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Anal Dildo

Slowly, my fingers slide down… lower. Just the tips of my nails brushing my flesh, softly. Tracing a circle around my hardening nipples… not touching them. I think back to that day… that wonderful morning filled with making love WITH you. A soft gasp escapes my lips. I know that My Master would not be pleased to know that I was thinking of pleasing myself without His permission, but I will pay the price. The thoughts of being with Him overcome me. I am unable to resist the desires, no matter what the cost. I block out of my mind what He will do, and let my mind slip back to our time together.

Sliding my fingers slowly, gently, lower on my skin. A chill passes over me… a chill filled with heated passion for Him. The back of my hand brushes over my freshly shaven area as it moves to reposition on my inner thigh. Sliding softly up my thigh, I can feel the heat radiating from between my dampening folds. As my hand traces over my clit, I shudder thinking of His last touch on me. So recently, yet so long ago. I slowly slide a finger between my pussy lips, letting my thumb softly rub my hardening clit. A soft moan escaping from deep inside me. As I slide my finger out and back in, I gently add a second finger. My rhythm increasing, my thumb rubbing my clit harder now. I am so close to sweet release, but can’t help but remember somewhere in the back of my mind the punishment I will receive from My Master if He discovers my impatience. Ahh yes, patience. We have been working on this, and I have tried so hard to obey His wishes. But, I have given in to my own desires this time. He has helped me to discover so many things since I gave myself to Him, I cannot wait. My fingers and thumb working faster now, my breathing becoming heavier and faster. I can almost feel Him breathing on me. I wish He were here now. I can hear Him. He is telling me not to cum. That He has not given me permission to cum. It is so real… my body begins to tense. I am almost there. I hear it again… “I said NO… I did not give you permission to cum. Ümraniye Olgun Escort You have not obeyed me.” It is so real. I open my eyes… and there I see Him, with a look of displeasure.

I see him, displeasure in his eyes. He immediately notices where my hand remains.

“I said NOW!”

Aching for release, I reluctantly put an end to my indulgence. I must have shown disappointment on my face.

“Would you rather please yourself than have your pleasure from me?” He asks gruffly from the chair across from me.

“No”, I reply meekly.

“Are you sure? You seemed quite content without me. Without my permission!”

As much as I want to finish and fell the pleasure I was so close to obtaining, I do not want Him to go away. A part of me loves the control He has over me. He knows my deepest, hidden desires and pleases me like no one has, as long as I obey.

I know my punishment will be severe, but I also know My Master well enough to know that, in the end, the final release will be worth it all.

He tells me that I am not to dress, but motions for me to follow him to the living room. I slowly do as I am told and wait to be given my next instruction. Nothing. I wait more and still nothing. As I stand there completely exposed, He sits down and begins flipping through the channels on the TV. I begin to wonder what His plan is for me. Do I stand? Do I sit? What does He want? I wait. He wants me to wonder. He knows that the question in my mind is making almost as hot as He does. I tremble slightly, partially in regretful anticipation of my pending punishment, but more so in exhilaration. I know that no matter what punishment He has in mind, it will end in mutual bliss.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see him glance at me. I quickly look at Him in time to see the twitch of the growing excitement beneath His shorts. Seeing this reminds me of how close I was before He caught me and starts the aching between my legs again. I know from His reaction that His mind is planning Ümraniye Sarışın Escort and plotting my punishment and I feel a twitch of desire stir within me at the thought.

He finally moves. I am instructed to shower and cleanse my indiscretion away. I do as I am told quickly, and walk out of the bathroom with my wet hair hanging down upon my shoulders and the blue towel wrapped tightly around my still dripping body. He calls me into the bedroom where I again find a look of displeasure upon his face. Puzzled, I wonder what I have done now, but quickly understand as He tells me to drop the towel. I have covered myself in His presence, which is not allowed without His specific permission.

Once the towel is reduced to a heap at my feet, He tells me to lie on the bed. I do as I am instructed and He proceeds to pull one arm above my head and slightly away from me where he ties my wrist to the headboard. Next, He moves to the other arm where he repeats the action.

Everything becomes black in the sun-lite room when He places a blindfold of some sort over my eyes.

I feel His hot breath move down my body that is cooled from the recent shower and loss of towel. Quickly, my passion rises again. My nipples become hard and the smell of my soft musk surrounds us. Every touch, breath, motion is heightened with the loss of my vision. I feel His hands being placed gently on my thigh and slide slowly between them. I know not to move to open myself to Him, for that would show a lack of patience, so I wait, anxiously.

To my surprise, He doesn’t move to spread my legs as I expected. Instead, he disappears. I can’t tell where He has gone. Moments later, seeming like an eternity, he returns. I feel His presence at the foot of the bed. He slowly moves up the bed where he again places the palm of his hands on my thighs and finally begins to slide them apart.

The anticipation brings me closer to where I was when He discovered my impatience. Suddenly, I feel something cold on my freshly shaven Ümraniye Şişman Escort pussy. I gasp in surprise, which I immediately know will cost me.

He slides two fingers inside me quickly.

“Do you like that?” He asks.

“Yes”, I reply, confused. I know I am being punished for not showing patience and I have responded to the cold feel moments ago, which also calls for punishment, though not nearly as severe. So, why the pleasure?

He begins to explain. Ahh, yes, I see now. As his fingers probe deeply inside me, I am forced to hold back my pleasure. He knows that because I had brought myself so close before, I could have easily cum the instant he inserted his fingers, but that isn’t allowed.

As I begin to beg for release, He stops. I force myself not to let my frustration and disappointment show.

There is that coldness again. This time I restrain the gasp. I feel small straps being placed around my hips and one falls to the bed below my ass. He tells me to lift myself off the bed. As I do so, I feel the straps being tightened around my hips and behind me as if to hold this coldness between my legs, strategically. This is exactly the purpose.

With a few adjustments made by Him, I feel a small ball-like object resting softly on my ass, and a slightly longer, slender object is placed between my clit and my pussy.

My curiosity grows along with the desire that is now dripping from me. I am aching to cum. Oh God, I need to cum. By now, I don’t care how, I just want to cum.

Silence. Where did He go? He’s gone again. I lay there; afraid to move for fear that He is there, watching. So I wait, yet again.

Oh my God, what is happening? Suddenly, the ball like object at my ass is messaging and gently teasing my opening. The longer, slender object is vibrating and teasing my clit, then stops, seems to move, and begins to softly rub the outer lips of my pussy. My dripping desire makes the object glide smoothly over the area intensifying the feeling. This continues, the ball-like object at my ass, the long, slender object taking turns on my clit and my pussy lips. I am so close to cumming that a smile of ecstasy crosses my mouth when suddenly His words ring in my ears.

“Do NOT cum!”

Just as I think I cannot hold back any longer, it stops.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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