Destroyed by text. Pt. 04

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Adult Funnies


11:25am: ‘Hi Pam. I wandered around the streets after the pubs and clubs closed and managed to get a couple of carrier bags worth of discarded pizza, chips etc from the bins. Thank you so much for your advice.’

1:00pm: ‘I couldn’t give a rat’s ass if you’re starving, shit-head. And that’s £100 for texting when not replying to me! Just ‘cos I’m controlling your account doesn’t mean I won’t keep a tally and take what’s MINE, fuck-face!’

1:01pm: ‘Yes Pam, thankyou Pam. I’m so sorry for disturbing you. I hope you have a lovely Sunday relaxing with your husband while I’m at work earning money for you.’

1;33pm: ‘Fuck off jerk-wad!’



Pam 10:13am: ‘I’ve decided you can sell all your furniture and belongings now as your eviction is definitely going to happen; I’ll see to that. Get selling your shit on ebay, dipwad. I want my money’

John 10:15am: ‘Yes, Goddess. I’m doing it now. Do I sell everything?’

Pam 11:55am: ‘Why are you the way you are? I so hate the things you choose to be! For fuck’s sake, fuck-bucket; you’re going to need one outfit of clothes for work aren’t you. But yeah; other than that; everything goes!’

John 1:02pm: ‘Shouldn’t I keep a few sets of clothes to change into?’

Pam 1:10pm: ‘Look at it like this, dork; even if you only get 5p for a T-shirt, it’s money for me, which is better than you owning anything. The only reason you’re even getting one outfit is so you can work to earn me more, more, MORE! LOL!’

John 1:20pm: ‘But won’t one set of clothes wear out, Goddess? Just trying to think practically, not criticize your thinking at all.

Pam 1:40pm: ‘You’re trying to think! LOL! I just stepped in something that was smarter than you, and it smelled better too! This is what you do; you put on your one outfit for work… when you’re not at work you take it off so there’s no additional wear and tear. You need to learn to be thrifty; don’t wear your shoes to and from work; they’ll wear out more quickly; just wear them when you absolutely have too. Same with the clothes. Ümraniye Fetiş Escort Just work, come home, strip and wait for work again; you don’t deserve a life or a purpose outside of serving me. If you have to ask for any money it’ll really piss me off; just bare that in mind. And thinking of you having no life just reminded me; your chastity belt has arrived, so call into the office just after 5pm.’

John 1:42pm: ‘Yes, Pam. Thank you for helping me become what you want me to be.’

Pam 2:15pm: ‘Oh; and you owe me £500 for being in my presence at the office. Given on payday you’ve only got £175 left, even with the overdraft; you owe me £325, fuckwheat. Get me my fucking money!’

John 2:18pm: ‘Pam, I want to please you, but how can I get you £325? You already have my account, and my credit cards. I don’t have access to anymore? What should I do?’

Pam 3:15pm: ‘I’m sure you can find out which public toilets you can suck cock in for money, goober-gobbler. LOL!’

John 3:17pm: ‘Pam, I can’t!’

Pam 4:12pm: ‘Maybe a hard cock in your mouth will stop you whining! Fuck off and go suck cock!’


Monday evening:

Pam 8:03pm: ‘I want to review my principles, just so you understand, fuck-head;

1: Less is more: By denying you everything you want, you will appreciate the scraps I throw you even more; So I’ve taken your cash card, taken your credit cards, taken your sexual freedom, made you sell everything you own apart from one set of clothes. How grateful you’ll be for anything I let you have, sitting on your floor, naked, eating stale food from bins while I spend, spend, spend and you pick up the debt like the loser you are. And just think; you’ll have even less once you’re evicted! You’re going to have rent in arrears to pay, unpaid utility bills; fuck, you’ll likely be declared bankrupt; how hot is that! Say thank you, fuck-face!

2: More is less: The more you give me and the more I take, the less it means because it becomes the norm and so doesn’t please me anymore. So, you’re £400 a month direct Ümraniye Gecelik Escort debit doesn’t impress me anymore; It’s just mine. £25,000 to spend on credit cards is pretty cool, but I’m getting used to that too. I am looking forward to having your framed eviction notice on my wall though!

3: Less is less: Everything I take from you and take for granted I expect to be kept going! Any drop in payments or servitude is going below what is acceptable. So; you need to think how else you can give to me, turd-bird! It was fun putting you in the cage and fun watching you wince with the spikes cutting into your hamster-cock, but that gets old quickly too… well, for me; I’m sure you’re in constant agony… who cares? Not fucking me!

4: More is more: The more you sacrifice and give to me, the more I’m happy and the more you fulfil your purpose. Get to it, juggla!’

John 8:13pm: ‘Hi Pam, thank you. Your principles are such amazing things to help me live like you want me to. You’re right that I have nothing now; everything is up for sale and when I’m not working (which won’t be much now I’ve seen the rota with all my extra shifts!) I can’t go outside because I can’t wear out my one set of clothes. The spikes really hurt though; is there any chance of having them removed, please?

Pam 9:00pm: ‘Why?’

John 9:01pm: ‘Because they really hurt!’

Pam 10:00pm: ‘Still not seeing a reason to remove them?’

John 10:01pm: ‘Could I earn the chance to have them removed, please?’

Pam 11:30pm: ‘Now there’s an idea. Let me think on how you can earn things… this is going to be fun… for me, at least! LOL!’



Pam 9:16am: ‘Okay, so this is what you can earn and how you can earn it, coddle-twat;

To earn the spikes removed from your chastity cage for 1 hour: 1 hour of ball busting.

To earn an hour out of your chastity cage and a chance to cum: get yourself beaten up… badly!

I’ll add to the list as I want to. Where’s my £325. Cock-sucker?’

John 9:22am: ‘Thank you for Ümraniye Genç Escort the chance to earn release, Pam. I haven’t had a chance to earn the money yet, Goddess. I’ve been working double-shifts remember?’

Pam 9:45am: ‘I don’t want excuses; I want MY fucking money!’

John 9:46am: ‘I’ll do my best, Pam. I promise.’

Pam 10:12am: ‘According to the rota you’ve been on 8-8 shifts the last few days?’

John 10:13am: ‘Yes, that’s right. I’m absolutely shattered; but I do it for you, Goddess!’

Pam 11:33am: ‘Oh shut the fuck up chode-sack! You do it for me? Do what? Go home and fucking sleep? You could be on your knees in a public toilet between shifts, you fucking flobber!’

John 11:35am: ‘Yes, Goddess.’


Tuesday evening:

Pam 7:30pm: ‘Half an hour until cock-sucking duties! LOL! Send me a pic of a cock in your mouth!’

John 7:35pm: ‘Please Pam; I’m shattered, I’m starving and the idea totally disgusts me, isn’t there another way?’

Pam 7:45pm: ’15 minutes until cock-sucking duties! If you can get me £325 another way; fine. As to you starving; you’ll get plenty protein shakes sucking cock, Peter-puffer!’

John 7:55pm: ‘I can’t think of another way, Goddess.’

Pam 8:00pm: ‘It’s showtime, Monika Lewinsky!’


John 11:15pm *picture of John with a hard cock in his mouth*

Pam 11:32pm: ‘LMAO! How much did you make ME?’

John 11:35pm: ‘£125, Goddess. £25 a blowjob.’

Pam 11:45pm: ‘Well, you’ve got nearly 8 hours until you’re back at work; earn me the rest of my fucking money! And don’t fucking text back; me and hubby are going to bed now.’


Pam 9:12am: ‘Well?’

John 9:13am: ‘Hi Pam. I made another £100, but there wasn’t many punters after about 1am.’

Pam 10:20am: ‘You sucked 9 cocks last night?’

John 10:22am: ‘Yes Goddess, for you.’

Pam 11am: ‘So you still don’t have all MY money?’

John 11:01am: ‘No, sorry, Goddess.’

Pam 12:06pm: ‘Time for you to become a butt strumpet tonight then; I want a pic of your gaped, ragged ass looking like a fucking distended tube sock!’

John 12:10pm: ‘Please, Pam; I can make the rest sucking cock; I only need to suck 4 cocks to get the last £100.

Pam 1:00pm: ‘No! I want you ass-fucked; besides you can earn me a nice little bonus! Hope you squeal like a pig, gape-boy!’

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