Dawn of a New Day Pt. 01

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My name is Nicole. I just celebrated my 35th birthday last week. It was a very happy day spending it with my parents, grandparents, family and friends. I’m a quiet, very private person. I am a teacher at an all-girls Catholic school in Northern California and attend mass every day with my students. When I am not working, I spend time volunteering at my church or I love reading romance novels.

I was raised with a strict Catholic upbringing creating a mindset that also caused me sadness that day. As I reflected on my life, I’ve had many great times, but I’ve never been with a man. That’s right, I’m a 35-year-old virgin. In fact, I have never experienced any sexual pleasure as it was ingrained in my head that a good catholic girl saves herself for marriage. Even masturbation was a sin. Biologically, you wouldn’t know I was a virgin. When I was 16 years old, I was playing softball and started to bleed from my vagina. I had ruptured what the Sisters of the Order of Saint Joseph called God’s way of keeping women pure. The nuns taught us that sex was only to have children and that any carnal enjoyment would be an express ticket to hell. I believed that and took it to heart. It was easy through fear for me to avoid any temptations.

The day ended with one final gift. My younger sister Lauren Skyped near the end of the party to let me know she arranged a trip for me. She was at a conference in Dallas and couldn’t attend the party. Rather than travel back to California, she was going directly to Las Vegas and I was to meet her there for a girl’s weekend.

The night before we were going to meet, she called me to confirm all the details once again. She also reminded me, “Remember, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.”

Saturday morning came. My father drove me to the airport and told me, “Have fun, enjoy yourself. Go a little crazy.” He meant that as a dad. His idea of crazy is to stay up past midnight, maybe have a second glass of wine. I quietly laughed to myself.

The flight was uneventful. I stepped off the plane and walked to the arrivals area expecting to see Lauren. Instead, a man in a black suit was holding up a sign with my name on it. He greeted me, took my bag and led me to a limousine at the curb. He held the door open for me. As we pulled away, I was a very curious and just slightly nervous. I didn’t know this man and I had no idea where we were going. After a short ride we pulled into the large circular driveway of the Bellagio Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip. I’ve done my fair share of traveling but I have never seen a hotel this large and lavish, it bordered gaudy.

Lauren was waiting for me at the front door. I hadn’t seen her in a while and she looked great. She ran up to me, gave me a huge hug and yelled, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I have a bunch of things planned. Let’s get your suitcase upstairs and let the festivities begin.”

The room was unimaginable. It was the size of the house we grew up in. It had a living room with a view of the Strip. We each had our own bedroom and bathroom, all with the same remarkable view. In the center of the living room was a large hot tub. It looked like a dozen people could fit in it. This was like a dream.

I asked her, “How can you afford this?”

“Don’t worry about that. I work hard so I can, so not another word. Okay?”

“Fine by me,” I said.

“We have a three o’clock appointment for a full body massage at a day spa on Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas. I’ve been there in the past; I know the owner. The spa has plenty of amenities, I think you are really going to enjoy it.”

“It sounds wonderful.”

We went downstairs to the main floor; it was my first time in a casino. It must have had 10,000 slot machines, each one was ringing or playing some kind of music. People were at card tables hunched over and at the Craps table people were cheering. It was a surreal carnival atmosphere.

Lauren sat down at a Blackjack table. She pulled out a stack of cash and peeled off three $100 bills. Her first bet was $100. She drew a 9 and a Jack, the dealer had a 6 showing.

“Stand.” she said. The dealer flipped his other card, a 5. He drew one more card. It was a King.

“21, dealer wins.” he said. And that quick, her $100 was gone.

She played 2 more hands and lost both times. She wasn’t upset, she politely thanked the dealer and got up from the table. My baby sister was a very different person from the girl I remember at St. Mary’s High School. We both had the same parents, education and upbringing, yet she seems so worldly and care free. I suddenly felt incredibly naïve.

I asked her, “Where did you learn to play Blackjack?”

“I come to Vegas on business often. You start to pick up a few things here and there. You just can’t be afraid to try new things. This is one of my favorite cities to stay. It is an adult playground.”

“But the money, you lost $300 in five minutes!”

“It’s not like I play the entire time I’m in town silly. I could just as easily sit in one of the sports Esenyurt escort bayan books and watch a football or baseball game, have a glass of wine or just go to my room. In fact, that is my normal time in Las Vegas. This is a special weekend though.”

I was impressed and even a little jealous of Lauren. She’s five years younger than me but seems so many years more mature. It was time for us to leave for the spa. We went outside and had the doorman hail a cab for us. I was very excited; I’d never had a massage and had no idea if I would even enjoy it.

Lauren could tell I was a little nervous and said, “You are going to love the way a massage will make you feel. It’s not just the massage itself but the whole spa experience.” She added, “You do know that the best way to enjoy the full effect of the massage is to be completely naked, right?”

“Completely naked? I don’t keep on my underwear or get some kind of cover-up? I’ve never been naked in front of anyone.”

Lauren had a look of surprise on her face. “Never? Well, don’t be nervous. These people are professionals. They do this all day long. Just trust me, you’ll thank me later. They offer all kinds of services to make you feel special. Take advantage of everything. Like I said, trust me. You won’t have any regrets.”

We arrived on Fremont Street. The outside of the spa was surprisingly unimpressive considering how Lauren spoke about it. The place looked like any other retail store front. Inside was clean, with dim lighting. A receptionist desk with a polite woman and several comfortable looking chairs were the only thing in the room. It looked like a doctor’s office. Lauren gave the receptionist our names.

We only waited for a few minutes. A door to the inner spa opened and two very attractive women greeted us.

“Hello, my name is Katie. Which one is Lauren?” Lauren raised her hand.

The other woman said, “Then you must be Nicole. I’m Casey, I’ll be your personal attendant during your visit with us. I’d be happy to take care of anything you might need. How long have the two of you been together?”

Lauren and I laughed simultaneously and I said, “All her life, we’re sisters.”

“Oh! I didn’t realize that. You don’t look alike. I’m sorry, I thought you were a couple.”

Lauren told the two women, “It is Nicole’s birthday weekend. We’re celebrating her 35th.”

Casey said, “Well, happy birthday Nicole. We’ll make this a very special session, I promise.”

Then she escorted me to a private area to change and prepare for my massage. She followed me into the room and said, “If you would like to clean up there is a shower available. I’ll help you undress and hang your clothes for you. When you are ready, I will escort you to your massage room.”

Although I was very apprehensive, I let her assist me. She took my heels off giving my feet a slight rub. It felt good. Then she unzipped my dress and it fell to the floor around my ankles. Casey picked it up and hung it in a closet. Next, she unhooked my bra, sliding her hands under the shoulder straps and pushing it off my breasts. It gave me goosebumps; my nipples grew hard. Then she ran her hands down my waste and slid her fingers into my panties gently pulling them off my hips so I could step out of them.

When I turned to face her, she saw that I was a very hairy woman and asked, “One of our services here is to trim your pubic area if you would like?”

Now I know what Lauren was talking about when she said take advantage of everything. With the exception of my Gynecologist, no one has ever seen my private area no less touch it. I was so shocked at the offer that I just said, “Sure!”

She went to a drawer at a small vanity and took out scissors, shave cream and a razor.

“Would you like me to just trim it down, shape it or go with a full baldy?”

I’ve read about women in the books I read being completely smooth. All I could think of was what Lauren said and I thought, why not. “Let’s get crazy with a full shave. I have never done that.”

She told me “You will love it. That’s how I groom myself. It’s such a clean feeling. Your man will love it too. It will entice him to go down on you and suck your pussy.”

I was so embarrassed. I didn’t tell her that I haven’t had that experience. I just let it go.

Casey sat me on a chair. She knelt down and spread my legs open. My vagina was fully exposed to this stranger. I was so nervous I just put my head back and closed my eyes. I could feel her clipping away, stopping several times to brush the curly hair away then starting again. I have to admit, the thought of this woman between my legs gave me a little tingle in that area. My eyes were still shut. I heard her put the scissors down and I could feel her spread shaving cream all over. Her touch felt good. As she used the razor, I could feel my heart beating and my breathing grew deep. When she came close to the edges of my intimate area, I let out a slight moan. Then Escort Etiler she had me stand and turn around. She shaved the area around my backside.

Casey said, “Feels good, doesn’t it? It is very erotic.”

She continued, shifting my legs around so she could get every last hair. It felt so different, I liked it.

“All done, take a look in the mirror, you look beautiful.”

I had to admit, it did look great and for the first time in my life, I felt a little sexy.

“That looks wonderful. You were right Casey; it does feel clean.”

She rubbed lotion on the area. My legs started to tremble as she delicately spread the cream across my sensitive parts. With my clothes and personal effects secured in a closet, she pulled out a very soft and fluffy terry cloth robe and helped me put it on. I sat back down on the chair so she could put slippers on my feet. It was time for my massage.

Casey showed me to the room. It was dimly lit, a small waterfall was running in a corner and soft music was playing at a low volume. The environment was very pleasant, it was warm and inviting. Lauren was already lying on a table. She was naked too. I didn’t realize what an incredible body my sister has. Her skin was smooth and bronze in color.

I asked, “Lauren, do you go to a tanning salon? You have no tan lines.”

She lifted her head and giggled, “No. This is a real suntan. I go to a nudist resort all the time to relax. You should try it sometime.”

I wasn’t surprised at her answer. She’s always been a free spirit, never afraid of anything. Nothing she says or does ever surprises me. I know she lost her virginity when she was 17. She’s had many boyfriends and I know at times some have spent the night at her condo. Deep down, I always thought to myself that some people may think she was a tramp. I never did, but it always worried me what other people thought of her. I just thought she was different.

I looked at her with envy, “Maybe one of these days I will shock you and go with you.”

“I would love that. It is so comfortable and feels liberating. You are a beautiful woman; you should be proud of your body.” Lauren replied.

Casey helped me take my robe and slippers off.

“Casey offered to groom me and I accepted. It is a new look for me, I decided to try something new. Are you surprised?” I asked as I stood in front of Lauren modeling my new look.

Lauren looked up, “That is wonderful. You have a pretty whoo-hoo.”

I was embarrassed when she said that but I let it go. Casey helped me onto the table. I laid face down as she covered me with a sheet.

“Is the temperature comfortable for both of you?” Casey asked.

Lauren responded for both of us, “Yes, it is fine.”

“Your massage therapist will be in shortly; his name is Logan. Enjoy and please let me know if you need anything,” Then, she walked out of the room.

I was alarmed. “It’s a man!”

“Of course it is. You don’t want another woman touching you all over or, do you?” she said giggling.

“Well, I guess not,” I said with concern.

The door opened and two men walked in. They were both gorgeous studs. Lauren’s therapist’s name was Kyle and she seemed to know him. Logan came over to my table to introduce himself.

“My name is Logan. It is my job to make sure you’re completely satisfied. Let me know what you need. I will start with your head and neck then work my way down to your feet. How does that sound?”

I was so scared. No one has ever touched my body and now this stranger is going to feel me all over. I reluctantly replied, “That sounds fine.”

As Logan started to rub and squeeze my neck and shoulders, I could hear Lauren moaning in the distance. I shifted my head to look at her. She was on her back. Her legs were spread and her mind seemed to be in another world as Kyle’s hands were exploring between her legs. Her hips were moving slightly with his strokes. I think my little sister was having an orgasm right in front of me. Surprisingly, this didn’t bother me. In fact, I started to fantasize that it was me. She was enjoying her massage as Kyle poured lotion between her legs. I could see him concentrating on a small area, lightly stroking with just two fingers.

She screamed, “Oh Kyle, you are the best! I love when you do this to me. Don’t stop, you have the right spot, that’s it! Right there! Oh God… YES!”

As I witnessed my little sister enjoy the ecstasy that I was taught to avoid or be damned to hell, I blurted out, “Logan?”

“Yes? Is everything alright? Am I too rough?”

After 35 years, I was ready. It just seemed like the right thing to do. “Everything is fine. I want what Lauren is getting and I want it all. Be gentle, you are my first.”

Logan said, “First what?

I was hesitant to confess that at my age I have never enjoyed the satisfaction a man could provide. I explained what I meant. The whole time I could hear Lauren across the room exploding over and over.

“I am Eyüp escort a virgin. I’ve never been with a man sexually. You are my first”

“Really? Well, I am honored.”

He was such a gentleman to not make a big deal about it. It took a lot of courage for me to tell him that very private bit of information. He drizzled warm baby oil on my lower back and butt. His strong hands had such a gentle touch spreading it all over. It gave me a shiver up my spine. I loved being handled by this stranger. He squeezed my ass, kneading it, spreading me open exposing my anus. He circled his finger around my tight little butthole. At first I flinched. As he applied pressure the sensation became unbelievable. This continued for several minutes.

Then he started to explain what he was doing and why. “This area of your body has thousands of nerve endings. When handled the right way it could be as stimulating as vaginal intercourse. Many women have anal orgasms.”

I wasn’t sure if I had an orgasm but it certainly felt great. I had nothing to compare the feeling I had.

Logan continued spreading the baby oil on my legs. He worked the back of my thighs, not missing an inch. He was a real professional knowing where and how to manipulate the muscles to make me loosen up. His hands moved down to my calves with the same control and direction. When he reached my feet, he spent some extra time rubbing them. My body felt completely relaxed. The entire time, warm oil was running down my ass between my legs and into my vagina.

Logan said, “Turn over now. Lay on your back so I can find where you need special attention.”

His words sent a shiver through my body. I was so focused on Logan that I didn’t notice Lauren had left the room. Now it was just the two of us. It made me nervous to think that I was nude with a man all alone.

I asked, “Where did my sister go?”

“Katie came in to take her to her bathtub. She was done and wanted relax and clean off the oils from her body. When you are ready, Casey will come in and bring you for your sponge bath. You will love the feeling of being washed.”

Logan dripped baby oil on my neck and chest. He rubbed my shoulders and upper arms. His hands worked down my arms, pulling and applying pressure. Each hand squeezed with just enough pressure to deaden any aches in the joints. This man is a magician.

Then, he spread oil on my tits. The warmth felt good. Like all other parts of my body, he rubbed the oil in, kneading and squeezing my breasts. My nipples reacted to his touch becoming rock hard. Logan took them in his fingers pinching and slightly twisting them as they slipped out of his oily fingers. The sensation caused me to have a stimulating sensation between my legs. I could feel myself become wet. He circled the areola with his fingers. I never realized how sensitive they are.

“Oh Logan, that feels wonderful.”

He spent some time making me feel like a woman, never rushing through his process. After several minutes his hands moved down my belly. Everything he did was extraordinary. He made his way down my hips. Logan’s thumbs were so strong rubbing the skin at the bone working toward the front of my thighs. He was a pro knowing exactly where to apply pressure. He continued down to my feet. I started to become disappointed that he bypassed the area that became so reactive to his touch.

I spread my legs slightly and asked, “Logan, what about this?”

He grinned and said, “That’s the finale. We will end the session with pleasure, I promise.”

I could feel Logan starting to work his fingers back up my legs. He passed my knees and up my thighs once again. As he got closer to my sex, I instinctively opened up for him, inviting him to take me.

He broke his silence, “Casey did an incredible job on you. You are smooth as glass.”

He poured oil where a crop of fur used to be and slathered the entire area. I looked down; I was glistening. As he started to massage around the outer area his touch softened, lightly circling but not directly touching my slippery folds. It was so arousing. I had a sensation that I’ve never experienced before.

“The act of foreplay is important. It gets the body and the mind in sync. Indirect stroking creates a feeling of buildup.” Logan said.

I started to mimic Lauren’s earlier movement. My hips instinctively started to move matching Logan’s stroking motion. He opened my legs wider to the point where they went off the sides of the table. I was fully exposed. He started pressing my clitoris. The sensation that cascaded through my body was like nothing I have ever had before. I could feel a single finger sliding up and down.

Logan continued his lesson. “The clit is the most receptive part of a woman’s body. As I stroke the length of it, blood rushes to the area making it erect, similar to a man’s cock. As it hardens, the hood pulls back and exposes the tip. I call it the pearl. This is the most sensitive part of the clit.”

He put a single drop of baby oil on the tip of his finger and started to flick the pearl. The sensation was like a volcano erupting. I lost my mind as the fury of my first orgasm took over my body. I was thrashing uncontrollably as he continued dabbing my nub. The waves of desire caused my heart to race and I was panting heavily.

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