Dark Seduction – Skillful Descent

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Skills – Back Against the Wall


When Miss Ashley Dithers asked me to fix her computer I was all for it. We set a time and day and I was all set for a few hours of matching wits with spammers and data miners. I packed up a nice, fairly standard set of programs and pieces of hardware and headed to her place, a quiet section of town I’d always avoided because it was so quiet.

I also avoided the place because of the security measures employed by damn near every home owner in the neighborhood. If you looked at the statistics a black male will be pulled over by the cops if he stays there for more than ten minutes… and it takes fifteen to walk through the place. Fortunately I have transportation and a Reason to be there.

Her home wasn’t quite fabulous, though there was certainly attention paid to appearances. The lawn was perfectly manicured. The flower bed was vacant, but even so it was well maintained. Out of habit I let my eyes scan for the visible cameras and spotted six!!

I hesitated. After shaking bad Thoughts from my head I exited my car, picked up my backpack and tool case and headed for the front door. Ashley answered the doorbell wearing a pink sweatshirt and matching jogging pants. On her feet was a pair of slip on designer shoes… also pink. I don’t like pink, but on her it was not only acceptable… she looked good. Better than when I normally saw her; the perfectly starched and creased business suits always made her look anal retentive. Probably a good thing; bank managers have to be a bit stiff.

Inside the placed was in transition. From the rumor mill I’d heard about her recent divorce… with recent being a relative term. Given the somewhat ease of the comments I placed the divorce at no less than six months. The living room was filled with an assortment of boxes and new furniture. She asked that I pardon the mess. I chuckled softly and asked how things were going.

Just making general chat is easy… only when I know I’m being watched. And it wasn’t just her gray-blue eyes on my body that had me on edge; the place felt like it was under scrutiny. Once inside her bedroom I took a moment to really look around.

“You feel it too? Like you’re being watched?” That settled it. Though I jokingly said it was because of the security in the neighborhood I made it a point to quietly place several monitor programs on her computer.

I’d noticed that instead of a modem her tower was plugged into the wall. Nice and convenient if you plan on staying… or snooping. As I started my examination I came to admire Ashley; she was pretty good at hiding her sensitive stuff. Nowhere near my league, but her efforts would keep someone from simply opening her private files and uploading them anywhere with less than a thought and three mouse-clicks.

However… as I was about to load an anti-viri/spyware program one of my alarm programs beeped a message. Ashley asked if something was wrong and I quickly and smoothly dismissed it as a standard alert. But it was nothing of the sort; someone already had backdoor access to her computer. My program could easily kill their access… but I chose Plan B: Spy-vs.-Spy. I finished my work… all of it… while keeping Ashley occupied with idle chatter about the really mundane things that everyone knows.

I also gave her a demonstration of what I’d done. This was not because she needed it; I needed to buy enough time to activate the white noise generator in my backpack. I gave it five seconds to kick in… then told Ashley what I’d discovered and what I’d done. I also told her I wanted to make sure there weren’t any camera’s inside the house… those small, micro-mini fuckers that can be easily tucked away.

* * * *

The only hard part was shaking the feeling that Ashley would let something slip. I was jazzed at the possibility of busting her ex-hubby for trying to gain some form of leverage against her. Yet… the way she seemed to utterly… cool… bothered me.

What I discovered about the back door was sobering, but also very childish. The program gave the snoop complete viewing pleasure from the array of secret cameras hidden in every room in the place… including the bathroom. I also discovered that the door was hidden. Just hidden.

See… if you hide something you inevitably leave clues as to where it is. What was not on her computer… and I checked three times… was a program to warn the snoop when the gig was up. Arrogant; just what one would expect from a hubby. He even had a bonus; Ashley got the house. Since she didn’t know, all he had to do was modify the program a bit… if at all. Even before I started prepping to trace the lines I figured he had at least one connection to his terminal in his law office and another at his new doss… probably in his personal office.

It took some time to get things just as I wanted them. Fortunately I was able to ghost a massive Kurtköy Grup Escort drive to a replay function. Just the thing for recording her going about her usual ritual. I timed the loop perfectly; Ashley was online waiting for me.

* * * *

Is it him?

Checking… I glanced at the second monitor and smiled briefly. Talk about arrogant; he had a similar masking routine on the computers I’d predicted. Similar… but a bit outdated when compared to the stuff on Ashley’s computer. Confirmed.

Figures. Are there cameras as well?


Show me.

Negative; action not recommended.

I… see. Thank you.

If I was a bit bothered before I was paranoid now. I’d spoken in my usual clipped Shadow-Speak. It’s not something normal people deal with easily. Ashley broke our chat session. Via the main monitor I was able to watch her prepare for bed. Now… knowing you have eyeballs in the home, you’d think she’d take care to not get undressed in any light source. Not her; she moved as if there was nothing wrong. I wasn’t sure if I should be happy… or terrified.

She didn’t go into the bathroom… and I was glad. I wasn’t sure, but judging from the camera angle on one of the mini-screens hubby had a thing for watching her pee. I was just surprised he didn’t have one tied into the toilet proper… to watch No. 2; he’s a sick fucker. Sick… but damn good at installing the cameras. I knew where they were because I’d pulled up a 3-D layout of her place. Don’t ask; I’d have to kill you.

There was not one corner of that place we could not view. Well… beneath the bed, but unless you can teleport he’ll see you. The microphones were a bit harder to place, but I wasn’t too worried about them. They fed their input into her computer before shipping them his way… or wherever I chose to ship them. So… after about one hour of watching Ashley sleep in one position I looped the track, fed it his way… and commanded her computer to start playing happy hardcore.

Are we secure?


Thank you. I was getting a bit tired of the cloak and dagger stuff.

*chuckles* Sorry… old habits die hard. Speaking of which… you played your part well.

I’ve been married to a lawyer for twenty-five years. Long enough to have picked up more than a few useful tricks; that put my mind at ease… slightly. If she was good enough to almost hold her own against him I had to be very careful.

He even has a camera in the bathroom… aimed just right to watch you…pee.

I see. Well… I think I can take it from here. How much do I owe you for everything?

The computer repair is $25 as we agreed on before all of this. The rest… call it me being me.

Actually… I was thinking about something more… tangible.

My stomach fell. I almost broke the connection, but instead typed: Ma’am… I know this is gonna sound strange… but I’d rather not get involved with anything like that.

You would be doing me a big favor. I always make due on my favors.

Bank manager married to shady lawyer with shadier habits and fetishes… and into their divorce walks… me.


We are divorced because I caught him cheating on me with his secretary… and he got the dumb cunt pregnant. But the real truth as to why he cheated… was because I refused to give in to his fetishes. I was not one of his club-sluts.

In the twenty-five years… I gave him oral sex only one and denied him anal. I offer both to you… along with something I absolutely refused to allow: me in bondage.

* * * *

Still here. Processing.

Yeah… processing a shitload of legal problems if I even gave serious consideration to this scheme. And I did. I could easily spoof her ex-hubby’s system long enough for a quickie. A full blown BDSM session would be a challenge… and that was tempting in its own right. The challenge… not the Session. Ashley’s attractive; she’s definitely MILF worthy. But tied up in leather and such? Nope. I pondered trying to haggle… but she dealt with his sorry ass and people trying to duck loan payments or wiggle more while paying squat.

Then… there was the favor. I mean… after all of the sex and funky memories, that had better be seriously big ju-ju.

Suddenly… inspiration. Pause: does he have video of you in the house?

Interesting. Can you find out?

If they are on a connected terminal, yes. If not… things were well beyond my skill set.

Proceed. Shit.

I don’t know why I did it. Sleazing through his security measures was less than a thought. I covered my tracks perfectly… and found what I was looking for. He actually had a schedule up. I snatched it and sent a copy to Ashley.

Can you assist?


I waited. Then she typed: Can you see me now?

I activated the monitor. Ashley sat in her executive’s chair… Kurtköy Manken Escort her legs draped over the arms. The web camera gave a fairly good view… and yes he actually had that camera in his arsenal as well.

“You really are serious… aren’t you.” Her hands froze. The gentle squishing that I’d filtered out now drifted through my room… distracting me.

“You can hear…”

“Everything,” I chuckled. “Sorry; I’ve been blocking the sound as well. And I don’t snoop.”

“No; you wouldn’t.”

“So… why did you ask me?”

“Because you’ve always been nice to me, even when I denied your car loan.” Shit… she remembered that?!?!?

“Then there’s the fact that no one at the bank knows anything about your social life. You are quite handsome.” She was warming up… in more ways than conversation. I switched off the monitor… after several long seconds. Great… I’ve been Meat to her for… what… six years?

“Thanks. But I’d feel a shitload better if he wasn’t even in the picture.” Understatement.

“So you accept. Good.” What? WAIT!!!

“Hold on!! Before we get into that… I don’t know if he’s got hard copies out and about.”

“Leave that to me. I just need you to make sure his eyes stay open and fixed here.”

As if the planning wasn’t strange enough… she was still masturbating. Probably thought I was still watching her. I listened to the sounds of her rising arousal… and was tempted to take a peek.

“How can I contact you when I am ready?”

I wanted to say, “Don’t.” But From the way her tone was set in stone I figured I was in too deep already. So I gave her a program that would remain undetected.

“Thank you. Good Night.” Dismissed.

Like hell. I activated the monitor. One screen showed Ashley finishing her self love session. The center screen was Code. So far I’d been swamped by her cool demeanor. That was over; I didn’t mean to get involved in this shit. But I will get out… hopefully with my ass still attached. First thing first… get up to speed on Ashley Dithers and her ex.

Information is Power. I let the predatory smile creep onto my face as I ran into my first firewall. Time to Work.


Skills – Filtered Data


“I just don’t know…”

Funny hearing those words from him; you’d think he’d just give up and have the apple hit him on the head. He’s good at gathering information but blows chunks when putting it together. Actually… he’s not bad. But until he gets over Bethany dumping him he won’t.

He still believes it’s because of something he did. If he did anything… it was being the Perfect Mate. Kind. Caring. Attentive to the smallest detail. Respectful to a damn fault. Funny that this Ashley broad chose blackmail; ask him and he’ll do it. It’s one of the main reasons I decided to help… tossing in a freebie in the bargain. Naturally he was suspicious; I NEVER give freebies.

We are not friends in the traditional sense. I met him in college. Even then his skills in the Matrix were legendary… as was the fact that he’d never been busted. I helped him through the Bethany thing… and kept the Truth from him. He still doesn’t know.

It’s not pity either; he’s had his share of Good and Bad Times. Besides… I don’t think I’m capable of that emotion. No… I gave him a freebie because of something he didn’t do: keep tabs on her or help her select Moments when she could safely do the nasty beneath ex-hubby’s prying eyeballs. Perfect gentleman… even when he’s being blackmailed; the guy’s a Do-Gooder if they ever existed.

What good is a lone Hero?

* * * *

What I discovered was quite a tale indeed. The video files were not only sex flicks, but tossed into the mix were several business related files. I know very little about the machinations lawyers employ but he seemed almost legit. I even give him marks for asking Ashley for the wild side of sex he snuck out to enjoy.

Her dismissal is what interested me… and him. It was short, curt, and any pushing on his part got him so much ice. His paranoia got the best of him and we have Snoop Vision Extreme. If I were him I’d wonder if she wasn’t getting some action on the side as well.

Of course… he got addicted to watching. It gave him a power that was intoxicating and addictive. From there… it was only a matter of Time and Luck. I still do not have a clue what tipped Ashley off. On the surface it looks like just a random coincidence. But Gooder doesn’t buy it… and I trust his instincts. Then there’s the fact that she chose to remain in the house. Sure she had it designed and built to her specs. Maybe she was emotionally attached.

Now… the divorce wasn’t messy but it could have been much easier on him had the girl in question not known about at least two others in his rotation. That caught him off guard… according to the video file of Kurtköy Masöz Escort the trial. Yeah… I would think the same thing: not a very good idea from either one. So… why did Ashley insist? And why did he agree? THAT one I could almost tag to his ego… but her take tends to add to the uneasy queasy in my stomach.

* * * *

Digging into her background was easier than I expected… once I found the Key.

Ashley Dithers… 54 years old. Divorced at age 53. Married twenty-five years. And the trail suddenly ends at age 24… where the first mention of her is a bank account in her name. Suspicious… but these day it’s nothing uncommon. Nor are the methods of finding out just what happened before she turned twenty-four.

Turns out all she did was change the spelling of her first name and drop the last. Not fancy, but effective enough to dodge her incarcerated ex-lover. He’s the reason she won’t do the BDSM scene; he walked in the circles that many claim don’t exist. I know they do; I’ve pulled three Subs from masters who went too far. This guy had a Stable and regularly pimped them at local bars and other popular venues, where looking to score with ‘shadowy-elements’ was a sport.

So she made good when she got away; that put a smile on my face… for a split second. Those who manage to escape on their own can usually be counted on for predatory actions: strike first and last. While it wasn’t outright blackmail, her past definitely had a hand in how she dealt with Gooder.

There was one thing; Ashley got a call from someone in the town where she escaped the jail-bird. It was the only time she left one of Gooder’s Visible Trails of Invisibility. One saving grace: it happened before the troubles began with her ex-husband. Even so, she moved with a shitload of stealth; Ashley even rented a car under an assumed name.

She went out of her way to visit a woman. Jill Moore… one of her fellow Pets; Jill wanted to stay in town and make a life for herself. Too bad many in the town were somewhat unwilling to forget what she’d been forced to do… or let her forget. Ashley helped get her out of town… just days before the creep was released.

She spent her entire marriage looking over her shoulder… wondering if he’d gotten to Jill… or was trying to find her. Ashley’s testimony was crucial in putting him in jail… and for the severity of the sentence if you believe his jail-house confession/rant. She can rest easy; bad drug deal plus trigger happy rookie cop equals dead scumbag. But… I don’t think she knows. If I’m right… just taking a look there would scare her senseless.

Unless she could test herself first. Enter : Do-Gooder.

* * * *

I explained my plan carefully. He listened without asking any questions… something I wish my students would consider attempting once in a purple moon.

First… help her get free from ex-hubby. That part was tricky since exposing his spy system might just drag this into the Media spotlight. He’d want to avoid it… and she’s probably trying her best to fight off Flashbacks. I asked Gooder if he could take a look at when Ex-hubby was on an extended leave from both terminals… and suggested Ashley take a similar vacation. From there… it was on Gooder.

Next… what to do about Ashley’s compensation offer. He wanted to reject it out of hand. And I have to admit that a Hero would turn it down in an instant… and Gooder is a Hero.

But the offer didn’t make any sense to me… especially after the tidbits I’d gathered about her past. If she intended to screw him… figuratively speaking… then it was pointless. Just ask him and he’ll do it… the Eternal Good Guy Code he lives. If she’s been studying him for six years she should know this. He says fear is her motivation. Fear of what?

No… there is something to her request… and the only way to find out is to take her up on it.


Skills – Assets


I sat in front of my monitors… all dead and black. Ol’ Man Scratch was right… as always; it didn’t make any sense. Why would someone with a bad stretch of abuse from a Significant Other entertain even one BDSM Session… when she denied another S.O. the same thing? Revenge? Sounds good… and I bought it… at first; now I’m not so sure.

There is also the memory of her masturbating during my Shadow Session I provided. Maybe it was sexual frustration, but she didn’t stop when she knew I was looking. I even checked the video file; she didn’t stop until it was almost time to Return to Normal.

In three hours I was going to signal Ashley and arrange for another Shadow Session. Not because I wanted to watch her masturbate; I had questions. I also had a plan… thanks to Scratch. Three hours.

I used the time to ask myself some serious questions about accepting the sexual activities as Payment. First… it made me feel like a cheap whore. I don’t mind money for work; even favors have their uses. But sex as payment never really set well with me, and I’ve seen it more times than I care to remember. Second… if Scratch is right about her past the Bondage thing simply doesn’t make sense. I’d think she’d want to avoid that at all costs.

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