Daddy’s Little Girl Pt. 02

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I could barely concentrate at work the next day. I had woken up early, throbbing with the delicious memory of Mommy’s tongue and fingers on my pussy. My panties were wet again and I wished I could ask Mommy for another orgasm. But Mommy and Daddy’s door was firmly shut when I passed it, so I made myself breakfast and went to work.

I wasn’t sure when Mommy was planning on giving me my first training session, but I hoped it would be that night. My pussy was still throbbing from all the fucking it had received yesterday and I got hot every time I thought about how well Mommy had been able to make me come. I wanted Daddy’s cock more than ever, but I knew I needed to prove to Mommy that I could take him first.

When I got home I was shaking with excitement and need. I didn’t know what I would do if Mommy decided tonight wasn’t going to be the night.

Mommy and Daddy were at the kitchen table, dinner already served. I washed my hands and quickly joined them. Mommy served and Daddy tucked in heartily.

Mommy winked at me. “How was work, baby?”

“It was good.” How could she ask me about work? I wanted to stomp my foot and demand she take me upstairs for my first training session, but I forced some food down.

“Lisa really enjoyed herself last night,” Mommy said conversationally.

I felt a hot blush creep up my cheeks. Was Mommy talking about her making me come?

I glanced at Daddy, who looked at me intently. “Is that true?” he asked.

I wasn’t sure what to say. I just nodded and took another bite of food.

“She enjoyed me fingering her and eating her out,” Mommy continued, helping herself to more salad. “She came twice for me.”

My face felt like it was on fire. I squirmed in my seat, wishing I could flee.

Daddy beamed at me. “That’s my good girl. It was about time you experienced a good orgasm.”

“But you want more, don’t you, baby?” Mommy asked me.

I kept my face down, not daring to look up at Daddy. When I had confided in Mommy the night before, I had been brave and daring. Now, at the dinner table, I felt silly. What if Daddy didn’t want me? It was wrong to want to have sex with your Daddy, I knew that. And Daddy probably thought so too. After all, he had Mommy to keep him satisfied, why would he need me?

“Baby?” Mommy’s voice was stern. She placed two fingers underneath my chin and lifted my face up. “Tell Daddy what you told me last night.”

“Mommy…” I pleaded. I had hoped she would have told Daddy herself. In the light of day, my wish seemed crude and wicked.

“You won’t get anything if you don’t ask for it,” she said.

Daddy put his hand on mine. “It’s okay, baby, you can tell me.”

My hands were clammy. I wiped them on my trembling legs. Despite my nervousness, my pussy throbbed with need.

“I saw you and Mommy fucking last night,” I said. I was stalling, but talking gave me courage. “It looked so delicious.”

“Did it?” Daddy smiled broadly. “Well, I can tell you that it felt delicious too.” He winked at Mommy, who grinned.

“And…it made me want that too.” My voice was hoarse and I cleared my throat. I looked Daddy full in the face. “I want your cock inside me.”

“Bloody hell.” Daddy looked at Mommy, who nodded. “Are you sure about that?”

Mommy laughed. “She’s quite the horny little slut.”

Daddy groaned. “I like the sound of that.”

“My pussy is throbbing for you, Daddy,” I said, feeling bolder now that Daddy hadn’t laughed at me.

“Show Daddy how wet you are, baby,” Mommy said.

I pushed my chair away from the table and faced Daddy. I spread my legs and lifted my skirt.

“Take your panties off,” Mommy commanded. “Let Daddy see your pussy properly.”

I stood up, my legs shaking with arousal. I slid my sodden panties down my legs and stepped out of them. Daddy grabbed me by my hips and pulled me closer. “Spread your legs,” kızılay escort he said.

I did ask he asked. Daddy reached out and cupped my mound. I whimpered at the feeling of his rough fingers on my pussy.

“Such a wet pussy,” he whispered.

“Sit back down,” Mommy told me. “Let Daddy have a good look.”

I sat down on the edge of the chair and spread my legs. Daddy knelt in front of me, his gaze fastened on my wet pussy.

“She’s gorgeous,” he said to Mommy. “Barely any hair and such lovely, puffy lips.”

Mommy smiled. “She is a work of art.”

Daddy groaned. “I can’t wait to delve into her pussy.”

Mommy giggled. “Soon enough, babe.” She focused me with a stern look. “Finish your dinner.”

I had lost my appetite. My body was humming with need, the throb in my pussy becoming almost painful. I wanted Daddy to take me there and then. I think he wanted that too, I had seen the bulge in his pants when I stood in front of him.

“Her training starts tonight,” Mommy said in the same casual tone of voice. “I think it’ll take a few sessions before she’s stretched enough to take you.”

Daddy nodded. “That seems sensible. She must be incredibly tight.”

“Oh, she is.” Mommy’s eyes shone with excitement. “I could barely fit a finger inside her tight little hole. Which is why she needs some training before you can have her.”

Hearing them talk about me as if I weren’t even there was incredibly arousing. I pressed my thighs together to relieve some of the ache in my cunt.

“Do you mind if I watch?” Daddy asked. His voice was husky. “I’d love to see my baby girl get broken in.”

Mommy patted his arm. “Of course you can. But remember: she needs to prove herself before she can get you.”

Daddy nodded. “I promise I won’t get involved until you tell me to.”

I couldn’t believe it. Daddy was going to be present at my training sessions! I couldn’t wait to show him how good and slutty I was. I wanted to drag Mommy from the table to the bedroom to get started, but I knew she wouldn’t be rushed. I had to sit through the rest of dinner with fire in my cunt and my stomach in a twist with excitement.


After dinner, Mommy made me do the dishes. I was horny and aching to have my pussy filled. Without my panties, my wetness was coating my thighs, dripping ever lower. When I was putting the last dishes away, Mommy came back into the kitchen. She stood behind me and cupped my bare ass. She slipped a finger between my thighs, pressing against my aching sex. I moaned and moved my hips back against her hand, but she chuckled and pulled away.

“Such a greedy slut,” she said. “Are you aching to get your greedy little hole filled?”

“Yes, Mommy,” I said. “Can we please start now?”

To my greatest relief, she grabbed my hand and pulled me closer. Her mouth found mine and she kissed me deeply. She tugged at my shirt and freed one of my breasts. She pulled my nipple hard and I yelped.

“That’s for being impatient. Now come upstairs with me.”

I followed her upstairs to the bedroom. My legs were shaky, and I admit I was nervous. I wasn’t sure what Mommy meant to do to me, but the fact that Daddy would be there to see how I was doing made me feel bolder. I was determined to impress him.

“Take your clothes off,” Mommy said. She pulled her own dress over her head. I watched her breasts bounce free from her bra when she unclasped it and I swallowed. I wanted nothing more than fastening my mouth on those dark nipples, roll them around with my tongue and make her moan. Instead, I took off my shirt and slid my skirt down my legs.

“On the bed,” Mommy said when she saw I was naked.

I crawled on the bed. My skin broke out in goosebumps. It was really going to happen! A movement in the corner of my eye made me look over and I noticed Daddy kolej escort sitting in a chair in the corner of the room. He was in the shadows, but I could see his cock standing proud between his legs. It was massive: Mommy was right, I needed to be stretched to be able to take him inside me. As much as I ached to feel Daddy push himself deep inside my cunt, I couldn’t see how he would ever fit.

Daddy didn’t say anything, just stroked his member lazily.

Mommy joined me on the bed. She roughly pushed apart my legs. “Let’s see how well you do, little slut.”

Her friendly tone of last night had disappeared. She was stern now and somehow it made me even more aroused. I wanted her to use me, to do to me whatever was needed to prepare me for Daddy.

“Don’t start too easy,” Daddy said from the corner of the room. “I don’t want to wait too long to take her hot cunt.”

Mommy smiled. “Don’t worry, I don’t plan to go easy on her.”

I shivered, suddenly afraid. What had I got myself into? What if it hurt?

Mommy grabbed a thick glass dildo and held it up for me. “We’ll start with this. I’m sure we can stretch you enough to take it.”

I swallowed. The dildo didn’t look much smaller than Daddy. How was that ever going to fit?

Mommy pushed my legs all the way back. “Keep them spread as much as possible,” she ordered. “That will make it easier.”

She rubbed the dildo over my soaking pussy, pressing down on my clit. I whimpered as shots of electricity radiated from my clit.

“You want to be filled by your Daddy, you filthy slut?” Mommy growled. “You want his cock buried deep inside you?”?

“Yes, Mommy,” I said. “I want him to pound me as he did you. I want him to take me from behind and make me come on his thick cock.”

A groan from the corner of the room told me I had said the right thing. I arched my back against the dildo. “Fuck me, Mommy, please.”

Mommy locked eyes with me and smiled. A trickle of fear ran down my spine. She didn’t look kind or gentle. She intended to fuck me, ruin me, abuse me.

She spread some lube over the dildo and poised it at my entrance. “Let’s see how much of this you can take.”

I closed my eyes as Mommy started pushing the dildo inside me. It was tight, very tight. My pussy stretched around the tip, barely able to take it in. Mommy thrust the dildo gently, pushing it deeper each time.

“Rub your clit for me, baby,” she said. “That will make it easier.”

My fingers found the pert button and I rolled it around between my fingers. I sighed with pleasure and relaxed.

“That’s it, baby, just relax.”

“She’s incredibly tight,” Daddy said. “Are you sure you shouldn’t start with something smaller.”

“She can take it,” Mommy said, her mouth set in a grim line. “I don’t want it to take months before she can take you.”

I agreed with Mommy. I wanted Daddy now, not in a few months!

My cunt felt stretched beyond belief, but I pressed against the dildo, eager to take it all. My fingers rubbed my clit, bringing me closer to an orgasm. Only the pain in my cunt prevented me from falling over the edge. It felt as if Mommy had reached a barrier she couldn’t quite get through.

“Push harder, Mommy,” I begged. “I want to take it all in.”

“You sure?” Mommy asked and for the first time, I detected some concern in her voice.

“Fuck me already,” I moaned. “Please, just push it in.”

Daddy groaned again. I looked over at him and saw his hand stroke his shaft harder. His eyes were glued to my exposed cunt.

“Here we go,” Mommy said and pushed the dildo hard. Whatever had stopped it gave way with a sharp pain and I cried out. Mommy didn’t stop but kept pushing. I felt incredibly stretched and deliciously full. I gasped and moaned as Mommy pushed until finally, she said, “It’s all the way in.”

I leaned back, feeling very maltepe escort proud. “I did well, Mommy, didn’t I?”

“You took it all the way, that’s a great start,” Mommy said.

I frowned, confused. “A start?”

Mommy chuckled. “Yes, baby, the real work is starting now.”

Without warning, she pulled the dildo almost all the way out. The thick shaft dragged along my vaginal walls and I cried out with pleasure. She rammed the dildo in again, hitting my cervix. I groaned. It felt both painful and pleasurable at once. I kept rubbing my clit, which allowed me to relax more. I wasn’t sure about the dildo. It felt good, but also as if it was slightly too big for me. Mommy kept thrusting and each time, the dildo slid in a little easier.

“Fuck, she is so tight,” Mommy panted.

Daddy got up from his chair. “Do you want me to have a go? Why don’t you take a break, play with some toys? We can take care of her together.”

Mommy smiled and moved away. Daddy paused at the foot of the bed and looked down on me. The dildo was wedged in my cunt, stretching me, opening me up for him.

“You are so hot,” Daddy said. “Fuck, I can’t wait to pound into that tight cunt of yours.”

He knelt between my legs and grabbed the dildo. “But first I’m going to make you come with this.”

He pulled the dildo out of my cunt and held it up. “Do you like this?”

“Yes, Daddy,” I whispered.

“I will make you come with this. And if you’re good, next time I will make you come with my cock. Would you like that?”

I licked my dry lips. “Please, Daddy…”

He teased my soaking entrance with the dildo. Mommy knelt beside me, a wand vibrator and a bullet vibrator in each hand. She pushed the wand vibrator between her legs and turned it on. Her eyes rolled back with pleasure and she let out a sigh.

“Just fuck her already,” she muttered. She turned the bullet vibe on and, swatting away my hand, pressed it against my clit at the same time Daddy thrust the dildo inside me.

I moaned at the exquisite feeling of having both my clit and cunt stimulated at once. Daddy wasn’t gentle: he fucked me hard with the dildo, but I no longer cared. I arched my back trying to take as much in me as possible. The sensation of being filled and stretched was almost overwhelming. Mommy moaned as the wand vibrator started pushing her towards an orgasm. I grabbed her and pulled her closer so I could suck her erect nipples. Daddy pumped his cock with one hand while using the other to fuck me with the dildo.

I was close to an orgasm. My cunt was getting tighter, making it more difficult for Daddy to push the dildo all the way in. His thrusts became more shallow and he angled the dildo to hit my G-spot. A few thrusts was all it took to push me over the edge. Pleasure filled every cell of my body and I felt as if I was floating. My cunt contracted hard against the dildo. I clung to Mommy as I arched my back, losing all control over my legs. I shook and cried while Mommy kept the vibe against my clit, prolonging my orgasm until it was almost painful.

“Mommy, please,” I begged.

Mommy took the vibrator away and kissed me gently. She pulled the dildo out of my cunt and cradled me.

“You did really well, baby. I’m so proud of you.”

“Fuck, that was gorgeous,” Daddy groaned.

Mommy lay down next to me and spread her legs. “Let me take care of you.”

Daddy climbed on top of her and sank into her with a sigh. “Oh, I needed this.”

I curled up next to Mommy and sucked her tit while Daddy fucked her. She looked so gorgeous in the throes of passion that I almost wanted to touch myself again. But my pussy felt a bit sore, so I left it alone.

Daddy fucked Mommy hard, ramming into her, his hands gripping her hips tight. Mommy moaned and writhed and soon her orgasm shook her. She cried out and clamped her legs around Daddy. He groaned and grunted and then stilled.

“Oh fuck, I’m coming,” he breathed and with a shudder, he collapsed on top of Mommy.

Mommy looked over at me and smiled. “Soon you’ll be able to feel how amazing it is to be fucked by Daddy and to be filled with his cum.”

I smiled back. “I can’t wait.”

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