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Deloris, are you all right in there’? Alan’s voice snapped me out of my trance. Had I been in the showering that long? Had I allowed my slight arousal from the constant beat of the water carry me away? I lifted my face to the stream. The day rushes back to me. I shake it away along with the water. My arousal subsides soon after the water is off. Drawing back the shower curtain, I see my crumpled outfit on the floor. It had served me well and now discarded. Wrapped in a towel I step from the shower. I swipe of my hand and my reflection is visible in the mirror. The day rushes back to me again. I don’t push it away.

The day had started like any other. The shrill alarm startles me from my sleep. Of course Alan is off running, jumping or skipping, whatever he did to maintain to his powerful body, If just once he would sleep late, I would give him a workout he would not soon forget. Alan was having none of it. I had asked him several times what he was saving it for. These days I had given up and hope of having a regular sex life. If I ever meet the man that invented energizers, I may just give him some. Staggering like a drunk, I made my way to the bathroom. It’s one of those days that I wish I were a man. I know the seat is cold, but I desperately need to relieve myself. The seat warms just as I finish; not even the toilet seat is willing to give me any pleasure. It is going to be one of those days I can feel it brewing. My attitude is not interested in being improved at this point. I flush and step in front of the mirror. Removing my nightshirt as I went. One quick pull and it is over my head. Looking at my naked body, my thoughts return to Alan. What was he saving it for? Did he still find me attractive? Granted, I was carrying an extra ten pounds. I was nearly forty give me a break. I survey my body, not bad for nearly forty. My breasts were not perky, but they weren’t on my knees either. They weren’t huge, but I got plenty of attention. My rear was not bad either. I can still hear Alan’s goofy line “baby that is not a butt that is a bootaa” I think it was the Huggy Bear impression that got me. He could always make me smile back then, it seemed like he wasn’t even trying now.

As soon as the hot water hit me, I felt the urge to touch myself. My body was in need of some serious attention. That familiar warmth started to work its way through my body. My subconscious whispered a dose of reality. You are going to be late, it pleaded. Quiet; just let me enjoy this moment. I turned around and placed my hand on the wall. The water found its way down my back and over my behind. I spread my legs and bend over slightly, giving the water full access to me. Reaching down I parted my lips, to expose my now swollen clit. I was on my way. The water provided all the moisture I needed. My hand knew exactly where go. They were well versed in the art of self-love. That’s right Dee, small circles. I didn’t need much coaxing. Two fingers now, right on that spot. The first spasm ran down my legs. With one hand on my breast, squeezing the pleasure out of me. The spasm brought my moans, over the sound of the water. My fingers needed no further instructions.

My body was responding to every action now. My fingers sliding deep inside, releasing my flow. Almost there, I let my moans fill the air. The spasms came more frequent. My head thrown back as I sing into the air; mmm…right there; that’s it. I am long past any modesty. I am shaking now the release is so near. It comes, accompanied by my near screams of pleasure. My heart pounds in my chest. My breathing is strained in my throat. Slowly it subsides. I reach for the wall to steady myself. The water temperature is dropping fast. I have to hurry and bathe before it turns into ice water. Bathing I cursed Alan for not being here. No time for that now I am late I can feel it.

The rest of the day went downhill from there. It went a little something like this. I get on the road; of course the traffic is backed up. The extra time in the shower saw to that. So I am sitting in traffic and I get that feeling again. I reach for the phone of course my battery is dead. True to my luck, I spend an hour next to some guy that wanted me to show him my breast. He had is own man teats; I don’t know why he was so interested in mine. My little escapade in the shower made me late for homeroom. Of course my favorite person Mrs. Davis was filling in for me. I could hear her dried bones creak as she walked past me. Did she just call me a bitch under her breath? If she weren’t so old I would have spun her around to face me. That would have been all I needed, for her to have a heart attack in front of all the kids. My better judgment won out. Next came that bratty Mitchell boy. For some reason adana escort I felt he was trying to look down my shirt. What did he know about breast at nine-years-old? His daddy probably left his dirty magazines lying around.

This boy was always touching the girls in the wrong way. Today was not different. With the exception of, today I caught his nasty butt. Of course he tried to deny it. I was in no mood, I sent him straight to the office. Did he just call me a bitch? What next, oh yes, Wendy let the hamster out. Little Scotty threw up on Alice. Mrs. Davis waited for the last minute to remind me that I had lunchroom detail. The cafeteria was the last straw. Everything was going just fine. All the little kiddies were gabbing away about Pokemon, N’Sync and all of the latest trends. I saw the Mitchell boy, but I didn’t pay him any attention. I was walking towards Sharon to get the latest gossip. The next thing I know something cold and wet hit me between my shoulders. The entire lunchroom erupted into laughter. Children were falling out of their seats with laughter. Before I could react Sharon had me by the shoulder and was escorting me to the ladies room. The mirror revealed a fresh chocolate pudding stain. If Sharon hadn’t held me back, I would have killed that little brat. My day was over after that. I Sharon volunteered to cover my class, and I left. Thankfully the drive home was uneventful.

I needed a drink. I needed a drink and I needed to listen to some Jill Scott. I need a drink, Jill and a night out. I immediately went to the phone to call Alan. I got his voicemail of course. I left a message even though I was tempted to hang up. Where was that brandy? Sing for me Jill, please. The first swallow took my breath away. I joined Jill in a couple of lines even though my throat was burning. OR MAY BE WE COULD JUST BE SIIIILENT. That is right girl sing that song. I took the second swallow a little easier. I tried Alan’s cell phone. I spoke out loud to no one. Alan what is the point of having a cell phone if you never answer it. I cursed him again. That was it; I had made up my mind I was going out. First I was going to spend the next few hours pampering myself. I wanted to give Alan a chance to talk me out of it, but knew he would not call me back. I turned up the music a little bit louder than I should have. One quick refill, larger than it should have been. This was definitely a Victoria Secrets bath oil day. I closed the door and let the warm fragrance sooth my senses. I sat on the toilet very near to tears. I was mad at Alan for not being here. The drink was making me want a cigarette. Alan had convinced me to quit two years ago. You will feel so much better. He nagged. Finally I had given in and I had to admit I did feel better. I still wasn’t into that whole workout thing. If he would sex me more I would probably consider it.

One more refill and a restart of the CD and I was ready to soak. I let the fragrance and the warm water surround me. With my eyes closed, I let my mind drift. I went back to when Alan and I first met, how passionate we were. He seemed insatiable back then and I loved every minute of it. We were a perfect fit. There was no such thing as stop.

Soon my thoughts turned to favorite fantasies. I just let the erotic thoughts wash over me. They made my body feel alive. I felt every pore opening. I wanted to be loved and honestly at this point Alan’s monopoly over me was in serious jeopardy. I toyed with the idea of giving myself to another man. The touch of another man excited me more than I should have. So much so it snapped me out of me daydream. The sun was already starting its trip to the other side of the world. I hadn’t intended to stay in the tub so long. My body was completely relaxed. The brandy was having a very pleasant effect. I felt warm inside and out. Oh my, what to wear? Perhaps Pattie could help me decide. Oh La la la shay, yet something like that. BE YOUR LADY MARMALADA. Be quiet Dee. Let the woman singer. She does not need your help. Wow, was I staggering. I set my glass down; I need to clear my head a little if I was planning to drive.

I was feeling very sexy. I needed an outfit to reflect that mood. I was feeling like leather. Why not, I knew the perfect blouse too. In fact I had a complete outfit that I hadn’t worn. My best friend Stacie the hooche and I had spent the afternoon shopping a few weekends ago. As always she had talked me into spending way to much money. I wished that she were in town, so she could come with me tonight. We could get drunk and flirt. I remembered the afternoon we spent together. I bought a very low cut silk blouse. I knew Alan would not approve of me showing so much cleavage, eskişehir escort so I hadn’t worn it yet. Well guess what Alan isn’t here. It was the shoes that had given me some pause. Stacie had talked me in to going inside this really high priced shoe store. I had no intention on buying anything. There were not price tags on anything, definitely a bad sign. Of course Stacie had insisted I try something on. These shoes were absolute heaven. I put them both on and walked around in front of the floor mirrors. I had to know how much they were. The answer even kept Stacie from speaking, not an easy feat. I immediately took them off. The salesperson gave us that look. Like we were wasting his time. I hate that. Before I knew it Stacie was whispering in my ear. Look girl, I’ll split the cost with you, just let me borrow them sometime. The look on her face told me she was serious. I heard myself saying, ” Do you take Visa?”

I made a mental note to put the money Stacie gave in the bank right away. Of course I never did. Who cares it was my money; I was entitled to a spree every now and then. I had never owned a finer pair of shoes.

As I powdered and moisturized, I had a silent debate with myself. Panties, thong or nothing at all, the thong finally won. I was going to enjoy myself not hit the stroll.

My first complete look in the mirror made my heart race. Everything was in place. Hair, make-up, nails everything thing was perfect. I was truly shocked by my appearance. I stood there looking at myself. With every breath my breast seemed fuller. The leather skirt hugged my hips like an expensive glove. I had chosen the sheerest stockings I could find. I almost went with a garter, but I settled on a pair that would stay up on their own. The combination of nearly nude legs and the added height from my heels gave my legs the illusion of length. I smiled and walked away.

I had had drinks after work at the Hyatt once before. I knew the crowd to be lively but fairly tame. I was guaranteed to get plenty of attention, but nothing too pushy mostly married men trying to be cute. After a couple of drinks I would be sufficiently hit on and I would be ready to leave. Perhaps grab a bite to eat and call it a day. With any luck Alan would be home and he definitely benefit from my outing.

The lounge already had an interesting crowd milling about. Mostly your Yuppie types. Corporate types, lawyers all men looking to score. The bartender was very friendly once I let him get a good look at my cleavage. He didn’t even charge me for my first drink, which I nursed for nearly forty-five minutes. I flirted with the bartender and every man that found the courage to approach me. I was thoroughly enjoying myself. The day was long forgotten. I was awaiting my next drink when I saw him.

He came in alone. He and I being one of the few black faces in the room I am sure everyone noticed him. I saw a blond lean over and whisper to her friend when she saw him. They both giggled. I can imagine what that conversation was about. He didn’t seem to be looking for anyone in particular just surveying the room. He moved out of my sight and turned back to my drink. The sight of him disturbed me. I didn’t want to stare. It was definitely time for me to go. I made a serious effort to finish my drink quickly. Is anyone sitting here? I knew it was him before I opened my mouth. When I did I choked on my response. He offered me a napkin and inquired about my well-being. I am fine; sorry something got caught in my throat. His eyes smiled, but his lips never moved. He was just as impressive up close. He had a youthful appearance, but so how I knew he was closer to my own age. His hand looked strong. No ring, no ring tattoos either. He was probably one of those don’t want to be tied down types. You look very lovely today, he said. Your husband is a lucky man. What makes you think I am married? Knowing full well that I had my ring on. He just nodded to my left hand. I was embarrassed by my childish remark. I was about to excuse myself when he spoke again. Your husband doesn’t know you are here does he? Excuse me, was the best I could come up with. To my surprise he repeated his question, only this time he made it a statement already knowing the answer. Your husband, he doesn’t know you are here. I said, no, no he doesn’t. He was looking right through me now. So he doesn’t know how beautiful you look tonight. He doesn’t know how much you have needed him all day. He doesn’t know what he is missing. I couldn’t tear my eyes from his. I, I have to go. Of course you do, he agreed. I gently slide off the stool. He eyes on me the whole time. I backed away for a long as I could, then turned and nearly sakarya escort ran in to the ladies room. I leaned against the door. My hands were shaking. What just happened to me? How did he do that? I walked over to the mirror. I was nearly perspiring. I didn’t want to ruin my make up, so I just stood there as I had before looking at myself. I prayed that he would be gone when I walked out. My prayers were answered. I quickly paid and tipped the bartender. I heard him say something about a phone number, but I had to get out.

My nerves were returning to normal when I got off the parking garage elevator. I knew Alan wasn’t home yet but I was going anyway. I had enough adventure for one night. I didn’t see him standing there until I dropped my keys. He scared me, but only for a second. Like a true gentleman he bent down and picked up my keys. He held them out to me, but did not let go right away. He placed his other hand over mine. You ran off so last, I wanted to make sure you were all right. Even in heels, I had to look up into his eyes. His touch was giving me tiny shocks. Each one made me feels warm. I am fine really, I said. No something is wrong, and I think I know what it is. He closed the space between us. Why wasn’t I moving away? Why was I letting him touch me? I had seen this scene a thousand times in Vampire movies. I wasn’t afraid of him. His touch and the sound of his voice were taking over my will. I wanted him. Just like I had voiced my approval, he kissed my on queue. It was a powerful kiss, from strong lips. He kissed me like I was some long lost lover. He kissed my and pulled me close to him. I heard my keys hit the ground again. He kissed me and I was not willing to let him stop. He kissed me and I felt like I had just walked out into the desert sun. Those strong hands moved over my body.

Caressing my breast, squeezing my behind. He wasn’t groping, he knew exactly how to touch me. I could feel myself getting wet. His erection was rubbing my belly. Then right on queue again, he unzipped my skirt. My god what was I doing? Why was I letting this happen? I am a married woman. My questions and pleads went unanswered. I forgot got to renew them. I stepped out of my skirt. He let his hands move over my exposed skin. I want you escaped from my lips. Then again as if to confirm it. He reached inside his jacket and removed a small silver package. A condom, thankfully one of us was thinking straight. He exposed himself to me. His penis was beautiful. Hard and black, every single vein was filled with blood. I was sad when he covered it with the condom. He gently turned me around and removed my thong. I felt it slide down my legs. Then just like that he was in me. I had already provided all the lubrication he need. Just like his hand, his penis was touching me just right. Every stroke sent a chill through my body. After about a minute all of my anxiety about what was happening was melted away. I heard myself reciting every line from every porn flick I had pretended not to watch. I was becoming one of those women. Not just meeting his thrust, but grinding on his shaft when I had taken the full length. It was too late not to let myself enjoy this. I reached between my legs and rubbed my clit. I want to start cuming long before he did. I felt the tremor of my first orgasm hit me deep in my stomach.

The second was all over my body. I was rubbing my clit with one hand and clawing my paint with the other. I heard the deep moaning of his impeding release. He was about to cum. I want to feel the hot juice inside me. My final orgasm was timed perfectly with his. I know that our sounds of pleasure were echoing all over the garage. I didn’t care. He stiffened one final time, and then released his grip on my hips. Slowly he withdrew and I felt the last tremors of my final release. I felt completely drained.

He helped me retrieve my cloths. I didn’t bother with the thong. We kissed one final time, before he walked away. We had no words. Saying too much may have ruined the experience. Surprisingly I felt no guilt. I only felt warmth for this man, whose name I didn’t even know.

Dried and wrapped in my robe now, I enter the bedroom. That is no surprise; Alan’s concern for me did not keep him from falling asleep. I was a little relieved. The last thing I wanted to do was make love to him. I still loved him. We had problems, which we needed to work on. Tonight however I had one man on my mind. I tossed my clothes on the dry cleaning pill. Then I quietly emptied the contents of my handbag on the dresser. Lipstick, about forty dollars, some coins and a bar napkin. Had the bartender slipped me his number after all? I opened the napkin. There was a number and a note. The note read:

I enjoyed this evening. I hope it is not the last
We will ever have. Call me when you are ready.


My heart was pounding once again. I tuck the napkin away in a safe place. My heart was still pounding when I slide in next to Alan. Strangely I didn’t feel confused about what action I would take next. Tomorrow was another day.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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