Date Night Ch. 04

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Big Tits

((My apologies to the loyal readers who’ve left numerous comments on my little story. Truth is, I was actually in an online chat-room when I wrote the story. Someone there asked the question, “Hmmm, I feel like a going on a date and getting spoiled. Anyone have any ideas?” In answering the question, this story flew out of my fingers. There was no preconception or forethought. I just started pounding keys, and four hours later, you see the result. (Of course, I did a bit of editing the next morning before posting it.) As I flew through writing it, I got so hung up on the story within the story, that I did forget to end it. I appreciate the feedback reminding me of my egregious error.))


After I stopped talking there was a long pause. Silence on the other end of the phone. I worried that my story was so boring or uninteresting to my girl that she either hung up or fell asleep. I looked down at my phone to ensure that we were still connected. Yep. As I brought it back up to my ear I hear my girl humming in a low-voice, “Mmmm…. Ohhh, darling…. What a wonderful story.”

“Did you like it? Really? You were so quiet that I sort of worried that I put you to sleep. We’ve never really done anything Kurtköy Fetiş Escort like that, or even talked about it, so I was worried that you hung up or fell asleep.”

She replied, “Oh no, just the opposite! It was so hot, and I was touching myself all over, and I muted my end of the line so that my moans and…… mmmmmm, cumming wouldn’t distract you. I didn’t want you to stop telling the story, so I muted myself.”

Luckily I was lying down because after an ego boost like that, I’d have trouble balancing my head atop my shoulders. “You were cumming as I told the story? Oh, fuck.” I had to pause for a bit as I envisioned her touching herself and cumming while I was talking, “Wow, I’m glad you liked it.” I’m sure she could see my smile from the tone of my voice.

“Oh, I suuure did, lover,” she interrupted. “I especially liked the part with being exposed to a stranger like that. And then having her join in the fun. That was SO hot.”

“Thank you, sweetheart. I….”

Interrupting me again, “Oh, I have questions though. Why the three glasses? What was going on with the third glass? And do you really think a random waitress would actually join in on something like that? Kurtköy Gecelik Escort And….”

My turn to interrupt, “Wait, wait, wait. One at a time. Let’s see, the third glass. I’d thought about it having a Viagra tablet crushed up in it. And I suppose that could still make the story interesting if we kept it going after the drive home. Then I also thought about it having a half tablet of sleeping pill crushed up in it, to make the blackout more reasonable. Honestly, I threw that into the story to leave myself options for later, but then the story ended, and I didn’t need to elaborate. So, I haven’t decided what was in it. Besides, it leaves a bit of mystery which is kind of fun. Don’t you think?”

A bit of a pause to make sure I was finished, she replied, “Ok. Fair enough. Then what about the waitress? That’s a little random. Kind of unrealistic, don’t you think?”

My reply, “Only unrealistic if you didn’t know the waitress beforehand. Perhaps she was a former roommate that you noticed working as we entered the lobby, or perhaps your hairdresser working for tips at night, or maybe you just noticed a gleam in her eye when you two had that silent conversation? Plus there was Kurtköy Genç Escort that one stroke-session where I didn’t even notice her returning to the box until I looked up and saw her standing there. You could have chatted quietly then too. So, there were a few opportunities to make sure she was okay with everything and make a plan together. Again, I was so caught up in the story that I didn’t want to get bogged down in those details, but I’ll admit they are potential holes.”

Then in a mock-serious voice, with a hint of giggle as well, I said, “Besides, I thought you liked the story? Why are you shooting it down?”

Now hearing a giggle on her end of the phone, she quipped back at me, “Maybe because my favorite show is happening at the theater downtown next month. Perhaps I’m considering putting a little plan of my own into motion…”

I wonder if she heard my jaw hit the floor before she continued, “Mmmm, thanks for the story, sweetie. After all that cumming, I think I’m ready to sleep now. Good thing I’m on a full size bed so I don’t have to sleep on this big wet spot. Good night, sweetie. Love, you. I’ll see you soon. Drive careful when you come up tomorrow night.”

As I was about to reply with a goodnight of my own, I heard the phone click. Wow, she must’ve cum pretty hard. I’ll be she’s already asleep. Smiling to myself, I wondered if she’s messing with me, or if there really is a show coming to town next month. Great, now I’ll NEVER get to sleep. The tease is already on…

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