Fantasizing About You

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Big Ass

I have been fantasizing about your hands on my ass, gently massaging my checks and then smacking it! Hard and sharp smack on my ass, making me jump and let out a little moan. My juices are flowing, I am very wet. You reach further and ram your finger into my cunt to find out if I am wet. Smack Smack Smack, Smack. hard and quick You inform me that I am enjoying this far to much and that you didn’t not say that I could release any juices. And that I better stop and there will be severe punishment if you feel wetness on your pant leg.

Smack Smack Smack even harder. Oh, my god! My juices are flowing like a river and I know you are gong to feel the wetness. You ram your finger into my hot hole again, and fuck my pussy with your finger for a few minutes. I know I can’t come yet, but I am going crazy. I want to push you over and rip your pants off and ride your hard cock up my ass, while I finger my clit and cunt. I can hardly control myself into laying here allowing you to abuse my bottom side.

Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack … you start to paddle my ass hard and continually until my ass feels like it is on fire, yet I try to buck up into your Smack. Then you take your fingers, all four and reach around ram all four into my pussy. Lubricating them for the four finger probe deep into my ass. Your fingers work like a piston in my ass. Pumping away until I cum with a vengeance, squirting all down the front of your pant leg. You laugh with an evil wizard type laugh and push me off your lap. I sit on the floor at your feet as you take off your clothes, an evil grin on your face and I know I’m in for it now. You pull me to my feet and lean me over the bar stool.

After you cuffed my wrists xslot to the legs of the stool, you reach up to the bar and take a chain from it. You attach the one side with a clip to my breast, and attach the other side with a clip to my swollen clit. You do this with the other breast and a second chain. The chains were too short, it is pulling my nipple out and away from my breasts which were dangling in front of my face. You then take the riding crop and started to paddle my ass hard and continually until once again, it is red, glowing red and feels like is on fire. That’s all it takes, my sex juice is flowing like river down my legs.

You stand behind me and take your prink in your hands and rub it along my cunt lubricating it with my juices. You then ram it hard and deep into my ass. Smack, Smack, Smack and you pull your dick out of my ass only to ram it harder and deeper ( if that’s possible ). Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack, Smack. You smack my ass with both hands as if you were pounding the bass drum. As you start to fuck my ass hard and deep, you reach around and ram your four fingers into my cunt. And with each thrust of your dick into my ass, your fingers piston into my pussy deeper and harder. This goes on for a few minutes, and as my sex runs into your hand and overflows running down my legs, we both know we can not hold up in this frenzy for much longer.

You slow your pace a bit and slap the outsides of my butt checks as your thumbs inch there way into my ass hole next to your cock. You smack my ass again, this time your thumbs go in a bit further, and you continue this until your the entire thumb of both hands are in my ass and your hands xslot Giriş squeeze my ass checks wide open. I bucked and arched my back swinging my long auburn hair into your face. You catch some of it with your mouth, causing me to stay with my back arched ever so slightly, but this is causing a strain on the chain claps on my nipples and clit.

You remove your thumbs from my ass and smack my ass four times more while pumping your dick into my ass. The jism is raising and you can’t hold back anymore. You pull your dick out of my ass, leaving only the tip of your head inside my ass, stretching my sphincter muscle. As you slammed your cock deep and hard into my ass, you reach around and ram all four fingers of both hands into my cunt, and pull my hair with your teeth. The sensations are too much for us. My pussy muscles contract pulling your fingers deep into my cunt while your hot jism shoots into my ass, causing my muscles to contract there too, pulling your cock into my ass and giving you that pumping feeling on your dick draining every last drop of your hot spew. This causing you to arch your back in wonderful sensations which is a mixture of pleasure and pain, or maybe I should say the pleasure of pain.

When you arch your back, your fingers try to grab hold of the inside of my cunt, to steady your balance and the outstretch of your head pulls my hair causing me to arch my back which causes the same combination of pleasure and pain with the chains pulling and biting into my nipple and extremely swollen clit. I let out a scream as I have the most wonderful orgasm ever, gushing my juices onto your fingers and hands. No not gushing, I squirt them out. Hard and xslot Güncel Giriş raging, the fluids cum squirting out of me as my body convulses for a couple of minutes as you still continue to wiggle your fingers deep inside my cunt, and rock your dick back and forth in my ass and occasionally pulling my hair to cause tension on those extremely sensitive spots now. Small aftershocks of orgasm continue to rake my body, slacking off, bit by bit, until I collapse over the stool, not being able to hold myself up any longer.

You remove your fingers from my cunt, slowly, and feeling every nerve ending on your way out. Your hands then rub my ass checks and spread them wide as you slowly, and I mean ever so slowly inch (it may have only been a millimeter at a time) your cock out of my ass. When your dick finally escapes my ass, you kneel down between my legs and lick my pussy clean from the juices that stuck there. You then reach up and remove the clamps from my clit, oh my, how can this be, how , oh how could I find an ounce of energy to do this again. My pussy is betraying me, we need to rest. You continue to lick and clean my pussy, inside and out (as far as your tongue can reach) then licking your way up to suck my clit in – between your lips, rubbing it back and forth between your lips.

When I moaned at the betrayal of my pussy, you stand up and uncuff my wrists from the legs of the stool, you scoop me up into your arms and carry me into the bed. You remove the clamps from my breasts and proceed to kiss them and suck on them as you rub and massage my ass checks with your hands. I am drifting into that place between dreams and sleep, my juices begin to flow again, yet my body insists on a nap.

As you push both of your thumbs into my ass, and your fingers into my cunt, ( this makes me feel like a bowling ball ) my ass pushes back to receive your thumbs deeper, and my mind shuts down. In an hour or two, you will have to let me know how I did.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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