Diana’s Dark Desires Ch. 03

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Bbw Wife

I had spent a wonderful weekend with Jack and Talia – Val had submitted to us during a day of passion – and I had come back home to my beloved Laura. She was talking to our neighbours Mandy and Trevor when I arrived, and quickly included me in the conversation, first asking about my weekend.

When I told them that Val and Mark had been our guests as well, it seemed to give Mandy an idea, ‘Why don’t you all come down to our place? We could lay on a bit of a party later this week. Now we all know each other better, it will be interesting, won’t it? Ask Louis and Gary, of course, Laura.’ She looked from one to the other of us conspiratorially, and said, ‘We’ll be off now – see you tomorrow, and you can let me know what you think, eh?’

When she had gone, I looked at Laura, and said, ‘Well? You don’t like her much, do you?’

‘And you?’

‘Not a lot. But Gary fucked her at our party, and you seemed to get on with Trevor.’

Laura coloured up a bit. ‘That’s true, ‘ she said, ‘let’s see what the boys have to say, anyway – it might be fun, eh?’

Next day was Monday, and I knew Laura would be seeing Gary and Louis at the office, so I waited until lunchtime, then asked her what they had said.

‘They’re all for it,’ she said, ‘but Gary wants a word with you this afternoon. Will you go up to his office?’

Gary was quite senior in the firm, and I was a bit worried by this, but didn’t have any choice if he wanted to see me, so I went and knocked on his door in thee early afternoon.

‘Come,’ said his efficient voice.

I opened his door diffidently, and slid into his big office.

‘Close the door, Diana,’ he said, and regarded me coolly. I shut the door, and he came around and turned the turnbolt to lock it.

‘I understand you’ve been fucking around with Talia and Jack.’ It was a statement, not a question.

‘I….I didn’t know I needed your permission,’ I said, and it sounded sarcastic as soon as I’d said it.

He slapped me hard across the face.

‘We’ll see about that, you little slut. When I’ve punished you, you can bring me this new slut, the little one – this evening, to my home – is that understood?’

‘I don’t know if she can………’ I started

‘Just see to it,’ he said, ‘the punishment you are going to get now will be nothing compared to what you will get if I don’t see her at nine thirty, after dinner. Now strip.’

I was trembling with fear and shame, but his dominant male presence was exciting me just the same, and I unfastened the waistband of my skirt, letting it fall about my feet. I only had to unbutton my silk blouse, slip it off my shoulders, and I stood naked on his carpet, in nothing more than a pair of stiletto-heeled sandals. He looked me up and down, and turned me about.

‘The marks of your last whipping have almost gone,’ he remarked, ‘kneel on the floor, hands behind your neck.’

I obeyed, and saw him go to the cupboard, and take out a narrow leather belt, one end of which he wrapped around his right hand. Without warning, he lashed me with it, across the small of my back. It stung terribly, and I bit down on my lip rather than cry out. He struck again, harder still, and lower down, and the pain was almost unbearable, mingling with an indescribable ecstasy, as I felt that I alone knew the true joy of pain and pleasure combined, that in some way I was dominating my torturer by my very acceptance of his punishment. When I screamed, he knew it was a scream of lust, of fulfilment, as a cataclysmic orgasm overtook me, and he threw down the belt, laid me face-down across his desk, and ploughed his erect cock into me, ramming it deep into my cunt in one great thrust, then cumming immediately in a huge eruption which heightened my domination of him.

He somehow knew that I had his measure, but maintained his position of stern insistence whilst I dressed, and said, as I left, ‘Nine thirty, then.’ I just nodded.

When I got home, I was glad to hear Val or Mark moving about upstairs, and went straight up to see if it was her. I was in luck. Mark was due to go to a meeting that evening, so Val was free.

‘I’ve nothing to wear,’ she said, predictably. I said I doubted that would be a problem, and something in my tone must have warned her what may be in store.

‘Look,’ she said, ‘I know what I said about wanting to be….well, you know..’ She was lost for words, but I told her not to worry.

Laura and I later asked her down for a light dinner, and she toyed with her food, then I suggested she dressed simply in a sundress – it was a warm evening – whilst I slipped into a silk blouse and pleated miniskirt I knew Gary liked.

I borrowed Laura’s car, and we were soon outside Gary and Louis’ home, Val shaking like a leaf. I led her up the path and rang the bell, and the door was instantly answered by Gary himself. He showed us into a room off the passageway I had never been in before, and said, ‘Get the new slave ready, Diana, please. Everything she is to wear is on the bed. When she is ready, bring her to the lounge – you know where that is.’

I Ümraniye Yabancı Escort looked about me. We were in a small spare bedroom, sparsely furnished with a single bed and a couple of chairs. On the bed were laid out a variety of things, which Val was regarding with horror.

‘It’s probably not too late to run away,’ I told her, but she shook her head, and unfastened her dress behind her neck, letting it slide over her hips to the floor. When she stood in just her heels, I could see that thee livid marks of yesterday’s whipping were still fresh, mainly on her back, where the crop had been concentrated. I ran a finger along one welt and she winced.

‘Hurt much?’ I asked.

‘Yes,’ she confirmed, but took hold of my fingers and kissed them, looking at me from under lowered eyelids, ‘but it did something to me, you know.’

‘I know,’ I said, and helped her take off her shoes.

On the bed was a black corset, which I held up to her and tried for fit. It was perfect.

‘How the……?

‘How did he know your size?’ I supplied, ‘God knows, ‘but it does seem to fit, eh?’

She buttoned the cruel whale-boned garment up the front, then I stepped around behind her and told her to breathe in while I tugged at the lacing and constricted her fiercely within the confines of the harsh corset. When I had done, her waist, already tiny, was reduced even more, and her breasts seem to burst out on the platform of the top of the corset, which thrust them upwards, leaving her hard little nipples bare. I knew that the ultra-tight lacing exacerbated the pain from her wounds, but her largely unmarked buttocks were left uncovered, pushed outwards by the tightness around her waist.

I had to help attach the seamed black stockings to the garter straps off the corset, and then it was a question of finishing touches. There were four more items left. One was a pair of nipple clamps, a delicate silver pair, connected by a thin chain, and Val looked at them apprehensively.

‘Never had these used on you before?’

‘No,’ she said, ‘don’t hurt me.’

I smiled and tweaked a nipple between thumb and forefinger, making her cry out sharply, then quickly put on one of the clamps, tightening it down hard. She gasped with the pain, and let out a half-scream when I repeated the dose on the other nipple, connecting the two.

‘You’ll get used to them,’ I said, and picked up another item from the bed. It was a pair shackles for her ankles, connected by a short, heavy chain. I knelt in front of her and clipped them in place. There remained a pair of handcuffs, which I quickly clipped on to her slender wrists. She was, by now, trembling with fear, so, as I put the last item, a collar, around her lovely neck, I kissed her as gently as I could, and took up the attached leash, leading her out into the passageway, and to the lounge.

When I led her into the lounge, Gary was stood by a table, now dressed in a silk robe, in the waistband of which was tucked a leather whip. Val’s eyes went straight to it, and widened.

‘Ha,’ he said, ‘so my new slave likes to be whipped, eh?’

‘No, no,’ she said, ‘I’m frightened.’

‘Look at this,’ he said, and pulled me roughly over to the table, bending me over it, and lifting my short skirt, so that Val could see the bright red marks of that afternoon’s punishment I had so recently enjoyed. I felt my juices surge again at the memory of it, and, shamefully, at the thought of watching him inflict the same on my friend.

He now signalled to me to pull her down over the table by the leash, and, when I did so, her naked buttocks were exposed between the corset and the stocking-tops. He pulled the whip from his waistband, grinning to me, and saying, ‘This is new – let’s see if it works.’

He stood back and flicked it experimentally at her behind, and the thin leather strand just played across her white cheeks. She flinched just slightly.

‘Hmmm,’ he said, ‘seems about right,’ and, stepping back a little further, flicked much harder, lashing her hard across one cheek, raising an angry wheal.

‘Oooh,’ she moaned, and he moved in and felt her crack.

‘Oh my,’ he said, ‘she’s soaking wet. I think she likes this.’

‘No,’ she said, ‘I can’t take it.’

‘Yes, you can,’ he said, and whipped her hard across the other cheek, now drawing tiny droplets of blood along the track of the red welt he had raised.

She screamed with agony, and writhed about on the table. I was also finding myself getting excited beyond belief, and my hand was in my pussy-lips as he struck again, lower down, almost at the crease at the bottom of her buttocks. She shrieked again, and this time, Gary knew that she could take no more – that the agony and the ecstasy were coming to their inevitable climax in her young body.

He simply opened his robe, revealing a massive erection, and plunged it deep into Val’s sopping cunt, right to the neck of her womb.

‘Fuck me well, now, you fucking bastard,’ she shouted, and somehow, by power of will I had never suspected in Ümraniye Yeni Escort her, made him hold off until she had made good her screaming climax, before she would allow him his turn to cum.

‘I’ve just been dominated,’ he said, ruefully, and I turned around to see that Louis had slipped quietly into the room, and had watched the last few minutes’ proceedings. He was now seriously regarding me as I stood there with one hand under my skirt, the other supporting me on the edge of the table.

‘I don’t think you need to do that yourself,’ he said, smilingly. Quite gently, he pulled me to the large sofa, and dragged me down with him, locking his mouth onto mine. I let my tongue-stud arouse him more, if that were possible, than he already was, and his hungry hands were travelling up under my thin silk blouse, crushing my breasts, kneading them, as I tugged at his belt, and fought to get into his slacks. He was wearing no underwear, and his huge prick sprung out like a wild animal when I got his fly unzipped. I let my hand play along its prodigious length, then, never taking my eyes from his, licked the precum from his tip, grazing the engorged crown deliberately with my silver stud. He moaned, and shoved his hand hard into my cunt, which made me gasp. But then, he picked me up bodily and threw me over on to my stomach, parting my legs brutally with his knees.

‘I want your arsehole, slut,’ he said.

‘Oh yes,’ I heard myself saying, ‘take me there, Louis, please.’ And I reached behind me and parted my cheeks with both hands, helping him to find his way into my near-virgin hole. I had only been taken there the once, by Jack, who was much smaller and less brutal than Louis, and knew this was going to hurt, but wasn’t prepared for the awful pain as he tore into my tender anus, ripping past my sphincter in a sheer blend of agony and ecstasy I could never have described. I thought I should pass out as he drove his entire length right into my secret depths, grunting with his own pain at my tightness, his hands cupping my tits as he started to drive in and out, his inward stroke reaching to the limits of my bowel.

I shouted foul obscenities at him, which only excited him more, and he suddenly tensed, stiffened, and I almost thought he had had a heart attack as he convulsed when he shot his hot load deep within me.

‘Oh God,’ we said, simultaneously, as he withdrew, and both laughed. He held me tightly for a while.

Next day, I was surprisingly fresh, and Laura remarked at lunchtime that I looked very bright and breezy.

‘My arse hurts like hell, though,’ I said, ‘ I feel like I shat a melon!’

‘You’re so fucking crude sometimes,’ she said, ‘anyway, I think it’s a myth that men like tight little arseholes. Show them a great gaping cavern, and they go wild.’

‘You should know,’ I said, being catty, and she threw her empty can at me.

On the way back to the office, we discussed our forthcoming party, and Laura opined that Mandy would go down well with the men. ‘Gary said she’s “all pierced up” whatever that means, and Louis can’t wait to have a look for himself. Perhaps we can get her to do a strip?’

‘I don’t know,’ I said, ‘but what about Trevor? He doesn’t seem very sophisticated or anything.’

‘Trevor?’ she said, ‘you’d be surprised, darling. He’s a stayer, that one, I can tell you.’

Wednesday evening came around, and we had prepared Mandy’s flat for the party, with Val’s help too, long before anyone was due, so that we could give due consideration to our respective wardrobes, something which we all regarded as of utmost importance.

We helped each other choose our outfits for the evenings, and Mandy was at first an amused onlooker as we did so, showing astonishment when none of us wore underclothes of any description. We all went up to Val’s and were unanimous in selecting from her limited choice a new dress she had bought, a sheer, clinging, cream net creation with a pattern woven into it that tantalisingly covered her nipples and pussy, but revealed much more than it concealed. With a pair of gold stilettos and a gold chain around her waist she looked stunning. Laura chose for herself a ‘harem-suit’ consisting of long sleeved top and baggy trousers, in completely transparent peach cotton. She had rouged her nipples, so that they could be seen at all times, and it would be hard for anyone talking to her to take their eyes off them. If she chose to open her legs upon sitting down, she could display her pussy for all to see. For my part, I apologised to all and sundry and again wore my white silk gown – the one I wore to the previous party – in truth it was the only one I possessed. It was completely backless, so that it showed of my red welts – of which I was very proud – and I loved the restraint I felt when I was zipped into the skirt and wore my highest heels. My breasts jiggled against the thin silk as I minced down the stairs to Mandy’s flat.

At first, we had to dissuade her from wearing panties. ‘You’d be on your own,’ Laura pointed out, and when she slipped out of Ümraniye Masaj Salonu the ones she had been wearing, we saw that she had, indeed, been pierced, as well as tattooed. She sported a heavy silver ring in her clitoris-hood, and two more in her outer labia, as well as a long pendant in her navel. An elaborate tattoo featuring a floral pattern adorned her mons, which was clean-shaven. We all approved. When she took off her bra, and her breasts, which were on the large side, were free, we also saw that she had a dull metal ring hanging from her left nipple.

‘What do you think, then?’ she said, looking from one to the other of us, slightly challengingly.

I was the first to speak, ‘I think you’re lovely, Mandy,’ I said, and I’m sure we’re all envious of your………your decorations.’

The others murmured their agreement, and we tried to find something for Mandy to wear. There was nothing remotely suitable in her wardrobe, but I exclaimed, when I poked my nose into her lingerie drawer, ‘Look, this should do the trick,’ and swept out a long, sheer black nylon nightgown.

‘I’ve just the things for you to wear under that,’ said Laura, to a doubtful-looking Mandy, and skipped out of the door. When she came back, a few moments later, she was holding a pair off black lace, open-crotch panties, and a black silk platform bra.

‘You out-tit me by miles,’ she said, ‘but that shouldn’t matter – this just pushes them up a bit!’

Mandy wriggled into the panties and we made the bra fit her, then she shook the diaphanous gown down around her curvaceous body. She had the same pair of real ‘fuck-me’ shoes she had worn to our party, and we couldn’t have improved on them. She was a voyeur’s dream.

Gary and Louis soon showed up, and were already supplied with drinks when Jack and Talia appeared. Talia was wearing the same black fishnet bodysuit I had first seen her in, and was again naked under it – she had had to wear a cape to make the short journey from where they had parked the car – but we all immediately noticed an innovation. She wore a heavy silver chain around her waist, and to it was attached a much more delicate one, looping down between her legs, and disappearing into the mesh of her catsuit. When she kissed me in greeting, I reached down and gave it a little tug.

Her eyes widened, ‘Oooh,’ she said, ‘careful, I only had it done the day before yesterday.’

‘Did it hurt?’ I asked.

‘Yes, a little,’ she replied, ‘but I came there and then! I’ll show you later, if you ask me nicely.’ Her hand lingered on my nipples, which she always liked, and she kissed me again, then we went to get a drink. As she her hand left my nipple, I saw that she had added a further exotic detail. The long nail of her forefinger she had had perforated, and a silver ring inserted, from which hung a thin silver chain about three centimetres long, with a small stone at its end. It must have been inconvenient, and I mentioned it to her.

‘Yes, but I think it’s sexy, don’t you?’ she said, so that was an end of it.

It was a relaxed evening, at first. All of us knew one another, but Mandy seemed on edge, and not just because we were in her flat. We all danced to a variety of music, the men having difficulty hiding their excitement at the girls’ exotic costumes, even though they were, by now, familiar with the scene.

When we stopped dancing for a snack, I asked Mandy what was troubling her.

‘I feel kind of an outsider,’ she said, ‘you’ve helped me dress like you, and I seem to turn the guys on OK, but you all seem to share something I can’t. I know you’re all into BDSM and that, and Trevor asked me to be his slave – but I just told him not to be stupid, he couldn’t dominate the cat!’

I smiled and looked at her husband, who was sat on the sofa with Laura. He had his arm around her shoulder and was toying with a pert, rouged nipple through the transparent material of her top. Her hand was on his thigh, and creeping towards a growing erection, readily apparent under his slacks.

‘Maybe not,’ I said, ‘but he’s not exactly undersexed, is he?’

‘No, ‘ she agreed, ‘he’s far from that. But he’d never punish me, and I think that’s what I really want.’

‘Are you sure that’s what you want, though, Mandy? You’re not just saying that because all of us are submissives?’

‘No, darling,’ she said, ‘I’ve thought long and hard. The mere sight of your stripes turns me on, and the thought of being whipped makes me cum just imagining it. Do you think Gary, or Louis………….?’ She left the sentence in the air, and kissed me on the cheek in an embarrassed way, before going to fill her glass.

I went and had a quiet word with Louis, whom I thought was the likeliest candidate, then sought out Mark, who pressed me to him as we danced, kneading my buttocks through the silky tightness of my dress. When I glanced over his shoulder, Mandy was dancing with Louis, stood a little apart from him, gyrating slowly, her hands sliding up and down the lissome curves of her body, first cupping her ample breasts through the black translucent gown, then running down to her panties, tightening the gown around them, so that the opening in the crotch was clear to see. The ring in her clitoris-hood glittered briefly. Other couples now stopped dancing to watch her, spellbound, and Louis also stopped and let her continue dancing alone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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