Dr. Allen’s New Patient Ch. 08

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Sally had shown up for her session early again, so like always, Mildred instructed her to wait in her therapist’s bureau.

Dr. Allen finished “washing up” in the restroom. Making his way back down the hall to his office, he contemplated his next appointment with anticipation. He was surprised to walk in and find his patient in tears.

Admittedly though, the mature psychiatrist was not exactly shocked to see his patient crying. She had been doing a lot of that lately during their emotion-filled sessions. The two greeted each other and exchanged pleasantries, then quickly got down to business.

Dr. Allen learned that Sally’s guy split on her. Through sobs, she recounted the events that had transpired earlier that week. Sally had gone to see Damian in the alley as usual. She was a little surprised to not find him there, but didn’t panic. A few times before, if she didn’t spot him right away, she would just wait, and within minutes, he’d show up. But this time, she waited for over two hours, and her guy was nowhere to be found.

“Dr. Allen, I didn’t tell you something at our last therapy session, but lately Damian has been saying it’s a bad idea for him and me to be together. He said it was because he was too old for me, too poor, too drunk, too dangerous, too everything… But I didn’t take him seriously, because I knew deep down, he loved me. But Doctor, it turns out he really didn’t want me anymore, didn’t want me to suck his cock anymore. He finally got tired of me.”

Dr. Allen said nothing but just listened, careful not to interrupt Sally’s train of thought.

She went on, “He didn’t even take all his things with him. They were still there in the alley when I showed up… so I took some stuff myself, like his clothes and personal belongings. I can’t let go of him, Doctor.”

After letting Sally get everything off her chest, Dr. Allen tried to put a positive spin on things, ever insistent on finding a silver lining to every gray cloud. He reminded her, “God makes things happen for a reason, Sally.” Although what he really meant to say was, “Now that Damian was out of her life, she would be free to meet someone worthy of her love, more outwardly suitable for her.”

Whatever came out of Dr. Allen’s mouth fell on deaf ears, because Sally was still sniffling profusely, apparently inconsolable at that moment. Since he saw his words weren’t comforting her in the least, he just handed her a box of Kleenex.

After she blew her nose a few times, Sally decided to break the news to her therapist, “Doctor, I won’t be coming to you anymore after today.”

“Why not, Sally?” Dr. Allen tried his best to hide his disappointment.

“Well, there’s no reason to anymore, now that Damian’s gone. Don’t you remember that was the reason I had to see you in the first place? Abby threatened to call the cops on him if I didn’t get therapy…”

Dr. Allen paused for a few seconds, taking the time to choose his next few words carefully.

“But Sally, I think Abby had just cause to insist you get help. She was, she IS, very worried about you. She feels… Well, she and I both feel you need help. How healthy do you think it was for a nice young girl like yourself to be venturing out in the middle of the night to see an alcoholic twice your age in a cold filthy alley? I really want you to think about it, Sally.”

“Doctor, I have to tell you something. Maybe you’re going think it’s unhealthy and abnormal, but you need to know this about me. I can’t get excited at the thought of being with a normal boy anymore. I can only get wet at the thought of fucking a poor, uneducated fellow in a filthy, dingy place. Mind you, I wasn’t always like this, but through the years, it’s what I’ve become, and it’s how I am now. Please accept it; I do.”

[Unbeknownst to Sally, her guy had actually been implicated in a robbery, which occurred a while back in the jewelry district. The police arrested Damian. Apparently, someone had tipped them off, saying that Damian had robbed a vendor of some jewelry. After much effort, the cops finally convinced the vendor to go down to the station to identify the thief in a line up].


Weeks passed. To Sally, everything was a big blur. She became an insomniac, a zombie at work and at home. More or less, she just went through the motions of life, but quietly, bit by bit, she was checking out.

At work, Abby tried to steer Sally back to the land of the living. Ever the mother figure, Abby reminded the young girl that, according to her own beliefs, “God has a plan for everyone.” But Sally could only think of Damian. He was all that ever mattered in her life, and now that he was gone, she felt like wallowing in misery and loneliness.

Frequently during the work day, or on the bus, Sally looked out the window, as if searching the heavens for an answer to her meaningless life. She would have a vacant look on her face, terminally lost in her own little world.

One night, for the life of her, Sally couldn’t beşiktaş escort fall asleep, so she reluctantly picked up an old novel from the modest bookshelf nestled in the corner of her little bedroom. It was Madame Bovary, one of her favorite books growing up. Although the story’s theme was a bit beyond her teenage sensitivities at the time, through the years Sally found herself more and more able to relate to it. She saw similarities between herself and Emma Bovary. They had both suffered from delusions of grandeur, wanting things that would only destroy them. Fortunately, however, Sally was now wise enough to recognize the pitfalls of wanting something beyond her reach. She looked out her window and up at the night sky. Sally slowly recalled her childhood.


Sally had grown up in an upper middle class family in the suburbs, the third of five children. There were her older brother, sister, Sally, and two little twin sisters. That put Sally smack in the middle. Not surprisingly, she grew up with a classic case of the middle child syndrome.

Her parents had a stable marriage, father being the bread winner, and mother the stay at home mom. Sally’s older sister, just a grade ahead of her in school, constantly overshadowed her. Nathalie was smart, charming, pretty, popular, and most importantly, her mother’s favorite.

Not surprisingly, Sally grew up with an inferiority complex. She felt like an unwanted child. After all, her parents had already been blessed with a complete family, a boy and girl, before Sally came along. Trying for another son, they got her, after which they tried again, and got twin girls. The baby girls, though not fulfilling the parents’ wish for another boy, were at least special for being twins. And at least they had each other. Sally, however, was all alone.

Like many young girls, Sally grew up with fairy tales and TV shows featuring pretty maidens and their charming suitors. Regardless of economic status, these young maidens were invariably treated like princesses. Their would-be beaus surprised them with lavish picnics, candlelight dinners, and balcony seats to special events like the ballet. Showered with flowers, candy, and perfume, the females were very early on proposed marriage by bewildered, smitten young men who fell head over heels with their ethereal beauty and innocence. These girls were of course virgins, put on pedestals by their admirers. And if the girl was too nervous on the night of her deflowering, her would-be prince understood, content just to marry her and be graced by her presence.

In her formative years, Sally was educated in private schools, took piano lessons, and studied foreign languages. She was apparently in training to become a cultured young lady. Sally’s mother had captured her father’s heart through her inherent beauty and charm. It was expected that Sally, along with her sisters, would do the same. But Sally didn’t quite measure up, never developing the womanly curves her mother and sisters had been blessed with. At twenty-one, she still had the body of a twelve year old girl. At that age, when most young women already had a few romantic experiences under their belt, Sally had been left high and dry.

In her quiet little bedroom, because she had been reading the book lying down in bed, it wasn’t long before Sally drifted off to sleep…


Sally was so excited! She had just met Rudy, a young investment banker who had approached her charmingly at Starbucks. He had been so taken by her beauty that he beseeched and begged for her phone number, vowing to take her out on the town on their first date. He would show her an amazing time.

After returning from the hairdressers with an elegant do for that evening, Sally put on her most sexy dress, a red stunner that cost a pretty penny. She also put on some pretty jewelry and leather shoes to match her outfit. As the finishing touch, she sprayed on some intoxicating European perfume.

Rudy arrived at 7:30 sharp to pick her up in his shiny black Benz. He was decked out in a tailored suit, and smelling of dapper cologne, because he was all ready to sweep Sally off her feet. They would paint the town red!

Rudy presented her with a dozen red roses, ordered from the finest florist in town. Then, he drove them to a nice haute cuisine restaurant in the ritzier side of town. Since he worked in investment banking, he could afford to take her to “Tour D’Argent”.

After asking Sally what she liked on the menu, Rudy impressed her by making small talk with the waiter and then ordering their dinner in flawless French. There would be several courses to their dinner, which he discreetly paid for at the end of their meal.

Soon after, he whisked them off to the Music Center to enjoy Sally’s favorite opera, Carmen. It turned out he had gotten them exclusive balcony seats, where they were given little gold-plated binoculars to peer down at the stage.

It had been a perfect evening, and as Rudy was istanbul escort driving her home, Sally already knew she was going to let him kiss her goodnight. She also already knew she was going to sleep with him after the third date, which she was sure would be as amazing as the first one.


Sally woke up in a cold sweat. It was the middle of the night. That damned dream again! It was probably the twentieth time now. The first time she had it, she must have only been about twelve years old.

Instead of picking up where she had left off on the Flaubert book, which still lay on her stomach, Sally decided to close her eyes and fantasize. Sometimes fantasizing was just as good of a pastime for Sally, especially in the middle of the night.

Sally pictured herself going to the back alley of a nice restaurant and walking towards the trash dumpster. There, she would lift the lid of the bin and look inside, picking out some slightly rotten leftovers. She would then devour them like a starving vagabond. Then she’d wait for a lowly, smelly busboy to come out for his break, and quickly grab him in order to suck his cock.


It was time for Charlie’s smoke, so he headed out towards the kitchen’s back door, simultaneously reaching under his apron for the cigs and lighter in his pants pocket. He stepped out into the alley. As usual, it stank of trash.

As he lit up his smoke and puffed away, Charlie told himself he needed to go back to school somehow, and get his high school diploma, or at least a GED. He needed to find a better job than this fucking busboy gig, which paid next to nothing. Hell, how pathetic could he be? He was twenty-two years old and still living with his folks because he couldn’t afford a place of his own.

Nearing the end of his cigarette break, he walked a few feet over to the trash dumpster to throw the butt away, since the manager always insisted on keeping the rear parking lot clean.

Charlie was surprised, almost alarmed, to see a girl sitting on the ground behind the big trash bin. She had messy dark hair which reached down to her back. She was dressed in simple clothes, but not exactly as old and tattered as those of a homeless person or a bag lady. After observing her quietly, Charlie reckoned the girl had fished out some recently discarded food from the restaurant, and was munching away at it.

Enjoying her food, Sally soon had a sneaking feeling she was not alone. She looked up to see a young man standing there looking down at her. Panic ensued, and her first instinct was to flee. She quickly dropped the chicken in her clutch and got up to her feet, ready to make a run for it.

“Please, don’t be scared, I won’t hurt you”, Charlie called out quickly. “I just needed to throw this cigarette butt away. You can stay here, I won’t tell anyone…” Before Sally could say anything, Charlie headed back inside to finish his shift for the night.

Sally relaxed instantly, and looked on the ground for the chicken she had just dropped. She picked it up, rubbed the dirt off on her shirt, and started chomping away again.

The next evening, at the same hour, it was time for Charlie’s break again. But in addition to walking out with his usual smoke and lighter, he carried out a fresh plate of Coq au Vin and buttered egg noodles, along with a glass of Pinot Noir. The chef who handed Charlie his dinner was a little puzzled as to why he would eat it outside tonight, since he usually ate in the supply room adjoining the kitchen.

Charlie went out the back door and walked towards the dumpster looking for the young girl from the night before. She wasn’t there, so he ate up what was on the plate and washed it down with the wine.


After 3 weeks, Sally showed up again in the restaurant’s back alley. It was early evening, and Charlie was there having a smoke. He was glad to see her again.

“Hi stranger”, he called out, sitting on the porch of the restaurant’s back door. The moon was barely visible that night, so it was dark in the alley.

Sally was surprised someone was there. She squinted in the darkness and tried to zero-in on who said “Hi” to her. Oh, it was the busboy from the other night, the same one the last time she scrounged for food. She managed a quiet, “Hi” in response.

“Hungry?” he asked.

“Yeah, I was craving French food tonight”, she answered shyly.

“Well, if you’ll wait a few minutes, I could go to the kitchen and get you something fresh to eat”, Charlie offered.

“Really, you’d do that?” Sally asked almost incredulously.

“Sure”, Charlie replied with a friendly smile. “It’s safer than that rotten stuff in the dumpster. You know, you really shouldn’t be eating that stuff. You could get real sick”, he added.

“Yeah, I know, but I try to choose the stuff on the very top that still looks fresh.”

“Well, anyway, how come you don’t just eat at the restaurant?” Charlie was curious to know.

“Because I don’t have bakırköy escort enough money to go inside”, she explained.

“Well, maybe someone could take you, so you wouldn’t have to pay”, Charlie suggested as an alternative to her eating food out of a trash bin.

Sally looked down at the ground, choosing not to voice the response on her mind at that instant.

“Anyway, will you wait a little, while I go inside to get you something?” Charlie insisted.

“Ok”, Sally finally agreed.

About ten minutes later, he came back out with a big plate containing small portions of different cheeses, a couple of dumplings, and some bread sliced from a baguette. He also carried a bottle of Perrier with him. Charlie took the whole tray to the young girl sitting on the floor beside the dumpster, and bent down to hand her what he brought, to which she uttered a grateful, “Thank you”.

Sally wasted no time in devouring the food in front of her. In the meantime, Charlie was smoking his cigarette on the back porch a few feet away, minding his own business.


The next evening, Sally showed up in the restaurant’s back alley again. She sat down on the ground at her usual place next to the dumpster and waited. A few hours later, Charlie came out with his smokes and sat on the porch.

Sally got up and walked towards him. Before he could light up, he looked up and smiled at her. “Hey there again, are you hungry?” he quickly asked.

“Yes”, she answered, gently grabbing his hand, waiting for him to get up to his feet, and then leading him to her special spot. While being led to the dumpster, Charlie reached under his busboy’s apron and put the smoke and lighter back in his pocket.

There he was, standing with his back to the trash bin. He had a confused look on his face. Sally stood facing him, looking into his eyes with an intense longing. She was hungry indeed, hungry for him.

“Will you let me suck your cock?” she asked softly, her eyes filled with desire.


Sally then lifted up Charlie’s apron and pushed it off to the side. Then, she unbuckled his belt, unzipped his pants, and, along with his boxers, pulled them all the way down to his ankles. She then knelt down, grabbed his flaccid cock, and started sucking it with all the fiber in her being. All the while, she looked up at him.

Charlie didn’t know what to think. He just stared down at the young woman in front of him, wondering what the hell she was thinking, or doing, for that matter. His first instinct was to pull away from her and ask what was going on. But as his cock grew stiff in her warm mouth, he decided to keep still, shut his mouth, and enjoy whatever WAS going on. He would ask questions afterwards. He would start with, “What’s your name?”

For the time being, however, Charlie reveled in the unbelievably pleasurable sensations his cock was feeling. The sensations were magnified when the woman took the tip of his cock deeper into her mouth, pushing it down her throat. Her eyes immediately started watering, and then she started gagging somewhat.

“Fuck!” was all Charlie could manage. He had never had a blow job like this before.

Sally temporarily released his cock, and as it slowly slid out of her mouth, so did at least a good spoonful of his pre-cum, stretching out to make the longest string of spunk he had ever seen coming out of his cock. Sally wanted to capture all of it, so she smeared it all over her lips, grinning wickedly up at him.

Next, she hungrily grabbed the young man’s balls in order to suck on them; first one, then the other. She playfully teased his nuts, occasionally popping them in and out of her mouth. Charlie winced a little, because his testicles were very sensitive, not used to so much intense treatment, from a stranger no less. The feeling, Charlie marveled, was nothing short of amazing.

Still on her knees, Sally now motioned for the young man to sit down. His pants and boxers were still gathered down at his ankles. After he complied with her request, Charlie’s cock could be seen pointing straight up. If his cock were just a tad bit longer, it could act as a microphone for the young man.

Sally got up to her feet, and positioned her pussy hovering just above Charlie’s throbbing dick. She slowly lowered herself onto him. At that second, all Charlie could think was, “this girl did not wear panties under her dress”.

“Aw shit!” he heard the words coming out of his own mouth.

At her end, however, Sally was experiencing some intense sensations of her own.

“Oh God… that cock of yours is big… ” she whispered, as the feeling of her pussy being stretched out by his fully-erect dick consumed her, damned near filling her up.

Sally put her hands on Charlie’s shoulders, balancing herself to start bopping up and down his eager prick. She had to do this slowly, because apparently she wasn’t dealing with an average-sized cock here.

The two young people locked eyes while Sally earnestly slid up and down the thick member of the busboy she had just met.

“Damn! Her pussy is fucking tight!” Charlie thought to himself. “I need to empty my balls now! I need to shoot all my god-damned sperm and empty it all into her tight little cunt.”

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