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(Author’s note: this is a transcript of an actual cybersex session I had with a married man. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to try this, or if you just want to comment. Names have been changed to protect the culpable.)



And just so you can get a mental image of who will be fucking you, I’m 6 ft, 190 lbs., light brown hair, green eyes, and in pretty good shape. More lean than muscular I guess. And my cock is seven inches, cut, and VERY hard right now.



Can I stroke your hard cock? If I do, will you want to force me to service you, maybe grab my hair and push down on my head, push me to my knees? I part my lips and lick them with my tongue in invitation, a bit shy but hoping you’ll take control and make me do all the dirty things I secretly want to do to please you …


Mmmmm, yeah. Stroke my cock. I see you’re getting hard just from touching my dick, but you don’t get to touch yourself yet. You’re here to please me, slut. That it’s, grab it right at the base and jerk it nice and slow. That feels so good. I’m can see the look in your eyes as you watch your hand work my meat. You look practically hypnotized by the sight of my big dick. I know what you want, and you’re in luck because I want it too.

I take you by your hair and pull you in close, face to face. I can read all the nasty thoughts runninng through your mind. You’re already breathing heavy. I put my hand on your chest, and feel your heart rapidlypounding. I start to push you down, but you resist.


“Let’s get one thing straight, bitch. There’s one thing I want your mouth for right now, and it’s not for speaking. Get on your knees, whore.”

You comply. You’re bigger than me, you could probably fight me off if you really wanted to, but you don’t. You slip down to your knees with your eyes looking into mine the entire way. Your tongue flicks out and licks the pre-cum that’s beginning to form at my tip. But I’m not here to take things slowly. I grab two fistfuls of your hair and thrust my hips forward…


I was expecting you to go slow and gentle, seeing as how I’ve never done this before, but my cock is hard from how you’re treating me — I actually like being roughly forced to my knees. I like you grabbing my hair and jamming your hard cock down my throat. I’m gagging — my virgin throat can’t take you all the way down yet, because your cock is so big. I look up at you with pleading eyes, and you relent for now and back off so only your cockhead is inside me.

“Lick it, bitch. Run your tongue over my cockhead,” you demand.

I tease you by pulling off and saying, “Please, no more. I’ve changed my mind. I don’t want to be a slut who –”

You slap my cheek, not hard, just enough to play along with my feigned reluctance. I feel a thrill at your dominance, but try to hide my eagerness to do anything you want.

“Do what I say, bitch, or I’ll slap you hard.”

I meekly drop my eyes casino oyna to the hard cock that is pressing against my lips, demanding entry. I comply with your order and slide just your cockhead between my lips.

You moan. “That’s better, you whore.”

I circle your cockhead with my tongue, expertly, because my wife sucks my cock and so I know where it is most sensitive. I slide my tongue back and forth over the underside, causing you to grip my hair tighter and start thrusting again, my tongue rasping against the underside of your shaft as it slowly sinks deeper and deeper into my wet, slutty mouth. I watch your eyes, enjoying this facefuck, and wondering what you will do to me next …


I know I probably should have gone a bit easier on you, but I thought you needed a reminder about who is in charge here. And it looks like you don’t mind it much at all. Look at you, sucking away at my cock like a pro. You say you’ve never done this before, but I almost don’t believe you. You’re as good a cocksucker as I’ve ever had the pleasure of blowing me.

As I look down into your eyes I can see just how much you’re enjoying this. Maybe a little too much. Time to tease you a little more. And not a moment too soon either. The feel of your mouth, warm and wet like a whore’s pussy, working my shaft as I push myself into you, has me close to the edge of orgasm. And I want this to last.

I stop bucking my hips, but it takes a good deal of force for me to pull your head off my dick. The amount of effort is just one more clue that your fight is just for show. You are a cock craving slut. A kinky little cunt who needs a real man to give him what his horny body aches for and I’m going to give it to so good…when I’m good and ready to.

You look up at me from your knees, still drooling over my manhood. “Stand up, and drop your pants.”

You obey. As you slide your pants down your stiff cock springs out at me, the tips of our cocks brush each other. I take your prick in my hand roughly and glare into your eyes. “What happened to ‘No, I don’t want to be a slut’, huh bitch? From the looks of this wood you’re sporting I think that was a lie. And there are penalties for liars. Hands against the wall. NOW!”

With your pants still around your ankles the most you can manage is a humiliated shuffle to the wall, where you assume the position as ordered. You tremble in a strange state of anxiety and anticipation. You flinch at the sound of flesh against flesh as my palm strikes you across the ass. It’s maybe only a half speed swing, but it must sting.

“Do you want to be a slut?”

“No!” SLAP!

“I said, do you want to be a slut? And tell the truth, whore!”


“Good boy. But I think you need a little more.”

I fire off the remainder of your spanking in rapid succession, three sharp swats across your rear. Tears start to well up in your eyes, and one begins to slide down your cheek. With you pinned against the wall I then press my half naked canlı casino body up against yours. I bring my face alongside yours and run my tongue up your cheek, savoring the heat and salty taste of the sweat and tears brought on by me asserting my will on you. My throbbing cock rests vertically between your tender ass cheeks. I whisper in your ear. “Your ass is turning pink, like a pussy. And you know what we do with pussies, don’t you bitch?”


I am so horny, pushed up against the wall with your hard cock between my cheeks, and the sound of your sexy, husky voice whispering in my ear, calling me your bitch and hinting that you want to stick your hard shaft into my pussy. I want to feign reluctance, but I want you inside my ass now, so I wiggle my ass against your prick and murmur, “Sluts like me open up our pussies and let our man slide inside, let him fuck his girl and use her pussy however he wants.”

You slap my ass lightly, no doubt to turn it pinker for your pleasure. Then you reach down and lift one of my legs a bit and slide the pant leg off. You whisper in my ear, “Are you ready to spread your legs apart and give me access to your sweet cunt? Prove to me that you want it, that you want to get fucked hard by your man.”

I spread my legs. You step between my legs and shove your prick deeper between my cheeks, until your cockhead is resting against my boypussy. I reach behind me with both hands and grasp my cheeks, pulling them apart so I’m even more open and vulnerable to the intrusion I know is coming. “Be gentle,” I whimper. “I’m a virgin back there. Please go slow. Please don’t hurt me.” Your cockhead, slick with precum, starts to stroke up and down my slit. I gasp with pleasure each time it brushes past my pussy’s hole …


The feel of my cock’s tip teasing your waiting hole, combined with you panting with lust, makes my decision for me. My cock needs release and your ass will be the thing to give it to me, but I still have ways of teasing you. You’ve revealed yourself to be a real slut. I know that what you’re looking for isn’t the merciful fucking you’re begging for. You want all of my cock up your ass as hard and fast as possible until I fill you with cum, don’t you? Well, two can play at this game.

“You’ve been such a good boy and I think you’ve learned your lesson. So I will take it nice and slow.”

I begin with just a little pressure, slow and steady until my head works its way into your asspussy. You draw in a sharp breath as I penetrate you. I leave just that small part in as your hole loosens for me. But you want more. You attempt to wriggle around so that more of my pole will slide in but I push you back. “Now, now. In good time. I don’t want to hurt you.”

I ease a little more in. Your gasps become moans now as two inches, and then three inches and then four find their way into your hole. I slide my hands up from your hips to under your shirt. They glide across the light coat of sweat that has formed on your body, running kaçak casino up to your chest with a feathery touch. You can’t take it any longer. The truth gushes from your mouth like a broken dam. “Fuck me! I need it! I need it all!”

With my cock still only about half in, I gently lean forward and coo sarcastically in your ear, “But, you said I should be gentle with you, my little virgin. I’m just trying to make you happy, darling. Just tell me how you want it, and I’ll be glad to help you out.”

You blurt out, “Hard! Deep! I want to feel you balls deep inside me.” The urgency in your voice is such a turn on.

I keep my voice low, “Oh, I see. You mean…like…THIS!” In one fluid motion the hands that were gently rubbing your chest now pinch and twist your nipples as I use them to pull you back. Meanwhile my hips launch forward and the rest of my meat flies into your hole, as I bottom out in your pussy and I draw my chest to your back.

Your eyes close from the pain and ecstasy. My mouth remains next to your ear, and its next words ring in it. “Open your eyes, slut.”

As you do I release the hold on your nipples, and my hands return to their hold on your hips. Face to face, I tell you, “Look over your shoulder. I want you to see this.” Your eyes follow mine as I return to standing straight up, with you still slightly bend over against the wall with all of my shaft in you. As I really start to go to work on you I call out, “Do you like what you see, bitch?” ***

I can’t believe I’m up against a wall with your hard cock plunging in and out of me, and despite the pain I’m loving being your bitch, loving being reamed, and feeling pleasure as you hit my prostate again and again. I look over my shoulder at your lust-filled eyes, then glance down at the prick disappearing between my asscheeks, burying inside me balls deep and then sliding back out until just the head is inside me. You’re picking up the pace, giving me the hard fast fuck I need.

You ask again, “Do you like what you see, bitch?”

I moan with pleasure. “Oh, god yes. I love to see my man fucking my girly little asspussy. Fuck me harder. Fuck me like the slut I am. Ram that huge cock all the way inside. Unnh. Unnnh. Aaaah.” I push my ass back in rhythm with your strokes, trying to get every last bit of your shaft inside my hot willing ass when you bottom out …


Your ass is so tight, and your mouth, mmmm. I think the nasty things you’re saying are turning me on even more than when your lips were on my cock. I keep spanking you as I fuck you as far as I can go. This has all been so hot that I’m getting close to cumming. My speed picks up. “Take it! Take it all, you dirty cunt! Take my hot load!” I scream as I climax. I bury myself all the way into your pussy one last time as my dick spasms, depositing my cum deep in you.

As you stand there shuddering, braced against the wall, I ease out of you. My sticky jizz begins to drip from your creampied asshole. I notice your cock is still standing at full attention. I reach around and stroke it a few more times, bringing you to the brink of orgasm, but then I back off, giving you one last tease. “Maybe next time…” is all I say as I leave.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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