Danielle Ch. 2

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The phone was ringing again and again. It was already 9 a.m. but Mike was still sleeping since his wife Maggie was on that vacation trip to Turkey. Slowly he was getting up and walking to the fucking phone that disturbed his sweet dreams.

“Hello?” he said in an unfriendly tone. “Hi Mike, this is Danielle. How are you doing this morning?” a wonderful voice was answering. Mike was wide awake instantly. “Uh, good morning Danny. I am fine, thanks. How about you?” Mike remembered last evening when an invitation to dinner turned into a wild night filled with awesome sex with his wife’s best friend. “Not so good,” Danielle answered, ” I am not sure on how I think about what happened yesterday. After all, Maggie is my best friend. But I could not stop myself…”

“So what do you suggest we do now, Danny? What happened, happened! We can not make it undone!”, Mike said. “Do you want to make it undone, Mike?”, she asked. “No, Danny, it was wonderful. You are wonderful.”

“Mike, would you mind if I came to your house?” Danielle asked, ” I really need to see you.” eve gelen escort Mike did not hesitate when he said: “Please hurry, honey. I need you, too.”

Mike hurried to take a fast shower before Danielle arrived. When he was about finished the door bell rang. He just put a towel around his waist and opened the door. There she stood, Danielle with her beautiful brown hair in a pony tail, her full red lips smiling. Mike remembered when these lips were covered with his cum last evening and got a hard one right there. Thru her pink t-shirt he could see her nipples were erected, too.

“Oh, Mike, we really shouldn’t…” was all Danielle could say before they kissed like two people thirsting for water. Their tongues were exploring each others mouths and they hugged never wanting to let go. “This feels so right, Danny,” Mike said when they finally let go, “you are so beautiful!” Danielle had tears in her eyes when she said: “Mike, I know we agreed not to, but I think I fall in love with you. I am so wet because I need your fucking, fatih escort but also because it is so wrong what we do. Help me please, love me…” Mikes answer was another long and deep kiss. He removed her shirt and saw that she didn’t wear a bra. His hands were all over her body, especially touching her great tits.

“Please, Mike. I want to fuck you in the bed you share with your wife” Mike lifted her up and carried Danielle to their bed. Maggie’s night gown was still lying there but nobody cared. He threw Danielle on the bed where she hurried to get her pants off. She wasn’t even wearing underwear. Her wet pussy lay right in front of Mikes face and he dug in. Danielle was crying out loud and held his head so he would not stop sucking her. When Mikes tongue wandered to her ass hole, licking her there, she climaxed instantly. “Mike, you fucking bastard. What are you doing to me?” she cried. “You get what you deserve, you bitch” he answered. “And now you get the fuck of your life time!”

With that he rammed his swollen dick into halkalı anal yapan escort her pussy as far as it would go. Danielle cried out again, this time even louder. There was some pain, too, but it felt absolutely fantastic to her, feeling Mike deep inside her body. She had not fucked for so long and the few times after the birth of her child six years ago were not that good. But now she found her perfect sex partner.

Mike pushed his dick in and out of her, changing the speed from slow to fast. Had the sex with Maggie been ever that good? Right now, feeling Danielle so intensively he would say no. And could he ever stop wanting to sleep with her?

“Oh, yes, sweetheart, fuck me. Please don’t stop!” she sighed while Mike was fucking her from behind. He loved the sound of their bodies banging together. As he was reaching his orgasm Danielle said: “Don’t cum inside me, I could get pregnant…” But it was too late. He shot the biggest load ever inside her wide open cunt. “Oh, Danny, I am sorry…”

“It is alright, sweetheart. What happens will happen!” she said as their tongues met again. What was he doing? He just fucked his wife’s best friend for the second time in two days and she said she was falling in love with him. And if that was not enough he didn’t even use a condom and might have made her pregnant. Was he insane?

…to be continued…

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