Dreams Ch. 04

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By the time you are forty, you kind of hope to have some basics going in your life. Luke pulled over to the side of the countryside road, just outside Amersham, on his way back. He was less than 10 minutes’ drive from his place in Chesham Bois, practically part of the town of Amersham, but he was feeling rather numb after what had happened in the morning and felt he deserved a breather.

He turned off the engine and waited for its whirr to die down. Beatrice’s refusal was not something he had seen coming. He leaned forward, burying his face in the steering wheel, biting into it absent-mindedly. He did think she’d say yes and they’d be searching now for engagement rings!

He regretted shouting the angry “Why?!” to her when she had refused. An outburst of surprise, to be honest, but she had not ever given him any indication she wasn’t interested. Months of flirting, for fuck’s sake, or at least he thought that’s what it was! Was there someone else already, perhaps? Why else would she have sworn at him – “Fuck NO!!” – like that?? She was pretty, so it wasn’t outside of the realm of possibility! Being that suspicious of her, though, on the day he proposed could be a matter of bad taste, his conscience reminded him. He calmly batted these qualms away by reminding himself she did refuse. He was certainly not going to grovel and call or even text her to ask what the reason was, even though she stubbornly wouldn’t give him any.

Sighing resignedly and shaking himself for his own benefit, he turned the key in the ignition, intent on spending the rest of the day in calm. Perhaps some Netflix movie with a pizza delivery. He didn’t feel like cooking at all and, marriage or not marriage, he still needed to be back to work the next day!

His place was nothing fancy, just a simple detached two-bedroom, but it had a nice garden at the back and he did love Chesham Bois for its peace and quiet after his busy London working days. He crashed onto his sofa lazily pretty much straight through the door. So, he was free after all.

An odd, unexpected thought. In the morning, he was committed to sacrifice his freedom for the woman he thought loved him! Now, dejected, still feeling humiliated by the rejection, it nonetheless struck him that he was free to do whatever the hell he wanted with his life.

To have any woman he wanted.

Before this morning, the mere thought would’ve been ridiculous. There was no reason to even think of anyone else but his beautiful Beatrice. But she was not so beautiful anymore; in fact, the way she rejected his proposal vexed him. Almost as though she had fucking led him on for months and then enjoyed the victory of abasing him! Had she been polite and respectful, this would’ve been one thing, but she simply treated him like shit there. Luke needed to find a way to vent this ire and it seemed to him already that this unexpected, newfound freedom presented some opportunities.

Their sex life had been fine, but Beatrice would not do anything outside the basics and he always knew he shouldn’t ask. He always felt rather let down by that, but didn’t allow these feelings to surface, keeping them in his own subconscious. He used to be in love after all. Now, though, when she’d so drastically and harshly cured him of his romantic notions, he sensed he could pursue women for fun again.

What was it that Jake, from finance, told him the other day on their lunchbreak over coffee? Some place in Maida Vale that apparently caters to all tastes?

Well. Luke thought he’d just watch some porn that night out of sheer retribution, against Beatrice and thanks to his regained male autonomy. But before that he was going to see if he could find a website for that place that Jake spoke of.


Stuart sat down on the sofa in the largest room Dreams had for customers’ purposes. Away from the main street, on the ground floor, its large windowpanes came out on a small garden that was sometimes used by the staff for birthday dos and certain parties between spring and early autumn. Presently, the bright sunlight illuminated the interior, giving it a pleasant sepia-style glow. The room was rectangular, extending for at least 30 feet. In winter, its aquamarine floor tiles increased the impression of cold, but now, on this hot summer day, they appeared oddly warm and inviting. The room was furnished in a very modern way: a number of dark-blue chairs, seaters and footstools on metallic legs and a low white sofa. And whoever had got that weird plant, which Stuart thought looked like a man-sized overgrown bonsai tree, must have been out of their mind. Frankly, it was probably Hollie, but nobody would dare cross her on such matters!

It was not often that he and Jill would see clients together; they didn’t particularly mind. He was quite looking forward to this one. He unfolded the piece of paper in his hand, re-reading the printout of this application.

Name: Luke Whitey

Sex: Male

Age: 40 years old

Interested in: ankara evi olan escortlar Fucking a young girl hard with another man (MMF). The girl should be quite young (preferably blonde) and the man ideally be my age, but not over 50. The girl should be open to anything and this should include anal. I expect her to be ready for anything. Knee-high leather boots on her, please.

This suited himself and Jill perfectly: she was certainly very young and himself was in the age bracket specified. They were just waiting for Mr Whitey, having decided he should come into the room first before Jill does. It would be less than a minute before the man arrived – Stuart knew he’d already gone through the reception. He wondered what the man looked like – there was something about his message on the website that suggested he was angry somehow; the sentences were short, like barking out commands. This was likely going to be one where Jill would need to be purely whorish and she herself was expecting to be pushed around and slapped around. Stuart had never figured out how she could be as romantic as he still remembered from their first encounter and yet capable of being a complete slut open to anything. Perhaps he should ask her, but he was somewhat afraid of the answer.

His musings were interrupted by a knock on the door. He shouted, “Come on in, Luke!” just loud enough to be heard on the other side.

Luke stepped inside. He definitely looked younger than 40 without it being implausible that he was so. Tall and fit, he looked quite confident, but there was clearly some danger lurking beneath his eyes; he wasn’t just confident, he was both cross and confident. His voice was polite, though, without any hint of frustration. “Hello.” He extended his hand out to Stuart, who shook it.

“She’ll only be a minute,” Stuart informed him as though somebody was late to a department meeting in an office. Luke nodded. He was wearing a black sleeveless T-shirt and black trousers. Rather amusing, that, Stuart thought, as he was wearing precisely the same clearly entirely by coincidence. He pointed Luke to the sofa to sit down.

For a moment, awkward silence fell. Neither of them knew what to say. Stuart had never mastered the art of making conversation at these kinds of times at Dreams, even after all this time. They didn’t know each other, would likely never meet again, so there was nothing to talk about. They just observed each other with some discomfort. Luckily, this lasted less than a minute.

Jill entered, completely naked except for the pre-required black leather boots. She strode confidently to the middle of the room, her heels clattering against the floor tiles. The men rose from the sofa, looking at the confident young female, who was grinning seductively at both of them. Luke definitely liked what he saw, checking her out and enjoying his own audacity. His lips twitched in something resembling traces of a smile. She took one more step, finding herself between him and Stuart. She looked up at Luke.

“What you wanted is here.” The words fell insolently, spurring both men into action. She was certainly not hard to get.

She pulled Luke’s hand onto her tit and kissed him. He responded instantly, realising they were jumping right into things without any preludes: the kiss was passionate with no softness about it. Stuart was already kissing and sucking her other tit.

Luke slipped his hand to her pussy, making her moan. Having her earlobes sucked by both of them, she moaned and purred seductively. Stuart pulled her into a quick kiss, but she broke away and went for Luke’s mouth, rather fiercely, sticking her tongue in his mouth. He responded in kind, although it seemed he was overwhelmed already by this young vixen’s fervour; that said, his fingers kept rubbing her clit throughout, producing more moans straight into his mouth.

Even a minute in, all of them knew she’d be their willing toy. She was turned around, now facing Stuart, kissing him hard on the mouth. Luke, learning fast, understanding he’d be able to do anything he wanted with her, standing behind her, grabbed her young firm tits and squeezed hard, watching her face with aroused intensity. Moaning, she turned to him to kiss him again, Stuart now rubbing her clit fast.

Stuart loved when she was like this. When she acted like a proper bitch, ready for anything. It was different than romance for sure! – but it drove him mad. He needed to have that pussy under his lips now. He dropped to his knees in front of her, sucking her tits on the way down. Lifting her right thigh, which Luke helpfully held up for him, he stuck his mouth onto her muff, immediately sucking on her folds – oh, she was getting moist fast! He so loved how she tasted!

Luke slapped her ass; the man needed no encouragement! – she shrieked a satisfied squeak. She looked incredibly hot with her long leg in the shiny boot over his head. She’d now wrapped her arm around Luke’s neck just behind him. He took the obvious opportunity and squeezed ankara olgun escortlar her right tit. His eyes widened as she stuck her tongue out and licked her nipple and then sucked it for a few seconds, an outright demonstration of her bitchy hustling qualities.

Stuart rose to his feet to kiss his girlfriend, but she broke off again to kiss the customer as well, then alternating between the two men’s mouths. Their dicks were already out, sticking out hard and throbbing through their undone flies. As if on command, they attacked her tits with their mouths, sucking hard – Stuart her left one, Luke her right one. Groaning loudly, she lifted her leg for Luke so he could rub her clit, too. This was not just any rubbing – he was pushy and aggressive, and she loved it, moving her groin against his hand. Stuart could see their customer wished he could just unleash his full freedom; it was clear he was finding Jill very sexy on top of just wanting the sex: Luke’s dark pupils had that dark, greedy essence to them. Stuart caught his eye and nodded in mute communication, hoping he’d get the message.

He did. With a crooked smile, he ordered her, “Down on your knees, bitch!” Yes, the message was received and the bitch in question didn’t need to have the order repeated. Already on her knees, she grabbed both dicks in her dexterous girly hands. She sucked Luke’s first since he’d barked the order, almost softly at first, and moved to suck Stuart’s. This was just a few seconds, though, an overture, just getting herself warmed up. Holding both their cocks now and purring, she pushed both against her lips – clearly too much to fit inside a single mouth, but she gave it her best shot, managing to get some of their glans in, sucking as hard as she could on them with loud, slurping sounds. Luke’s cock was paler and veinier than the tanned one of Stuart’s – the contrast looked amazing in her mouth.

Luke began to take his boxers off and Jill used the time to go back to suck Stuart. He thought it’d be good to remove any doubts that his partner might have still have as to how hard they can go. He took off his shirt, almost tearing its seams in the process, his trousers still pooling around his ankles, while Luke, without a shred of doubt getting steamier by the second, grabbed his thick throbbing dick and was jerking himself off vigorously. Jill, on her knees, with her nipples visibly hardening, only just had managed to place her palms on her hips when Stuart’s needy dick rushed into her mouth.

Stuart loved those occasions when he could demean her like this at work; at home, she’d very rarely go for it in this way. But here, there were no boundaries. He grabbed the back of her head and fuck-faced hard, stabbing into her hot salivating throat, instantly producing gagging sounds, punctuating each of his thrusts. Fuck, he loved the feeling and her submitting, and she was so good at this – his girlfriend the bitch, letting him use her head to meet his bulging cock forcing itself into her wanton mouth.

Luke watched this with his eyes wide-open and a mixture of radiant and aroused expression; she found his cock quick enough alright, too, though wasn’t given much time to focus on that fresh manly meat: Stuart launched an assault on her mouth in the form of rapid-fire jabs, stuffing her mouth completely.

When eventually let go, she tossed her head back, laughing out loud and almost instantly getting interested in the other dick on offer. Luke now saw what he could expect and followed Stuart’s lead and plunged his girth into her mouth, similarly grabbing her head for good measure. Yet again, she punctuated his thrusts with loud gagging sounds even though his angle was such that his dick went into her mouth at an angle, digging slightly into her cheek. He fixed this predicament soon enough: grabbed her head ruthlessly, turned it towards him closer and plugged her up so tight that even her gagging got muffled. Stuart was impressed – the guy did know how to treat a girl right!

Jill was, of course, insatiable. Next time she got a breather, she gasped for air and shouting over Luke’s moans, declared, “Fuck me HARDER boys!!” She certainly got her wish soon enough. Luke clearly could not believe this was actually happening – a girl so willing to be humiliated, but his face betrayed the unleashed beast in him: his fantasies getting realised fast, he would soon be unstoppable. Both of them now charged at her flexible moist throat with heightened tenacity, barely letting her breathe throughout, viciously using her head to impale her on them. First strings of cum started flying, Luke’s landing on her shoulder first. She tried to shout something about Luke being a nasty boy but was shut up by Stuart’s dick plugging her up. She was like a vacuum cleaner – sucking up everything that came into her mouth and never complaining.

It was all just a starter, though; the main course was about to begin. Jill was pulled up to her feet and – rather brutishly, it should be said – pushed onto the sofa where she went ankara sarışın escortlar on her knees, supporting herself on the backrest, with her shapely and definitely very seductively firm ass exposed entirely to the hungry eyes of the two men. Her long shiny leather boots completed the picture. Her crack, visibly pussy-juice heavy, was the call of the wild.

“Bitch, you’re hot.” Luke’s wheezy statement was crass, cliched, but definitely true. She was hot. Stuart slapped her ass, prepping her up as Luke immediately stuck his starved face between her ass cheeks against her asshole. “Fuck!” Her moan was protracted and expectant. He stuck his tongue out teasing the asshole. “Yes, yes, yes!!—” she kept groaning, at which point he withdrew a few inches and barked in low peremptory tone, addressing Stuart. “Shut the bitch up!” Stuart was already standing on the sofa, his cock levelled with her mouth. It didn’t escape his notice that Luke’s initial anxiety or uncertainty had now vanished into thin air.

“Fuck! Fu—” She was effectively shut up indeed with his cock shoved inside her mouth just as Luke’s hard rod began tearing into her ass, hard and fast from the get-go. The initial reaction of hers was a shuddering wave that shook her body; she would’ve shouted but with her mouth plugged up, only curious gargling against the mouth-invading cock could be heard. When she was given the mercy of not being face-fucked, she emerged for air, gasping, her face contorted in half-pleasure half-wailing expression and she shouted during every powerful thrust of Luke’s, who – it seemed to Stuart – was just getting started.

Jill could not possibly sustain the half-sitting position under assault this harsh and went lower onto the sofa, instinctively placing her hands on her butt; Stuart plugged her up once more, loving pounding freely into her mouth, sliding easily past her moist lips down into her willing throat. Oh man, it was sooo good to be treating her like a proper fuckable whore like this. She emerged for air, gasping and cursing, staring over her shoulder at Luke stretching her butthole with ease. Stuart, giving in to the animal inside him, slapped her tits hard several times, getting that nice red colour to the knockers.

They switched her around easily – her asshole was already nicely stretched, but it was certainly super-tight and super-hot around his dick. He grabbed her ass to ensure harder thrusts while Luke grabbed her head to cram into her more easily. Trapped between them, the frail-looking Jill grunted, gasped and gargled and it seemed she might break, but more kept coming. The pressure of her anus around Stuart was simply heavenly, begging for more tushy fucking. He also loved to take it out and just look at her pink round flesh of it close before he would push to open it forcibly again.

The animal was rising not just in the boys; Stuart had not quite seen Jill like this before! She wrapped her hands round Luke’s neck, holding on to him for balance, and growled repeatedly and ferally, “Fuck me! Fuck me! FUCK ME!”. Stuart obliged, now essentially goaded by her, cramming mercilessly into her, which only seemed to produce more obsessive shouting in her. Her tits jiggled, her butthole continually clenched around his cock putting him into a wild unabated trance, to say nothing of her savage cursing echoing against the windows. Gasping and panting, she stared right into Luke’s eyes, who just watched, jerking himself off and calling her “bitch”.

She was crimson hot and Stuart was certainly ablaze and needed more and harder, wanting her in a position that would allow for even wilder screwing of her stretchy ass. He put her – ahem, threw her feather-light body – to lie on its back on the sofa, with her left leg up, positioning himself to the left of her. Pushed his arm under her, holding her tight and close to her and stuck his demanding raging dick back up that ass. Oh yeah! – this was easier and he could pick up speed in no time. In gruff voice, she was begging for it, “Fuck me as hard as you can!” While the poor whore was howling her “yesses” and “oh my Gods”, he rammed into her with vehemence that surprised even him, his balls slapping hard against her taut and moist skin. Adding to her sensations, he reached over to her clit to rub it without remorse; he loved that her entire twat was exposed for the both of them. Now a predator, intent on just fucking her hole, he slapped that defenceless pussy, to which she yelled, “Yes, slap it! Slap it hard!” She was beginning to lose control under this severe treatment – her face was twisted in extreme unbearable pleasure, its muscles tight, almost gnarled, and eyes fixed in fascination on his iron-hard dick unstoppable at ravaging her anus. She grabbed Luke’s dick over her head with both of her hands as though desperately attempting to do something that just passively receive, but her shrieks nonetheless kept coming, “Keep going! Keep going!” The tightness of her butt would not make Stuart stop for anything! Rubbing her raw pink pussy on top of that cock tearing through her, he delivered even more punishment; now she was shouting and screaming and they were no longer words. A few more seconds of the invasion of her body and her voice got trapped in her mouth and Jill just muttered, a slut completely overwhelmed.

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