During the Football Game Ch. 02

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Mary grinned ear-to-ear looking back over her shoulder. “Daddy, I don’t think our next time will be here,” she almost laughed. “I think it will be in the shower!” she added, heading off at full speed.

I marveled at her as her legs flexed, hands/arms pumped up each step. Years of speed camps and drills showed as she darted around the corner heading down the hall. “Come on old man,” she shouted.

I trudged up the stairs quickly, faster than I thought possible. Grinning to myself, I rounded the corner, stopped to figure where she was. “Your shower,” she shouted from my bedroom. I made my way to the shower. I found her bent around the shower door, adjusting the spray. Glancing to me, she stepped quickly into the shower. I followed as she turned to me, the water cascading over the head, the water running down her body. I looked to her full B-cup sized breasts. Nipples rigid, water gliding over them, they stood proud, firm. With her hands raised to her hair, her tits stood succulently perky. Without hesitation, I leaned to one, locked my lips over the rigid flesh, water pouring over my lips. Holding it firmly with my teeth, she pushed her body to my mouth, groaning loudly. I sucked more flesh into my mouth as my hands cupped each tit, squeezing softly. My thumb/finger rolled her other nipple firmly, pushing up against the underside of her nipple. My tongue thrashed the captured nipple against my teeth. I tried to open my eyes and look to her face, but the water splashed in my face. I settled for sucking her nipple.

“God yes Daddy,” Mary growled softly, reaching to pull me tight to her breast. “That feels so good,” she groaned out. I moved to take the other nipple, repeating my nipping, sucking, thrashing for good measure. As I pulled off, I noted Mary standing tall, her chest thrust forward, water running down her magnificent body. Her eyes closed, she looked completely satisfied.

“Can I get wet?” I asked, breaking the silence. She stepped slightly to the side, offering me space to move under the showerhead. Our bodies were an inch apart at best. My flaccid cock reached out to touch her lower stomach. Her hand moved quickly to take it, wrapping her fingers softly around my dangling cock. Glancing to her face, her eyes were smiling.

“God Daddy that was amazing,” she gushed. “Is it always like that?” she asked, looking deep into my eyes. “My pussy almost aches it wants it so bad,” she continued. Her voice haltered, her stare focused intently, her mind racing in many directions. Her hand pumped my cock to my body, then stretched the soft flesh as she pulled back.

Water poured down my body as my arms extended to pull her close, her body mashing to mine. I stroked her wet hair softly. “I love you baby,” I whispered to her. “I hope I can please you many more times like that,” I continued. We stood rocking back and forth slowly, her head resting on my shoulder as the hot water encased us. The steam enveloped us. My cock stirred as she stroked me. Without hesitating, she pushed back, bent, and took my growing cock into my mouth, sucking the shaft deep into her mouth and throat. My hips thrust forward involuntarily, shoving my body flat to her lips.

I intertwined my fingers in her hair, starting to rock my hips back and forth slowly, fucking her face with my semi-hard cock. I watched each penetration, her cheeks puffing as my cock slipped deep into her mouth. As my cock expanded, my cock dipped deeper, starting to hit the back of her throat. Each time it touched the back, she flinched. My cock continued to lengthen, reaching deeper into her mouth and throat. I pulled firmer against the back of her head as I pushed forward, shoving harder to her throat. “Relax your throat baby,” I encouraged her. “Let the head pass through,” I stated, shoving harder. Her mouth opened, her jaw unhinged, my cock slide directly down her throat. I watched her neck literally widen as my cock slipped deeper down her throat. My pubic bone mashed against her lips. I was balls deep in my baby’s mouth and throat. I held her, grinding my hips to her mouth, shoving every inch of my cock deep.

She pulled back abruptly, letting my long, hard, thick cock dangle. Standing, she thrust her arms around my neck. “Fuck Daddy,” she screeched, almost giddy. “I just took your big prick completely down my throat!” she gushed. She danced on her toes, my cock pressed flat between our bodies.

My arms encircled her, hugging her tight. Her enthusiasm was catching. My hand reached down her body, fingers searching for her slit. Sliding my fingers between her lips, her movement stopped, her thighs splayed slightly. My fingertip found her protruding clit. I mashed it flat to her body, flicking back and forth over the sensitive nub. Her jaw clenched, her eyes closed, her head drew back as I used two fingers to rake back and forth over the engorged clit. Her body absorbed the thrashing, her focus squarely on her body’s pleasure erupting through her senses.

“Call it my cock baby. You sucked my cock completely down etiler escort your throat,” I instructed her. I slid my fingers lower, dipping my arm, reached her wet hole. I shoved two fingers into her cunt, pushing hard to penetrate her. A gasp escaped her lips, her legs opened, her hips dipped to take my penetration. Her eyes flew open, staring into mine.

“Your big fucking cock!” she hissed between clenched teeth. “I sucked your big fucking cock completely down my,” her voice stopped mid sentence as I thrust hard to her cunt, grinding my fingers deep, twisting them back and forth in her body, pulled back, and thrust deep again. “Oh jesus,” she muttered. “Yes Daddy,” her voice trailed off. I hammered her, thrusting, grinding, pulling back, thrusting again deep. I pushed her back to the wall, kneeled down, and sucked her protruding clit into my mouth. Her hands covered the top of my head, sliding to the back. One leg lifted, draping over my shoulder.

“God damn Daddy, suck your baby girl,” she groaned. “Make me cum,” her voice screamed softly, intently. Thought gone, her body reacted to me, her hips thrusting back and forth quickly against my mouth. Her butt flexed, hips tilted, legs quivered as I ate her tasty pussy. I nipped, licked, thrashed her clit, held it firmly between my teeth as I hammered her engorged flesh. I lost all cognizant thought, focused on making her cum on my mouth. Whimpers started, unintelligible words, groans poured from her lips as I feasted. Her body raced toward orgasm. Without warning, her body jerked almost violently as her orgasm started, ripping from deep in her core.

A deep, guttural groan filled the shower stall as her cunt thrashed back and forth against my mouth involuntarily. Her hips flexed forward, offering her clit, held firmly to my mouth for seconds as wave after wave of her orgasm ripped each fiber of her core.

“Daddy,” she groaned, reaching to my forehead, pushing me away from her cunt. Her body quivered as her clit slipped from my lips. Bending, she pulled me up, pulling me to her body.

“Daddy,” she whispered so softly. “Please,” her eyes fluttered, her mouth opened, rising to kiss me. “Fuck me Daddy,” she asked. I lowered my body slightly, grabbed my hard cock, slipped it between her legs as she lifted her leg. Her hips tilted forward, she stretched upwards as my cock found her wet hole. Pushing forward, my cock slid effortlessly into her cunt. I pulled her thigh upwards, lifting her body from the floor. Her second leg wrapped my body as I pinned her to the wall. I thrust upwards, penetrating her depths. She bit my lower lip as I thrust in and out of her body. My cock raked back and forth over her clit, slamming our bodies together hard. My hips slapped her thighs with each savage thrust. I fucked her blindly, savagely, pounding her yielding flesh. Our breathing grew ragged, I slammed her repeatedly, grinding deep with each thrust. My balls churned, her cunt choked my cock with each thrust, muscles squeezing, gripping, choking my rigid flesh, refusing to release me, sucking me deeper with each penetration.

Each thrust brought forth a loud grunt, a slap of the flesh so hard the shower vibrated. My cock expanded, burst, and jettisoned spurt after spurt of cum into her young cunt. As my orgasm passed, my legs began to buckle. Mary tightened her legs as I flexed mine. “Just one more second Daddy,” she whispered. “Keep your cock in me for one for second,” she pleaded. A deep sigh came forth, a look deep into my eyes melted my soul. My cock slipped from her depths as Mary dropped her legs, standing tall between me and the wall. We stood for several minutes, wrapped together in love and the cascading water. I kissed her sweetly. Our tongues playfully danced.

I pulled back, standing directly under the water. For the next several minutes, we took turns washing each other bodies, taking serious time to clean each other’s sex. Finished, we took our time drying. Swatting her butt playfully, I told her to get out, get dressed, and I would meet her down stairs. It did not take long to get dressed and head down to the kitchen. As I rounded the corner, Mary stood silently, bent at the waist, leaning over the island, reading some magazine. Her butt was toward me, her feet about shoulder width apart, her long legs shown nicely, a pair of pajama shorts wrapped snuggly around her butt. She leaned to the side, her hips rocking to the right, looking back around her hip. She grinned mischievously. Her hips rocked back and forth when she found me staring at her backside. I stepped to her, my hands settling quickly on her hip bones. I saddled to her, tilting my hips to her ass, pushing my flaccid cock to her butt. I growled in my throat.

“Why Daddy,” she exclaimed. My cock chubbed in my shorts. I humped against her again, pressing her thighs to the island, pinning her there as I ground my crotch to her butt. I humped up and down against her, my cock growing longer and harder as I pulled her back to me. “Yes,” eve gelen escort she hissed under her breath. “God that feels good,” she continued, tilting her butt to open her cunt to me.

I pictured her naked ass, her cunt framed by her perfectly tanned, shaped globes of soft flesh. I could see her wet slit, lips puffy, her clit peeking from the folds. My body shuddered. I glanced at the clock. Her mother would be home at any minute, she was already past due. “God baby girl,” I muttered, humping to her hard. “Can I put it in for just a quick feel,” I asked.

“Just do it Daddy,” she groaned. I stepped back, pulled her shorts and panties down below her butt, pushed the front of my shorts down, freeing my one eyed monster, his spongy head lifted to slap at her soft flesh. My left hand found her hip bone, my right hand grasped my hard cock. Stepping to her, I pulled the head up, poking at her wet slit. I passed over her clit, her body jerked involuntarily as the head pressed to and penetrated her wet lips. I swiped up and down her slit. Finding her wet hole, tucked tightly under her globes, I reamed her slowly as she pressed to me. I reached to grab her other hip, pulling my body forward, pressing her to the island. With no place to move, I pushed hard to her body, the head of my cock popping into her body as air rushed from her lungs.

The garage door hum penetrated my brain. The door was opening. We had just seconds before Mom would be traipsing into the kitchen. I pulled savagely to her, slamming my cock deep into her wet cunt. I pulled back, slamming forward again, grinding our bodies together. She groaned loudly. My eyes clamped shut, my body let every nerve fiber experience her tightness, her body as I quickly pulled back, my cock coated with her juices. Stepping away, I flopped my rigid cock into my underwear, tucking the monster down my left leg, stretching the underwear, wrapping the moist flesh. Mary stood, grabbing her panties, pulled them up, bending to get the pajamas and pulling them up quickly. She grinned at me.

“Thanks Daddy,” she whispered. “That was terrific,” she grinned, bounding out of the room, I moved around the island to the coffee maker, grabbing my cup, pouring a cup of coffee. Mom, (her name by the way is May) entered as Mary rounded the corner.

“Hi sweetie,” I offered. “Did your time out meet your needs,” I asked, referring to her spiritual vacuum? “And how are the folks,” I continued. I turned, heading to the family room to watch more football. She followed.

“Church is always good, it would do you good to come once in awhile as well. Mom was tired today, Daddy puttered around the garage while I was there. Working on sanding his latest coffee table creation,” she offered. “Who won the game,” she asked.

For a second, my mind went blank. I stood there dumbfounded. “Ah,” I stuttered, my brain clouded.

“Broncos got their butts kicked,” Mary blurted, entering the room. Mom turned to her, reached to hug her close. They stood motionless for a moment. “Cutler is still easy to frustrate,” she offered her analysis.

“Hungry,” Mother asked generically, first looking to Mary, then me.

“Absolutely,” I chimed. “Surprised,” I asked?

“Not in the least,” Mom responded. “Come on baby girl, let’s find some dinner,” heading off to the kitchen. Mary glanced to me, threw me a sexy glance, and followed her to the kitchen. My cock chubbed again, it’s little brain seeing her flinch her legs, squeezing her clit between her folds. I wondered if it sent an electric shock to her cunt. God I wanted her again. I stroked my growing cock, adjusting my shorts as I moved to sit down in my recliner.

Dinner was good, the evening grew late quickly. Being an early riser, I started nodding off around 10:20pm. It did not take long for me to gather enough energy to stand, stretch long, raising my hands to the sky, and announce I was heading to bed. I stopped to make coffee, setting the timer, turned just as Mary approached.

“Night Daddy,” she said softly, wrapping her arms around me, pulling me close, pressing her body fully to mine. Her hand slipped between us, grabbing my flaccid cock, giving it a tender jerk, stroking quickly, softly. “God I want him,” she whispered into my ear. “If you get the chance,” her voice trailed off.

“Night Mother,” I called back into the family room.

“I will be right there,” she retorted. Mary headed into the family room, I turned the corner and headed to bed. I hit the bathroom, took my normal nightly piss, brushed my teeth, piled my clothes beside the bed, and crawled into the warm bed. Snuggling in, my mind flashed to Mary, her long, lithe body laying prone, her naked flesh so visible to my minds eye. My cock jumped in length and girth. Rolling to my stomach, I rocked back and forth to snuggle in, and get my cock adjusted. Sleep came quickly.

I woke early, nearly 4am. May was still sleeping soundly. I carefully got up, being sure not to stir her. I headed fatih escort down the hall to Mary’s room. As I entered her room, light was just beginning to filter the veil of darkness.

I see her cuddled in the covers, knowing your warmth she generated. I slipped easily into her bed, moved to spoon her, pressing my crotch to her soft butt.

I reached around her, sliding my hand over her top breast, cupping her, letting my fingertip circle the nipple. Even in her sleep, the nipple began to harden.

I heard her breathing change as she began to wake slowly, extracting the cobwebs from her mind. I heard a soft moan as she felt my finger on her nipple. I heard the smile in the soft groan. I felt her butt wiggle against me, pressing to my body. I could feel her back arch, tilting her butt to my cock.

My cock hardened quickly, pressing into her crack. I love her sleeping nude, my hand slides down her body, over her shapely hip, pulling her hip back to me. Rolling her body to backwards to her back, I slid my hand through her pubic hair, cropped so closely, the soft V furry. I let my fingers roll over her mound, felt the pussy lips pressed together. Rubbing back and forth, I snaked my middle finger between them, sliding back and forth over her engorging clit.

Her body arched, hips lifting to splay her legs open, giving access to the youthful cunt. I mashed her clit firmly, pressing it to your body as I slid over her softly, back and forth, circling, probing, flicking the sensitive nub. I leaned to her, taking the closest nipple between my lips, sucking it into my mouth as my teeth clamped down on her gently. With my tongue dancing over the hardened nub, I mashed her against my teeth. Her body arched, shoving more tit to my lips as her hand wraped my neck, pulling me firmly to her, pushing her tit flesh to my lips aggressively.

“Morning Daddy,” she whispered deeply, her morning voice soft, sexy.

I moaned into her tit flesh, shaking her with my lips sealed over the sensitive flesh asmy finger snakes thru her slit, reaming the wet hole. With drops of her juices lightly coating her, my finger dips, pushing to the first knuckle. I could feel her body tense, then relax, tilting her hips to the invader, wanting, needing penetration.

“Please Daddy,” her voice so soft, so pleading filled my senses.

I pushed to her, shoving my finger into her body, feeling the wetness coat me. Feeling the tightness of her cunt, I circled my finger, pulling back, thrusting deep again. Her hips bounced involuntarily, humping up, sucking my finger deeper, dropping down hard, then slamming back up. I added a second finger, thrusting deep, grinding my hand tight to her, giving all I can.

“I’m going to make you cum baby,” I whispered to her tit, glancing, looking into her smiling eyes.

“Yes Daddy, make me cum…….. make me,” her voice halts as I thrust deep quickly, thrusting in and out. I clamped my teeth over the other nipple, nipping her firmly, the stiff nipple ripe for my lips, my sucking.

Her legs pulled up, knees spread wide, hands grasping her knees, pulling up, pulling wider. “Oh fuck yes Daddy,” her voice trails off.

My fingers danced over her clit, focused on her orgasm. I take her, mash her, circle her, flick her back and forth as I listen to her breathing, knowing her orgasm was approaching. Quickly, her body gives in to me, hips arching high, lifting to my hand, thrusting involuntarily as her orgasm reaches upwards, butt flexes, holding her body high above the bed. With a quick thrust, her body lifts high and collapses in orgasm, ripping through her body. Her hands grab my wrist, shove my hand hard to her cunt, jamming my fingers deep into her body. I thrust hard, fast, repeatedly as her orgasm took her, driving her body for several minutes.

I felt her body wash through the orgasm, slowing, pulsing, humping my fingers as her breathing returned to a more normal cadence. A guttural groan shook my core.

“Oh yes Daddy,” she whispered, sated.

“How do you want me Daddy? Would you like me to suck your cock? Straddle your body? Shove your cock into my wet, tight cunt?” you teased.

“I want it all baby girl. Start by sucking Daddy’s big cock. Crawl down here sweetie,” I whispered in the semi-darkness.

Mary scrambled quickly, grabbing my hard cock, pulling me to her lips, and diving down my shaft. Greedily, she sucked me, pounding up and down my cock for several minutes. I was getting close to blowing my wad. Pulling her off, I reached for her butt.

“Straddle me baby, fuck me nice and slow,” I whispered. Mary moved up my body, threw her leg up, grabbed my cock, swiped the head between her lips, and started to settle down my cock.

“God Daddy,” she moaned as she humped her body up and down, each time taking an additional inch, pulling up, and shoving down again. Her wetness coated me, her tight sheath slowly taking each inch into her velvet softness. Her muscles squeezed each time, sucking my cock deeper. Quickly, she rested on my pubic bone, my cock balls deep in her cunt. Leaning to me, her lips sucked my lower lip into her mouth, tugging playfully. Her tits mashed to my chest. Her hips rocked back and forth, tilting to rub her clit on my cock. Her body shuddered as she lifted up and down my shaft.

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