First Sex Experiences Pt. 01

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*FIRST SEX EXPERIENCES Pt 1. All names are changed. Everyone is over 18.

Bar date. The guy pulled out his wallet, 5 condoms fell out. That was funny and scary! We kept drinking and he groped me under the table. Later in bed, watching him put on a condom I kept telling myself, ‘Bethy you want this…’ It hurt but was fun once his cock got inside. We fucked twice that night. I bled a bit. Next morning he wanted to screw again but it was sore. So I gave the prick my first BJ.–Beth 18

It didn’t work…that first time. He was a big guy…too big…my pussy was too tight… Like trying to push a beer can through a buttonhole… He’d have better luck trying to fuck my belly button… The guy licked my slit good and on our third try he finally shoved inside…my aching hole…and we fucked like horny teenagers. — Iona 23

1st time–an Aussie guy. He didn’t know I was a virgin. We did it in the shower and he used a red condom. Red dye from the condom ran down my legs–I worried it was blood. The sex was incredible–he lifted me up and fucked me against the wall. I got into it but blushed because my pussy made loud squishy sounds. –Wyla 22

First sex. Pretty painful, and I bled a lot. Even the second time hurt. But we kept trying. Now we have a blast — I fucking love to fuck. And I learned how to give deepthroat blowjobs.– Kayla 18

Felt dirty and ripped apart from the inside. First time wasn’t “making love.” My pussy got impaled by my steel-speared boyfriend, who didn’t ask. I didn’t say no, but it was a shock to be kissing one minute–and prick-stabbed the next! It wasn’t romantic… but it was fun… eventually. — Katra 22

First BJ. Goth girl at a club, spiked collar and pierced tongue. In the parking lot she sucked off me and my buddy. Swallowed our stuff like it was Kool-Aid. And with her pierced tongue goth girl licked up any cum that spilled from her lips. — Darin 25

3rd date. Kissing & snugging in the freezing park. Lizzy asked if we could have sex in the bushes. I wanted to– but my dick would freeze off. I said, “Let’s go to a hotel “(& fuck your brains out). She kissed me deep, choking me with her tongue. Liz said she couldn’t wait to feel my cock inside her pussy. My first fuck…her first fuck in a real bed. We screwed until midnight. Then her mom called. Shit. Lizzy jumped up, accidentally pulling on MY T-SHIRT. Her mom was pissed. — Harry 20

First anal. Ow..ow..ow..OW! Oh god it’s ripping my ASS! OH NO, OUCH!!–Sore 18

First fuck was my sister’s husband. Our naughty secret. At a St. Patrick’s party I got wasted and got into a cat fight. Brother-in-law ran in and saved me. I cried so bad he stopped the car to calm me. Calming turned into tongue and tit kissing. He got my panties off, yanking out his impressive prick. We fucked on his front seat in the rain. Did it a few more times since. — DeeDee 24

Graduation party. Swapping spit in dad’s Buick when she led me to the backseat. No clothes. No condom. The girl let me shoot sperm inside her! She was very sore next day, but we hooked up via text and screwed again. –Alexander 39

Chatted with a blond tart & tried to kiss her. She refused but invited me over after the dance. Blondie went to pee, returned wearing only a towel. God she was sexy! We kissed. Towel fell on the floor, she fell to her knees, blowing me till I spurted. That was fun but I wanted my first piece of pussy. She mounted me like a cowgirl, riding my pole until she climaxed… Then she was tired. SO? I wasn’t done fucking. I screwed her golden twat-ed cunt until my prick spewed. — Scooby 21

Shy Amy refused to fuck but gave me a BJ. My first suck off was awesome. FYI it’s fun shooting a hot load of mecidiyeköy escort cum down a girl’s throat!–Axle 18

“Go for it.” Alisha walked in wearing nothing but a smile. I couldn’t believe she was naked. “I’m horny.” She looked down. “I see you are too.” She bent over, sucking my cock. Soon I erupted in her mouth. Alisha choked and giggled, “Now you taste me.” The girl straddled my face. I licked her nubbin while fingering her hole. I must’ve hit a g-spot–her pussy spasmed–crushing my fucking tongue.– Caleb 29

Bud hooked me up with my first piece of tail, Easy Emily. Fat chick with plump tits. Fingered her on first date, and she gave me head, which was great. 2nd date Emily sucked my hard-on and moved it to her pussy. I pushed in. After some humping Emily had an orgasm. I wasn’t wearing a rubber, so I shot cum on her huge boobs. We kept hooking up, soon I got another piece of tail, her nice butthole.– Jax 31

Visiting a shy brunette while she was babysitting. We tongue-kissed. I rubbed her small tits, and my finger finally got in her pussy just as the parents drove up. The cute girl asked for a ride home. “Sure, I’ll give you a ride!” We drove into an alley and I popped her cherry… rode her so hard my pickup rocked. — Gamer 22

I was a tomboy. Drinking beer with Gus we found a porn mag. We laughed at the pics and Gus dared me to pose naked. He’d already seen my boobs at the lake. When I posed spread-leg, his cock jumped straight up. Being a tomboy I didn’t realize the power of pussy. He broke in my twat…it was awesome. I wanted more, mounted Gus’s prick and rode him like a cowgirl. After that I traded in my overalls for ruffled skirts, red boots and cock riding. Lots of cock riding.– Sammy 23

18 and dating a 50yo man. Bad idea but the dude knew how to screw. Took a pill and fucked me slow…deep and slow…till I climaxed. Unlike younger guys and their 3-minute quickies. We have LONG screw sessions. The dude loved to lick and gave me my first tongue orgasm. Tongue twirling in my twat feels AWESOME! –Lynn 33

Me and Rob in the bathroom. We heard my sister getting fucked in the next room. Rob got super stiff, I got naked, and things just like… happened.–Brianna 33

My first was a 35yo. Necking on her sofa, she said it was her b-day and wanted to celebrate… She led me to her bed and stripped naked. Apparently she wanted a snatch-full of dick for her birthday. The woman straddled me, riding my boner. We fucked all night and all that week… I still get a late-night booty calls. — Gill 19

We flirted. Guy tickled me until my tits popped out. I laughed when I saw his limp cock…but it got rock-hard, and he begged me to suck it. I felt cornered and gave my first BJ. I wasn’t very good, choked a lot… But he enjoyed spewing in my mouth…I gagged down so much gooey spunk I almost puked.–Nataly 19

Summer in Cabo. My crazy cousin jumped in my bed…Lupita said she’d seen her sister fucking and wanted to try it…I didn’t believe Lupita until she took off her top, waving around her brown boobs and chocolate nipples. We did it three times that night and screwed for three summers. –L.L. 33

Got a blowjob while fingering my girlfriend. First fuck was in a cheap hotel room. Found out GF was kinky… let me insert bottles and things into her pussy.–Len33

Like magic. We tongue-kissed, Andre’s hands roaming over my body. Our bodies grew so hot we had to find a fuck-spot. I undressed, but being naked in front of him was awkward. He spread my legs and tried to push in his cock…but it hurt. He looked frustrated and so damn stiff. I let him try again. Finally we fucked… mecidiyeköy escort bayan I lay petrified as he pumped me deep. After shooting his stuff he pulled out, with blood on his cock. Andre was so proud. Now we make love like angry bunnies.–Jean 18

Prom nite. After some smooching and tit sucking, Lexi got aggressive, dry humping me. She zipped out my cock, dropped her panties and helped me get into her hole…my first poke into pink heaven. Soon I spurted into Lexi’s warm pussy. But she wanted an orgasm, so we fucked and fucked until she had one. — Studly 19

1st time. Babysat for a divorced neighbor. He asked me to stay and watch a movie. It was steamy and he was a hunk… Soon I felt his big hand in my panties, fondling my slit. Tossing me over his shoulder he carried me to bed. We fucked… the guy looked so happy when he spurted his cum in me. — Patricia 18

Was tired of fingering myself. Met a guy online. At the motel his eyes grew wide, like he couldn’t believe his luck. Guy was old, but I wasn’t leaving until I lost my cherry. He undressed me. “Cutie, let’s get nasty.” I lay back, knees spread. He fingered me slow–I wanted to yank his arm up my cunt! His cock pushed in…felt like I was fucking my father. But the guy banged me hard and fast –I screamed in climax… My first real orgasm was like falling down a waterfall. –Bella 19

Me, my sis and two guys drove to a lake. After some drinking, the guys wanted to go skinny dipping. I said NO, but sis said it’d be fun and ordered me to ‘git naked.’ While swimming, the guys felt up our tits & twats…It was sooo naughty. Needless to say, that night I lost my cherry… somewhere in the lake. –Vivian 22

A boyfriend in the next town. We met on Facebook. Our first sex was after I sent him a naked pic, said I was ready. He drove for 2 hours to get in my virgin pussy. Some pain, and awkward as hell, but after that I was hooked on fucking. He found a cheap motel halfway between and we screw weekly. — Felicia 22

A Bad Boy my mom hated. Fucked his brains out to get even with her.– Yola 18

Cheri asked me to rub her itchy tits. After massaging her tits she pushed my hand into her panties. Fingering her hole made me hard as a brick. But Cheri wouldn’t let me see her naked, so we screwed under the covers.– Zack 20

Flirted with Kalia on the beach. She teased me about the bump in my swim trunks. I offered to show her and pulled it out. Kali blushed then went to her knees. My first BJ. I remember her wavy hair and deep-sucking mouth. –Deon 24

It was spontaneous. Met this cute guy and we snuck in my room, kissing hotly. In 2 minutes he had me naked, groping my lady parts. He opened my pussy folds and looked inside. That turned me on! His long cock stuck out. I whispered, “Cum inside me.” I felt a sharp stab, we stared into each other’s eyes as he thrust and yanked on my tits. His cock filled me with sticky cum. We walked out just as mom drove up. Mom noticed my new wiggle and giggle.– Leeann 19

Asked a nerd girl to help me with algebra. Zoe came to my room with her laptop. I was too horny to study. When I touched her tits she slapped me, and we got into a tickle fight. She pushed me down. “You’re nasty!” I yanked off her blouse and bra. Sweet pointy tits. Zoe unzipped me and sucked my cock. I took off her wet-as-fuck panties, and nerd girl spread herself. We both fucked for the first time. Zoe yelled. “Don’t stop!” Soon I spurted into her virgin pussy. Nerd girls are hot! — Colton 19

I hated assfucking. It hurt like a bitch and made me squeal… I wanted him to stop but let the guy finish and empty his balls. He had A escort mecidiyeköy LOT of cum. Goo dripped out of my ass for hours. — Mayla 24

My boyfriend, eating me out and fingering my asshole. First one, then two fingers pushed in. Boyfriend wanted to try anal. So I let him, wasn’t too bad. He kept his boner in my ass after he shot his load. And I got butt-balled again. — Daniella 21

Got first ass-fuck from my horse-dicked cousin. Next day, I limped like a wounded animal, tip-toeing across the floor, rubbing my sore asshole. Mom asked if I sprained my butt…– LOL 27

I had the hots for this foxy redhead. She walked into the party wiggling her tushy. I thought why not? We flirted. I offered her tequila shots for tongue kisses. It frikin’ worked! We ended up naked in a closet. I sucked her boobs but struggled to get my dick in. She moved my cock lower, wiggling it in her fuck-hole. I still remember her hot, super clingy pussy. — Lucky 27

GF said she was Ready–I wasn’t sure what ‘Ready’ meant. She lifted her skirt…no panties. I stole a rubber from my brother’s stash– slipped it on and GF pushed me into her warm hole– we fucked until we’d used up all the rubbers. — X-man 21

Amir, my first boyfriend. He rubbed my tits until I was boiling. We kissed wildly, fingers in my hole. He went down, sucking my pussy until my hips shook. I begged, “Go inside me Amir!” He tried…too painful. I said kiss my nipple, suck it very hard and try again. I was fucked in much pleasure and pain. My tender petals opened like a pink flower…a flower made to fuck. We made love in many ways.– Kavya 20

BF rubbed my wet slit as we kissed. Then he stuck it in. It was incredible! — Nia 19

Chrissy had a nice rack and flowery perfume. We always carpooled to school. That day Chrissy parked behind a tree, dropped her blouse and told me to lick her tits. Yes! Then she unzipped me, wanting to “suck out my balls.” I got my first blowjob. Chrissy smiled her cummy lips and asked if I liked it? Of course I did!!! The smell of flowery perfume still gives me a fat boner. — Wes 29

We’d fooled around, fingering and two bj’s. Now, alone in the park his finger drove me crazy. I yelled, “DO ME–NOW!” His cock stuck out…we fucked until I bucked up in orgasm. The guy pulled out, shooting cum all over my breasts. — Goo Girl 26

BF dumped me, so I went out with his brother and gave my first blowjob, trying not to gag. After swallowing his load I looked up, “Did I suck it good?”– Fay 18

Yola asked me over. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other. I groped her twat, she squeezed my cock. Yola said she had a gift for me, and lay back naked, guiding my cock into her pussy. The best gift ever! She was virgin tight. I pushed deeper, and she squealed. “It hurts but keep going!” Yola moaned with every fuck thrust. “Oh…don’t stop…oh gawd…DON’T YOU DARE STOP!” She climaxed hard and I spurt on her tits. Yola grabbed my cock, sucking out a last spurt. Awesome.– Bowie 21

BF had the girth of a beer can, so I was REALLY nervous about letting him do anal, but I eventually let him. He put a ton of lube on his shaft, but it still felt like my ass was ripped apart. Now I’ve done it with smaller dicks and it feels much better. Bigger isn’t better in anal. –Samantha, 28

Cousin Haley, a farmgirl with nice jugs. In the barn she whined that no guy had ever felt her up. So I sucked her lips, rubbing her chubby tits. Haley ground her cunt against my leg, giving me a hard-on. I got her panties off, forced my cock into her tight pussy, and we screwed until I spewed. Felt kinda guilty for balling my own cousin. Haley laughed, wiping herself with straw and gave me a BJ. We still screw at family reunions. — Croc 23

Me and Gerald, kissing wildly. He rubbed my nipples and pussy, getting me wet. Gerald sucked my twat with loud slurping sounds. I kissed his hard-on, whispering, “Go inside me!” Gerald fucked me for the first time…I moaned in pain and fun. We humped 5 times that day… Gerald says my pussy’s tight as a pink clam.–Celia 20

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