Feminized By My Mother Ch. 02

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A NOTE FROM THE AUTHOR: Fair warning, this is a forced feminization story in which the main character goes through some degrading situations, if this is not your cup of tea exit via the back button now.


My mom was staying in as were Jen’s parents so we parked on a dark road and made out while I fingered her. Her panties were absolutely drenched when I was finished, and she rubbed her hand inside them and used her pussy juice to jerk me off, I spurted all over my pants and she laughed.

“I hope your mom doesn’t see.” She said.

“Actually she probably wouldn’t care.” I said.

“Oh yeah? In that case we should just have fucked in your house then.”

“I wouldn’t push it.” I said jokingly, but she may have been right. We could fuck in my living room my mom would just tell me not to make a mess.

Okay, let me catch you up. Recently I discovered that my mom is really the dad I thought I didn’t have and he lives as a woman. Well when I found out I was pissed and I went off on him… err, her… whatever, and she decided to teach me a little lesson about manliness by giving me a good fuck. The next morning she informed me she was taking me out with her and I ended up on a double date during which I drank too much and ended up in bed with a guy.

For three days after things were calm. I fucked Jen every day and my mom and I didn’t say a word about what had happened. When we talked she was completely sweet. Twice she called me daughter when reminding me to do a chore though, I figured that was going to be her new name for me when she was mad, and I could live with that. Jen noticed my hairless body of course and I claimed I had done it for her, she said it was nice.

Another thing, Dickey messaged me a few times; I don’t know how the fucker got my number. It was just little conversational stuff like, “Check out this pic?” or “How is it going?” I wasn’t sure what to say, so I just responded civilly, without starting up a conversation.

It was Friday when I got home and found Jennifer had come over without calling in advance; she was sitting on the couch with my mother, which immediately alarmed me. That was silly though; she had spoken with my mom dozens of time and had dinner with us.

My mom was just home on lunch fortunately so she left quickly and I was cuddling with Jennifer on the couch in no time. When I tried to put the moves on her though she shook her head.

“I’m on the rag, ohhh, which wouldn’t stop me but my head hurts. I just wanna lay here and stare and the TV.”

“That’s cool.” I said, trying not to act disappointed. We watched TV for a while then I drove her home.

When I got home my mom was changing from her work clothes into her going out clothes. She looked at me and smiled, “You wanna come out with me tonight baby?”

“Last time I got date raped Mom! Why would I want to do that again?” I started to yelled but I reminded myself to stay respectful, but forceful.

“Oh yeah! Haha! Is that how you like it?” She smiled at me like I was joking.

“Um, no Mom that’s not how I like it.”

“Oh come on I’m sure you’re feeling, how can I say this, awkward with your discovery of your bisexuality but that is perfectly natural.”

“You have this totally backwards Mom. You think I realized I’m bi?”

She laughed at me again, “Danielle I know you’re not bi, it isn’t gay when you are dressed as a girl, it’s role playing.”

Huh? What kind of logic was that? My mother was clearly seeing me through the lens of her own life I realized. When she was my age SHE went through a self-discovery and realized she was, well, a fairy. Now she was projecting that onto me. I decided to just use a different logic on her.

“Well Mom, I have a girlfriend and I doubt she wants me fucking guys.”

“Hmm, good point. But you don’t HAVE to fuck them sweetie, you can just say no.”

Now what I was thinking at this point was that my mom has some serious issues. I think you can agree. The buttoned down mom of the year was an act underneath which was a great deep of confusion about sexuality. I realized that my mom didn’t have any real friends except her boyfriends, I should support her, but I had to assert myself. Dressing up wasn’t bad actually; maybe I could even learn stuff at the club about how to be more social and take Jen out on the town to show her what I learned.

“Okay. Just don’t let me get fucked again okay?”

“No problem baby, Dickey is a sweet guy I’m sure he will respect you.”

Damn it Dickey was coming. Whatever, I’ll just keep him at a respectful distance and he will get the message.

My mom was giddy as she dressed me and I was glad. This was good for her; she needed some companionship other than the dude she was fucking.

I was fully made up and looking fine when Dickey and David showed up. We went straight out to them. I was hesitant to ride with Dickey but I saw that David’s car only seated two.

“What’s up man, I mean, girl. Sorry I’ve never hung out with trannies before.”

Okay gaziantep escort that was good. He didn’t say, “Sorry I’ve never had a tranny girlfriend before.” Which was what I had thought he was about to say. He probably realized he went too far when he sobered up the last time.

We went to see a movie first, it was a horror film and my mother acted like she was frightened as could be and pressed up against David. I wasn’t doing that shit. Dickey was courteous and friendly to me, he didn’t try to feel me up or anything. He was probably a good guy. Hell he probably thought I led him on last time because I pulled his dick out. Not tonight.

When we went to the club we stayed well away from the bar so no one would ask about me drinking, and I was very careful. Dickey brought me a few bitchy fruit drinks and that was all I had. There was no way that could get me more than buzzed. We danced on the floor and I got better, I still looked retarded I thought, but my mom was right, nobody cares when you’re in a skirt they just watch for panties.

I was starting to get over the fact that my mom had a cock. At least I started to look at her and not think about how fucking weird she was. I started to see her as a woman WITH a dick instead of my dad pretending to be my mom. She was just mom, a MILF to be honest. My dick got hard as I watched her boobs swing and her short skirt fly up. I thought about seeing her panties…

Actually I need to stop thinking about that. Dicky brushed up against me and he probably felt my dick on his leg once or twice. Try as I might I couldn’t will my dick limp. It was the rubbing of the gel boobs on my nipples as my chest shook, and the way my tight panties felt on my balls. It had nothing to do with how Dickey’s namesake rubbed against my ass through our clothes as we danced.

All that exertion made me woozy. Alcohol plus exercise, who thought of that? I had to excuse myself to the bathroom. When I got in I was about to splash some water on my face but stopped. That might mess up my makeup! As I was leaned over the sink thinking about this some jerk slapped me hard on the ass.

“Nice tush sweetheart!” He said. I yelped and jumped, looking at him in surprise. He just walked out though. I needed to sit down. I sat on the toilet and sighed. My head was starting to spin. What the fuck? I can’t drink for shit.

“You okay?” It was Dickey’s voice.

“Ya, fah.” My speech was slurring again.

“Man you are a lightweight.” Dickey said laughing.

“Ah, wateve.” I mumbled. I was fine.

I stood up and opened the stall door. Dickey was outside looking in, I fell back onto my ass on the stall.

“Oops,” He said, “You caught me peeking.”

“Wuh are ot a hentalman.” I said. I leaned back on the stall and sort of spread my legs, they weren’t comfortable. I had to pee, I suddenly realized. I reached down and pulled up my skirt, then slipped my panties to the side and started peeing.

I felt Dickey step into the stall, I had forgotten about him for a second. He closed the door.

“Hey, I pee.” I said. I looked up at him, my mouth hanging open. Something was wrong…

When he started to pull out his own cock I said, “Nah in da tolet.”

He didn’t get it; he needed his own toilet I was on this one! “Oh, really?” He said smiling. Then he pushed his limp cock in my mouth. My eyes shot open. He took my head in his hands and held me still, I just stared at him with my mouth on his pole. What was he doing? Then it started. Just a tickle, very slowly warm fluid hit the back of my throat. I swallowed reflexively. Yuck it was nasty! This wasn’t cum… he was pissing in my mouth!

I closed my throat as he tilted my head back, the fluid began to fill up my mouth, it was gonna spill out! Dickey saw this and stopped the flow. The flow… of piss! He pissed in my mouth! This was worse than gay this was freakish, I felt humiliated and wiggled on the seat but he didn’t let me move, actually I could barely squirm. I had no choice, I didn’t want it to spill all over me and ruin my dress, if I did when I walked out everyone would know I had been pissed on.

I swallowed, it took several gulps to get what was in my mouth down and close my lips around his shaft again, and my tongue played with the head some, a reflex to having an invader in my mouth.

“Fuck you make it harder!” he whispered and then, horrifyingly he let more pee splash against the back of my throat. I swallowed quickly, best to get this over with. My mouth tasted salty as his dick hardened inside it. I pleaded for mercy with my eyes, which was all I could do at that point.

“You are so sexy Danielle.” He said.

What a fucking prick.

He started fucking my face slowly and quietly, I sat there like a rag doll and let him do it, my pink lips wrapped around his cock as he used my pigtails as blowjob handles. Penis’s are very soft though, on the outside, so it isn’t like it hurt or anything.

Precum coated my tongue and Dickey konya escort started to huff and go faster, his dick was getting deeper and deeper, wait, how had he got so deep? I thought girls had to try really hard to get a dick down their throat; they had to be forced or make a swallowing motion, they had to open their throat or something…

‘Holy fuck,’ I thought, “I’m doing that right now.’

I was unconsciously relaxing my throat and swallowing, I was helping him feed me more and more of his rod so he could get my face down on his dick. I wanted to throw up once I thought about it, but there was nothing I could do, my face ended up pressing into his pubic hair and he came, exploding in my throat, it wasn’t even a choice to swallow, I never tasted the cum, just felt it pump into me.

He pulled out slowly and I gasped for air. I coughed and retched up some cum which ran down my chin. I reached down and put my panties back over my dick, which was shamefully hard.

“Les, ga out her.” I mumbled.

Dickey smiled. “Yea you need to lay down.” I needed his help to walk out to the car. I stared out the window in silence as we drove home, I tried to think but my thoughts were getting away from me. I’d have to think in the morning again at least I got off with a quick blowjob tonight though.

Dickey picked me up and carried me into the house; he found my bedroom this time and lay me in my bed. I was suddenly very comforted. This was my room, my bed; it was so comfy, so safe. Dickey walked off and left me laying there. It was then that I realized that mom and David hadn’t come back with us. They were still at the club… but that was fine. Mom could keep partying; I was safe at home and could sleep.

Then Dickey came back in the room naked.

He had a bottle of lube which he sat on the nightstand. I wanted scream at him, to sob pathetically and just beg, “What the fuck is wrong with you!” What I could do was sit up a bit, hiccup, and say “Wha… wha…. You do?”

“Well I was just getting ready to fuck your cute little brains out.”

I blinked. “Das… Huh, no. NO.” YES! I managed to say no, then I looked at him, my head was a bit clearer I thought.

He smiled, “Your mom said you liked to be roughed up and pretend you don’t want it.”

Oh my God. My mom had fed this guy her delusions. “Nah.” I said.

“Man, sorry, girl, the thing I hate about these kinds of games is that like, I get nervous about hurting someone and what if they really mean no and they say stop but I think it’s part of the game, you know what I mean?”

What a dunce! I nodded though, I did know exactly what he meant, from the receiving end. “You no gentaman.” I told him.

“Aww, I thought I was the other night.”

“Ya pee in ma outh!” I hiccupped.

He laughed and pushed me, I fell over like a doll and struggled to sit back up. “Yeah you liked that I saw, you want me to do it again? I’ve had a few drinks you know, pee is in plentiful supply.” He laughed.

I wrapped my hand around my knees and pulled my legs to myself. I unknowingly give him a look at my panties as my skirt fell back down my thighs. I could see his cock standing at attention; the guy was checking me out! His dick said he thought I was a sexy T-girl.

“So, you ready you little slut?” He asked.

Fuck! I couldn’t win now! This guy thought no meant yes with me! The only way I could stop him was by carefully explaining the situation, which I was too far gone to do, and this moment, I realized, seemed natural to this weirdo, like a boyfriend and a girlfriend just talking about rough gay sex. It wasn’t too late thought, my clothes were still on.

Dickey crawled to me and I put out my hands to shove him away but he was too fast. My arms wrapped around him after he had closed the gap and he shoved me down, my gel tits pressing between us and his hot breath on my face.

“Da at kess ma.” I said.

He smiled at me and pressed his lips to mine. His tongue pushed into my mouth. I decided I wasn’t going to start kissing Jennifer with tongue right off the bat. It was so invasive; couldn’t he work up to that? His hands were wondering my body, focusing on my ass.

Then my clothes were coming off and I was trying to protest, but nothing worked, he just got more excited as I struggled weakly.

“Top… hot… ah… ssstttooopp.” I managed to slowly pronounce words I was looking for.

“What’s that bitch you want me to stop?”


“Your little clit says otherwise slut.” He rubbed my clit, no my dick I mean.

“Don huck ma!”

“I’ll fuck you good baby!” He was getting into his role as the forceful top to a submissive bottom, except I wasn’t a submissive bottom!

“I ont suack hennymur ick.”

“I’m gonna feed you a load of cum and piss down your throat!” He screamed at me and slapped my face before ripping off my underwear.

I beat my fist on him and my body started shaking. Dickey bit my neck and sucked on my ear as he rubbed kayseri escort lube on his dick. I felt him running the head around my crotch. He rubbed it against my clit and between my asscheeks, he had been generous with the lube and it ran between my cheeks.

My legs shook as he put them on his shoulders, wiping his cock around my ass hole. The fucking was hard when he started. I wailed as he pounded me, my smeared make-up probably turned him on. After what felt like ten minutes he flipped me on my stomach, but he wouldn’t let me lay there, he pulled me to my knees so my ass was in the air and started fucking me from behind.

I don’t know exactly when my wailing turned into moaning, but I was pushing myself up onto my hands looking over at him, showing him my tear streaked make-up as he pulled my pigtails with one hand and slapped my ass with the other.

“God you are one hot bitch!” He yelled.

“Ugh, gah… I, ah, I…” I could barely breathe!

“Your ass is sexy you kinky bitch!” He told me.

“Fuuuuck… yooooou.” I managed to scream.

“Ugh, fuck you bitch! Take this fucking cock!” The idiot still thought I was playing.

“Eh, sick.” I mumbled.

“You are a sick fucking bitch, you’re the most twisted piece of ass I’ve ever had.” He grunted as my plump ass cheeks slapped on his firm hips over and over. Pleasure was spreading from deep in my ass out to my cock. I humped back against him, shameful feelings were driven out by lust in my head, I just needed to cum!

I gasp, “Gonna, gon, I gonna, ah, ah fuuuuuuuck…” I screamed loud enough to wake the neighbors as I shot my cum on the bed sheets. Every drop of energy I had spewed out through my prick and I collapsed forward on the bed as Dickey’s humping slowed. The shame rushed back in like air in a vacuum.

Dickey pulled out of me and turned me over. Fuck! I was supposed to tell him to cum in me! Before I could protest his cock was in my mouth and his balls were slapping my chin, I hoped he would spew in my throat; I wouldn’t have had to taste it then. I wasn’t so lucky though, he pulled back as he shot. He put his cream on my tongue and pushed it down my throat with a few thrust of his hips.

Then he held his dick so the head was on my tongue as it went soft. I probed it with my tongue out of curiosity, tracing the ridge. I stared up at him, when was he gonna pull out?

“Ahhh, lets wash that down.” He sighed to my horror.

He pissed in my mouth in spurts and I drank it down, defeated. The taste wasn’t awful, I thought. It was better than cum really. I wondered if Jen would let me piss in her mouth that would be hot. I licked my lips as he pulled out, just to get the fluids off.

He leaned in and kissed me hard. He said goodnight and left me there, staring at the ceiling.


My mom jumped in the bed with me the next morning and I groaned and rolled over. I had taken off my clothes and gotten under the covers but didn’t remember doing so.

“Rise and shine baby!” She said shaking me.

I shook my head, tossing my pigtails to and fro.

“Were you okay last night?” She ask, seemingly concerned.

I didn’t know what to say, I had to think about what had happened. She had been either unknowingly or knowingly complacent in another date rape. That reminds me I want to tell you guys something. Yes, I enjoyed it some. Yes, I cum from prostate stimulation apparently, BUT enjoying it doesn’t make it not a rape. I’m not gay and that Dickey guy is a fucking idiot. I actually think he isn’t a malicious idiot and I should have told him straight what was up before I got drunk. They must put more alcohol in their drinks at The Triangle then anywhere I’ve been before.

Anyway I wasn’t snapping at you, oh shit my mom.

“Yea, I’m fine mom.”

“Ok that’s good.” She hugged me. “I love you baby, no matter what.”

“I love you too Mom.” I got a little teary eyed at the tone of her voice. Settle down geez! She was making me worried.

“Dan,” She said as we ate breakfast, “What would you think if David came to live with us?”

“What? Well, whatever makes you happy mom, David is cool. I ain’t got no problem with it.” I said.

“Oh my God this is great! Dan, I’m so glad that I’m not hiding things from you anymore, I was always so worried about you finding out!”

‘That’s just fucking great for you isn’t it?’ I thought. I had a text on my phone from Dickey, “Gr8 time last night!” It read.

I sent back, “Uck you.” I mistyped and didn’t notice til I hit send. It looked just like my drunk talk.

It was Saturday and I went to Jen’s, her parents were gone and she kissed me deeply at the door.

“So how was your night out?” She asked. Fuck me, what did she know?

“Oh, it was fine. It was just mother son bonding time.”

“It’s nice that your mom and you are so close.” She said.

‘If only you knew.’ I thought.

“We should go out to a club.” I suggested.

Jen was surprised by the suggestion. “YOU want to go to a public place and DANCE?”

“Ah, yeah, I mean if you want to.”

“Sure!” She said. “I’ve got to shower and make myself beautiful. You don’t need to though, look beautiful that is.”

“Oh… ha… ha. Yeah.” I laughed nervously.

“Cause I don’t want any girls trying to steal my man.” She teased. “Buuuut, you could shower with me.”

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