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Author Note: Me again! Did ya miss me? Well, Loving Adrian is off on account of a very acrimonious split (he actually tried to sue me to get the ring back) so here’s a little something I cooked up to keep me going 😉

Helen, once blonde but currently a bright red head with six black streaks in her hair, was bored. She sat, her curvy frame perched in an anticipating stance, in the station, waiting for her long – time best friend to arrive.

Mark was not exactly cute. He was well built, and adorable, but Helen didn’t love him. She was, however, deeply in lust with him, to the point where her sexual fantasies about him marred her time with him. Every time she looked at his mouth, she thought of kissing him, or having him suck her nipple, or lick her…

Mark stared at the beautiful sight in front of him. Helen was dressed in her usual attire of flared jeans, low on her full hips, and small, cleverly sloganed t-shirt that rode high on her beautiful breasts. He was still in shock over her hair. He had a complete red hair fetish, and it was doing him no good to have to see her like that. That and the fact she knew how to arouse him without even touching him. It was time to take control of the situation once and for all.

“So,” Mark murmured to Helen, making her jump and causing a cute blush to spread across her face, “What are our plans for today?” Besides me forcing myself not to think about how many different sexual positions I would like to contort you into, he added to himself.

Helen was still distracted by the thoughts she had been having. “Movie?”

“Sure,” Mark replied easily, trying not to give away the images of Helen jacking him off in the cinema running through his mind…

Emerging from the film he hadn’t seen, Mark looked over at Helen. She was stretching, contorting her body into all sorts of positions in a vain effort to recover from two and a half hours on her backside.

“Geez, that was boring!” kağıthane escort She complained, pursing her full lips in an upset pout. Stretching again, she looked at her watch. “We should go get the bus.”

It was then Mark remembered he had agreed to Helen staying over for an alcohol-fuelled movie night. Inwardly, he groaned. Helen, alcohol and him did not mix, especially after last time, when she had sprawled herself across his lap and given him a rather drunken kiss, despite still being attached to her bastard fiancée.

“Sure,” He replied somewhat steadily, praying she didn’t look down. His groin had responded to the memory of her in his lap, her mouth against his.

Alcohol, Mark reminded himself a few hours later, should be banned when it involved him and Helen. Especially since his parents had sorta got the wrong idea and gone off somewhere. It was a bitch, them knowing he had it bad for the beautiful, half naked woman in front of him.

“Helen,” He whispered in her ear. She regarded him with unfocussed eyes, the sheen of drunkenness covering them, coupled with a giggle and a sway, “Maybe you should go to bed?”

“You gonna join me?” She slurred, and laughed when he shook his head in a firm negative. “Then make me big boy!” The phrase reduced her to giggles and she fell onto the floor, her t-shirt shucking up even higher and granting Mark a view of her beautiful 38 DD breasts, encased in some lace and silk construction that only made him ache harder.

I wonder if she has a matching thong, Mark thought quietly to himself, before shaking his head.

Then, in the back of his mind, he remembered something Helen had once confessed to him.

“Domination will always do it for me. No matter what you want me to do, order me to do it in a masterful way and I will.”

A smile lit his face. “Helen,” He growled, mock sternly, “I am your master and you will do as I say.”

This seemed to penetrate the drunken elit escort istanbul fog in her mind because she scooted to his feet, on her knees, head bowed. “Yes, master?”

Good, I’m getting somewhere. “Go upstairs, undress and go to bed.” He ordered her, fighting down the clamouring in his mind that demanded he take advantage of the opportunity in front of him. She is too drunk! He reminded himself.

Unfortunately, Helen looked up at him with lust in her eyes. “Are you sure that is all, master?”

Mark growled, and gently slapped her cheek in reprimand. “Do not question me, slave. Go upstairs, undress, lie on the bed and wait for me, understand?”

She nodded, and acquiesced.

Upstairs, a half drunk Helen was stripping, her nipples hard at the semi-formed thought of Mark dominating her sexually. She flopped back onto his large double bed and snuggled into the pillows, eagerly inhaling the scent of him. This aroused her further, to the point where she had to touch herself, or die of longing.

Slowly, her hand traced down her front, cupping and squeezing her breasts and nipples before connecting electrifyingly with her clit, teasing it, gradually getting close to the precipice of orgasm.

Her self-pleasure was interrupted by a fierce slap across her legs, and Helen squealed indignantly, and looked up into the face of an angry Mark!

“Did I say you could pleasure yourself, slave?”

Helen shook her head, and suddenly realised she was facing not only an angry, but a naked, Mark. She was about to get her wish!

Mark had come upstairs, having calmed himself somewhat, to tuck her in. Unfortunately he had walked in on her obviously pleasuring herself and all rational thought had fled his mind. He felt the blood rush to his dick, and an urgent demand filled his mind.

He quickly stripped off and called her, slapping her legs mock angrily, then pulled her to his feet on her knees.

“You fatih escort know now I will have to punish you,” He snarled, and watched those gorgeously full lips part anxiously. It was then he decided on her punishment.

Mark pushed his dick against her lips, covering them in precum. “Suck it, slave,” He demanded, feeling her gasp of shock escape her mouth and whisper along the length of him. “Suck it!”

Helen looked up into Marks face, astonished by his apparent anger. Through the haze of alcohol she noticed him, short, but thick as her wrist. A thought passed through her mind that, should he fuck her, he would probably split her open!

Obediently she took him into her mouth, slipping her tongue eagerly against the underside of him, having to gape a little to take the whole girth into her mouth. She began hungrily licking and sucking him, wanting him to blow his load into her mouth.

She was rewarded by Mark gripping her shoulders and burying his prick deeper into her mouth…

Mark was in heaven. Helen’s mouth was performing magic he’d never known before. He’d been sucked off before, but not like this.

Finding his voice, he managed to growl, “That’s it my little slut, take all my dick,” and pushed the length of himself into her mouth.

He could feel her mouth stretch around his girth and groaned. He just wanted to buck, hard into her mouth, but a cautious part of him warned he’d probably hurt her.

“Are you enjoying this, my little slut?” He gritted out. “Feeling my dick split your mouth open? Wondering how I’d feel in your tight pussy?”

He felt Helen groan against his dick, and grabbed her head, pulling her down, increasing his pace.

“I’m gonna cum in you…”

Helen heard the warning and groaned again. That seemed to tip Mark over the edge because he pulled her head right down on his prick and began to cum.

Anxiously she began to swallow his cum, drinking it in, enjoying its sweeter taste to what she was used to, refusing to let go until he was fully softened in her mouth.

He pulled out and backed off, watching her lick her lips, trying to catch any escaped cum.

“Enjoy that?” She growled, and pounced on him…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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