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It had been a terrible month at work. Finally it was over, and Friday. I went home to find my hose empty. Usually my husband was home by now. I looked all over for him. Then I saw the note on the kitchen table. All it said was that he was going to find himself. That just made my month! I sat around for a bit feeling sorry for myself. Then decided the hell with it. I’m going out and having fun! Screw him!

I went and showered. Then went through my closet. In the back I found a dress I bought to surprise my husband with on our anniversary. Well I might as well put it to good use, I thought. It was a blue dress, with a short hem, and showed off my 34D’s very well. I put a black push up bra. Next I slid some tan seamless pantyhose on. I did my hair and make up, Now to wiggle into the dress. Once I got it on, I got the heels that I bought to go with it. Blue strappy stilettos. I felt sexy, and when I looked at myself in the mirror, I looked sexy.

I went to a nite club that was supposed to be popular, or so the ads on the radio said.

It was about 8:30 when I got there. It was not too crowded, but the bartender said it would get much busier. I sat at the end of the bar and watched the crowd. It wasn’t long when I felt a hand gently press on my back. I turned to look, and saw a tall, well built black man looking down at me.

“You seem lonely, and look like you can use a drink. May I buy you one?” he asked. He was easy to talk to, but I didn’t want to dump my problems on him. Soon I found myself taking his hand and letting him lead me to the dance floor. I was having a good time. No a great time!

Then a slow song began to play. He wrapped his strong arms around me. I leaned against his chest. God he was tall. I was 5’9″ in my 4 1/2″ heels. He must have been at least 6’4″. Then I felt something big and thick pressing me. He lowered his hands and pulled me against his cock. I felt it growing and twitching as it grew.

The song ended and he led me back to our stools at the bar. As I slid onto it, the hem of my dress slid up my thigh. I was feeling flirty, so I pretended not to notice. Jeff, my new friend noticed right away. He placed his hand on my thigh, and began to rub it. My pussy began to tingle in anticipation of some action. Jeff’s hand moved further up my thigh. He stopped just shy of my pussy. He leaned in close to my ear.

“Damn, you are wet girl.” he whispered. “Lets get outta here.”

We went out to the parking lot.

“My place is a couple of urfa escort blocks away.” Jeff said as he put his arm around my waist, and led me away from the club. I made no attempt to stop him. We soon arrived at Jeff’s apartment. He led me to the sofa, and sat down next to me. Jeff looked me in my eyes, and leaned in for a kiss. His thick moist lips met my lips. I felt a wave of electricity go from my lips, down to my breasts, and shoot straight between my legs.

For the first time in my life, I had a mini- orgasm. I felt my pussy twitching, then she flooded my pantyhose with juices. It felt I might have squirted down my thighs. I then felt his tongue push past my lips, and into my mouth. I parted my lips, allowing it in. Soon our tongues were swirling around in each others mouths.

I put my hand on Jeff’s thigh and moved it up towards my target. I quickly found what I wanted, his big cock. And it was big! I undid his belt, and then opened his pants. He lifted up, and pushed his pants down. I watched as his dick flopped out. I had never seen a cock so big. I wrapped my hand around it. More like tried to. I couldn’t get my hand around it’s girth.

Jeff pulled me over, so that I was straddling him. I sat directly on Jeff’s monster. I felt the power of it through my sopping pantyhose. Jeff pulled my dress up, and removed it. I undid my bra and let the girls bounce free.

“You are one fine girl” Jeff said.

He put his mouth on my right nipple, and started sucking. It felt so good. He went form tit to tit, sucking and kissing each one over and over. All the while I was grinding on the big black pole between my legs. I wanted it in me so bad.

I finally looked him in the eyes.

“I want you to put that big black cock in me.” I told him.

“You ever had black cock?” Jeff asked.

“No. I want you to be my first.”

Jeff smiled at me. He pulled my pantyhose down just far enough to allow his cock access to my wet hole. I reached down and put the massive head on my little pussy. Jeff put his hands on my hips and pushed me down on his rod. I felt him stretching me as he pushed. We tried but it just wouldn’t fit.

“I think you are too big for me.” I finally said.

“Baby, I will get this black cock in you white pussy. Don’t you worry about that.”

He then rolled me onto my back. He grabbed my ankles and spread my legs wide apart.

“Put my big cock on your tight cunt.” he said. I grabbed balıkesir escort it and guided it to my sopping entrance. I rubbed the tip on my twat a bit, getting it lubed up.

“Get ready, cause here it comes.”

I let go of it, and Jeff thrust it in me.

“OH MY GOD!” I screamed as the head forced its way in. He thrust again, going deeper. I tried to scream again, but nothing came out. With 2 thrusts, he was already as deep as my husband went. With a loud grunt, Jeff thrust again. All I could do was groan. He pulled back untill he was almost out of me.

“Here comes all of it!” he said.

I screamed as he sank all 11 inches of thick cock in me! I nearly passed out. He left in all the way in me. I felt his massive balls resting on my ass.

“You like that bitch? I’m gunna fuck you good, then fill your white pussy with my black cum.”

Then he began to do just that. He began to fuck me. This wasn’t making love, or ever sex. He was just fucking me. And I was loving it! With each thrust, I got more comfortable with his huge cock in me. He began to pick up his pace. My tits were bouncing with each thrust.

“Thats it! Fuck me hard!” I begged. Jeff let go of my ankles, and I wrapped my legs around him. I pulled in him as deep as I could. I felt my orgasm building quickly.

“God yes! I’m going to cum!” I cried out. My pussy gripped his pole as my orgasm hit! Jeff let out a loud grunt, Then I felt his cock start to unload deep in me. His cum shot out over and over.

“Take my cum you white bitch!”

“Yes! Give me all of it! Give it to me!”

Jeff emptied his balls in me. He stopped fucking me, but he never went soft. He began to start fucking me again.

“Please stop.” I pleaded.

“Not till I’m done with you.” he replied.

Jeff put my ankles on his shoulders, and went even deeper in me! It felt like the tip was in my stomach. But I was loving every moment of it! Jeff pounded me for another 10 minutes.

“Oh baby! Here’s another load!” he cried.

“Yes! Yes! Give it to me! I want it all!” I said.

Jeffs cock twitched a few times, then erupted again deep in me. Launching more and more of his hot cum deep in my pussy. This time he went soft, and he slid his massive dick out ot me with a loud slurp.

I looked at him and told him that I had to get home. I didn’t want him to get hard again. I didn’t think I could take another fucking.

I pulled my trabzon escort pantyhose back up. Then I put on my dress. I put my bra in my purse. Jeff walked me to the door. He put his arms around me and we had a long, passionate kiss. I felt hos manhood stirring as we kissed.

“You woke him up. I can’t sleep with it like this.” he said. Jeff pulled me over to the sofa. He bent me over the arm, and lifted my dress up. He pulled my pantyhose down again. I felt his cock enter me a third time that night. Jeff wasted no time and got right down to business. He had no trouble entering my now stretched out pussy. He fucked me like a rabbit. It felt like a jackhammer was in me. Jeff hammered away in me. I felt another orgasm on its way. But Jeff suddenly grunted, and came just before I could. He pulled he softening cock out. I quickly pulled my pantyhose up, again. I had to leave before Jeff got hard again. I didn’t think I could take another fucking.

I adjusted my dress, and got out of there. But I was still on the edge of orgasm. As I walked back to my car, I felt it growing. The feeling of my pantyhose rubbing against my thighs wasn’t helping. I stopped and grabbed a light post. My pussy began to twitch. I had to do something, and do it now. I wanted to shove a finger or two in, but there was traffic coming towards me. I began to rub my thighs together. That was working! I stood under the street light, rubbing my thighs together. It hit me like a tidal wave! My pussy convulsed as my orgasm began. It hit hard as the traffic began to pass me. My legs shook, I tried not to scream out loud. But I had never had such a big orgasm. It felt like I was about to explode! Then my cum filled love hole did! Jeff’s cum, and mine, shot out of me. I felt my pantyhose quickly fill with his seed. As the cars passed, it ran down my legs, and gobs were dripping out and landing on my feet. I felt like a cheap whore. But it felt so good that I didn’t care. It finally stopped, and I began to make my way to the club, and my car.

The club had just closed as I made my way through the now crowded parking lot. I heard people making comments about me. But I didn’t care. All the way home I could feel Jeff’s cum leaking from me. I was sitting in a pool of his warm seed. When I got out of the car, it ran down my legs. As I put the key in the door, big globs fell out of my pantyhose. I could hear the splat ad they landed on my heels and feet.

Once I got inside and turned on a light, I got a good look at myself. I had streaks of cum all down my legs. My feet were soaked with cum. As I looked at myself in disbelief, I had had another orgasm! I stood there watching more cum run down my legs. I was a mess, but I truly didn’t care. I made my way to my bedroom. I removed my heels and dress. That’s as far as I got. I laid down and fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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