Debauchery Cornucopia Ch. 02

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I wake up before Amy does and I go to the bathroom to take my morning piss. I walk back to the bedroom and stand in the doorway just soaking up her slumbering body. The sheet is only covering her body below the waist. I can see the dolphin tattoo on her upper back. Quietly I grab a pair of lounge pants and pull them on so as not to wake her.

I return to the kitchen and proceed to wake her with the sounds and smells of breakfast. I put several sausage links in a pan to brown, and whip up several eggs with milk for an omelet. I dice up some onion, red pepper, green pepper, ham, and mushrooms and add them to the milk and eggs mixture before pouring it into a frying pan. I cut some slices of cheddar from a block of cheese to melt over the omelet when it’s done.

As I’m finishing off the first omelet and turning off the heat to the sausage links so they don’t burn, she waddles into the kitchen. Her nakedness is wrapped up loosely in the sheet from the bed. She takes a seat at the table, trembling with a yawn. The morning light is shining through the kitchen windows and she has to squint when she looks outside them.

“Good morning,” I say all debonair.

“Good morning,” Amy says groggily, still waking up.

“How did you sleep?” I ask as I work her omelet onto a plate and set it before her.

“Great. What time is it?” she asks.

“Almost ten thirty. Why, is there someplace you have to be?” I ask as I prepare my own omelet.

“No. Tomorrow I have to pick up my daughter from her dads. God, I hope he remembered to give her a bath!” Amy says exasperated.

“Not much into taking care of his kid?”

“No,” and she goes for a few minutes releasing her frustrations pausing only momentarily to ask for a fork which I forgot to get her so she could eat her omelet. I split the sausage links between us. Soon my omelet is done cooking and I join her at the table.

“Hmm,” she says swallowing a mouthful of food, “Drink.”

“Oo, Sorry. Milk?” I say getting up and going to the refrigerator.

“Yes please,” Amy says pitching another forkful of omelet into her mouth.

I return to the table with two tall glasses of milk.

“Can I ask you a question?” I ask.

“You just did.” She says and smiles.

I smile back. “Brat,” I tell her. “But no, seriously, why did you spontaneously decide to finally come over?”

“I don’t know.” She says and pauses collecting her thoughts. “I was changing into my street clothes and Shauna comes up to me and asks me ‘Why are you putting yourself through this?’ ‘Through what?’ I say. Then she says something like not letting myself get attached to you,” she says gesturing the tines of her fork in my direction. “Of course I play dumb and act like I don’t know what she’s talking about. But I did,” she nods looking thoughtfully at me. “I did.”

“So you decide to come over and we end up …” I let the sentence go unfinished.

“Yeah, well, I was also very horny. And I’ve been thinking about what it would be like to be with you for a long time now. So I’m driving home, and the radio’s playing, and all I can think about is you. So I said ‘fuck it’ and came over before I could change my mind.”

“I’m glad you did.” I say honestly.

“Me too,” she says nodding in agreement.

“How was it by the way?” I ask.

“Delicious!” she says with gusto, relishing the breakfast made for her.

“I meant the sex.” I say with a smile.

“Oh, sorry.” She says and blushes a little. “Well,” she begins as she finishes off the last bite of sausage and omelet. “To tell you the truth,” she says getting up from her seat. What looks at first like her adjusting the sheet wrapped around her supple body is actually her taking the sheet off and letting it fall to the floor. Her body is at once bathed in the soft golden glow of the morning sun. She steps over to me and sits on my lap. “I was hoping for seconds,” she says before leaning in to kiss me on the lips.

I can taste the grease from the sausage links on her lips and smell the egg on her breath as her tongue invades my mouth. My hands dig into her shoulders simultaneously holding her and pulling her into me. Her hands and arms are wrapped about my head pulling me and holding me into her. We kiss furiously like that for several moments until my erection grows painful in my lounge pants.

Amy stands up and works the button open on my lounge pants and fishes my erection out of it. She grips it her slender hand and guides the strawberry-like head into her wet and open vulva. There’s an awkward moment when she begins to lower herself onto me where the angle of my cock curves into her pussy. Soon Amy rocks her hips back and forth, fucking me. She leans her head back in to continue our fevered kissing. I hold her close pressing her breasts into my chest, feeling the hard nipples dig into my skin.

I pull my mouth away from Amy’s and kiss all over her face and halkalı eve gelen escort neck. She closes her eyes and smiles still rocking back and forth with me embedded inside her. I snake a hand between us and find her clit. She leans back giving me better access and I slowly rub my thumb over the sweet spot. Her mouth opens and closes making little o’s. Her hands find their way to my shoulders and there they lock down on the muscles, the fingernails digging into the skin. She whispers a barely audible litany to God just before trembling and convulsing in orgasm. Her vaginal muscles clench and unclench my cock and the sensations are wonderful.

“Did you cum?” I ask.

“Y-yes,” she stutters as a little earthquake rips through her.

“Did you want to switch positions?”

“Sure,” she sighs, “How do you want me?”

“Let me get a pillow and you could kneel on the chair,” I say. She nods her head in agreement and dismounts me. I quickly go to the living room and get a throw pillow and return and place it on the chair. She climbs onto the chair and leans over the table on her forearms and adjusts her knees so she’s comfortable, then wiggles her ass at me.

“Come and get it,” she says and laughs.

“Oh I intend to,” I say walking up behind her and positioning myself at her wet and puffy labia. I slide the tip up and down her vulva before pushing the mushroom-like head inside of her tight little body. Amy exhales slow and deliberately as I ease the entire length inside of her.

“Oh that feels so good,” she coos.

I begin pumping in and out of her. The table creaks and groans from the motions and weight of her body. I look outside and see the neighbors getting ready to barbeque in their backyard. I tell Amy and she looks at them through the window. The shade of the tress prevents them from seeing in and Amy tells me she feels like an exhibitionist. A comment I wouldn’t mind putting to the test.

I watch my cock disappear in Amy. As I pull out, her pussy grips me, milking me. My hands hold her hips tight as I push in and out of her. I lean forward and kiss up and down her spine which she arches cat-like. Releasing her hips I rake my fingers down her back until red marks appear. She moans and cums all over my cock.

Soon I am cumming as well. I ask her if I should pull out and she replies no and that it was okay. I fill her with another load in eight hours. I pull out sensitive and beginning to go limp. My cum flows out and runs down her thigh. Her hand snakes down and wipes at the rivulet collecting it in her slender fingers.

“I’m going to go take a shower and get cleaned up,” Amy says matter-of-factly.

“Can I join you? I’m a little filthy too.” I ask politely.

“I’d be disappointed if you didn’t?” she says smiling.

We both go into the bathroom. I start the water running, adjust the temperature and turn the shower head on, while Amy waits patiently behind me. Amy follows me into the shower. We both flinch beneath the hot spray of water. I turn the temperature down a bit.

“Lady’s first,” I say and Amy and I switch places. I relish the feel of her breasts rubbing against my chest as we pass each other like two ships. I watch her from the far end of the tub as she wets her hair, tilting her head back into the hot spray. My eyes roam over her supple body, the curve of her hips, her taut belly, my mind wanders to the sex we just enjoyed spontaneously in the kitchen and I am once again getting hard. I ignore the thoughts. There will be plenty of time for sex in the future. But first I have to make sure that there is a future.

“When was the last time you were taken to the movies?” I ask watching her as she begins to shampoo her hair, her eyes are closed.

She opens her eyes. “Why?” she says.

“I was wondering if you wanted to go see one with me.”

“It’s been awhile. Did you have one in mind?” she continues to work the shampoo into her hair and scalp.

“Kind of sort of, I could check the paper and see what the showtimes are.”

“I have to work tonight.” she says.

“I figured we could go see a matinee or something.”

She was silent for an unusually long time before she finally answered my question. “Okay.” She says. She then rinses her hair. “Your turn,” she says and we switch places passing each other like ships again. I wet my hair and work the shampoo in. “What about your kids?” she asks as she soaps herself with body wash.

“What about them?” I ask right back.

“Well, do you have them today, tomorrow, or what?” she says.

“I may have to take them for a while today, I don’t know. They may be at their mothers or their grandmothers, depending on whether or not my ex has to work. Either way, I may be able to take the day off and spend it with you. Unless my ex mother-in-law has been sacked with the kids a lot lately, then I may take halkalı grup yapan escort them for a while until our movie.”

“Is your ex a lousy parent like my babies daddy?”

“Yeah, maybe they should get together, heh?” I say and we both laugh.

I rinse my hair and we switch again passing like two ships, her nipples rub against my chest and I comment on how it feels so nice. She rinses the soap off of her svelte body while I soap up my own. We switch again and laugh as I make silly noises when her breasts rub against my chest.

“I’m going to get out and dry off, okay?” Amy says. I reply that it’s okay, and that I’ll be out in a minute as I rinse the soap off of my own body. She asks where the towels are and I tell her. Shortly I turn off the water and open the shower curtain in time to see Amy bending over to dry her legs and feet.

“Oh, that is beautiful,” I say.

“Shut up!” Amy scolds.

“Truth hurts I guess.” She gives me a look with an eyebrow cocked.

Back in the bedroom Amy begins to get dressed again in the clothes from last night. I stop her and give her a pair of my lounge pants and a sweatshirt she can wear while she stays at my place. She says she has a change of clothes in her car that she can wear.

“I hope not one of your outfits from last night?” I say with mock concern. She looks beautiful in whatever she wears.

“No, jerk. I pack two pairs of extra clothes for spending the weekend at Shauna’s.”

“Did you want me to get them for you?” I say. She seems taken aback by this. “Yes, no, maybe so?”

“No, it’s alright, I’ll get them,” Amy says and leaves to retrieve the change of clothes. Shortly she is getting dressed and putting on make-up and such. I get dressed and give my ex-in-laws a call. Amy watches me from the bathroom as I pace the kitchen during my conversation. I hang up and reach for the newspaper to check the showtimes.

“Well?” she asks.

“We’ll see the first matinee and I’ll pick the kids up later in the afternoon after you leave for work.” I looked up at her from the paper, smiling. “What would you like to see?” I say and list off the movies playing and their showtimes. We agree on one and are off to the theater.

* * * * *

“So I take it you’ll probably have the kids overnight then?” Amy asks after the movie is over and we are walking out to the car.

“Yeah, that was part of the deal.” I say somberly not wanting to be separated from her so soon. Remembering back in the theater and how we touched and held hands, shared popcorn and soda and laughs.

“How’s tomorrow looking?” she asks.

“Well, I drop the kids off to go to church with their grandmother. Then they have lunch at her house. I usually get them again in the afternoon.” I pause to let us into the car. “I guess it’s up to you if you want to come over again after work. The kids will probably be noisy in the morning so you won’t get to sleep in.” I stop speaking, feeling that every word I utter hammers another nail into the coffin, forcing her to decide not to stay another night.

“We’ll see,” she says and shrugs her shoulders.

Back at my house we embrace and kiss goodbye, nothing deep and sexual, just a sweet little peck on the lips. I pick up my kids and take them to the playground for an hour or two. We drive past the lake and I take them for a walk out onto the pier. It starts getting dark and the kids play outside with their friends before coming in for supper. They get ready for bed and we watch a movie. The kids fall asleep before it is over and I pick them up one at a time and place them each in their own bed for the night.

I finish watching the movie by myself. When it’s over I put on some music. I grab a book I’d been reading off and on for the past three weeks and pick at it some more. The time creeps by and I fall asleep on the couch leaving the light on.

I left the door open downstairs either by accident or unconsciously on purpose, either way it amounts to the same thing. I was awakened by a soft touching on my face. I stuttered awake to find Amy rubbing her petite cleavage over my beard stubble. “Because it feels nice,” she exclaimed as she glided them up and down my jaw line. She leaned down and kissed me with her soft lips smelling faintly of cigarettes and alcohol and marijuana. Our tongues snaked together and my erection pressed against my lounge pants painfully. Her hand traced down the contours of my chest and abdomen until it reached my pants and covered my erection, squeezing it gently yet deliberately.

“Bedroom,” I state quickly as I pull back from her hungry lips.

“Yes,” she agrees giving me one quick peck on the lips before turning away from me. As she walks towards the bedroom I see she already has her shirt off from rubbing her tits all over my beard stubble and is absently tossing it on the living room floor. halkalı masöz escort By the living room light I can see her shimmy out of her tight jeans. She looks over at me as I am still lying idle on the couch and brushes a lock of hair that was tickling her cheek behind her ear, and then she smiles big and wide.

“You coming?” she asks hooking her thumbs into her red thong underwear and pulling them down in one fluid motion, a gesture no doubt perfected on stage at the club where she danced. I nod and smile back saying that I am indeed coming. She crawls cat-like onto the bed as I turn out the living-room light. We are now in that absolute dark that occurs for a few seconds while eyes dilate. I make my way by memory into the bedroom and shed my clothing and join her on the bed, climbing between her splayed thighs. I begin kissing at her knees and work my way down the inside of her thighs. I push her legs to her breasts and lick her from pussy to asshole and back again.

“Oh God Don, I didn’t know you were so dirty!” Amy yelped.

I brought my pointed tongue back down to her tiny asshole and licked it. She whimpered with pleasure and I gave it in spades. I alternated between her pussy and ass for awhile before finally concentrating on her clit, sucking and licking her to a powerful and wet orgasm.

“Did you like that?” I asked her.

She purred, “I absolutely loved it!” she rolled onto her hands and knees. “I want you to do it again, and when I tell you to fuck me, stop licking my ass and fuck my pussy, okay?”

“You had me at hello.” I said making a joke.

“I had you at what?” she asked at the same time that it dawned on her and she laughed loud and hard into the pillow. I quieted her laughing by licking from her pussy to her ass. I licked it slow deliberate circles. I licked it up and down and from side to side, with the occasional diagonal thrown in for good measure. I licked at her ass with a passion. It is a fetish of mine. I stabbed my pointed tongue at the center of her anus trying to push it into her bowels and she purred with satisfaction. I bring a hand up between her legs and find her hard clit. I wet the finger with her own juices and begin to rub her clit in small circles. Amy cried out in pleasure. I brought my other hand up and began tracing her slit up and down. Shortly she was cumming very loud and very strong. I was afraid she might wake my kids.

“Fuck me! Fuck me now!” she yelled.

I kneeled behind her taut backside. Grabbing an ass cheek in each hand I pulled her back to me at the same time opening her up exposing that delicious little asshole and the swollen, pink pussy lips slick with her juices and my spit. I guided my cock to her and slid the glans up and down her wet slit, the head popped inside her pussy with no effort. She purred consent. I began pushing in and out of her wet pussy slowly at first, but then I found my rhythm and began fucking her harder with deep, long thrusts.

I saw her hands pull the pillow into her face. I felt the first spasms of her orgasm rip through her and squeeze my cock, alternately either gripping me so I couldn’t pull out or clenching so I couldn’t push in, it was that powerful! Her muffled screams told me she was biting the pillow to keep as quiet as she could. I didn’t let up, I kept going, pushing and thrusting deep inside her beautiful little body. She came again a short while later letting out a guttural moan which I took as an approval.

“God Don, are you ever going to cum?” she called out to me a bit too loud.

“Get on top then.” I told her. I pulled out as she leaned forward and I slid out of her squishy pussy. She moved to the side and I lied down on the bed. She hiked a leg over me and took my cock already slick with her juices in her hand and aimed it at her drenched pussy and impaled herself in one fluid motion. I grunted as her hips hit mine. She began bouncing with wild abandon up and down on my lap. The curve of her insides hitting the right spot on the underside of my cock and I felt my own orgasm swell inside me.

“Are you almost there?” Amy asked after a few moments of this feverish fucking.

“Yes.” I said in a voice that didn’t sound like my own.

“I want you to cum in my pussy, Don. I want you to cum in my tight little pussy.” She said, verbally coaxing my orgasm out of me. She continued, “I want to feel you cum in my pussy, Don. You fuck my pussy so good. I want you to give me your cum. Oh, you fuck my pussy so good. You make me cum so much all over your cock. I want to feel your cum inside me.”

Her hands were on my chest for leverage as she pistoned up and down on me. “I’m fucking you, Don. I’m gonna fuck you until you cum inside me. Fuck you until you cum inside my pussy.”

My breaths came in shallow rasps.

“Fuck me, Don. Fuck me so good!” she cried out. I snaked a hand beneath her and played with her asshole. She cried out and came hard on my cock, the spasms pushed me over the edge and I came too, spilling inside of her squishy pussy. Spent she collapsed on top of me, our heavy breathing the only sound in the still night.

After a bit I got a tee shirt from the dirty laundry and we wiped ourselves off. I pulled the thin sheet over us and we fell asleep lying together like spoons.

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