Diary of a High Price Escort Ch. 20

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I watched as Ken’s little red sports car disappeared from view then carried my bag and the notebook he’d given me into the house. As I emptied my bag into a laundry basket, I thought about Ken’s offer and decided I needed to tell Daddy about it when I sent him my report on the weekend with him.

As I headed toward the stairs I noticed I had a couple messages on my answering machine. I pressed play to listen. The first was from my attorney Laura who said, “Margaret I have something I want to talk to you about. I heard from Barry’s lawyer and I think it best we discuss it face to face. Give me a call and we’ll schedule an appointment at my office next week. Talk to ya soon.” I deleted the message knowing I’d remember to call her the next day. The second message was from Kim who said, “Angel, can you call me when you get this message. I remember you telling me about doing a photo shoot and getting a wardrobe advance from Daddy. I only accepted his offer to join his team on Thursday afternoon and he told me that he had my first appointment already scheduled. I had that appointment today and it was absolutely wonderful, I want to thank you for your help and I can’t wait to tell you all about my first.”

Both messages left me with lots to wonder about, what news could Laura have that she felt it best to discuss face to face. But more interesting was how fast Daddy had set up an appointment for Kim who hadn’t even accepted his offer of employment. I’d have to return her call tonight.

I carried the notebook and my empty overnight bag upstairs to my bedroom. I was feeling rather sexy, I wasn’t sure why since I’d had more sex in the past two days then a lot of women have in two weeks, but I decided to slip into a sleek satin lounging set. A pretty, pink pant and shirt set that I left unbuttoned. Since it was still early I decided to view Ken and Junior’s slide show. I grabbed the notebook and slipped onto my bed, curled up and propped my head up on one hand. The notebook powered up instantly and on the desktop, there was a folder titled, “Angel” I double clicked the folder and the show started.

The first few images were of me sitting on Junior’s face each one displayed for about twenty seconds before the program advanced to the next. Ken had used the zoom lens to go from shots that showed both Junior and me to tighter shots of my chest and face as his son’s talented tongue took me to the brink of sexual excitement and beyond. Ken was able to get a tight close up of my face as I climaxed on his son’s face the image captured my mouth open as I screamed I’m cumming. Before he left his second story perch, Ken was able to snap a photo just as I shoved Junior into the pool showing the big splash he made and my arm extended to where he had been standing.

Watching Ken’s photo show of me face fucking his son aroused me and I slipped one hand under my unbuttoned shirt and the other down inside the satin pants. My nipples were already hard and drew tauter as my hand lightly caressed them.

The next few photos were of Junior and me embracing each other in the cool water of the pool and included a shot of him pulling my ponytail and my head disappearing under the water. As I began fingering my clit I recalled how it felt sucking his cock underwater, and judging from the couple photos Ken captured of his son he was enjoying my watery blowjob.

Ken captured a photo of Junior swimming away from me and another of me gliding to a stop between his outstretched legs. He must have changed hiding spots because the next shot showed me tit fucking his son on the stairs to the pool. I remember how it felt having his hard cock slide between my wet tits and how sexy it must have looked as our combined motion caused water to splash up over us both.

Both hands were moving independently of one another but the combined effect was that my cunt was growing wetter and wetter with each image. I began concentrating more on pleasuring myself than of the sexy slide show but watched as we fucked on the steps than in the deeper water as Junior prepared to fill me with another awesome flood of cum.

My fingers slowed as father and son changed positions, Junior taking over the camera and Ken taking over the whore. I watch intently as at Junior’s directions Ken inserted his raging erection into my mouth and the next eight or nine photos were highly erotic. Junior had captured every nuance of his dad’s rock-hard erection poised to enter my mouth right through to the last where Ken’s cock impaled my throat causing me to open my eyes widely. I added a finger to my steamy cunt and continued fingering myself as I watched more of this sexy slideshow.

The next series that heightened my arousal were when Junior had me lay on my back with my head dangling over the edge of the chaise lounge and I especially enjoyed the couple of me massaging Ken’s cock head through the flesh of my throat. By this point in the show, my loins were beginning to tingle and I knew that before the last photo displayed I would have already climaxed. beşiktaş masöz escort My fingers probed deeper and deeper and I abandoned my tits to move that hand to my erect clitoris. As the images of Ken fucking me displayed I brought myself to a sensational self-induced orgasm, my hips bucking against my invading fingers and spiraling shards of climatic pleasure shot toward my brain. My eyes were closed and my breathing came in short gasps as I rode my hands over the edge. By the time I recovered from this awesome masturbation episode the slideshow had ended. I laughed out loud knowing I’d missed the images of Ken’s thick, creamy cum load splashing on my tits and body, but the notebook was mine so I’d be able to watch the show again and again.

I took a quick shower and slipped on my lounging set this time buttoning the shirt, and headed downstairs with my laptop. The last glimmer of daylight and the colorful sunset were nearly done when I finished my report to Daddy. I knew he would be proud of me when I reported my tip as seventy-five hundred and that our client was extremely happy with my services. The one downside was that I felt I needed to tell Daddy about Ken’s offer of being his exclusively, which I assured Daddy that I quickly declined. I ended my email to him with a request that he not schedule me for another appointment until Thursday since I knew I have some personal things to take care of.

It was too late to call Laura to schedule a meeting so I made a mental note to do that tomorrow morning, but I wanted to talk to Kim so I dialed her number. On the second ring, she answered my call. “Hello, this is Kim.”

“Hey babe, it’s Angel,” I replied.

“Oh my gosh, I’m so glad you called,” Kim said.

“I listened to your message and I’m surprised that Daddy would schedule you so quickly,” I said.

She giggled and explained, “I haven’t even done my photo shoot, that’s scheduled for Tuesday, but apparently he had a request from a very wealthy Japanese businessman who was in town for a special meeting and wanted some company Friday night.”

I was beginning to understand the quickness of Kim starting so soon and said, “I’m guessing you fit the request to a tee?”

“Yes, I’m his only Asian girl and I had the requested traditional Japanese kimono and accessories, which I’d purchased a couple years ago for a costume party, so of course I accepted the appointment without hesitation,” Kim explained.

“And how did it go?” I inquired.

She paused for a moment then answered, “Let’s just say, that Mr. Takemori will be returning to the states in a few weeks and told me he wants a second appointment.”

“That’s wonderful Kim,” I paused for a moment then asked, “It is still Kim?”

She giggled again and replied, “I’m now known at EE as Silk.”

“That’s a cute name,” I answered.

There was an uncharacteristic pause from Silk and I tried to move our conversation forward asking, “Is there something else?”

She hesitated before asking, “Are you very busy tonight?”

It was nearly 9:00 P.M. and to be honest I was a little tired but I got the feeling there was something she wanted or needed to discuss with me, I replied, “I have no plans other than getting a good night sleep.”

“I’m sorry Angel, I shouldn’t have asked,” Silk replied.

“I can always sleep in tomorrow if you’d like to come by for a while,” I answered sensing the disappointment in her tone of voice.

“Really, I’d like that,” She answered.

“How soon can you be here?” I asked.

Silk replied, “I can be there in half an hour.”

“Okay, we’ll talk more then,” I answered.

I disconnected our call wondering what or why my young Asian friend needed to see me tonight. I hoped she wasn’t getting cold feet about joining the Elegant Escorts team, I knew if that were the case Daddy would be very disappointed even though he apparently had not invested a lot financially in her yet.

My doorbell rang about twenty minutes later and as I walked to the door thought she must have broken the speed limit to get here so soon.

I opened the door and found Silk dressed for lack of a better word, looking like a twenty-dollar street corner whore. She had on a very tight, black tank top that left nothing to the imagination, every nuance of her tits including her erect nipples showed through the top.

“Please come in,” I said somewhat stunned by her appearance.

Silk stepped inside and I closed the door behind us. “Let’s sit in the family room,” I suggested knowing she knew where it was.

As she walked ahead of me I surveyed the rest of her outfit. She wore a plaid, pleated, micro mini skirt which didn’t even come close to reaching the tops of her black fishnet stockings. In fact, it barely covered her ass. She seemed a bit unstable walking on the highest stripper stilettos I’ve ever seen.

“Thanks for staying up to see me,” Silk said as she sat down on one end of the sofa.

I beşiktaş otele gelen escort watched as she crossed her legs. As I sat down at the other end I asked, “What’s on your mind Silk?”

She hesitated a moment, I assumed to gather her thoughts, then said, “I’d like to get your opinion and advice on this whole Elegant Escorts thing.”

“Okay, I’ll try to help,” I answered wondering if this little get together would last longer than I’d hoped.

Silk smiled at me and started, “Tell me what you think of my look?”

I’m not one to criticize, and I wished she said looks instead of look, but I needed to be brutally honest with her about how she was dressed. “This look reminds me of how a twenty-dollar street hooker would dress,” I said as I waved my hand up to indicate how she was dressed.

“You think it’s too much?” Silk asked.

I laughed and answered, “This little number, while very sexy, is so far over the top of how Daddy expects his girls to dress. But having said that, if a client wants you to change into something like this once you’re alone with him and his tip will increase accordingly, then it’s absolutely perfect.”

“I understand,” Silk replied.

Just to make sure she understood completely I continued, “It’s called Elegant Escorts for a reason, Daddy expects, no demands, that his employees project a classy and elegant look when meeting clients.”

“Do you think you could help me shop once Daddy gives me my wardrobe advance?” Silk asked.

I smiled and replied, “Be happy to.”

She relaxed and turned a little toward me as she asked, “And how about my looks, do you think I’m pretty enough to satisfy Elegant Escorts clients?”

Ever since I became one of her clients at Kim’s Salon and sat across from her at the manicure table I’ve been impressed with her natural beauty. While I never asked, I estimated her to be in her mid-twenties and her complexion had a creamy olive hue which accented her dark eyes. Her long jet-black long hair nearly reached her waist. Her petite tits, which I guess can’t be bigger than a “B” cup, complemented her slender body and shapely legs. While I’ve never seen her naked, I’m certain her nipples are tiny and extremely perky, and since she was trained as a manicurist her fingernails, while not extremely long, are perfectly shaped, her French manicure highlights their perfection. While I haven’t seen them, I’m sure her toenails have the same perfection. Silk is one very sexy, Asian beauty.

“With your sexy body and awesome beauty, I’m absolutely certain you’ll satisfy every client you meet,” I said.

She uncrossed her legs and slid forward on the sofa as she said, “You think I have a sexy body?”

I smiled and replied, “Trust me Silk, there isn’t a man alive that wouldn’t see you as one very fuckable babe.”

As she stood up she asked, “But what about you, would you like to have sex with me?”

Silk took two steps to stand directly before me as I replied, “I’ve thought about it a few times when you’ve done my nails.” My answer of course meant that I’d be up late tonight, but I was already planning on sleeping in tomorrow morning.

She smiled broadly at me as she tugged her black tank top from the waistband of her micro mini skirt and lifted it over her head revealing her absolutely perfect, petite tits and, as suspected, equally tiny, dark erect nipples and slightly lighter small areolas.

I wanted to touch them instantly knowing the firmness was totally opposite my big soft enhanced tits.

She ran her hands up over her body stopping when she reached her tits, then rolled both tiny erect nipples between her thumbs and index fingers enticing me with her youthful sensuality.

“They’re absolutely lovely,” I said as I kept my eyes focused on her chest as my tongue moistened my lips.

I’m not sure if Silk was trying out her seduction technique, but rather than sliding forward to reach out for her tits I just sat back and let her continue. I moved my hands up to my big soft tits and started pinching my own erect nipples through the pink, satin fabric of my lounge set.

She stood there for a moment enjoying the sensation of pleasing her nipples and watching as I pleased my own. I wanted more and said, “Show me your ass.”

Silk smiled and turned around spreading her feet further apart then bent at the waist. I can’t say for sure, but I suspect she used the ruse of questioning me about Elegant Escorts so she could seduce me into a sexy lesbian session. That fact was all but confirmed when she slid her hands down the front of her legs causing her plaid, pleated, mini skirt to ride up high on her ass revealing a very sexy pair of crotchless white panties. Two thin strips of lace outlined her very tight looking cunt but came together to hide her asshole. The back of her thighs had the same olive glow as her face and the fabric of her wide-open fishnet stockings revealed the same glow along her legs.

From beşiktaş rus escort her, bent position Silk asked, “Do you want me, Angel?”

I didn’t reply, rather I slid off the sofa and knelt behind her. I ran my hands along her sleek, sexy legs, over the black fishnets and up onto the silky-smooth flesh above. My hands finally came to rest on her sleek hips. Before going further, I studied her tight, little cunt for a moment the lips had that same olive color held tightly together by the thin strips of lace running along the outside. She looked moist and I couldn’t wait to discover just how wet the pink flesh beyond was. As I moved my fingers along her labia I discovered that Silk’s pubic hair had been completely shaved giving her cunt a clean sleek feel.

I moved down a little and dipped my head toward her loins. My tongue slipped between the thin lace strips and her lips parted as my tongue slithered between them. Her cunt was more than moist and I savored the first taste of her juices. As my tongue probed inside her wet cunt, Silk moaned sinfully.

“Your beauty is complemented by your exquisite taste,” I said as I slipped two fingers inside her sopping, wet cunt.

As I continued the long, slow licking of her cunt, I used one thumb to hook her crotchless panties and stretched the fabric up to expose her tight puckered sphincter. My tongue slowly licked its way from her cunt to her asshole, concentrating on the rim before probing inside when Silk let out a deep, throaty moan.

When she finished her moan, she said, “Oh god Angel, how did you know I absolutely love having my asshole licked. Don’t you dare stop, keep licking me and pushing your tongue inside.”

“Finger me there,” Silk pleaded.

My index finger was already coated with the juices from her wet cunt and along with the fact that her asshole has in the past been plundered by several big cocks, including Daddy’s, made it easy for me to insert my finger.

She straightened up and undid the clasp holding her micro mini skirt in place and as it slid off her hips it dangled over my arm. I slipped out of her beautiful asshole and let the garment flutter to the floor around her stilettos.

“Turn around,” I said.

Silk turned to face me, her eyes dropped to mine as she said, “Touch my little titties.”

My hands slid up her sleek legs and body until I reached her awesome tiny tits. I gently caressed the flesh then moved my fingers to concentrate on her fully erect nipples.

“Oh god,” Silk said as I tweaked her rock-hard nipples.

Her hands moved down to the blouse of my pink lounge set as she said, “Can I see your tits?”

I just smiled and moved my hands to remove hers from my blouse. I then moved mine down to the top button and slowly undid each one letting her first see the lush deep cleavage between my big tits. Once the last button was undone I pulled gently on the pink, satin fabric and it slipped alongside my soft tits.

“I’ve imagined how luscious and soft they are, how big your nipples were every time I sat across from you as I did your nails,” Silk admitted.

I just smiled and cupped both orbs of pleasure then asked, “Are they what you imagined?”

“They’re more beautiful than I could have ever imagined,” Silk replied.

I began to stand up, hooking my thumbs in the waistline of my satin lounge pants and slipped them down my legs stepping out of the pants and again cupping my big tits for her.

“Do you want to touch them?” I asked.

Silk smiled and moved her hands to the collar of my blouse, quickly sliding it off my shoulders. I kept my arms along my sides so the blouse could flutter to the floor joining my pants. Her hands moved to my big, soft, luscious tits and slowly touched them, her eyes focused on mine as she began playfully lifting and caressing my chest.

“What cup are they,” Silk asked just before she lifted one soft tit and slowly licked its erect nipple.

I smiled and replied, “A full D.”

“I’m barely a B cup, I wish I had tits like these,” Silk admitted.

I giggled and said, “My soon to be ex-husband paid for these and I think your tits are perfect for your body.”

Her fingertips gently caressed the bottom of my areolas trying to detect any signs of the incision the plastic surgeon had made to insert the implants. Silk moved her mouth to my other big tit and sucked harder on that taut nipple.

“He was a very skilled surgeon,” Silk said as she couldn’t find any evidence that my flesh had been opened.

“Barry wanted the best for his trophy wife,” I admitted, as Silk continued playing with my big, soft tits.

She lifted them in unison and pressed the twin orbs of pleasure together then said, “I can only imagine how sexy it looks with a big, hard cock sliding between them.”

“It turns every man on very much,” I replied.

Silk smiled and said, “I can only let men slide their cocks between my tits, no matter how much I try I can’t get the soft cleavage to surround their cocks.”

She seemed completely enamored with my tits but I wanted her mouth on my slippery cunt. I stepped back and lay down on the sofa spreading my thighs wide to give her a view of my sultry loins. Her eyes widened as I moved my hands down and spread my cunt open to her gaze showing her the moist lips and the pink, wet flesh beyond.

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