figured start him on the diet that would weaken his musculature strength to that of a 21 year old girl. Next come at him once he was out of work letting him know she’d found out regarding his cheating on her with girls from the strip club or bars he’d picked up for one night flings. It hadn’t surprised her… not really knowing most of the time males think about money or sex or acquiring power.

As to him having any of them after being under his thumb for years she wanted all 3 to be in her hip pocket leveraging them until he was pulled deep out to sea awash in a world of feminine vanity, vulnerability and a dependence on her.

It appearing to Greg as a moment of empathy she insisted he listened to audio files as a form of meditation. In an effort to be agreeable Greg began the journey to New Lady Land by first being reprogrammed into a state of obedience. The influential words of the files would be heard by his subconscious mind only while classical music played over them creating a calming and agreeable state.

Gloria learned the reason why classical music instrumentals were so effective was that with no words in the music there was no dialogue for his inner ego mind to debate. Beyond that harmonious classical strings and other instruments tend to activate a gentle calmness once one develops a liking for them.

His breathing relaxed and he grew peacefully benign the perfect state for being guided into an open mind. The obedience script gently led him into trance state. The deeper it went the more relaxed Greg was literally experiencing the definition of acceptance…to be open and receiving.

With practiced tonal voice Gloria learned how to lay the script down in both a seductively feminine voice and one that spoke with a level of authority that commanded respect and action. His subconscious and conscious mind would link to the two together as though affirming as ‘Rumble of the Bailey’ had declared….’She who must be obeyed’.

“Feel your worries slip away…if feels so relaxing to know stress is just in your mind…let go and feel a gentle calmness come over you as you listen…..yesss feeling so relaxed and peaceful…feel yourself dropping down into trance…you enjoy being in trance and will come back to it easily….drop deeper down the deeper you go the better it feels.”

“….let Maltepe Escort go of your thinking…let my voice do the thinking for you…my words become your thoughts….my words become your actions…So peaceful so powerful….you know you enjoy obeying a feminine voice…nice and deep ….nice and relaxed…effortless is your mantra I must obey I will obey…you know you need to go deeper…. you just let go and move deeper…obedience brings freedom…the more you obey the better you feel….its so nice obeying a feminine voice….you’ve always known this to be true…”

“The word Mistress means a lot to you…it brings a feeling of authority with it…an authority you obey…..the name Gloria means a lot to you….you see the wisdom of them so you link them together….Gloria is your Mistress…she is the woman you must obey…..Mistress Gloria saying the name makes you feel obedient….hearing Mistress Gloria make you feel obedient…you always act on your feelings …obedience is freedom…pleasing your Mistress Gloria is freedom….obedience brings reward…disobedience brings punishment.”

“….it brings you pleasure to obey…it brings you pleasure to obey Mistress Gloria…she is your Mistress you must obey….you will obey…you may call her Domina….you may call her Maam…you know she is your Mistress you obey….obedience brings you pleasure…”

“You tell the truth to your Mistress in everything….all your secrets you want her to know…it feels good to be honest to Mistress Gloria…its why you always tell her the truth….she is your Mistress…calling her Domina ….addressing her as Mistress brings a submissive sexual feeling inside you to rise…you can feel it expand…the more you call her Mistress ….the more you call her Domina….you enjoy obeying your Mistress….she must be obeyed …she will be obeyed….it feels good to obey your Mistress Gloria.”

Call it human nature yet habits are easily formed. Experts say it takes 21 days to form a habit after that the more one does it the easier it becomes until like a trained puppy one automatically does it without consciously thinking about it.

In their daily life Gloria next employed the use of Neuro linguistic Programming or NLP as the acronym is known. Simply put she’d learned how to manipulate her husband’s behavior. Underrated in its results the way a person using NLP speaks it creates and maintains an authoritative almost parent-child dynamic.

The foundation in place and reinforced from constant listening to the audio files Greg’s beliefs continued evolving as he became obediently compliant. How many wives in days gone by did the same when being given orders from a domineering husband?

By the end of the 1st month under the rule of ‘Mistress Gloria’ Greg had fallen into line. He took to becoming the person in the relationship that did the housework.

In many ways clothing is simply a uniform. One tells themselves they are what they wear when in them. It’s taken for granted dressed as a maid a person becomes viewed as a maid a hat and badge a holstered pistol and uniformed shirt and one is viewed as a police officer. A judge wearing a robe is looked at as a person filled with legal wisdom sage enough to be worthy of the title judge.

Women often are more centered yet a male’s self-esteem is tied to their net worth or paycheck and uniform. It is who they think they are. When those are gone one experiences an identity crisis.

Being kept domesticated at home he found his work clothing he’d worn for years being of no use. Kept in sweats and t-shirts or sweatshirts his self-esteem plummeted.

Greg brought up the idea maybe he could look for another job yet was shot down as Gloria put it ‘what so you can gamble and chase girls despite being married’. He let it go not wanting to open ‘the can of worms’ on cheating he hadn’t realized she was aware of.

The words from her mouth were direct and to the point by the end of month two he was down a good 35 pounds shedding more as time went on.

“Take your suits and other things and put them in hefty bags. Store them out by the garage along the wall inside by the trash bins and we’ll find new more comfortable things for you to wear.”

The order was answered with a crisp ‘yes Maam’ coming out from his mouth. His mind became addled doing housework yet he enjoyed listening to the audio files as they gave him purpose. 3 weeks later to his horror looking from the window in the finished attic where he did the ironing Greg saw the neighborhood garbage crew remove the hefty bags with the rest of the trash.

The time had come for him to be held accountable for cheating on her. A thin 136 pounds on the 5′ 8″ male frame his strength reduced noticeably he couldn’t defend his actions when she plopped the receipts down from the strip club on the kitchen table along with a small box.

“There are others….we both know there were more. Let’s have you admit it to me face to face so we can Kurtköy Escort move past it.”

The sweatshirt he wore seemed oversized on his thinner frame loose enough it looked as though he was swimming in it. Gradually she had been pruning the hair on his body until all that remained looking masculine was on his arms his bushy collection of pubic hair and under his arm pits.

“Yes Maam…”

Suddenly he got the urge for the first time he addressed Gloria using the titles Domina and Mistress.

“I feel so bad Domina Gloria….I let you down Mistress….I need to be punished….I promise I won’t ever do it again.”

“Words of contriteness are nice …yet true penitent feelings need to be reinforced with action. First off open the gift box….i’ve discovered a way to damp down your sexual urges. Off with these ugly pieces of clothing I want you naked.’

Within 5 minutes naked he was locked in a chastity cage as she continued.

“Time we discussed having women do your bidding in the form of sexual favors….Do you even know what it feels like to be a woman? No, how could you? perhaps time spent living as such will bring with it a fresh perspective.”

Standing above him as he sat her hand moved through his lengthening hair.

“Yes I think you need to experience the world of the feminine so you can see what females go through beyond just keeping themselves looking pretty and womanly….say yes Mistress Gloria.”

The two watched as his cock immediately tested the restraints of the chastity cage.

“Yes Mistress Gloria.”

Her hand dipped down and caressed his balls.

“Time for a shower. I want you to be free of any hair below your nose. Are you familiar with facial epilators? They are really quite effective at eliminating hair follicles until your laser treatments have been scheduled. Why come springtime a few months from now you’ll thank me.”

A peaceful May afternoon had Greg wearing a pair of her khaki shorts and a top with ‘Betty Boop’ in a classic pose. He peaked out from behind the door looking at the delivery driver who took notice of his painted toes. With a smooth flawless complexion free of facial hair and makeup his face and head turned letting the ponytail in back give off a sway touching his 2″ hoop earring.

“It just needs a signature.’

“I never like to upset her. i better get Ms. Gloria.’

“Really any will do…you could sign the name mickey mouse and it would be fine.”

From the kitchen the two heard Gloria’s voice.

“Darling have the packages arrived….what would the world do without Amazon.”

Selected from the Gypsy-girl collection at Neiman Marcus near $450 the semi-sheer billowing top had colorful psychedelic look to it while allowing his strapless black lace trimmed bra to be clearly seen by anyone near.

“There now …a lovely pendent necklace to bring the eyes to your bosom before looking at your lovely made up face. You’re going to find your breasts are always a source of objectification while the anal plug reminds you of how easily one can be penetrated in panties and skirt…you’ll feel your submissive nature growing…..why a simple lift of the hem and all that remains are a pretty pair pf panties…goodness knows that offers little protection against a dominant”

The first four woman came into the home in pairs 5 minutes apart 3 more followed completing the list of all that had been invited. As the living room filled up a level of anxiety seem to over-take her husband who now was referred to most times as ‘honey, darling or sweetie’.

Finger sandwiches of chicken salad on some while other trays had a selection of fresh cut vegetables and cantaloupe wedges mingling with sliced halves of strawberries. Gloria’s ‘honey’ was ready to serve the collection of her friends looking down at his 3″ high heels peeking out from the shabby-chic solid cranberry colored skirt’s ankle length hem gave him reason to pause.

A deep breath or two and he lifted the tray briefly seeing the red polish on his nails that had grown past the fingertips. A wave of estrogen sourced energy had him taking small strides. The first two woman standing near the baby-grand smiled politely while running their eyes up and down as if judging his figure.

In days gone by Greg hadn’t really gotten on well with her best friend Hannah. Her legs crossed at the knees the woman called out.

“Oh girl bring some sandwiches over here while we decide what we want.”

Hannah’s head turned held looking at her she spoke to her friend Lila. Greg silently stood in front of the two.

“You know Lila they just can’t keep their hands off it…why mine would do it 5 times a day if he didn’t think he’d be caught.’

“Yes ain’t it the truth….though I will say erectile disfunction is in some ways a form of chastity in and of itself.”

Hannah reached out.

“Bend down a little sweetie, don’t be so shy.”

Lila spoke

“Hand me one with chicken salad Kartal Escort will you Hannah?”

Out of nowhere Hannah spoke up looking directly at Greg.

“Lift your top then I want to see if you know how unhook your strapless bra…you can leave it off…..let’s have you display how pretty your twin girls look.”

Watching as he adjusted the necklace Lila held her hand out collecting the bra once it was removed.

The naked breast forms …so real in their feel…wiggled and shook beneath his top…it brought out a new level of feminine feelings as he moved back slightly.

Clearly amused all the women there suddenly began watching him adjust to having unfettered breasts on display. His waist had gotten so thin his center of gravity had shifted as he learned to move more from his hips. As Greg walked around serving the food he could sense the delicate texture of the pleaded skirt sway lightly on each step. The tactile feel of the soft fabric brought a feminine feeling as it grazed against his body.

The discussion by the women in the living room shifted to that of the delights of intimate wear and the firewall it was between a male and a female.

“Well Lila as for me slips and panties and bras…I like mine to match. I can’t imagine my husband trying on any of my intimates.’

“Yes I agree Hannah he’d certainly look out of place in a bra and pantie set. I do think you’re right though…I mean about a coordinated look and how it makes a girl feel well put together.”

Hannah turned to look at Gloria

“Did I tell you Camille and her hubby are going to have a re-do…I mean the they plan to renew their vows…I think it’s such a wonderful idea as a way to reset a marriage……don’t you Gloria?”

The woman smiled back at Hannah.

“Yes, I suppose it is.”

Gloria could feel the idea percolating in her mind yet with a different slant to it than most ordinary couples.

Her baby finger pointed out Lila held the last bite of her sandwich between her thumb and index finger as she spoke.

He held back in fright on hearing what the woman asked next. Foundation powder having made them appear seamless they looked so real as the pretty top lifted up.

“Pull your blouse up will you honey…in fact take it off …never be afraid to show off your bosom when your breasts look so lovely.”

The d-cup breasts seem to add balance bending down to pick up the empty tea cup he could feel them pulling at his body. Months earlier when first having them put on using adhesive spray he wondered ‘how can they walk with these things….they seem to move as if they have am mind of their own…they swish and sway so uncontrollably…they make me feel weak and helpless.”

Gloria stepped in behind him both of her hands cupped his breasts into a scoop.

“Let’s get you out of this skirt baby.”

The body wrap skirt easily came loose falling to the floor Greg let his hand rest on her shoulder as he stepped out of it.

The bulge of the chastity cage was easily seen through the sheer panties framed by the matching garter belt and stockings it showed what a woman can do to her male when asserting her feminine dominance.

Gloria slid the panties to the side letting the look of a cute little penis come into view. The large breasts stood out in contrast to his locked penis while Greg rocked back and forth in his heels. The 4″ pumps gave a certain lift to his butt…they also had made it near impossible to run away.

A wave of feminine objectification came over him as resumed the task of serving the women by clearing the empty coffee cups and plates.

Dishes cleaned and put away the carpet vacuumed he turned to look on feeling Gloria’s stare while he stood at the kitchen sink. With her guests all gone the woman could tell he’d been kept in sub-space all day and enjoyed the sense of power it gave her knowing it was Gloria that put him there.

He trimmed a few loose rose pedals from the fresh flowers Lila brought pouring the water out he’d filled the vase a third of the way up and put it on the island counter.

“Upstairs in my bedroom you’ve earned yourself a reward,”

The woman let her hands roam along the side of his thighs before slipping her fingers inside the piece to adjust the garterbelt as she spoke.

“The roses look pretty I’ve always liked the name Rose so feminine in its sound… it can’t help but remind one of a pretty flower.”

In the bedroom Greg gave the restraints a tug yet knew it was no use he was secured until she wanted to let him go.

Gloria’s hand moved out to hold him by the chin so he could look at her. Both legs suspended held up spread wide off the mattress by leathered cuffs attached to each bed post a feeling of vulnerably swept over him. The slightest movement on his part made the attached breast forms wiggle.

“You enjoyed much of it today didn’t you baby…being stared …objectified for how pretty you looked…the way your breasts felt as they jiggled and swayed …. ohhhh an all those women looking at you. A few even commented about the purple heart plug wedged between your butt cheeks.”

Her hand touched the cage.

“Locked away like it is this is more like a clitty now so that’s what well call it.”

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