Executive Decisions Ch. 03 – Preparations

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Joanne leaned back in her office chair daydreaming of the one off encounter she had with Dave that night weeks earlier. She couldn’t get her mind off his large cock and the way it filled her up completely… the way he man handled her, yet was gentle and caring and she needed, and wanted that again. Her busy career didn’t leave much time for a relationship, let alone time to seek one out, but she had needs and wants, and she was longing to feel his 9″ manhood deep inside her again.

“Rachel…. do we have anything scheduled for Saturday morning?”

Joanne asked through the intercom.

“Uh…..(the clicking of keys being heard).. nothing so far.” she replied.

“Good!! Keep it that way please. I need a break from the office. I think I’m going to indulge myself in a little road trip.. go see some sights.” Joanne continued.

“And if I’m not here and available, there is no reason for you to be here either.. so you go have yourself a nice weekend with that cute guy of yours… ok.” she went on to say. Starting to laugh, Rachel replied….

“Ok I will, and thank you very much Miss Fisk.”

With that, Joanne leaned back in her chair and started to scheme. She knew what and who she wanted, but how?

She spent the next two hours wrapping up some loose ends on a couple of deals on her desk. Once complete, Joanne grabbed her suit jacket from the back of her chair, her purse from the edge of her desk, her briefcase from beside her desk and strutted cross the hardwood floor, her heels clicking loudly as she went. Joanne almost excitedly burst from her office stopping briefly to say…

“Ok… I’m out of here. The Henderson files and the Dominion Services files are complete on my desk. If you could file the Dominion Services documents away and have the Henderson files sent to be registered, that would be great. Then you can take off early Rach.”

Then she cheerfully walked off towards the parking lot. Forty minutes later, Joanne arrived at home. Kicking off her nude 4″ pumps, she began to strip out of her outfit.. first her grey jacket, which she hung up on a hanger, then she reached behind her round firm butt and slid the zipper down on her slim fitting A line skirt and let it fall to the floor, catching it on her nylon encased foot and flipping up into her hands.

She carefully folded it and placed it on the laundry table in the corner of her large bedroom along with the rest of the weeks outfits to be sent for dry cleaning. Next she unzipped the underarm zipper of her beige satin blouse and carefully pulled it over her head and tossed it in the laundry basket next to the table.

Next she placed her right foot up on her dressing chair and skillfully unhooked the back, then the front garter clasp, then carefully rolled her shiny nude stocking down her long leg, and placed it in the basket, then repeated the same process with the other, then she reached behind her back and unhooked her white lace garter belt, then slid down the matching lace tanga style panties, and lastly freed her ample Dcup breasts from her white lace bra.

Tossing the lingerie into the basket, Joanne made a beeline to the shower. Half an hour later she emerged from the bathroom wrapped in a towel and a towel wrapped up around her head. She put on some comfy leggings and her pink yoga top and clicked on the TV. She flopped down on her bed and after several minutes fell asleep. Twenty five minutes later Joanne woke up with a start…..

“I know what I’m going to do to have my way with Dave!!!” she burst out saying.

“A picnic… and I’ll be the main course.”

Joanne continued. She jumped up and pranced into her walk in closet and started searching for the perfect outfit. Something simple, yet sexy but not slutty. She wanted to seduce him but not seem desperate. Joanne appeared with a knee length red flower print button front dress with 3/4 sleeves. The ability to completely unbutton the dress would play an important part.

Next she needed the perfect shoes. She noticed that night, Dave kept staring at her legs and feet.. he must have liked what he saw and he did keep caressing my legs and thighs. He must like hosiery on his women. Joanne emerged from her closet with a red pair of 5″, not quite stiletto heel.. but close to it, strappy dress sandals with straps that criss crossed her foot 4 times and wrapped around her ankles twice and buckled in a dainty gold hasp.

“Now for the perfect lingerie….” she thought as she pulled open the drawer. Joanne had dozens of sets… lace, satin, silk, full cup bras, half cup bras, cupless bras, thongs panties, bikini panties, French cut panties, tanga cut panties, boycut panties, several styles of garter belts too… some 6 strap, but mainly 4 strap garter belts. Joanne settled on a red lace ultra push up bra with quite wide shoulder straps, the matching lace full brief that still cut into her butt crack very much like a thong, a red wide band matching garter belt and lastly a pair of white RHT izmir escort seamed stockings. Very pleased with herself, Joanne carefully folded the outfit up and placed it in her medium sized suitcase.

“Now if I’m going to make a weekend of this, I’m going to need more than just that dress.” she said aloud, as she returned to the closet. She emerged with several dresses, pants, skirt and blouses draped over her arm. One pair of skinny jeans, a black mid thigh length skirt, a simple blue midi dress, a white satin blouse and a red lycra top also went into the suitcase.

Then she grabbed a white satin bra and thong, black lace full cup bra and bikini went in and an assortment of hosiery. Nude, black, and coffee colours in stay ups and full pantyhose went in. Next she needed several shoe choices, so back into her closet she went. She emerged with 4 more pairs, black 3″ stiletto heel pumps, white 4.5″ peep toe mid heeled slingback pumps, 5″ nude thin wedge heeled open toe mary janes and lastly a pair of black 4″ stiletto heel open toe mules.

She placed all the shoes in a wheeled overnight bag. Joanne stripped out of her comfy wear then pulled a simple white bikini on, along with a white sports bra, then redressed in her black leggings, and pink yoga top, pulled on a cute white pair of anklets and slipped her sexy size 10 feet in her pink Adidas trainers, grabbed the suitcase, overnight bag, purse and put them in her car. She then returned to her linen closet to grab a couple quilts to use for her “picnic” then grabbed a basket to put some actual real food in… cause maybe at some point they’ll actually eat more than each other.

“If I’m gonna set this up tomorrow, I need go there and find the perfect spot…”

Joanna said as she started her car and sped off towards the Interstate. She was taking a mental inventory of everything she had just packed to make sure she hadn’t overlooked anything… “Blankets…yes, picnic basket… yes, clothes…. yes, more than i need…. I think I’m all set..” she said aloud as she turned onto the on ramp.

“Ok… 2:30. I should be at that exit in about an hour. I’ll stop at his station and top off my tank, and lay the groundwork to my scheme..” Joanne slyly said to herself.

Just over an hour later Joanne guided her car up the off ramp and turned right and head off towards her destination. Several minutes later she spotted the station. flicked on her right signal and pulled in and up to the pumps. Her palms were getting sweaty and her foot trembled in her pink trainer as it held the brake pedal down. Moments later his familiar face came walking out of the closest garage bay.

“Well, well, well…what brings you back to these parts?” Dave said as walked up to her window.

“I had to com…. I mean, needed to… I wanted some time away from work. This quaint little county seems very beautiful and worthy of exploring the sights.” she nervously said, stumbling through her words. ” Can you recommend a good place to stay for a night or two?” Joanne continued.

“I can think of one place…but i don’t think you would want to stay at this dirty old place.” Dave said as he gave her big wink and a little chuckle. In an attempt to ease her nerves. Joanne let out a nervous chuckle and began to turn beet red with embarrassment. “I’m only teasing you…. Joanne…. correct?” he said knowing full well what her name was. He had spent the previous weeks dreaming of that night and that mysterious woman.

“Joanne…. yes that’s right. And you’re Dave. I never forget a name.” she boasted. How could she forget his name… the man that had fucked her till she squirted like a teenager having her first orgasm.

“A place to stay you say huh?…. Well there is May’s Place, they have cute little cabins you can rent, or there is the motel in town. May’s is closer… only about 15 mins from here whereas to go right into town, it’ll take you a good half hour or 40 minutes. ” Dave continued breaking and relieving the obvious nervous tension developing.

“This May’s Place sounds lovely. I think it will do just fine for a short weekend getaway.” she replied.

“”They have a nice country kitchen too. Good eats. ” Dave added.

“Where might I find this place Dave?” Joanne quizzed.

With a bit of a sly grin and a wink, Dave replied…”Do you remember where you….. got into your little….. situation?”

Blushing hard again, she squeaked out..

“I think so.”

“Well instead of turning down old route 15, keep going straight up there for another 4 or 5 miles and turn on the next road and May’s is on the corner there… you can’t miss it.” Dave continued.

“Thank you very much Dave…. oh and could you top off my tank?…. I don’t need to run out of gas while exploring your lovely county. ” she asked.

“Sure thing Joanne! Don’t need you out there stranded again!” he playfully said as he winked at her. Joanne could feel her face get hot as she blushed badly yet izmir escort bayan again, and thought to herself… “Little do you know…. my enormous cocked man…. that has been my plan all along.”

Joanne paid him for the gas, thanked him again and sped off down the road. Dave stood there beside the pumps and watched the sexiest woman he had ever laid eyes on drive off into the afternoon sun.

Joanne arrived at May’s Place about a half hour later, rented one of the out laying cabins for privacy… she didn’t need anybody seeing her comings or goings while she was there.. specially with what she had in mind. After taking a few minutes to hang her various outfits up in the small wardrobe, putting her lingerie and hosiery into the dresser and removed the 5 pairs of shoes and neatly lined them up beside the dresser. She put all her make up and other toiletries in the cute little bathroom vanity.

Joanne then trotted over to the dining room located at the other end of the row of 8 cabins. Walking up she noticed 4 cars in the lot, and upon entering she saw a family of 4, and another couple sitting at two of the tables and another older guy sitting at the counter… all enjoying their meals. She walked up and took a seat 2 stools to the left of the guy. The same middle aged woman that rented her the cabin walked up….”What can I get you dear?” she asked.

“I’ll take a coffee to start.” Joanne replied as she picked up a menu. She was used to high end restaurants with little bitty servings, salads, ritzy sounding plates etc. but this place was your typical small town greasy spoon. Good wholesome meals… burgers, fish and chips, roast beef etc… all fattening and unhealthy but soooo delicious. Joanne settled on a simple burger.

“I’ll have the burger platter, with mashed potatoes, corn, and gravy on the side please, and an iced tea too…. gotta have something healthy. ” she said, sort of chuckling.

“Coming right up dear.” the pleasant lady, Joanne assumed to be May, said. Joanne looked around, taking in the quaintness of the place. She also noticed the wife of the family of 4 giving her dirty looks. Joanne then realized she was still wearing her leggings and yoga top, all of which hugged every single curve. They actually enhanced the look of her breasts, butt, and toned long legs. Her look wasn’t out of the ordinary for the big city, but not seen often around here. Joanne became a bit self conscious of herself and looked back just as her dinner arrived.

“Excuse me ma’am….” Joanne said.

“Yes dear.” May responded.

“I was wondering if you could help me with something. I’m meeting a friend here tomorrow and I wanted to surprise him with a nice picnic somewhere quiet and beautiful, and was wondering if you could point out some place like that.” Joanne asked.

“I know there are several picnic areas at a couple of the parks in the county. They are quite nice and are kept very well manicured… lovely places for what you have in mind dear.” May responded with a kind smile. Joanne begun to respond…

“That sounds lovely, bu……” The old guy next to her cut in.. “Oh for crying out loud May… didn’t you hear what she said? Quiet and secluded is what she wants. A couple can’t get it on with a park full of prying eyes” he sharply said looking at May, he then turned towards Joanne, who was now turning several shades of red.

“You wanna go out to the old Crawford’s crossing on old route 15. There are several areas back in there that will be perfect for you and your…husband… uh no ring… your boyfriend then.” he gruffly, but kindly continued.

“Oh he’s not my boyfriend. He’s just a friend…” she nervously and shakily added.

“Now Bruce, you’re making her uncomfortable…. you don’t talk to a stranger like that, specially such a beautiful young woman like this..” May cut in and said while tapping lightly on Joanne’s right hand. Joanne just politely smiled and looked down embarrassed. She looked around and noticed everyone but the 2 kids with the family were staring at her. This made her even more self conscious and embarrassed.

“But dear…. what Bruce put rather bluntly… well he is exactly right. It is a beautiful area down there and really only the extreme locals ever go down there… and I’m meaning like the local farmers… that’s it. So you won’t be disturbed back there.” May quietly said, keeping her voice just between the 3 of them there at the counter.

“Thank you very much May…. (turning to Bruce) and sir.” she responded.

“Bah…. callin me sir is like puttin an elevator in an outhouse… it don’t belong. I’m Bruce!” he said as he stuck his hand out.

“I’m Joanne.” she replied as he took her hand and raised it to his lips and kissed it gently. Joanne blushed again, as she looked around again. No one was paying any attention aside from the wife and the other woman. They both were shaking their heads and giving her dirty looks.

“Wow!!! escort izmir Are all the men this gentlemanly around here?” Joanne nervously asked May, who just laughed loudly and said….

” Most are yes, but Bruce here fancies himself a real ladies man…. maybe so, 40 years ago!” while looking at Bruce with a look of “leave the poor girl alone” on her face Joanne finished her meal.

“May!!….I’m all set here.” Joanne said.

“Would you like any dessert dear? Maybe a slice of my famous apple pie?” May quizzed.

“That sounds delicious and amazing, but I have a figure to think about here….” Joanne responded while motioning towards her trim firm stomach. Everybody had already left except Bruce, which made Joanne feel much more at ease now. No disapproving looks of judgment.

“Hey Joanne….wait!” Bruce said while grabbing her arm.

“Huh….what?” she replied, a bit surprised.

“Don’t you wanna know where Crawford’s crossing is? It’s not exactly shown on a map… that’s only what the locals call it.” Bruce asked her.

“Oh jeez…. yeah I guess I will need to know that huh?” Joanne nervously answered. Even though she knew exactly where it was. Little did this kind old guy know she had had her brains fucked out right there at “Crawford’s crossing” she thought to herself, as he explained the way there. Joanne was snapped back into the moment when Bruce asked….

“Do you understand Joanne?”

“Yes, up the road a few miles then turn left on old route 15.” she replied.

“Yes, but only to the east side, its a bit more complicated getting to the west side…. a few more turns. Now to get there, you go out here and go up this road here for 6 miles, then turn right and go to Brennan Rd. and turn right, then go to County Rd 18 and turn left then go up there about a mile and you’ll be at old route 15… turn right.” Bruce recited to her.

“Ok, got it… up here for 5, no 6 miles, Brennan Rd, then to County Rd 18, then a ways up I turn on old route 15.” Joanne replied back, while sarcastically pretending to write it down in mid air.

“Your funny little girl! But don’t come crying to me when you get lost.” he said, scolding her.

“You’re right… I’m sorry. I’ll remember and I’ll write it down when I get back to my cottage.” Joanne said.

“Goodnight May. See you tomorrow I’m sure!” Joanne yelled into the kitchen.

“Good night dear, Good night Bruce” May replied from the next room. The two of them walked out the door, and Bruce said… “May I walk you to your door? A lovely young lady shouldn’t be out alone at this hour.” Bruce slyly said as he took her hand and placed it on his arm. Joanne looked at her dainty wrist watch and said…. “This hour?…. It’s not even 6 yet! (while laughing) but yes you can walk me to my door. Its very kind and gentlemanly of you”

The two slowly walked to her cottage. Chit chatting about nothing as they went. When Bruce saw her car he said…. “Oh such a lovely car for such a lovely girl… but be careful going into these places we told you about with that car. I’m sure it does not do well in the mud.”

Joanne abruptly stopped and looked at him.

“There’s no way he knows? No! Its not possible… is it? she thought, then replied… “Oh yes… I’ll be careful. I’ll stay on the roads.”

“Good night Joanne.” Bruce said as he kissed her hand again.

“Where are you going?” she quizzed confused.

“Why home. I just live over yonder there up the road a spell.” he replied.

“Be safe and goodnight Bruce. Thanks for the information, and walking me back.” Joanne said while leaning over and kissing his cheek. He walked away towards home seemingly speechless, and she walked up steps and into her cottage. She thought about it for a second and decided that she’d better scout out the spots available to her for her little scheme.

But first she needed to look better first. Joanne went to the cute little wardrobe and pulled out the jeans and the black dress pants she packed, then the white satin blouse. She stood in front of the full length mirror on the back of the bathroom door and held the white blouse up over her breasts with one hand, then first the jeans, then the black dress pants with the other….then the jeans then back to dress pants.

“Dress pants I think.” she said quietly to herself. Joanne hung the jeans back up and laid out the dress pants and blouse on the bed and went over to the dresser and took out a pair of nude shiny pantyhose. She carefully gathered up one leg of the hose and rolled it up her right leg, then did the same with the left. Joanne then put on the white satin blouse and buttoned it up, then pulled on the snug fitting flare leg dress pants. She then walked over to her shoes….

“Which ones?…. Hmmmmm” she whispered to herself. Joanne slid her hose covered right foot into the white peep toe slingbacks and stood looking down…. “No… not these ones..” she said as she looked at the black mules, and slid her feet into them.

“These ones…. yes!” Joanne said as she picked up her purse and headed for the door. She got into her BMW and started the engine, and pulled away.

“I’m already familiar with the east side, so off this way i go….” she said under her breath, as she checked the time…6:15.

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