Elizabeth Loved My Junk

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Elisabeth spent a lot of time with her hand down the front of my pants. Right now, we were cuddled together on the porch swing of her parent’s house, where we had agreed to be designated house sitters for a week while they cruised the Caribbean.

“You don’t mind my hand in there, do you?”

She had a sweet smile and sweeter lips. Her Mom had left us a long list of chores, saying we might as well earn some spending money while we were sitting around. Actually, if you had a chance to sit around with Beth, enjoying those sweet lips, it took the motivation for chores entirely away.

“If you keep kissing me, your hand can do almost anything it wants.”

What it wanted at the moment was to stroke me to hardness. After which, if I was lucky, her head would fall to my lap, lips engulfing the purple dome and driving me to complete bliss.

It was the beginning of our last semester of high school and casual dating had become serious dating. More than serious dating, I thought, as she squeezed and stroked.

Over breakfast this morning, Beth had announced that I was the one to receive her virginity. Her cherished virginity, she had announced with a sly grin.

Thinking back to that surreal moment, I had had no instant response except to choke on an attempt to swallow cereal. She pounded on my back, saying, “Don’t take it so hard, Brian, it doesn’t hurt.”

Recovering, I dove for her knees, taking us to the hard floor. “There is only so much teasing allowed!”

I had the misfortune to fall for a girl jock who was almost as big and strong as I was. Her knee arrived at my crotch before I could establish control.

“You will allow as much teasing as I wish. Otherwise, no rewards!”

God, I loved this tough bundle of joy, carrying the struggling body off to my parent’s bedroom, where we were sharing the king size bed. Throwing her down, I jumped in for a wild session of wrestling, which ended when she said, “OK, I give. Let me talk.”

“Fine housesitter you are, trying to disable the man of the house and making crazy promises about sex.”

She sat on my middle, grinning and pulling off her running bra. I relaxed and gazed upward at the glorious chest. Beth had fantastic breasts, which she called tits all the time. My hands were headed in their direction when she batted them away.

“No groping until we talk.” The grin stayed in place as her hips bounced on my male parts. I growled and gave her the look that I hoped signaled imminent boyfriend revolt.

Her hands positioned my hands on my chest and then pressed the stiff tits into them as she leaned down for a torrid kiss.

“You see, teasing does have rewards.”

I eased the running shorts down and grasped the tough muscles of her butt, laughing.

She sat up, asking, “What’s the matter? Why are you laughing?”

I folded us over on our sides, tickling her ribs until she screamed, “Stop!”

“Why would an all powerful female like yourself consider a wimp like me for her first sex partner?”

Things suddenly changed. She slipped out of her shorts and removed mine, pulling up the blanket and stretching out on top.

With eyes closed, she whispered, “I’m sorry. I don’t know what got into me.”

Playing the therapist, I answered, “You are nervous about your first time. Don’t be, and don’t try to tease yourself into it.”

Snuggling tighter, she said, “But I am playing catchup. Those other girls jumped you. This cock has been used!” Head down, she giggled and shook.

I laughed back, “It’s nearly new. They don’t wear out right away.”

She licked my ear, “Oh god, I am so dumb about sex. Why is your first time such a big deal?” Her hands were back on my penis, softly rubbing.

“You are such good friends with that item you are massaging, why would you worry about letting it inside the front door?”

She pounded her forehead on my chest. “Damn, you are a pest. Why would a decent woman like me put up with you?”

I hissed back in a low voice, “Don’t get uppity, you aren’t a woman yet!”

That took all the starch out. The next thing I knew, she had a pillow over her head, sobbing into my bed sheet.

I was in serious trouble. When your girlfriend cries, you better have some caring behavior handy. Since we were still sweaty and smelly from an early run, a shower might help.

I propped the limp body against my front and applied soap. Hot water and soap dried up the tears.


“Yes, please.”

Fifteen minutes later, we were on the sofa with fresh coffee. She was between my knees having her hair brushed out. “I am so stupid, this is worse than the back seat of your car.”

I leaned forward and kissed under her ear. “We can try that if you want. Maybe even raid your dad’s booze supply first.”

She spun around and pressed me back into the cushion for another of her special hot kisses.

“OK, we are going to make a catalog of how to lose your virtue. First choice is ‘drunk in back seat.’ “

I tried, “What about ‘sober in your own bed?’ “

“Drunk free spin in his bed.”

“Over a log in the forest.”

“Against a rock on top of the mountain.”

“Sitting on his lap in a dark corner at the Prom.”

“In a hot tub with three other couples.”

We were both laughing by now, and she was pulling my hair.

“What if I said, ‘All of the above.’ “

“I would whisper in your ear that you were a terrible slut!”

She proved it by aggressive rubbing of her sex on my crotch.

“Now who is being a pest?”

“I’m warming you up. I have decided I am making this too big a deal. I will tease you to total frustration and you will end my problem! Only minutes from now.”

I had noticed some suspicious looking hooks in the basement rec room. In a few minutes, she wasn’t deflowered, she was hanging by wrist cuffs from two of the ceiling hooks, toes barely touching the floor. In my hand was an expensive flogger that I had discovered in her mother’s wardrobe closet.

I tried a few soft brushes of the leather strips against her buns. There were mirrors on the walls that reflected both her front and back. Right now, they were showing me angry eyes.

“Stop this. I thought you were a nice guy.”

I needed to heighten the suspense. A scarf became a gag. Two nipple clamps from the same box where I had found the flogger caused muffled shrieks. Two hard swats with the flogger on her behind produced more loud noises. I stepped to the doorway and killed the lights. Moments later, I had aligned a floodlight on the track lighting to shine down from directly overhead.

I admired my handiwork. More was needed. I carried over two twelve inch blocks and placed them thirty inches apart. A tube of expensive body lotion from the bathroom was spread lavishly on the shaking limbs.

I stood back. I had thought about a blindfold, but this was better. Her body, illuminated by the single light, glistened like a work of artistic sculpture. We could be in a gallery, with an audience hidden in dark shadows. I could tell she was looking at her own body. The tremors had ceased and her head went from one mirror perspective to another.

Dropping my shorts, I stood on a chair and carefully pressed my fully erect cock through the gap at the top of her thighs. The effect was fantastic. Suddenly, the image reflected from the mirrors had a cock! Yes, the artistic naked sculpture had a cock! She jerked at the cuffs in frustration, unable to move her legs without falling off the blocks.

Back on the floor, I used the flogger to warm every lovable inch of her skin. If she could warm me up, I could warm her up. Resuming the chair and grasping my smartphone tightly, the cock reappeared as part of the body, now very pink and shuddering.

I allowed the scarf to fall to the floor. She wiggled her ass against my front. She must like the friction of my cock against her pussy lips, I thought.

Finally, she spoke. “I was really mad a little while ago. But now you’ve made me an art piece. A bi-sexual piece of art. I’ve got tits and I’ve got a cock. After pictures, will you undo my hands and allow me to slide down your front until…”

I killed the light and carefully released her hands, which clasped together around my neck. The effect in the darkness was amazing. The body lotion smelled wonderful and was slippery as the devil. I thought more about the devil as she let her body very slowly descend, my own hands lending assistance under her butt.

Very softly, I said, “We don’t have to do this now. There are other chances…”

I hadn’t finished when one of her hands was opening her lips and the other was directing the stiff cock where she wanted it. Everything was so slippery, I really couldn’t have prevented the penetration, but Beth had made up her mind. The rounded tip of my rigid shaft rested momentarily at the tight entrance to her sex. Then the body dropped and the cock disappeared inside. All the way inside until she was fully impaled.

I stood as rock solid as possible, waiting for reaction.

“Oohhh. I’ve done it. You are in me!” A volley of kisses was accompanied by, “Yes, yes, yes. I’m a woman now! No more silly girl stuff. I found a proper cock and it has popped my cherry!”

This was all about Beth and her emancipated cunt, not about me and my liberating cock. She was so excited, she didn’t realize no actual fucking was going on. I walked us upstairs, out of the dark, and headed for the living room.

“No, I want to finish in my own bed. It was one of the options.”

I continued up the next set of stairs, trying to decide whether she was in a serious mood or a humorous mood, after being strung up in the basement and losing her cherry by none of the approved methods .

As I bent over the bed, she twisted around and landed on my belly, smiling and laughing.

“I should report you. That was almost rape. I’m very angry.” She repositioned herself and forced the tight cunt back down where it had recently been.

“But, I am letting you off, bonus veren siteler provided there are orgasms to go with the rest of your terrible attack on my innocent body!”

“I could get more of your mom’s toys…”

She glared at me, “Sorry, only real cocks allowed. Do you know my older sister Andi told me she didn’t have an orgasm until the third time she had sex?”

“Pardon me for not picking up on that essential detail. Am I to understand that this isn’t over until you have come?”

“Yes, and it better be more than once or I will question your virility!”

So here we were, hours later, and her hand was in my pants again. I arranged us more comfortably, with the swing blanket over us, and inquired, “You are still on good terms with him?”

“How could I not be? That was such an admirable performance this morning.” Her kiss was warm and prolonged.

“Umm, they say that…”

“Yes, things are different now. Our parts have been together and liked it. Your male duty is to chase after me and try for more.”

My cock was very limp and not chasing anything. But her fingers were working magic. “I’m not sure who is chasing whom…”

“Relax. You said I could play with your junk.” She giggled and kissed me again. I closed my eyes and wondered about a future with this newly hot woman who might find the inside of my trousers at any moment.

“You have to promise not to embarrass me with that hand.”

“Yes. I wouldn’t think of it. Let me slide your pants off.”

My thoughts drifted to the question of cock addiction. Was I stuck with a female who was under the spell of my cock?

“You are not addicted to him, or anything like that, are you?” Both hands were now busy, one fondling my sac and the other gently stroking the limp shaft.

“Yes, of course I am addicted. He is my first cock and we are good friends.”

“Is this normal? I thought girls worried a lot about cocks. Worried about angry assaults. Worried about unexpected pregnancy.”

She had the sweetest smile. “Well, Brian, it does help for me to know the owner of the friendly cock!”

I closed my eyes again, trying to recover from her craziness. This girl, now woman, had been strung up and lashed. Had kinky erotic images taken of her glorious body. Had controlled my cock and popped her own cherry with it. Was now cuddled and smiling with me. It was all too much.

“Open those eyes and tell me everything is ok with us.”

She went on, “Don’t you care anything for my feelings? The day a girl loses her virginity is important! It is especially important when she loves the cock and its owner!”

I looked up at her smiling face. “I suppose that means the friendly cock is not to get too far away?”

Burying her head in my shoulder, she mumbled, “Yes. We are going to study together, work together, eat together and sleep together!”

Lying there in the cool night air, with my lover close, I suddenly knew my life had changed too. Commitment had snuck up on me unannounced. Good grief.

She raised her head and licked my lips. “You are thinking this is scary. It is. But I am not giving you up. Do you understand that, Brian? Not giving you up.” Her head went back down and the hands wrapped around my shoulders.

We both pretended to sleep. My stomach growled, asking what happened to dinner.

Her tongue was back. “Sex is not a substitute for food?”

I growled, “Your mom is going to catch you with your hand in my pants and chase me out of the house.”

Pulling on my appendage, she rose and led the way to the kitchen. “If we are going to have an equal relationship, you must learn to cook.”

I think I was looking dazed, because she followed that with a laughing kiss. “We will start easy. Tonight your lesson is how to prepare an omelet. Pay attention, the result is worth it.”

Actually, being summoned to bring items from the refrigerator, wash utensils as needed, warm the plates, and respond meekly to her directions and instructions wasn’t bad duty. I got kisses at random moments.

We ate side by side. The eggs were really good. I even managed not to burn the French bread.

“There is method in my madness. When the folks are back, we will collaborate on a special dinner and they will be impressed enough to allow you to sleep over.”

By the time Beth’s parents returned a few days later, the chore list had been completed, and a few extra for good measure. Nancy looked impressed. Alex clapped me on the shoulder and said, “Good work. I suppose Elizabeth provided some incentives?”

“Yes sir. She is good at that. I think we are paired up, so to speak.”

“Well, you’re both eighteen and more or less in charge of your own lives now. But please pay attention to protection, will you? Elizabeth’s mom and I don’t have room in the budget for college and a baby at the same time!”

“Yes sir. I will keep that in mind.”

From behind us, a voice said, “That’s good advice, Brian.”

Nancy was smiling and Beth was hiding her face in her hands.

I deneme bonusu veren siteler held out my arms and she ran into them, squeaking, “Protection. Yes, of course. Always.” Her giggles were out of control. “Mom, this is embarrassing me!”

Nancy and Alex had arms around each other, “You’ll be a lot more embarrassed with a big belly in class!”

Our jointly prepared gourmet dinner was a great success. After dessert on the back patio, Nancy said, “I haven’t had a meal this fine in years. There must be a hidden agenda. You haven’t run off to get married while we were gone, have you?”

Beth ducked her head in my lap, gasping, “Oh no…”

I spoke for both of us. “You see, she invited me to stay over. Just for safety, you understand. Now she says she can’t sleep without my warm body nearby. I must confess, it is awful nice.”

Alex frowned. Nancy said, “I should have known.” She slid into Alex’s lap and kissed him hard, coming up for air and saying, “Dad, it is young love. Do you remember sneaking into my bed once upon a time?”

He kissed her back and said, “It was all your fault. We almost got caught. These days, things are so direct. Can you imagine us back then asking for a sleepover like these two are doing?”

The next morning, I was sharing body heat with Beth when her mom opened the door, “May I come in?”

Beth raised the edge of the covers, “Hurry, it’s too cold standing there in your nighty. He is gone?”

“Yes, has an early plane to a business conference. Playing catchup after our cruise.”

I was paralyzed with two women in the same bed with me. Beth’s hand was hidden behind her back, squeezing her hard friend. I leaned over to give Nancy a soft kiss on her cheek. “Thanks for being so nice to us.”

Her hands reached for my head and applied a firm kiss to my lips. “You are very studly, Brian. Are you really going to marry her? I shouldn’t say this, but I think you would make a good son-in-law.”

“Mom! I am not pregnant. You can put the shotgun away. We still have college to get thru, if you haven’t forgotten.”

Nancy was feeling frisky. “Daughter, what are you doing, naked in here with him? One false move and he could be buried you know where!”

“Don’t be nasty. You know skin to skin contact is necessary for proper warming.” As she talked to her mom, Beth was carefully easing me into place on top and finding a warm home for my throbbing cock.

Nancy suddenly realized what was going on and played outraged mother. “How could you? With me right here? If your father hadn’t fixed me up before leaving, I would be really upset.”

Throwing the covers off, Beth beat on my ass and squeezed hard. I couldn’t help thrusting deep and making a low noise.

“He has the most beautiful cock, mom, I can’t do without it.”

“You are such a slut. You sound just like me, twenty years ago. Except my mother was never in bed with us!”

I flipped Beth to the top, where she smiled and bounced harder. My arm went around Nancy, pulling her tight with us. I said, “She is very aggressive. Even announced when I was going to take her virginity.”

“It’s all your fault, Nancy. Listening to you and Dad having sex was driving me crazy. That noise you make when you come is incredible!”

Her eyes widening at Beth’s use of her first name, Nancy scrunched in tighter and kissed me on the lips. Beth screeched and bounced harder. “You can’t steal him. I am supposed to be the sexpot, not you!”

Nancy tossed off the nightie and sat across my legs behind her daughter, pinching and pulling the stiff nipples. “You are the sexpot. Fucking him while your mother is in the same bed. Have you no shame?”

Both of them were laughing. I was too. Quickly, Beth pulled Nancy around her and planted the wet sex right in my face. My tongue instantly went to work.

“There. Now both of us can be sexpots. Your body is fabulous. No wonder Dad still chases you around the house.”

This was fun. Two generations trading sex back and forth, using the resident male for emphasis!

Beth climbed off and shifted backwards, dragging Nancy with her. Now the sexy mom had my big cock right in front of her. She stared at me, temptation showing in her eyes. I flexed my hips and she gave a little moan.

“Mom, pay attention. This is important. You need to check out Brian’s skills in the romance department. If I am making a mistake, you must tell me now!”

I made my voice low and urgent. “Yes, Nancy, you must establish family compatibility. There is no room for error!”

Beth’s hands were urging the body upward. Its eyes were trancelike. It didn’t look as though she realized what was about to happen. Beth’s eyes smiled thinly at me over her mother’s shoulder. My hands took command of the positioning and lowering. Beth’s hands roamed here and there, drawing moans from Nancy. Which turned into a long wail as mom was pushed down hard on my shaft. “Oohhh nooo!”

Beth cheered. “You’ve done it. The two of you went together like magic. How does he feel? Is this going to work?”

Nancy’s head snapped around, full of venom. “You are simply horrible, seducing your own mom on this big cock.”

I leaned us forward into missionary position, using my best hard thrusts. I was in an experienced cunt that could teach me a thing or two. Beth and I both talked dirty to her.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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