Dean Returns to Aunty Mary’s

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Dean had gone back to his Mothers old house and was daydreaming about some things that used to happen when his neighbor had disturbed him and took him next door for some refreshment. This had ended up with him being spanked over her knee and eventually covering her summer dress with cum, as he got over-excited through a general lack of sexual activity. Now we join him at home gathering some things together for the weekend, a weekend with Aunty Mary, that he had never thought would happen.

Dean was still embarrassed as he drove back to his apartment, he couldn’t believe what had just happened. An hour ago he was packing some boxes, and now he was driving home with cum drenched pants, then going to pack a bag for the weekend and then return to Aunty Mary’s.

She had told him to just bring the essentials, as she had plenty of day clothes for him to wear. Whatever that meant.

He grabbed an overnight bag, and threw some underwear, he just packed plain white boxers, not wanting to embarrass himself further, socks and toiletries, and some t-shirts, shorts, and jeans. He had no idea how much to pack and just threw lots in the bag until it was full.

He quickly undressed and took a shower, his mind drifting to the very short time spent over her knee, and the way he had felt embarrassed, but very horny, and the spanking had made him so excited, he idly soaped himself and cleaned everywhere, and soon his cock was swelling up again as he relived the day. He stroked himself a few times and then more rapidly, unable to stop himself from becoming hornier, until he pumped more cum into the shower cubicle, and released the tension a little.

The phone rang and it jolted him back to reality, he moved from the shower and picked up the receiver.


“Hello Dean,” It was Aunty Mary.

“Hi Aunty, did you need something?” He enquired a little nervously.

“No, I just wanted to let you know that Uncle John has had to go away to his brothers, as he has had an accident, and needs his help.”

Dean’s heart sank, he was so excited about the prospect of another spanking and this probably meant another weekend on porn sites.

“Oh I am sorry to hear that, does this mean the weekend is off,

? I fully understand if it is,” he asked tentatively.

“Good gosh no,” Aunty replied, and then added “On the contrary, I was hoping you could stay for the week, and help me out a little if that’s alright with you?” She asked.

Dean’s heart started pumping again, a whole week, he shook his head trying to remain calm.

“Y y yes Aunty, I can do that, I had this week booked off to clear the house and that will make it easier being next door.”

“Oh I am pleased,” she said.

“Now I need some bits and bobs from the store, so if you get here and nobody is home then the key is under the big pot out the back, you can’t miss it,” she added.

‘Ok,” he replied.

There was a short pause….

“Try again young man,” she said in a more stern voice.

“Oh, I mean Yes Auntie,….. thank you Auntie,” remembering his manners eventually.

“Very good then Dean and when we are together I will tell you the house rules, and you will get at the slipper for forgetting manners so soon, now I must go and get things done, goodbye,” and she placed the phone down.

Dean stood thinking. A whole week, house rules, the slipper! Oh my, what was in store. He pulled on some boxers, some jogging bottoms, and a sweatshirt, and felt comfortable. He looked around and made sure he had all he needed, grabbing his laptop and iPad and making sure his place was locked, he got back into the car and started the drive back to his old street.

Dean had grown up in a quiet village and had enjoyed his childhood. The street where he lived only had a few houses and everyone got on well. He had a couple of friends his age and a few older ones as a child. Aunty Mary and Aunty Susan lived on either side of his house. Of course, they weren’t his Aunts, but that’s what he called them to be polite growing up.

He drifted away for a moment as he recalled past encounters where he had tried to get girlfriends to spank him, but now he was fully committed to his old neighbour and the possibilities konya escort of what could happen mage him smile wide, and once again get aroused, very aroused.

BEEEEEEEEEP. A car horn brought Dean to his senses, as he drifted over the central line. He shook himself and stopped thinking of the past, and focused on getting to his old street in one piece.

Dean arrived at Mary’s and parked on his old drive, more force of habit really, but it sort of made sense.

He grabbed his bag and went round to her house, knocking on the door. Nobody was home and she had told him that on the phone, now where did she say the key was?

He looked under some stones and an old pot by the front door, nothing. He felt along the ledges and still nothing, he swore she said the key was going to be left. He eventually gave up and sat on the doorstep waiting for her to return.

Thirty minutes or so later he saw her coming along the road, walking with Aunty Susan.

“Blimey,” he thought.

“She still lives here too, nobody seems to leave the street?”

He watched as they stopped outside Susan’s house, and chatted. Susan then looked over and waved to him. For some reason, he felt like a small child and weakly waved back.

Aunty approached looking at him and his bag sat on the step.

“Why aren’t you inside Dean?” She asked.

“I couldn’t find the blooming’ key could I,” he retorted without thinking.

Mary shook her head, and beckoned him round the side passage to the large pot on the rear patio, and pointed.

“That’s where it is and that is where I told you it was, but you didn’t listen did you?” She shook her head.

“Sorry I didn’t hear where it was Aunty,”

He lowered his head, as it came back to him.

Mary took the key, unlocked the door, and gesture for him to go inside. He picked up his bag and went into the cool kitchen. It was a large room with an old-fashioned wooden table for at least 8 people to sit at and a lovely clean kitchen area. He vaguely remembered it from his childhood.

Mary placed her bags down on the counter and took a chair from the dining table and placed it in the middle of the room.

“Come here Dean,” she beckoned him.

Dean went to her and stood facing her, and his heart thumped in his chest.

“Dean, you need to listen to me when I give you instructions or tell you where a key is kept, for example, if you don’t listen then it will be difficult, is that clear?”

“Yes, Aunty,” Dean replied properly.

“Well, at least your manners have taken a step in the right direction,” she nodded.

Then she sat on the chair, reached forward, and took Dean’s jogging bottoms down to his ankles. She noticed that he had an erection in his loose boxers, and shook her head.

“That is not is unusual Dean, it happens a lot in my experience.”

Dean started to wonder what that meant, how many times did she spank people, who’s erections was she seeing, was it, Uncle? His mind raced, and then came back to the room as he felt his shorts pulled down to meet his bottoms. His cock springing out.

“Now then young man, I DO NOT want a repeat of earlier, if you think that you can’t control yourself then you must tell me. If you don’t control yourself then you will certainly regret it, understood?” she looked into his eyes and he knew she was serious.

“Yes, Aunty,” he stammered.

“Good, I think we will get on very well young Dean,”

She took him over her lap, and adjusted until she was comfy, then without a word, she started to spank his bare bottom SPANK SPANK SPANK…. Over and over, covering his pale flesh, from sit spot to the top and from one side to the other, she spanked and spanked and spanked.

He winced and tried to tense, but that didn’t work, so he tried to relax but that made it more painful, he tried to think of other things but the continuous smacking of his bottom didn’t allow that. Over and over she spanked him for what seemed like an eternity. Then she stopped.

“Stand up Dean,” she ordered and he slowly did so his bottom aching.

He stood facing her, his erection had gone down a little now as the soreness stopped him from thinking about anything but that.

She konya escort bayan stood and left the room and returned with a slipper, not a slipper, the slipper, it was his Dad’s, and then Mum’s size 10. He stared at it.

“Yes Dean, it’s your old family slipper from the box, I thought it would be ideal,” and she sat down and took him over her knee once again.

He lay there and tried to take stock, and then it started, she was spanking him all over again, with the old leather-soled huge slipper, and it hurt, it hurt as much as he remembered, and she slippered him all over and raised it high and slapped it down again and again. She spanked his bare sore bottom for many minutes until he ached and was so so sore.

She stopped and placed the slipper on the table. She gently rubbed her hand over his red, hot, and sore bottom.

“Well, Dean I think you have learned a lesson about listening and about manners, haven’t you?”

“Yes Aunty very much so,” he quickly replied as politely as he could.

“Very good, now stand up and face me please,” she told him.

He stood and faced her, desperately wanting to rub his bottom, or sit in an ice bucket for a week perhaps.

She looked him up and down and noticed how his cock was no longer pointing at her, but now towards the floor, although still not fully relaxed she thought.

“Dean you are going to live here for a week with me and throughout that time I will be in charge of things. You will do as I say and when I say it, you will not question me and you will be a good boy for me. If you are not then you know what will happen, is that all clear?” She looks at his face.

He nodded “yes,” he said.

THWACK! her hand came slapped across his thigh “Yes what?”

He jumped at the sudden smack and felt a hot spot straight away “Yes Aunty,” he replied quietly.

“That’s better,” she smiled.

“Now then let’s look at you.”

She looked over his body, lifting his t-shirt over his head, leaving him standing in his dropped bottoms and shorts. She turned him and looked at his back, and his very red bottom, she smiled to herself at seeing her handy work and felt a warm feeling she hadn’t felt for some while, deep inside.

She turned him again, and lift his now slightly limper cock. “Well well, this is all too grown-up for my nephew, as you are to be from now on in,”

She brushed her fingers through the fine pubic hair, covering his pubis and balls.

“This won’t do, it’s far too grown up, Aunty is going to bathe and shave you, come along.”

Dean started to protest, but another swift smack to his bottom stopped him.

“Yes Aunty,” he added and stepping out of his clothes he followed her upstairs.

Mary ran a bath and kept testing the temperature, as Dean stood there like a child, naked and his mind racing and flipping, searching for some kind of reasoning.

“There we are, perfect, in you go Dean,” she instructed.

Dean stood and then lowered himself into the hot water, with that feeling you get when not bathed for some time, mainly being a shower man. But soon he was settled and the hot water covered him up.

Mary took a cloth and soaped it up, and then started to wash his back, lifting his arms and soaping him all over, scrubbing his neck thoroughly, and then rinsing off the soapy water.

“Stand please Dean,” she asked him.

Dean stood and she soaped his legs and bottom, still red.

Dean tried to remain relaxed but this was all so much and he was failing miserably, his cock now fully erect and wet. It pushed out at least 8 inches and was throbbing, he looked at the frosted window and tried to remain calm, as Aunties hands soaped and then rinsed his body, each touch making his cock twitch.

“Turn please,” she asked and he slowly turned to face her, his cock pointing towards her face.

“Well well, you have grown into a fine young man haven’t you Dean?”

She took his cock in her hand and turned it and pulled the skin back to examine it. Then she took his balls in her hand and gently rolled them, lifting them and then squeezing them slightly tugging them downwards.

Dean’s mind was racing, and his cock was throbbing now, escort konya he was doing everything he could to remain focused and not make a fool of himself again. Long slow breaths were helping him to get through it.

“Well, I am going to have trouble shaving you with this sticking up aren’t I?” she didn’t wait for a reply “So I think it’s best we lose the erection, don’t you Dean?”

“Yes Auntie, but I can’t I am sort of…well… not in control of it… it has a mind of its own, and right now it’s hell-bent on being hard,” he blushed red as he said it.

“Well I didn’t think you would be able to relax it Dean,” she smiled and made a little chuckling noise

“Silly boy.”

Then she took his swollen cock in her hand and started to stroke it back and forth, rolling the skin back and forth, sliding her small hand the length. Gripping a little firmer with each stroke, speeding up a little but not racing. Dean looked up at the ceiling, and then down and saw her hand wanking his erection, slowly bringing him closer and closer. He made a few involuntary moans and sighs as she somewhat expertly stroked his throbbing cock. She sensed his impending orgasm and slowed down, gently holding his twitching cock in front of her face.

“Are you going to cum Dean, for Aunty?” She asked him softly.

He nodded and let out a soft moan, as she slowly pulled his skin back and forth, then back until his swollen knob was fully exposed, and a drop of pre-cum oozed from the end and sat catching the light from the window. Then she leaned forward and closed her mouth around the end, and flicked her tongue a few times across the tip, and this was all it needed, as Dean shuddered and erupted hot cum into her mouth, he cried out and expected her to spit it out as his girlfriends had, but she didn’t, she clamped her mouth around it and she swallowed and sucked and took all of his hot spunk in her mouth, She sucked and licked for a short time and cleaned his still hard cock with her tongue, and then eventually she opened her mouth and let it out. She looked up and smiled at him.

“Good boys get a treat now and again, so I hope that encourages you to be a good boy in the future, young Dean,” and carried on smiling.

Dean was feeling amazing, his balls were aching, his cock was pulsing and his bottom was still on fire, he took the whole scene in and smiled to himself and thanked his lucky stars for the day, and hoped it would never end.

“Now then, with that out the way we can take care of this mess,” Said Aunty as she applied shaving gel to his balls and pubic area.

Half an hour later Dean was in his room (she has made up a spare room for him) and was hairless, he looked in a mirror at his cleanly shaven balls and pubes. It was a strange sight, but not unpleasant, and if anything made him look bigger, but he hoped it wouldn’t itch too much as it grew back.

There was a knock on the door and Auntie came in with some clothes in a pile.

“I have found out some things for now Dean, but we may need to go to the store for some more and better items. But these will do for now I think.”

She handed him a small pair of white underwear, they were quite small at the sides, and halfway up his bottom cheeks, but they did support his large balls and were not uncomfortable. Next was some socks that he pulled up to his calves. Then a pair of grey shorts that were quite snug, and quite short. Then finally a shirt, white and crisp. He looked in the mirror and saw a young Dean looking back at him.

“Well, what do you think?” asked his Auntie.

“Err they are ok Auntie, I haven’t go to go out as this have I?” He enquired.

She gave him a stern look. “Not for now no, but you wear what I say when I say is that clear?”

“Yes Auntie.”

“Good then, now it’s coming up to dinner time, and I need to prepare the veggies, you may unpack your things and I will call you when dinner is ready. Over dinner, I will explain the rules and your bedtimes and things. So unpack and make yourself at home, and no mess, I cannot abide mess.”

Then she smiled and added:” Welcome home Dean, I hope you are happy here,” and then she left and closed the door behind her.

Dean looked in the mirror again and tried to take in the days events, and just what he had let himself in for over the next seven days, and soon he felt his cock swelling inside his new little boy pants and gave himself a quick rub, and then he set about unpacking his items and setting his room up.

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