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Having fixed her tits very firmly with a length of 4mm diameter, nylon rope, Jason completed his preparations for the weigh in by slipping the scale hook behind the tight rope strands above her breast bone. Slowly he pulled the pulley chain until it took up the slack and the pounds started to show on the scale reading.

Fatcunt, for that was her only name until she earned another with the completion of her weight reduction programme, winced as her body weight started to cause her tightly bound tits to stretch and discolour ever more quickly.

Before the weigh in, Fatcunt had been prepared in the usual way. Naked, she was required to lay on her back on the floor. Her ankles were spread wide with a one metre spreader bar and her wrists were also attached to the ends of the bar. In this position there was no possibility of reducing the strain on her tits in any way and she was fully exposed in case Jason felt the need to punish her or use her in any way during the weighing process.

As always, weigh in took place on Sunday evening just after the main meal of the day. Sunday was special. It was the one day of the week on which Fatcunt was allowed to eat or drink absolutely anything that she wanted.

The highly geared pulley chain ran easily through Jason’s hands Ümraniye Ukraynalı Escort as the pounds racked up on the dial. 100lbs, 110lbs, 120lbs. Fatcunt sweated and squirmed in her bonds. It was as if her tits would be torn from her body and then, as the pointer came precisely to 125lbs, Jason stopped. The target weight had been reached yet again and Jason noted solemnly that her ass remained firmly on the floor. On the plus side, her back had undoubtedly been raised to a higher position than last week so she was definitely losing weight, but another week of diet must begin.

Jason unhooked her wrist and ankle clips allowing the limbs to drop, but leaving Fatcunt suspended by her tits in a reclining position. He reached to the coffee table to pick up his riding crop and delivered one, hard stroke to the top and bottom of each tit. Already purple from the tightness of the rope around them and the weight of her body, Fatcunt’s breasts now swelled further and discoloured grotesquely from the fierce crop welts.

As he slowly lowered her and began untying her tits, Jason ran through the normal dietary requirements that were to apply for a further week. The screams that Fatcunt let out during her cropping had given way to a quiet sobbing until Ümraniye Üniversiteli Escort the blood flow returned to her tits and she whimpered more loudly, while new pains and sensations flowed through her.

“Monday and Thursday , the only thing to enter your mouth will be my cock and you will consume nothing other than my piss or cum. Tuesday and Friday you will have cum for breakfast and share one meal with me in the evening. You may drink water as much as you wish during the day and you may have a cum snack before going to sleep. Wednesday and Saturday, after cum breakfast you may have a light midday meal and dine with me in the evening. You may drink water and black coffee as much as you wish throughout the day. You will present your exercise diary after dinner on Wednesday and receive the normal punishments for any errors or failure to complete the required targets. On Sunday you may eat or drink anything you choose for the whole day until your weighing at 11pm.”

Fatcunt raised herself unsteadily to her knees. She was shaking from her tit beating and feeling dizzy from the combination of being suspended by her tits and drinking at least three bottles of wine during the day. When Jason presented his ass to her face she spread the buttocks Ümraniye Vip Escort and thrust her tongue into his ass as far as she could get it. Fatcunt loved her Master beyond words. When he took her on at 200lbs and explained that his fool proof diet method would bring her to her target weight in the fastest possible time and keep her there, she had not believed him. Dire warnings from her doctor that obesity would kill her, diets having achieved nothing, and all surgical methods being way beyond her means made Fatcunt desperate enough to try anything. On this occasion the demand was that she signed up to ownership by Jason and total obedience to his orders. If she achieved her target weight of 125lbs within one year and maintained it until the twelve month period was ended, she was to remain his slave permanently. If she failed to get down to 125lbs within the year, she was on her own.

With her mind slowly clearing, she licked the sphincter more and more vigorously as Jason pulled her face hard into him. After a few minutes of really energetic licking, that Jason watched contentedly in the mirror, he turned and thrust his rigid length fully down her throat. As Jason moaned and shot a huge load directly into Fatcunt’s guts, she frantically rubbed her clit and throbbed with such powerful orgasms that she could not have remembered to breathe even if a rigid cock wasn’t preventing it.

“Only two months in and you are well on the way to being Slimcunt who can swing from her tits.” said Jason as she licked his softening prick clean.

“Please piss in my mouth.” Was her only reply.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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