Evening In Munsinger Gardens

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A shadow moving across the face of the moon momentarily hides the world around them. In the sudden darkness, she noticed the stillness. She had been lost so completely in his eyes, she failed to realize the park had emptied long ago.

Shivering slightly, she wished she had remembered a jacket. She hadn’t noticed fall’s chill with his voice wrapping around her.

Feeling a presence she glances up just as the cloud clears, only to witness an amazing sight. He stands over her, haloed by the moon, it’s shadows lending the image of wings. The angel reaches down to pull her up into his arms. His warmth overwhelms her and shivers at the intimacy of their embrace. Looking up, she loses herself in his eyes. A feeling of peace, love and being protected flows though her mind.

As in a trance she stretches up to meet his lips. Time seems to stop at their kiss. His right hand at her lower back holds her frighteningly close. While his left tangles in her hair, trapping her in his kiss. As his lips move against hers, she feels him break through any resistance she might have retained. Of it’s own accord, she feels her body melt into his as she reaches up to steady herself. Their bodies so tightly entwined, their heartbeats seem to quicken and then combine into one beat, too fast and too strong.

Opening her eyes she stares into pools of liquid emeralds as he deepens the kiss. His skin burns and he slips his hand under her shirt to lightly draw circles on her back. Almost against her will she feels a low throaty moan escape as her body tightens in response to his touch. Bringing his other hand down from her hair, it cradles her breast. She quivers as he gently teases the erect nipple through her shirt with his thumb.

She struggles to draw a breath when he breaks the kiss, only to find his lips moved to their combined pulse at the base of her neck. Another moan escapes as his teeth nip lightly. As he covers her neck with soft kisses and harder nibbles, she finds her hands reaching up to hold his head closer, pulling his mouth into her.

Grateful for the darkness that hides the flush in her skin. No longer chilled, her clothes now feel constraining as she longs to feel his caresses on more of her skin. As if sensing her unspoken plea, he moves both hands to free her breasts. Then move forward to cup them, thumbs roughly brushing their tender tips. Looking deep into his eyes, she sees her desires reflected back.

Pressing her gently back to be seated on the cool stone bench, he goes to pendik escort one knee. Bringing his mouth level with her creamy soft breasts. He groans as he gives into temptation, taking an erect blood tinted nipple between his lips. Smiling as he senses her quiver, her hands pulling him closer. His hand still cradling the other mound, thumb teasing the metal bar. Sharp nails at the back of his neck, keeping him there. He inhales her musky scent, knowing he to smells of lust. Moaning with restrained desire he moves his mouth to pierced nipple. She shudders in response. He can feel her heat pressing against his waist where she straddles, and feels his body respond to her closeness.

She moves her hands under his shirt to tease his nipples with long perfect nails, raking them across his stomach on the way up. The slight erotic pain causes a tightening in his groin. He bites down on her nipple in response. She moans with pleasure and feels dampness, readying her for his touch.

Almost impatiently she tries to draw back, to remove the offending shirt and bra. With a low chuckle, he assists her, only to find his being removed next. Chests bare and so close, the air can barely come between them, their lips find each other’s again. Not so gentle, consuming the other’s mouth, hungry and demanding nibbles and bites. Bruising tender lips until a taste of blood fills their kiss.

In unison they moan, her hands moving earnestly, insistently to the waist of his jeans, stroking the hardness she finds. His hands under her skirt, caressing her heat through thin silky panties.

Impatiently, she pulls him up so he is standing before her, her mouth level with his waist, his jeans riding low on his hips. She gently bites the skin at the tip of his hipbone. Groaning he tangles his hands in her hair, drawing her up for more deep, bloody kisses.

She pulls away slowly to gently leave kisses along his jaw, while she slips her fingers under the fabric of his jeans. Lightly running her nails among the soft curly hair she finds. As her fingers explore, she moves her kisses from his jaw to take his ear lobe and gently suckle it, teasing it with her tongue. She can feel his breath ragged on her neck.

As his lips press against her neck, her hand works it’s way with in his pants. Holding him along her hand, lightly cradling his balls at her fingertips, she feels the head pulse at her wrist. It’s hardness and heat causes her to shiver in anticipation. Licking her lips, she kartal escort moves her kisses slowly down the vein in his neck, to where she can bite, hard, hungrily. She feels him twitch against her and her body responds. Slowly, taunting, she covers his chest with kisses. Pausing only to torment his nipples with her tongue, working her way slowly down her body. As she reaches his waist, kneeling before him, his hands still gripping her hair, she can feel his legs trembling against her. His moan as she kisses his stomach is music to her ears. She caresses him through his jeans, nails making slow lazy circles.

Her eyes glittering, she undoes the button on the offending piece of clothing, slowly pulling the zipper apart. Exposing him, hard, ready to her hungry gaze. Fascinated by her discovery, she just kneels there for a moment, enjoying, until she feels a hint of pressure on her neck, asking, no, begging for her touch. With an evil grin, she inquisitively sends her tongue to investigate what waits for her pleasure. He shudders in response. Encouraged she slowly wraps her lips around the head and feels the pressure increase on her neck.

He feels more than hears the low rumble of her chuckle. Then gasps as she takes him to the back of her throat. He shudders, knees threatening to quit on him. Her tongue loving strokes him while her throat muscles draw him deeper. With great restraint, he relents the pressure on her neck, wanting her to move at her own pleasure but needing her support to stand. Ripples of pleasure flow through his body as she gently but insistently works his toward release. He feels one of her hands leave his thigh. Glancing down he is greeted to the sight of it disappearing under her skirt. Her mouth becomes more insistent, more demanding, taking him deeper.

Feeling close to release, he gently stops her, smiling at her pout. Reassembling himself somewhat, he repositions her on the bench. Kneeling before her again, he kisses her roughly, biting, licking and sucking on her bruised mouth as his fingers find their way under her skirt again. Drawn to her heat he gently strokes her wet swollen lips, taking her moans as an invitation he gently lays her back, giving him access to her whole body. As his fingers slowly work her into a frenzy, his mouth moves down her body. As his mouth kisses and teases her nipples, she feels his fingers gently enter her. Her back arches. Her body contracts around him in pleasure. Her back arches. A wordless moan maltepe escort begs him to continue.

A cool breeze against her nipples brings it to her attention that his mouth is no longer there. Puzzled she attempts to lift her head to find him, only to gasp as she feels his mouth through her soaked panties. She feels her body shudder with pleasure as her eyes roll back into her head. Soundlessly she screams his name as his mouth teases her. Bringing her so close. Then letting her calm a bit before his tongue again strokes her innermost being as his fingers slowly work within her.

Finally, when she feels she can take no more, one word breathlessly escapes her lips, “Please.”

She hears a low chuckle as he replies, “Aye, my lady, your desire is my pleasure.”

And she feels herself being lifted into his embrace. More hard insistent kisses follow, tasting herself on his lips. Until he whispers against her mouth that he can’t wait any longer. Forcefully he turns her away from him. First holding her tight against him, roughly teasing her nipples as his hardness presses against her. Then, gently, bends her over so she can brace herself on the bench as his hands explore the milky white posterior presented to him.

Her cries of pleasure beg him to continue. Then she feels him, hard and demanding, paused at her entrance. She feels her body move to take him as his words barely register to her brain, “Are you sure, my love? This can not be undone.”

As her mouth tries to say “yes”, he body moves back. Plunging him deep within her. Her body convulses around him and she feels her wetness on her legs. Wordless cries escape her lips as she hits peak after peak. She shudders and her body moves around him.

He waits for her to calm a bit, and then slowly, deliberately start moving again. Slowly almost all the way out, only to move just as slowly in, as deep as he can. His hands on her hips hold her tight, fingers bruising her flesh as he fills her, stretching her. She moans at the exquisite pain. Her cries echo in the silence of the night.

His words low and throaty warn her, just as she feels him start, she lets her body join him. Wordlessly riding the waves of pleasure that rack their bodies, pulse after pulse. Until they collapse against each other, drained, barely able to hold each other up. Exhausted they hold each other, not willing to break the connection, the bond they achieved.

Finally, knees quivering they separate, feeling the chill on their sweaty skin. Not willing to stop yet they slowly attempt to straighten themselves, pausing for lingering kisses and caresses more often than not. When they are clothed again she snuggles close, taking his hand in hers, looks up, ginning, she asks him to walk home with her.

With Bloody Kisses,

C Trei

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