Dawn Awakening

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His hand slipped up her leg, dragging the hem of her satin nightdress higher as it crept.

The sensation just registered with her, waking her gently from sleep. Opening her eyes, she saw the faintest glow of dawn through the curtains. It must be about 5.45. Still early. Her ears strained to listen for any sound of movement. Nothing. Then she remembered, the house was empty. The children had stayed in their aunts overnight for a sleepover with their cousins.

They had planned a nice evening together the night before. A few glasses of wine over dinner. But the wine quickly went to her head and after a busy week in the office, they decided that the best gift they could give each other was a good night’s sleep.

But Luca was used to waking up early. And even though they had nothing to wake up for, he woke nonetheless. He glanced over and seeing his wife sleeping beside him, he stirred. She was so beautiful. Her dark hair tumbled across the pillow, curling across her shoulder. His eyes followed down to her breasts, which rose and fell with each breath, lace and satin cupping them.

He missed her. Taking her in, he reached out and brushed his hand up her thigh and began to trace up and down lightly along the inside. He felt her shiver and saw her eyelids flutter. Her hand went to his and he knew she was awake.

‘Mmm’, she murmurred, smiling.

‘Morning Maeve’, he whispered as his hand moved to her upper arm, stroking. He pulled the thin strap down off her shoulder, exposing her breast. 15 years together and the sight of her tits still got him off.

Her rose coloured american jigolo izle nipple was hard and contrasted against her pale skin. He leaned closer and began kissing her neck while his hands cupped her breast, thumb circling across her nipples.

She was so turned on, it had been too long. Her hand ran down his side pulling him closer. She moved it across his front and immediately felt his erection. She remembered the first time they slept together, how big it felt in her small hands and how worried she was that he would hurt her. But now, even holding it she felt ready for him… she reached into his boxers and grasped her fingers around his girth, slowly running her thumb across the bead of moisture gathered at the tip.

She looked up at him. His brown hair was starting to grey at the temples. His eyes were full of heat. He was serious. His head moved down and took her nipple in his mouth. Then the other one. His hand pushed her knees apart and went straight to her mound, stroking her everywhere softly, teasing. Then in slow firm circles her focused in on her clit.

She gasped as he worked on her, making her grip his arm and whimper into his kisses. Then he pushed his middle finger into her. She opened up to him, allowing him to probe into her tightness. He then added another finger, reaming her in and out, his thumb continuing to press into her clit. He wasn’t gentle, but he didn’t care. He wanted to give his wife everything. And by the slickness on his fingers and her urging him on, she loved it.

She pulled his hand away, twisting andropoz izle down the bed until she was level with his hard shaft. She took it in her mouth, her soft lips parting and taking a good 3/4 of him on the first bob. He could never get over how this woman, who was such a sweet mother to his children, was so intense when they made love. She sucked him like her life depended on it, her tongue flicking his frenulum and her hands gently squeezing his balls. He pulled her legs over and she took the hint, straddling his face. His tongue lapped her while his hands gripped her hips pulling her in. The taste of her combined with the sensation of her hot mouth nearly made him lose it then and there.

“Please Maeve…”

She turned around and looked at him. She loved when he got desperate for her. Crawling back up to him she got on top. He positioned himself at her entrance and she slowly lowered herself down onto him. She felt herself stretch open.

“Luca… help me…”

He wrapped his arms around her, and pulled her onto him, thrusting the last few inches into her savagely in his urgency.

“Oh my god…ffffuck you feel so good”, she moaned as he hit her cervix.

She slowly began to ride him, getting wetter with every thrust. She heard him groan as she tightened her muscles around him.

“You’re still so tight baby… is this good?” He asked, as he slipped his hand between them and began to rub her clit.

“Uhhunnn yesss” she cried as she edged closer… she felt it spread through her… almost…

He flipped her over into missionary anne rices mayfair witches izle and began to thrust into her in earnest. Long, hard strokes… slamming into her…

Her breathing quickened, she spread her legs wider allowing him to press deeper into her, in out in out…

“I’m so close baby, please give me everything, I want it all”, she begged, her hands gripping is ass, urging him to fuck her with increased urgency.

He was glad she was close. So was he.

Luca fucked his wife with everything he had.

Then she began shaking… her legs bucked and she moaned into him, not making much sense…


“Come, baby, do it now”. He felt her pussy contract around him… he gripped her whole breast tight in one hand and her ass with the other, shoving himself into her again and again… his mouth suckling and kissing her neck, groaning in her ear, letting her know what she was doing to him…

“Yesss that’s ittt…”, he whispered, and began his own climax. He held her tightly as he began to come inside her, his hot seman shooting into her. She could feel it, filling her.

They stayed like that for a minute, catching their breath. When he finally slipped out of her, he wrapped her up and stroked her breasts softly.

“I’ve really missed this”, he said. “Since when did we stop prioritising ourselves?”

“I know… we’ve just been so busy”, she replied.

He kissed her shoulder. His hand moved down to her sensitive bud, soaked from the moments before, and ran his two fingers over it slowly.

“We need to make more time…”

Her orgasm was swift and strong. As his fingers worked her pussy, she came crashing around them. She felt his dick hardening again, pressing into her ass…

They were going to enjoy catching up on each other… at least until the kids came home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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