Elizabeth Ch. 02: Further In

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After they fucked, she and Darcie had laid together in the kitchen and talked. Eventually, Elizabeth got up and took a shower to wash the smell of sex off her body, not that John would notice. Darcie watched her dress, still nude. “You know, you don’t have to leave. You should stay with me tonight. We can hang out.”

She shook her head. “Darcie, this was really fun, and I’m glad it worked out. But I have to get back to my life. This was a one time thing.”

The lights were off, and John was asleep on the couch, like she’d expected. He’d probably be awake in a few hours with indigestion from all the gin he was drinking. She wished he didn’t drink so much. She crept to each of the children’s rooms, peeking at their sleeping faces with the light on her cell phone. Satisfied, she went to her bedroom and slipped into her nightgown, crawling into the cold sheets.

She hugged her arms around her self, squeezing and pushing her self into the bed, trying to feel like someone was with her. Being with Darcie just reminded her that she was alone. She was married and had two kids and she was more alone than she’d ever been. She didn’t have a career anymore. Her husband was into his job, his hobbies, playing fantasy football and messaging his friends online. She was sure he watched porn and jerked off whenever he could. And that was fine, if he still fucked her. When they tried, he was listless; she’d have to stay on top doing all the work. He’d often get soft or just never cum by the time she was finished. It was just so boring. He always had an excuse, how tired and stressed he was, how his antidepressant kept him from orgasm. But she knew the real reason. He didn’t want her anymore. After the kids, her gut sagged, her tits drooped, and her ass was too fat. She promised herself she’d start counting calories tomorrow.

The orgasm with Darcie was like pleasure she hadn’t had in years. She clamped her thighs so hard around Darcie’s head that the smaller woman had to tap her thighs, telling her to let go. She told Elizabeth she going to give her a fat lip if she didn’t slow down her hip thrusting.

Darcie made her feel beautiful and sexy again. Even as she was enjoying the memory, she stopped herself. She had cheated on her husband. They had made a promise to each other. Was there a part of her that got off on the wrongness of it? She shuddered thinking of it. She couldn’t see Darcie for awhile, because she couldn’t trust what Darcie would do or what she would do.

Finally, she had an idea. She would text Charlotte, the pastor’s wife, and casino oyna set up a meeting. Charlotte was a kind woman only a few years older than herself. She had a degree in counseling and worked with several women from the church. Elizabeth had been with her in several Bible studies, and trusted her advice. fairly well. She knew that Charlotte would give her the kind of nonjudgmental, compassionate advice to get her back on the right track and figure out what she would do. Maybe she would make her tell John about it . She would cross that bridge when she came to it.

She got her phone from her bedside table, and texted Charlotte. “Charlotte, I know this is super late, and if you’ve gone to bed that’s totally fine. But I just had something really serious happen that I need to you about. Is there any way we could meet tomorrow? Again, I’m so sorry to be bothering you like this.”

Charlotte texted her back right away. “It’s OK! I’m really glad that you messaged me. Why don’t you come in at 10 tomorrow? You can come to my office, and we can talk about it and we can pray together.” Elizabeth was so comforted that she finally fell asleep.

That morning, she pulled her minivan into the church parking lot, and checked her makeup again in the rearview mirror. “It was a one time thing, and it won’t happen again,” she affirmed aloud. She got out of the car, straightened her skirt, and went into the church. She thought her outfit was conservative enough; high necked blouse, pattered flowers so you couldn’t see the curves in her breasts or the contours of her brassiere. She wore a thick wool skirt, so that her ass was well concealed and only suggested. Beneath her skirt, she wore long, high-heeled leather boots so that no one could see her legs.

Charlotte met her in the lobby. Elizabeth waved to her, shyly, and Charlotte walked up and embraced her. “I am so glad to see you! Let’s go up to my office. You look great! Have you lost weight?”

Elizabeth giggled and said reflexively, “no. I just can’t seem to lose any weight. I need to start counting calories.” Charlotte fluttered her hand as if to dismiss her self criticism.

“Follow me,” she instructed. They took the elevator to the third floor of the church, chatting about her kids Ron and Lauren, who were in the same class as Charlotte’s children. The office was in a cozy corner at the end of a hallway, surrounded by empty offices. “So welcome to my den. I try to make it home. For some reason they wanted to keep me as far away from Francis as possible!” She chuckled, and Elizabeth could canlı casino tell she was annoyed.

Elizabeth sat on the couch, opposite Charlotte’s easy chair by the door. Charlotte reached back and shut the door behind her. “OK! Tell me everything.”

“I was at Darcie’s house last night for Bible study, and I helped her clean up after everyone left. And we were talking, and she started coming on to me, and then we had sex.” Her voice became quieter and quieter and she was speaking, almost silent as she finished.

Charlottes eyes were open wide and her mouth is closed. Is she breathing, Elizabeth wondered? “Are you OK Charlotte?”

Charlotte took a deep breath. “I must’ve misheard you. Could you say that last part one more time?”

“Darcie and I had sex.”

“OK, that is what I thought you said. Wow, how do you feel about it? Have you told John?”

“I don’t know how I feel. I haven’t told John. I didn’t feel like I fully wanted to sleep with her, but I couldn’t stop myself from doing it either. It was like I wanted her, but I needed it for her to initiate for anything to happen.”

“Has something like this ever happened before?”

“Honestly, it has. When I was working, I would sometimes let flirtations go on too long, with men and women. I’m not good at setting boundaries.”

“Are you attracted to women?”

“I think so, but there’s more than that. I feel like I’m always the one who gives pleasure, and I’m never the one I receives it. It’s almost like I need someone to tell me when I can feel good.”

“Are you and John still intimate?”

“Not really. We try sometimes, but the physical connection is just not there anymore. I think it’s because I had kids and my body has changed so much. But I don’t know. He’s going through his own thing. He’s distant most the time.”

“Do you ever masturbate?”

And then Elizabeth stopped breathing. “I can’t touch myself like that. I’ve never been able to. John’s tried to get me to because it’s a turn on for him, but I just feel really wrong and gross about it. “

“Well,” Charlotte leaned forward, “I think it would be really helpful for you. It would let you give yourself pleasure when you need it and when you want it. You’re at a time when you deserve to know what’s going on with your body; you’ve given yourself to your husband and your children, and you need to be able to have something for yourself.”

“I guess I’ve never thought about it like that.”

“I masturbate for five times a week and that’s the only reason Francis and I are kaçak casino still together.” Charlotte snorted, leaned back, and clicked the door lock shut.

The hair on the back of Elizabeth’s neck stood up and her nipples hardened. “What are we doing?”

Charlotte was kneeling next to the chair, rummaging through some boxes. “I think that if you can’t make yourself cum, someone should teach you.”‘

Elizabeth stood up. “I should really be going. I know you’re so busy.”

Charlotte extracted a large pink vibrator from a box. “I think something like this would be perfect for you.” Charlotte stood up, holding out the sex toy. “Here, why don’t you try this one?”

Elizabeth gasped, and backed away from it. “This is a church, I really can’t do this here.” She moved her to the door, and Charlotte blocked her, putting up her hands, still holding the vibrator.

“Elizabeth, you need to be a good girl and sit down right now.”

Elizabeth obeyed, and sat back down the couch. Charlotte set down the dildo on the coffee table, undid her slacks and dropped them to the floor. “Start stripping. You told me that you’re doing things that are confusing to you. You’ve told me that you never get any pleasure. Well, we’re going to work on that. I know this is a church. We’re here to give you help with your life. God gave you sex, and you’re meant to enjoy it.”

Charlotte had her shirt and bra off before Elizabeth could even stand back up. Charlotte kicked her panties into the corner, sat on the couch, and turned on the vibrator. Elizabeth stepped back from her on the couch, as Charlotte watched her, holding the vibrator to her left breast. “Well? I’m waiting.”

She had a choice. Nothing stopped her from walking out of there. She scrunched her face up. Finally, she said, “OK.” She realized how turned on she was as she pulled her conservative blouse over her head and dropped her skirt to the ground. She bent down and unzipped her boots on each side, and stood them up next to the couch. Charlotte watched her, the vibrator already glistening as it thrust in and out of her dark bush.

She discarded her bra and panties, and Charlotte switched off the vibrator, setting it on the armrest. “Now, I want you to spread your legs nice and wide and find your clit.”

Elizabeth turned red and crossed her arms in front of her breasts looking away. “Charlotte, I just feel so fat. I’m so embarrassed right now.”

Charlotte stood up, and walked over to Elizabeth. She stroked Elizabeth’s chin, and drew her forward for a warm, gentle kiss. “You are a gorgeous woman in the prime of your life. I know you’ve lost your confidence. But I’m here to help you find it.” Charlotte dropped to her knees, spread Elizabeth wide, and buried her face in her warm cunt.

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