Elizabeth York Pt. 01

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The first thing that drew Gary White’s attention was her ass. He could barely keep his eyes off it as he walked towards her. It was truly superb. There it was sticking up in the air as the woman bent over, clearly oblivious to the view she was giving to anyone passing by.

And what a view. The swell of her plump cheeks was too tempting; especially for Gary. In that delightful first moment he could already see himself standing behind her, shoving his cock deep into her pussy and giving her a right good fucking, doggy style.

He sighed inwardly. Well that’s what he wanted to do. But never mind.

He turned his head sideways to look at his work colleague. “That’s your mom?”

“Yeah it is,” replied Brandon, “Why?”

He raised his eyebrows. “Nothing man, was just wondering that’s all.”

Gary turned his attention back to Brandon’s mother. She was leaning over a display, fiddling with something or other. She probably didn’t realise or possibly wasn’t bothered that bending over like that had caused her work trousers to pull tightly across her ass cheeks, showing them off in all their glory.

Gary’s stomach churned. He’d always thought of himself as an ass man; but then again he was attracted to big tits and shapely legs as well so truthfully he didn’t actually have a favourite body part. As long as the overall package was put together nicely it didn’t bother him too much what a woman had. But then again…it certainly interested him more if she had a nice shapely ass. And this woman most definitely had that.

“Hi mum,” Brandon called out as they got nearer to the woman.

Elizabeth York turned her head and straightened up. She smiled as she recognised it was her son standing behind her.

“Oh hi Brandon, what are doing here?” she asked. She knew Brandon was there for a reason. He never came to see her unless he wanted something.

Gary’s eyes took it all in. Mmmm…not bad…not bad at all. Reasonably good looking for her age. Yep, she had it all going on. Nice tits as well as the divine ass. The legs? Well he couldn’t see those due to her work trousers but there was a definite curve of the thigh that showed promise.

Elizabeth’s eyes moved from Brandon to look at Gary. “So who’s your friend?” she asked looking back at her son.

“Oh yeah, sorry, this is Gary, I work with him from time to time.” Brandon half turned, which allowed Gary the opportunity to reach forward and extended his hand.

“Hi Mrs York, pleased to meet you.” He looked into her blue eyes, holding the look for a moment too long. He pulled away. Her handshake had been warm and inviting. Well in his mind it had been.

Elizabeth turned her attention back to her son. “Okay Brandon,” she said, “so what do you want? I’m really busy right now so I haven’t got time for idle chit chat.”

“What makes you think I want something?” Brandon replied in a hurt tone. “Can’t a son come and see his mother once in a while?”

“Brandon, you only come and see me at work if you want something. I know that and you know that,” Elizabeth said with a resigned smile. She wasn’t angry with him.

“Well okay mum, I was just wondering if you could lend me fifty quid until pay-day; pleeeaassse?” Brandon looked pleadingly at his mother.

“Fifty pounds! You’re kidding right?” Elizabeth was not impressed. “I don’t have fifty pounds on me!” She looked at her son’s face. Even though he was a grown man fast approaching thirty, he was still her little boy. And always would be. How could she deny him.

“Oh okay,” she sighed. “I’ll go get my cash card. You’ll have to go to the cash dispenser and take it out of there.”

“Thanks mother, you’re the best,” Brandon said with a broad smile. He’d known all along she would give him the money. She never denied him anything.

As they left the store, Brandon clutching his mother’s cash card, Gary turned to him.

“Man…your dad must be one ugly dude!” he said with a grin.

Brandon turned to look at him. “What?” he said, somewhat taken aback. “What did you say?”

“I said your dad must be ugly; you know, for you to have turned out looking the way you do.” Gary grinned again.

Brandon was confused. “What are you talking about?”

“Your mom…she’s hot! So you must have taken after your old man to turn out the way you did, that’s all I’m saying.” Gary grinned some more.

“You think my mother’s hot?” Brandon was incredulous.

“God man; yeah! Great body, sexy as hell. Yeah I’d definitely fuck her if I had the chance!” Gary was almost laughing now. The look on Brandon’s face was priceless.

“But that’s my mother you’re talking about!”

“So?” Gary shrugged his shoulders, “she’s a woman, isn’t she?

“Yeah but you shouldn’t talk about her in that way. Besides, she’s old now, why would anyone think like that about an old woman?” Brandon asked.

“I don’t know…” Gary pursed his lips. “So how old is she then?”

“She’ll be fifty eight in a few months time I think,” Brandon replied, “Why, why do you ask?”

“Just to prove my point. I know she’s your mother but to kocaeli escort everyone else she’s a hot MILF. Okay she may be a little bit older than what YOU would class a MILF but I’m telling you man, she’s hot!” Gary laughed again at the confused look on Brandon’s face.

He punched Brandon on the arm. “Just kidding man; I was just fucking with you! You should see the look on your face though.” He laughed once more.

* * *

On the ride back to work Gary’s thoughts drifted back to Elizabeth York. Her son Brandon was just a work colleague he barely knew really. He’d only worked with him a couple of times so he didn’t consider him a friend, which therefore in his opinion made it perfectly acceptable for him to have a crack at his mother.

He played back in his mind the contours of her body, the swell of her large chest beneath the shapeless work blouse and the gorgeousness of her perfectly symmetrical heart shaped ass cheeks. He could feel himself becoming aroused just by thinking about her.

Although he’d told Brandon that he was kidding, in truth he wasn’t. He really did think she was worth fucking.

Long ago Gary had decided that the way to satisfy his need for sex was to target older women. From a young age he’d never managed to score with the good looking and popular girls and so initially had satisfied himself by fucking the girls that were thought of as not so pretty or a bit on the large side.

But it was then he began to notice a particular age group of women who would often frequent some of the nightclubs in town. They were as old if not older than his own mother but these women were different. His mother had long ago given up on herself. A succession of bad decisions regarding men had left her broken hearted and she was now quite happy to find her comfort in a bottle of gin.

But these women were trying hard to cling onto the last vestiges of their younger days. They still thought they were hot stuff or at least were attempting to be. They dressed in expensive looking clothes that might at their age be considered a little bit inappropriate or indeed a trifle revealing. They also made a real effort with their hair and makeup and they always smelt really good.

They also thought they could hold their drink just like they used to do in their youth and that was usually their downfall. Gary had read somewhere that once past the age of forty, women’s bodies were not able to tolerate alcohol in the same way as when they were younger. This proved to be manna from heaven for him.

Overnight he changed from targeting fat, ugly girls of his own age to chasing older more sophisticated women. At first he waited for them to get well and truly pissed before making his move. He recalled his first night had been a truly spectacular success.

He’d set his sights on an attractive looking woman who appeared to be in her early to mid fifties. She was a bit on the large side but only in the breast and ass department. She was virtually paralytic when he did get to fuck her but fuck her he did and she seemed to be grateful. Well right up until she threw up all over his shoes. But hey, that was a small price to pay for a good fuck!

As the years passed he changed his approach and honed his skills. He would only target women who had come out in groups of three or four and would begin by chatting them all up at first. That way he could gauge how susceptible they would be to his charms and how much alcohol he would need to pour down their throats to get his wicked way with them. There was no point in wasting money if he didn’t have to. He would then select a likely candidate and over the course of the night gradually ease her away from her friends.

He was amazed as he soon realised there were lots of women out there who were desperate to be fucked. As he chatted to his potential victims it became apparent that in most cases their husbands had gone off sex and no longer bothered to satisfy their needs. He also found a lot of these women had accepted that this was normal and had suppressed their own needs and desires.

They didn’t realise they wanted someone…needed someone…anyone; it didn’t matter who it was as long as it wasn’t their husbands; to tell them they still had it and were still attractive and sexy. Gary therefore took it upon himself to show them just what they were missing.

He was now capable of getting laid every night he went out. There was seemingly no end to the amount of desperate pussy out there. But at the end of the night he never left or went home with them. Sex for these women was a quick fuck outside the nightclub but always just early enough to give them time to retain their dignity and rejoin their friends before the end of the evening.

His thoughts once more drifted back to Brandon’s mom, Elizabeth York. She was definitely worth one or maybe even three if she was lucky. He smiled inwardly at his own joke. Even though he had only been trying to wind Brandon up; maybe he would have a crack at his mother, to see if she would let him fuck her. It would be a departure from his usual way of chasing older women kocaeli escort bayan but it might be worth it. His cock pulsed at the thought.

* * *

A sort of semi chill shuddered through her body. She laughed, trying to make light of it, to hide the thrill she felt surging inside of her. It was completely ridiculous of course.

“He said what?” Elizabeth looked at her son, seeking confirmation of what he had just disclosed.

She looked over at her husband of thirty five years. He was sat with a slightly bemused look on his face as if he couldn’t quite believe it himself.

“He said you were hot!” her son repeated, now somewhat embarrassed. He’d blurted it out as a joke but it was too late to take it back now.

“Oh that’s nice,” she said good naturedly. She didn’t want to press for more information really but like most women she was pleased to get compliments about herself.

“Yeah,” her son ploughed on blissfully unaware of what effect his words were having on his mother, “he said you looked really good for your age, great body and all. He said he couldn’t believe my mum was so sexy.”

Elizabeth laughed again. “Hear that Richard…my son’s friend Gary thinks I’m hot AND sexy!”

Her husband smiled wryly back at her. The inference in her tone of voice was obvious. But he’d only told her that very morning that she looked as good now as she did when he’d first met her all those years ago. And he’d meant it. But clearly him saying it didn’t count.

Elizabeth York gave herself a smug pat on the back. It had pleased her no end to hear what her son’s friend had said about her. Who wouldn’t feel good about it. She was after all no spring chicken and whilst generally fit and healthy there were still times when she felt every one of her fifty seven years.

But she knew she looked better than okay especially when she compared herself to other women of the same age. She had the usual wrinkles in all the places she didn’t want them of course and which she wished to god she didn’t have but her body was still in pretty good shape.

Overall, she’d retained her figure. She still had her impressive 38DD breasts which were firm and not too saggy. She still had a clearly definable waist and a lovely curvy ass together with shapely legs. Her main problem had been weight gain, as it is with most women once they reach a certain age.

Elizabeth had been no different. She’d put on weight over the years as her resolve to stick to countless diets and different exercise regimes had faltered before she’d finally given up the ghost altogether with the exercises due to a recurring bad back problem.

But recently, because of a lengthy illness that had laid her low for a number of weeks she had lost over a stone in weight. Once over her illness she was delighted. It was a shit way to lose weight but she’d lost it and was determined to keep it off.

With a renewed impetuous she’d started to follow a fitness programme she bought on impulse after seeing the television advert. This had proved to be a god send. The exercises were good if not a little bit basic but they were low impact so she’d stuck at it and sixty days in she now felt more toned and sculpted, just as the advertising blurb had promised she would.

Husband Richard had been fully supportive but they had been married so long she didn’t feel that his words carried any weight or depth to them. She thought of them as just words a husband was pre-programmed to utter to make his wife feel good about herself.

So it was flattering to think she could still turn the head of a younger man. That he thought she was hot! That maybe he fancied her. Fancied her enough to fuck her.

No; that was wrong but the thrill of this thought sent Elizabeth’s pulse rate soaring again. She knew she was being ridiculous but what the heck. It wasn’t every day she was paid such a compliment and she was determined to milk it.

Richard was highly amused. He’d been married long enough to Elizabeth to know everything about her. He knew she was flattered, so he decided to push it along a bit. To see where it led.

“So son, how old is this Gary?”

“Not sure dad, around my age I think, maybe a little older, I don’t really know,” Brandon replied.

“So where’d he see your mum?” Richard asked.

“Oh, he came into the store with me the other day, you remember mum, the day I needed to borrow some money…” Brandon’s voice trailed off as he realised he had just busted himself. He was forever running out of money and would tap his mother up whenever he was short. He knew his dad would not be impressed.

Richard let it slide. He was more intrigued as to what his son’s friend had said about his wife. He wanted to tease her a bit.

“So he said that about you even though you were wearing your work clothes!” Richard looked over at his wife. He knew her work clothes were the most unflattering things she wore. It was surprising how bad they were. But even at home, when she dressed in what she deemed to be her scruffy clothes, she still looked like a million dollars to him.

His wife izmit escort laughed back at him.

“Just think what he would think if he saw you now,” Richard said addressing his wife. He ran his eyes over her body.

Medium height with bottle blonde hair and blue eyes she was still a little plump around the waist but her breasts beneath her tee shirt jutted proud of her chest and her ass cheeks were clearly defined in her tight fitting trousers. She’d always had the ability to arouse him and now even though she was older he still only had to look at her body to feel himself getting excited.

Elizabeth chuckled once again. “Oh you are awful. That poor lad must be deranged if he fancies an old thing like me. He was obviously winding you up Brandon,” she said to her son.

She returned to her labours but was smiling to herself. It wasn’t every day you got to hear that some random bloke thought you were hot and it not only pleased her but titillated her as well.

Richard carried on. He was still intrigued about his son’s friend Gary.

“So tell me son, this Gary, do you work with him often?”

“Now and again. He’s a bit strange if you ask me. I’m not sure why he wanted to come to mum’s workplace with me. I think it was pretty random, maybe he was bored.” Brandon looked quizzically at his dad. “Why do you want to know?”

Richard laughed. “No reason really. Just wondered why he would find your mother so attractive that’s all. I didn’t realise your work allowed guide dogs on site.”

Brandon laughed along with his dad, but his was more borne out of relief that he appeared to have got away with borrowing money again from his mother without his father going ballistic on him.

Elizabeth smiled over towards her husband but was inwardly pissed with him. She definitely hadn’t seen the funny side to his weak joke. Sure Richard was always complimenting her about her appearance but then he gave her that backhander. What was that all about? He could be so thoughtless some times. She decided to ignore the comment even though it hurt a little bit.

* * *

Hey up Brandon, how’s it going?” Gary had spotted him across the yard and had strolled over to join him. “Any idea what we’re doing today. Any jobs going apart from in the yard?” It was a few days since their trip into town to see Brandon’s mother.

“Morning Gary. No, I’m sure we’re stuck here for at least this morning worse luck,” Brandon replied. “Why do you ask?”

“No reason,” Gary replied, “it’s just I’ve got a few errands to run that’s all, so if we’re working from here I can nip into town later to sort them out.”

“Oh right,” Brandon replied.

“Actually, now I think about it, I could do to get some stuff that I need from your mum’s store. Do you think if I went in, she’d give me discount? You know, seeing as how I know you?”

Brandon grinned at him. He knew there had to be a real reason why Gary had been bullshitting him about his mother. “I’m sure she would if you used your charm on her,” he replied.

“Okay then.” Gary gave him a smug look. “I’ll pop in later. I assume she is at work today?”

“I’m think she is but I’ll give her a ring just to make sure.” Brandon reached into his pocket for his mobile phone. “I’ll let her know when you’re on your way in and to expect you. Yeah?”

“Yeah. Okay, you do that Brandon. Thanks mate.” Gary replied.

* * *

“Mrs York, how you doing. Looking good today…” Gary walked over to where Elizabeth was working. He looked down at her as she turned her head to look up at him.

She was down on her hands and knees, scrabbling to the back of a display unit trying to locate the screw she’d just dropped on the floor and which annoyingly had rolled out of her reach. All Gary could see were her perfect, heart shaped ass cheeks filling and straining her work trousers. Once again he imagined himself behind her, his cock buried balls deep inside her pussy.

“Oh hi Gary, how are you. Brandon rang me to tell me you were coming in.” Elizabeth’s words snapped him out of his thoughts.

She scrambled to her feet, brushing off the dust from the floor. She smoothed down the rest of her work clothes.

Gary watched as she brushed off non existent dust from her chest. He would have loved to be doing that for her, just to cop a feel of her large breasts.

“Yeah, I was wondering if you could help me. I need some stuff for my house and I was wondering…well you know…seeing as how I know Brandon…if I could get some discount?” He looked sheepishly at Elizabeth.

She laughed. “No problem Gary, what do you need?” She pulled out a notebook and pen and waited.

Gary reeled off his wish list, Elizabeth struggling to keep up with his demands. Now and again she stopped him to seek clarification on certain items he said he wanted, suggesting alternatives that she thought may suit him better.

Satisfied at last, they set off together around the store, picking out the items on the list. From time to time they stopped to discuss his choices and again review his requirements. Gary was certainly impressed with Elizabeth’s knowledge and how helpful she was but he was enjoying being in her company more. He was finding her perfume extremely enticing and he could feel knots forming in his stomach as his anticipation grew.

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