David’s Stepmom Ch. 1

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My stepmom arrived on the scene several years ago from the east coast. I knew my dad was going to be a happy man from then on, and you can be sure he was. Sophie was her first name, but she went by Carol. Nonetheless, I came up with the nickname “Soap” early on, and it stuck. I remember fondly when I used to play basketball with her; my waist brushing against her behind and her girlish smile as she would score the occasional hoop on me.

Though now in her early 40’s, Carol still has an incredible body. When she leans over her behind is tight and shapely against the tight black pants she brought with her from New York.

Occasionally at the dinner table she would bend over and I couldn’t help but look over at those round hips. Four years ago Carol had a baby with my dad. My dad liked to talk about how he was sure she became pregnant on their first try – and I believe it – you could tell she was flushed and plumb with fertility. But that didn’t change a thing. She was still as shapely (and I’m sure just as fertile) as ever and increasingly I found myself fantasizing about her. It stared when she’d come into my room at night and give me back-massages. Her smooth hands felt like heaven against me, and I could swear that she was trying to be sensual with them, knowing that she turned me on.

“Relax, David. You’re so tense,” she would say. I’d fantasize about Carol coming into my room at night when my dad was asleep and sitting on me, I kneading her full, succulent breasts. Her breasts are perhaps her best feature. So big and juicy; I’d look down her bra as she leans over to zip up my jacket or put plates on the table, in her sweet, motherly way.

My teenage sister was never anywhere near as beautiful as my stepmother. She knew this and became jealous of the attention my dad and I gave to this older woman. Even in my sister’s most beautiful years – age 16 or 17 – you could see clearly in a photo of antalya escort them trying on skirts that Carol had a much rounder, fuller figure, her long dark brown hair flowed gracefully down over her breasts. She is slender, yet her breasts and hips are round and full with softness and that beautifully tender skin.

When Carol was downstairs talking on the phone with that sweet sexy voice, I’d find myself in the bedroom soaking up the scent of her bras and panties, listening to her voice and imagining how it would sound under the covers with her smooth, voluptuous thighs on me.

Sometimes in the morning when she thought I was asleep she’d walk by my room and I got the pleasure of seeing her full figure; her baby-white skin and those cute little feet thumping softly on the wooden floor. Having the baby several years before clearly hadn’t change Carol’s hips and butt. Her bottom stuck up tightly against her panties like the 16 year-old girls’ I flirt with at school. I guess it’s just nature’s way of letting you know that she’s still ripe with fertility.

My dad went away on business trips quite often, and I think my stepmother was becoming a little lonely. And her body was so ripe with womanhood, in want of a younger, more vibrant sex life. Indeed, in want of someone she really deserved.

One night when my dad was away and Carol was cooking dinner for me, she leaned all the way over to clean up something on the floor, and, my dad not being there, I jumped at the chance to take in that beautiful rump. I could see her pussy lips faintly outlined through her pants. Carol’s lovely behind was a foot away from my face! I immediately became hard, and couldn’t believe how good she looked. Carol seemed to realize this and righted herself and pulled at her tight panties a bit (I guess she had a wedgy). She flushed a little and looked at me with her eyes wide, knowing what I must be thinking. She giggled kemer escort and then smiled at me, then, clearly embarrassed, went to put her young son to bed.

That night Carol came into my room with some laundry and a bright, eager look in her eyes. Right then I knew what she had been thinking about that whole evening. Carol bent over to put my clothes away for me, and again, I found that beautiful backside right in my face.

Still, even with that glazed look in her eyes, I couldn’t be sure that she was on to me. It was just too risky to try to make it with her. I’m a shy person and my family – could you imagine if anyone found out I’d tried to hit on my own stepmother! I’d have to live with her knowing that I wanted her, too. But here I was face with the sexiest woman I could imagine, her soft feminine body within my grasp; my father’s wife!

I didn’t know what to do with her. Soap.

So I just looked down and waited for her to see what my eyes were locked on. Our eyes met and I could tell by that flirtatious smile that something was going to happen, that I was no longer just going to be her polite stepson. I was instantly overwhelmed and in a moment I had given in to desire and our lust flooded into the open and we gave ourselves to each other.

I took her soft, graceful body in my arms and picked up her 135 pounds of succulent flesh and lifted her onto me, her head on my shoulder. She wrapped her legs around me.

“Oh, David!” she gasped.

Carol and I quickly rushed into her bedroom, and I set her down, thighs up, her cute little toes in the air. She lay there with a seductive smile as I unzipped her and spread her pale thighs. She turned her head and looked at me like a little virgin and took off her blouse, revealing those taught, perfectly large breasts under a bra. Carol knew what she was worth.

She looked up at me, her adorable konyaaltı escort yet innocent face looking up at me with anticipation. I lifted those warm thighs, so soft with white feminine skin, and she unzipped my pants and uncovered my eager young cock. I wasn’t going to wait. I thrust my meat into my stepmother’s now wet love hole and savored the moist warmth of her vagina. She took me and kissed me, a long French kiss that conveyed our just-surfaced lust for each other. Her breath was sweet and filled my lungs with fertile womanhood, as she exhaled. She kissed me with a passion that amazed me.

I slowly started working her, and could hear the soft slurping sound of my dick sliding in and out of her. Carol was softly rocking her tender pussy against me and I turned her over and sat her on top of me and savored the sight of her pretty face as I stuck my dick back into her. Carol’s labia were tight around my cock and was so smooth as her inner thighs slapped down on me. I grasped her butt cheeks and kneaded them like she had my shoulders so many times. Her cheeks were full of flesh – fat and muscle in perfect proportion, wrapped tenderly in baby-soft pale white skin.

“Ohh, David, oooooohh!” she gasped.

My stepmother looked down at me and kissed me, and we paused to rest and contemplate what had just come to pass.

I continued my humping though, and her head bobbed up and down with the force as she looked at me with doe-eyes and a contented smile. I felt by balls smack up against her plugging her up, harder and harder, her lips tight around my dick. I squeezed her breasts into her until she moaned and said,

“Oh yes David, yes! Yes!”

My stepmom was giving herself to me and squealing little woman sounds while I pumped her and pumped her and shot my cum deep, deep into her pink, fleshy pudding. Carol’s cheeks slapped against me, jolting with every spurt of my cock, her ass slapped down repeatedly and the whole room filled with a sweet slapping sound. ‘Soap’ couldn’t get enough of me.

As she was riding me I looked up at the picture of Soap and my dad on the wall. I wondered what he’d think hearing his wife moan as she cheated with his own son!

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