Dreamcatcher: Circle of Friends Ch. 1

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Chapter 1: A Little Joy

I woke up from my peaceful slumber at about nine thirty in the morning. My mom was still fast asleep in her bed, and waking her up would be a bad idea. She works the graveyard shift at a local diner and deals with all the crazies at the time of day they are most active. The alarm clock in her room would wake her. That’s why she bought the thing.

My name is James Cook and I am nineteen years old. My father has been dead for nine years now. I should be in college, but instead I’m choosing to put college off for another year so that I can help my mother out. She’s done so much for me in the past, this is my way of saying thanks. It’s the least I can do.

I rubbed the last of sleep out of my burning blue eyes and got my clothes ready. The bathroom seemed a million miles away at the moment. I was bone tired and not willing to work another day at the cemetery. All I did was cut grass and water flowers seven hours a day. Usually I start at some seven in the morning, but my boss did me a favor, one day during the week he let me come in at ten and gave me the full day’s pay. Kenton Wilbur is the name of my boss. He drives a blue van all day and shouts out of an open window. Usually the words coming out of his mouth are, “Get back to work you lazy bastards! We’re not paying you people to jerk off all the fucking day.”

I changed into my clothes, took a piss, washed my hands and brushed my teeth. The cemetery was ten minutes away from my house so I had plenty of time. I took a piece of paper from the kitchen table and wrote my mother a letter. “Off to work, have a pleasant day, see you later, your son, JC,” I wrote. The notes made my mom feel better, or so I hope to believe. I left the note on the table.

Before I left I snatched a bag of apples from the top of the refrigerator and took off out of the house. I buy a bag of apples every day. It is the only food I’ll eat for breakfast. I don’t care for cereal or cakes. I’m perfectly happy with the apples.

Apples in hand I opened the door and closed it behind me. I locked up before I headed down the stairs. I removed one of the apples from the bag and took a big bite from it. My mouth watered before I began to chew. My mother calls me The Apple Man and she has every right to call me just that. I’m also Jamie Appleseed, but that was a name given to me when I was four. I used to plant apple seeds all over the neighborhood, in all the yards and dirt I could fine. Nothing came from my labor, however, it made me happy.

My mom and I live on the third floor of the apartment. I walked down three flights of stairs. In that time I had finished one apple and began munching away at another apple. I walked out of the apartment building and let the cool air blew against my face. The skies were dark early in the morning. Looking at the ground it appeared that rain had fallen while I slept. It felt as if it were going to rain any minutes. I took one last bite into my second apple and discarding the remains on the parking lot pavement. Walking to the car I saw my mom’s friend getting into her own car. She looked my direction and stopped what she was doing.

“Off to work,” Joy Holdman said to me in a sweet voice. She is also my neighbor. She lives in the apartment across from ours.

“Same boring thing as usual,” I told her. We were suddenly standing face to face. She reached out and touched my arm.

“The sun is doing you some good. Making you nice and dark.” She smiled at me.

Joy was twenty-five years old. She was lightly tanned and had dark blond hair. Her eyes were very blue. She tried to seduce men with her smile, but only attracted men with her big breasts. She is five foot five and I’d say about one hundred and forty pounds. She was between fat and skinny, leaning more toward chunky. She was still pretty in her own way. Her lips are thick. Her teeth are white. Her nipples stuck out from her tight shirt. She worked in the same diner as my mother, only she worked the good shift. The breakfast shift.

Her left hand was circling around my chest, and for a moment it actually felt good to have a woman’s touch on my body. Even if the woman was my mom’s friend. “You’re becoming pretty strong too.” Joy flirts with me often, but usually I can ignore her and get on with my day. I could not see why today was any different, but it was.

She came a little closer. A faces were separated by only inches. I’d never let her get this close to me. My heart was hammering fast. I could smell her breath on my face. Then she did something I’d never allowed her to do. Her hand grabbed my crotch. She was squeezing the developing erection in her hand. Her mumbling something under her breath. I could feel her large breasts on my stomach. She moving all around my crotch, making my erection harder. Making my penis grow to full size. Her lips touched my neck, then I felt her kissing my chin. Are lips met slowly. She didn’t kiss me with any passion. Just an innocent kiss on the lips while she rubbed canlı bahis my cock through my jeans.

Without warning she stopped. The second her hand was gone I desperately felt the need to pull it back. She blew me a kiss. “You are going to be late to work,” she said. For the first time I saw her little girl watching us from the back seat of her car. “Lilly don’t need to see her mommy get horny over the kid next door.” For the first time in my life I was speechless. “Your mom working the graveyard shift.”

Yes I nodded with my head slowly.

“Good. Maybe I can tuck you in to bed tonight.” Joy put her finger to her lips. “But don’t tell anyone. This is our little secret.”

“Okay,” I managed.

She blew me a kiss and walked back to her car. A minute later she was gone, but not forgotten. I couldn’t believe what just happened. Joy had finally gotten her hooks into me. I’d been so strong, but this morning I could not refuse her slutty temptations. I felt weak, excited and tired all at the same time. I got into my own beat up beige station wagon and pulled out of my spot. I drove off to cemetery. Off to work I go. Kenton Wilbur didn’t pay me to stand around and jerk off all fucking day. I erection softened on the way to another miserable tiring day with the dead.

Even though I only worked for four hours, by the end of the day my feet were in very bad condition. The grass was soaked from the rain. My socks were soaked minutes after I walked on the grass. Walking, almost hobbling, I put away the hose I’d been using to water the flowers and told Kenton I was leaving.

“See you tomorrow,” he grunted. Even on his better days he sounded miserable. I am the only worker he’d ever treated with respect. My father was his best friend once upon a time. “Tell your mother I said hi.”

“No problem,” I mentioned. Kenton and my mother go way back. They were still decent friends, another reason why I’m treated so good. I suspect he has a crush on my mother, although he is to loyal to my dead father to act upon his urges. Kenton is miserable because he’s lonely. If he only knew that my mother had a innocent little crush on him.

I opened the door to the beige station wagon. I looked back at Kenton. He was yelling at a couple guys. His brown hair was blowing in the mind. He reminded me of a fattened version of Mel Gibson. A couple scars on his cheek and forehead made him look dangerous. The frown on his face made him look ugly. Several of his teeth were missing too. Kenton was quite the brawler after work. He took an expensive boxing class after work. He’d been doing it for three months. Judging the looks of his face and teeth, the boss didn’t learn too much from his lessons.

The rain started without much warning. It came down hard and fast. I drove the beat up beige station wagon of mine with the front window open anyway. Like apples, I love the rain. The clouds were dark above me. I took a look above at all

the stop signs and red lights. Lightning shot across the sky every so often. The loud excitement of the crackling thunder proceeded every bolt of lightning. Rain was hitting my face as I drove. My clothes were taking some light rain also.

Joy was on my mind during most of the ten minute drive back home. She would still be at work this hour. It was 2:15 according to the dashboard clock. My radio was broken. I was feeling desperate for some music. Any music. I wondered if Joy would really come over tonight. She was my mother’s friend, but she was also our neighbor. She was always with a different guy during the week. Her relationships never lasted longer than a week. I wasn’t looking for a relationship though. I was a horny teenager. More so lately. I haven’t had sex in five months. All the girls I knew went off to college and was too tired to try meeting some new people.

I also had another motive for wanting Joy to come over. The motive also linked to the sexual impulses I was feeling throughout my body, but also went deeper than that. There was something I wanted to do if Joy did come over. It was the reason I drove past my apartment building and drove an additional ten minutes out of my way. I wanted to go visit the Runt.

The Runt lives with both his parents, two sisters, ages nine and ten, one brother, fifteen, and a cousin, nineteen. He is a senior at the high school I graduated from. I met when I was in seventh grade. The Runt was a sixth grader back then. He is eighteen years old. He is five feet tall and one hundred and ten pounds. His full name is Ryan Govea. The Runt fits him better though. He looks more like a rat than a runt though.

I knocked. Ryan answered the door himself on the third knock. I told we needed to talk. We walked through the front room, the dining room and ended up in a huge kitchen. We sat at the kitchen table. “What’s up,” he asked. His voice is very loud and manly.  Nobody expect such a short, skinny guy to have such a deep voice.

“Have anything to eat?” I asked first. I began scratching my bahis siteleri burning feet. The Runt came back with a plump green apple. He knew me well. I bit into the apple like I hadn’t bit into one in years. “Do you still wonder about Dreamcatcher?”

“Not really,” The Runt admitted. “None of the girls were interested. They thought it was sick.”

“But you still have all your pictures in your bottom drawer, don’t you?”

The Runt smiled. The Runt and I were collectors of erotic pictures, especially facial cumshot pictures. We find our favorite photos on the Internet and print them with his printer. The pictures have all came out nicely. Have since we start doing it four years ago. Sometime two years ago, the Runt and I decided to make our pictures. Dreamcatcher Production was born. I didn’t have any trouble finding the girls. At six foot three and two hundred pounds of mostly muscle, I can attract some pretty girls, especially in my school. The girls I found let me fuck them, they even let me cum on their pretty, young, innocent faces. None of them would do it in front of a camera though. The end result, Dreamcatcher Production died.

“We’re going to bring Dreamcatcher back,” I told the Runt.

“How? None of the girls we know will do it. They all say it’s too disgusting.”

“That was why it failed last time,” I carefully explained. “We waited for their permission. Now I have someone coming over to my apartment tonight, I think. You know my mom’s friend, Joy.”

“The woman who’s always all over you.”

“That’s her. You and I are going to catch her on camera, and she’s never going to know about it.” I felt like total scum and I loved the feeling. I’ve been a nice guy for a long time. I still wanted to be a nice guy. However, I also want to play the part of the bad guy. Joy would never even know I changed roles. She would never find the Runt hiding out.

“You still have your camera?” I asked.

“Do you have a plan worth me getting my camera?” the Runt fired back with a grin. He knows I always have a plan. Like I said before, he knows me.

It was nine in the evening when my mother left to the graveyard shift. She parted with the words, “The diner beckons for me, look out nuts Frannie’s coming.” I smiled at her joke. When the door closed my heart immediately start pumping. I

wished Joy would come now. Two birds with one stone. I could satisfy my hunger for sex and pump life back into Dreamcatcher Productions. Two pumps for the price of one. I almost laughed.

The Runt was in my bedroom working on the Internet. He was looking for some more pictures to add to his collection. He was currently looking at a cute black girl. She looked about nineteen years old. She had small breasts and I confused look in her eyes. Her light brown skin and short black hair resembled a young Halle Berry. There was cum streaks across her forehead and from cheek to cheek. Cum was also bubbling from her mouth. Her green eyes seemed to stare back at the Runt and me.

“Nice,” I said. The Runt wasn’t pleased with my word to describe the girl. I didn’t let him speak in her defense though. “Action time. My mother just left. I have a feeling Joy will be here any minute. Let’s move.” The Runt shut off the computer. We left my bedroom and walked into the front room. The TV was turned on. My mother had been watching a movie. The Runt held the small camera in his hand.

“You’re sure this going to work.” His hands moved as he spoke. This meant he was nervous. I know the Runt just as well as he knows me. We’ve been friends for a long time. “This isn’t one of your better plans. The plan is fucking childish.”

“Don’t swear,” I said. “You have such a nasty temper for such a little guy.” He was about to say something and again I cut him off. “The plan is so childish no older woman would think about it. It’s so stupid, it’s brilliant.”

“Your logic never seizes to amaze me.” The Runt was never the less convinced. I took a green laundry bag from the sofa and opened it up. The plan was indeed weird. “I can’t believe I’m sinking this low. I’m already short though, so what the hell.” The Runt out one leg into the bag, then other. The bag was four feet tall when it was up. He looked at me. His shoulders and face were visible, along with some of his chest. On the floor was the laundry that was once in the bag. I began feeling the laundry bag with clothes. “Should I lay down now.” I nodded yes. I

laughed at what happened next. The Runt scooted into the bag. All but his head disappeared. I positioned clothes all around him, but gave enough room for him to breath. I also gave room for the camera.

“Can you see everything fine,” I asked. The sofa and the laundry bag were lined up perfectly. The Runt was in the middle laundry bag. There were three bags. From where I was sitting on the sofa I couldn’t tell there was a human being in the

bag. All I saw were clothes. Fourteen feet separated the laundry bag from the sofa.

“Everything looks bahis şirketleri great from here,” he said. “We just might pull this off.”

I had no doubts in my mind. If she Joy came to visit tonight the sexual act would be caught on camera. I sat on the sofa and waited for her. My gut feeling said she would come. Joy is a very horny woman. She needs men badly. Her life revolves around two things: Her daughter and sex. I waited. I watched TV. I chatted with the Runt.

At 9:15 there was knock at the door. My heart almost stopped. I must have looked nervous answering the door. I was ashamed of myself for acting so childish. This wasn’t the first a woman has offered herself to me sexually. This was the first time a camera was rolling while I was in action, however. I opened the door. My breath

wouldn’t come. Joy was standing in the doorway. Her dark blond hair was still a little damp. I could smell the strawberry odor of the shampoo. Her eyes were filled with excitement and a tad of worry. I was her friend’s son after all. My eyes were glued to what she was wearing. Joy wore a baggy pink night gown and nothing more. Her big breasts were free to move around in the baggy gown. I could see her nipples clearly though the gown. I could also see her shaved pussy. The night

gown was really short. “Well aren’t you going to invite me in,” she asked. So I let her in. Half her ass was hanging out of the gown. “A lovely night,” she said. Joy took a seat on the sofa. She was in striking distance of the Runt. He was recording all of this. “Sit next to me,” she said. “I would have came earlier, but I had to put

Lilly to sleep and take a quick shower.” I sat next to her. I was already rock hard. “You’re a very cute kid, JC.” She sounded a little more nervous. “I hope your mother doesn’t find out about this.”

“She won’t,” I said. Joy seemed convinced with my word, or maybe she was just that damn horny. She came into me and began attacking me with her lips. She kissed my neck, my chin, my lips. I felt her tongue in my mouth. I kissed her back.

I was really excited. I was also playing it smart. Made extra sure that the camera could pick up everything. I pushed up her night gown and shoved three fingers into Joy’s wet pussy. She already rubbing my cock through my jeans. I kissed Joy once more, then kissed made small kissed down to her breasts. I helped her out of her gown. Again I made sure the Runt had the perfect angles. I squeezed her breasts. My mouth went wild. Control wasn’t a strong point. I licked wildly at her nipples. Even bit. I knew I was a little crazy at the moment, but Joy didn’t seem to care. She managed to take off my pants during the time I treated her breasts. My head

was between her breasts when she pulled off my boxer shorts. For the first time I felt her hand on my cock. I body shot with excitement.

“I want to suck on your cock,” she moaned like the horny slut she could be. “I need it so bad.” And I let her have it.

I laid back on the sofa and tried my best to relax. Joy positioned herself between my legs. She laid just over my cock, bracing herself with her left forearm. I looked on. Her nipples were grazing my lap. She gathered saliva in her mouth. I never missed a beat. Her eyes were filled with lust. She took the head of my penis into her mouth slowly. Her mouth was very hot, blissfully wet. Very gentle she licked the ridge around the head, sneaking a peak while at work to make sure I was really enjoying myself. I was. Next Joy began licking the ridge under my penis. She did

very slowly, then very fast and hard. She was teasing me. She licked around my pisshole, sucking up some pre-cum in the process. I glanced over at the laundry bag. I couldn’t stop from smiling. The funniest thing of all happened while staring at the bag, I saw it move.

She licked around the head and moved her tongue inside the pisshole, almost as if she were trying to fuck me with her tongue. She tasted more pre-cum. She my cock completely from her mouth. “You taste so wonderful,” she told me. She was stroking my cock in her hand. She slid my cock back in her. Her mouth was wetter and hotter then before. She took half my nine inch cock into her mouth, looking at me the whole time. I wasn’t in heaven, but I was getting close. When she moved back up on my penis, I could feel her tongue licking the underside of my penis. Joy’s mouth was pressed tightly over my penis at this point. I couldn’t believe any of this. Was harder than I’d ever been in my life.

Her tongue swirled around the head of my penis and below. She took my entire length into her mouth, deepthroating me with no effort whatsoever. Her mouth go tighter around my cock. She began moving her head faster and harder. Her hand gripped tightly around the bottom half of my penis, stroking while she sucked me. Joy was into every moment of the fun. I grabbed her by the back of the head. She played with my balls with her free hand. With my free hand I stuffed Joy’s pussy with three fingers. My hand was pretty wet. I pushed down harder into my cock. My hands took on a life of their own. I pretended my three fingers were three large penises and fucked the hell out of Joy. She moaned on my cock.

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