First Time at the Club

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Note. This is a true story of mine and my wife’s first time at a swingers club in England. It was amazing. I have altered only a few bits. I toyed with cutting out the lovey-dovey parts, but then left them in, as I wanted the whole feel of what happened to be left whole. Feedback would be appreciated! Rich x


Paige smoothed at her hair with a nervous hand for the fifth time that evening, and checked herself again in the rear view mirror. She had to scooch over in her seat to do it, and nudged Damon with a deliberate elbow as she did it.

“Ouch.” Damon said in mock pain. He was smiling. “Paige, you look fucking gorgeous, seriously, you don’t need to keep checking yourself out.”

Damon laughed at his own hilarity while all Paige did was shoot another nervous glance out through the car window and into the small parking lot they were in. There were a few other cars dotted around, most of them high end, but otherwise it was quieter than she’d expected. To be fair she had no idea what she’d expected.

It’d been Damon’s idea from the start, of course. He’d bugged her for months about coming to this place, longer actually now she thought about it. It’d originally been an idea straight out the blue, like most of Damon’s, and at first she’d been annoyed at him, offended even.

Why in the hell should her loving husband want to take her to some out-of-the-way seedy sex club? Paige had dismissed the idea out of hand, even going so far as to give Damon the silent treatment for a while, not that he’d even noticed of course – he’d never been the most sensitive soul around.

But after that, after she’d been alone and had the chance to think things over, the idea had caught a hold of something far back in her mind and stuck there. She’d find herself, at odd times thinking about what it’d be like inside. How it’d be sitting and having a quiet drink or two – where, not even two feet away, another couple could be fully naked, with everything they had to offer out and on display.

Paige had always been a little self-conscious of her own body, embarrassed by it even. It wasn’t that she’d got a bad body, far from it – she’d been complimented on it many times, both by her husband and by others too – girlfriends, colleagues, random guys who’d hit on her in town on a Friday night.

But she’d always had a pretty low self-esteem, and the mind was a funny thing it seemed, and hers always seemed to whisper to her that she should hide her body away.

Secretly though she’d always felt a flush of something naughty at the thought of others seeing her without her clothes. Some sort of deeply repressed exhibitionist tendency. She’d guessed that this particular hang-up of hers must’ve started from a young age, back when she was in the throes of that crazy beast called puberty.

She could remember one time in particular, very vividly, even now – she’d of been fifteen, or maybe sixteen, and had been at home in her bedroom, and naked.

At home she’d always been told to cover up by her parents. According to Mr and Mrs Calveley, it might as well’ve been the Eleventh Commandment – Thou Shalt Always Cover Ones Private Parts, and so Paige had done what most other kids her own age did when faced with unbending authority, she’d rebelled.

The battlefield of this particular teen rebellion had been ‘The Bedroom’, and had consisted of her being as naked as possible, for as long as possible, at least while she was in her bedroom.

It seemed everything she did there, she did it stripped bare. Homework? You bet’cha. Reading, watching TV, dancing, all in her birthday suit.

The time she was remembering was the one time she’d taken the fight one step further, and left her bedroom door open. It was a protest more than anything, and she’d been minding her own business, just mooching around in her room, when a noise had made her turn.

There, standing at the open door to her bedroom, mouth hanging wide in shock and disbelief, had been her father’s boss, Mr Hansom.

Paige had frozen then, buck naked facing this stranger, and time had just…stopped. She’d wished that she’d been struck by lightning to save her the embarrassment.

But then, the oddest thing had happened. Paige had had an orgasm. Right there and then. Probably the first of her life in all honesty, and it’d been fucking good.

The other thing that had happened had been the complete transformation of Mr Hansom. As she’d watched him, he’d gone from the stern unapproachable boss of her father into a complete fawning submissive. To top it off, he’d also had a tent in his trousers that any man would’ve been proud of, which apparently had all been because of her. Her body had done that.

The poor guy had been almost in tears as he’d pleaded with her to please not tell her mother and father about what he’d just seen, oh please.

Paige had never known the power that she’d held in such a simple thing as the naked female body.

From that moment on she’d kept her bedroom door closed. But ever gaziantep escort after had always felt that strange rush of power and sensuality every time she’d been naked since. Even the simple things, such as changing for swim practice, or getting undressed at night before she slipped into her PJ’s, she’d had that delicious little flush and heat from her pussy.

As the years had gone on the flush had diminished slightly, but had never gone away entirely, and now, at the age of twenty eight, it seemed that flush had come back stronger than ever.

So that one simple throw away comment from her husband had buried itself down into that locked away rebellious portion of her brain and put down its roots.

And now here she was, sat in the passenger seat of the car, in the most outrageous of skimpy outfits, which was hidden only by her light summer coat, not ten feet from the entrance to a genuine, real life sex club.

How life takes strange turns.

Paige looked back at Damon and smiled that cute-as-hell nervous smile of hers.

“Come on then lover. Let’s get this over with.” She said in her most sultry, over the top voice.

Damon laughed, then climbed out the car and crossed to her side and opened the passenger door. A cool evening breeze blew in, feeling delicious against her hot skin.

“Are you sure about this?” Damon asked. He had that damned cute grin on his face again as he leaned in.

Paige took a deep breath. She felt good, really good in fact. Her breathing was rapid, and her heart was pounding, but she felt sexy, and could feel that all-too-familiar tingle between her legs and a slippery heat with it. She was turned on, and she knew it.

“I’m sure.” Her voice was low now, sexy even without that over the top bravado.

“But are you sure you’re sure?” Damon insisted, his grin getting wider.

Paige shot him an annoyed look. “Just get out of the way before I change my mind, will you?”

Damon laughed. Both of them knew she wouldn’t change her mind. She was too excited by half. Damon took her hand and pulled her from the car and together they crossed the car park and entered the club for the first, but definitely not the last, time.

Once through the door the warmth hit Paige all at once and enveloped her in a great warm hug. She smelt the chlorine tang of the Jacuzzi from somewhere deeper in the building.

The reception area was small, but not claustrophobic, and it was immaculately decorated in a French boudoir style. The walls were covered in rich decadent wallpaper, heavy in black and velvet and the chandelier hanging from the ceiling was silver filigree sparkling with a hundred electric candles.

A closed door ahead of them led on through to the Club proper, and the muted sounds of music and talking drifted through.

“Hi guys, how are you both tonight?” The cheery voice came from an alcove and desk set back in the wall, where a pretty young blonde sat. Damon sauntered over, practically oozing confidence. Though it was true, he looked good in the tight grey suit Paige had picked out for him.

Paige herself hung back with her coat pulled tightly around her.

“Good, thank you.” Smiled Damon, all charm.

“First time?” asked the pretty girl, gazing over at Paige with a sympathetic look in her eye.

“Ha, how could you tell?” Paige grinned nervously back, her arms locked around herself, hugging her coat tight against her.

The girl laughed, a silvery sound, and introduced herself as Carly. Carly was wearing a short dress of electric blue which rode dangerously high on her thighs as she sat cross legged at the desk. It was cut low too and showed a tantalising amount of cleavage.

Carly caught her looking and smiled wider, not the least put out. Paige blushed furiously.

“Don’t worry, I can always spot the newbies. You’re gonna love it in here I promise, everyone is so friendly. And I’m always around to say hi.” She added with a very serious look at Paige, who blushed even harder.

As Damon sorted out the entry fee, Paige reached under the coat and pulled at her dress again, the damn thing was riding up, almost over her ass. She looked around some more.

Opposite the reception desk was a cloakroom which was already over half full of coats and bags. Paige chewed at her lip. It was going to be busier than she thought.

“It’s ok,” said Carly, catching her worried look. “You can keep your coat on for as long as you like in there. Some of the first timers like to – it helps with the confidence.”

The thought had crossed her mind, she wasn’t going to lie, but Paige shook her head. She was here now, so she might as well embrace the situation.

With a deep breath Paige shrugged out of the coat and handed it to Damon. He had that big shit eating grin plastered over his face again, like the cat who’d got the cream, but Paige couldn’t help but smile back. Carly was smiling that wide smile again and nodding her head konya escort in appreciation.

The short dress that Paige wore was made from black lace and was so sheer that when the light fell on it in a certain way, you could see that she was naked beneath. It was tight with it, and clung to every curve, hugging her body as she moved.

It wasn’t low cut, but it didn’t need to be, her breasts could be made out perfectly through it, and it ended high up on her thighs, showing off those long shapely legs of hers. Paige could feel that her nipples were hard and straining at the lacy material, showing off her heightened state of arousal.

She absently tugged at the dress again. It barely covered her bum at the back, and clung to each bum cheek like a second skin. The only other thing she wore on her entire body was her favourite black heels and a silver ankle chain, delicate and subtle.

“Wow.” Said Damon. It was all he could manage.

“You look absolutely stunning,” breathed Carly, her voice thick. “You’ve the perfect body for that dress.” The receptionist had a dreamy look in her eyes as she stared at Paige.

Oddly it didn’t make Paige uncomfortable. In fact she was suddenly aware of the dampness growing between her legs. Okay, so having another girl look at her was a turn on then.

Paige took another deep breath, and smoothed once more at her hair.

“You really think?” She asked Carly. Then she turned to Damon. “You ready then Mister?”

Damon looked back, adoration etched into every part of his face, his tongue almost lolling from his open mouth. “I love you, Paige. You know that right?”

Paige smiled right back. “Right answer, Mister.” Then she took his hand and walked through into the club, leaving Carly to stare wistfully at her almost bare arse as it wiggled through the doorway.

The music was instantly louder beyond the door and the heat more intense. The first thing Paige noticed was how huge the place was. It stretched away before her in a haze of low level lighting which sparkled and reflected from the polished floor tiles.

In the middle of the room there was a long bar built into a circle, surrounded in striped neon, behind which barmen and women milled like ants, pouring drinks, mixing cocktails and engaging in flirting with the clientele. And there were lots of clientele.

Paige had lost her confident strut the minute she entered the main room, acutely aware that many of the men and women closest to her had all turned to look, to see who the next naughty slut was, entering into this den of corruption.

Paige could feel their eyes crawling over her body and she felt open, vulnerable, as everyone feasted on the sight of her naked breasts and her hard little nipples, how smooth she’d shaved her pussy that very morning. And how it glistened wetly. She felt an orgasm growing inside her, just like it’d done that day so many years ago, and she made a low moan in the back of her throat. Her breathing was hard and ragged.

Then Damon took her arm and led her forward toward the bar and the people turned back to their own conversations and the spell was broken.

Paige was almost panting still though, her pussy on fire, aching to be touched. Who would’ve thought this place would make her feel like this, just so fucking horny? And why hadn’t they tried this place sooner?

Damon led her to the bar and ordered them a couple of drinks. Coke for him and a large red wine for her. He knew her well.

Paige used the moment to catch her breath and take in her surroundings more clearly. The main room they were in was huge, the middle portion dominated by the great encircling bar, looking like some great neon snake chasing its own tail.

The whole bar area was bright, vintage lampshades hanging above it and following its curves, and the overall effect was classy. That in itself shocked Paige, the place looked like some high end cocktail bar, somewhere in Manhattan maybe, or London. The bar guys and girls were all dressed smartly in black; suits for the men and slinky low cut short dresses for the girls.

To the right of the bar was a large seating area filled with overstuffed armchairs and long low leather couches that looked luxuriously soft to the touch. Tall tables with glass tops were littered amongst the people who stood around chatting in groups or in their own couples, intimately laughing softly or whispering sweet nothings into each other’s ears.

To the left was a huge open fire which dominated an inglenook fireplace and threw out more heat and with it dancing shadows which flickered with a romantic ambience. Beyond the fireplace was a short flight of steps leading up to a pair of frosted glass doors that were flanked on either side by marble statues, both nudes of course. Beyond was the playroom.

Paige felt her breath catch in her throat as she stared. The atmosphere in here was electric with sexual tension. She could feel it buzzing up and down her spine, kayseri escort making her tingle with pleasure.

“Here, drink this.” Damon interrupted and passed her a tall glass of red.

Paige lifted it to her lips and took a large gulp, her hand trembling only slightly. The buzz started almost immediately, and she took another hit. Perhaps skipping lunch had been a bad idea after all.

Damon just chuckled. “Whoa, slow down hun, I’d rather you didn’t throw up on me quite so soon into the evening.”

Paige shot him a sour smile, then turned her attention back to the room. She couldn’t stop herself from staring. There was just too much for her to take in at once. The outer areas of the big room were dark and subdued, and the shifting shadows thrown by the fire created a naughty, secretive glow. Beyond the bar ahead of her was another set of doors, these ones standing open and leading to the dancefloor beyond. The steady thump, thump, thump of base came drifting through, along with tendrils of vapour, blown out from the smoke machine hidden away behind the decks.

Yet Paige only had eyes for the clientele.

She’d never seen so many people in such amazing outfits in one place before. Even as she stood there, mouth hanging open and marvelling, a couple brushed past her.

The guy was an older gentleman dressed in an immaculate charcoal suit, his salt and pepper hair swept back from a handsome face. The woman with him was much younger, and was stunning. She had silky long blonde hair which fell around her bare shoulders like a shawl. She wore a lace demi-cup bra which pushed her breasts up and out, her nipples poking out a delicious red. Her tiny thong matched her bra, and her fishnet stockings ended in a pair of impossibly tall heels, her legs long and slender.

She smiled sweetly at Paige as she passed, Paige catching the whiff of her exotic perfume, spicy and dark, and the girl reached out a hand and stroked it across Paige’s belly as she passed.

Paige couldn’t help blushing again and stared at the girl’s bare arse as she swept across the floor and up the stairs, disappearing through the double doors with a brief backward glance.

“Jesus…” Whispered Paige. Her hand was no longer trembling.

“I know right?” Agreed Damon, his eyes trying to see everywhere at once. He looked like a kid let loose in a sweet shop for the first time, and given licence to have as much candy as he could get. “This place is fucking amazing.”

Paige nodded her head in agreement.

“Come on,” said Damon, taking her arm again. “I spy a couple of free seats over at the back.”

Damon started to pull her with him, but he felt resistance and stopped.

“No,” whispered Paige.

Damon turned an inquisitive eye on her, one eyebrow raised.

“No,” said Paige again, more confident this time. She smiled at the puzzled expression on her husband’s face. “I mean, No, I don’t want to go and hide myself away in a corner.”

Damon’s puzzled look slowly faded to be replaced by that shit eating grin of his, and Paige’s own smile broadened.

“Yes, I mean I want to stay here, right here, out in the open where people can see me.”

Damon took a step closer to her, his grin getting even bigger.

“And…tell me why that is hun?”

Paige blushed at that, and lowered her eyes. She knew what he wanted her to say but was still shy. Another couple passed, the guy in a beige summer suit and the girl in the tightest pair of denim hot pants Paige’d ever seen and a black bikini top.

“Because…” trailed off Paige, feeling hot and shivery and naughty and bad all at once. Her pussy was throbbing now.

“Because?” Prompted Damon pulling her close. He let his hands trail lightly down her back to rest atop her semi naked ass and squeezed.

Paige gave in, her pussy was on fire and her head was swirling with desire.

“Because I want people to fucking look at me, is that what you want to hear? I want people to look at my tits and I want them to look at my shaved pussy. I want to show myself to them all, show them what I’ve got, and what you have at home, every night, I want them to be jealous…”

Damon stopped her with a kiss and Paige melted into it. Damon’s hands were squeezing her arse, and pulling her dress up, making it ride high. She could feel both her cheeks were exposed but didn’t care. She wanted people to see. She could feel the hard bulge of Damon’s cock pressing against her crotch and it was driving her wild.

If he’d tried to fuck her there and then, bent over the bar, she would’ve let him. Let him and enjoyed it.

Damon broke the kiss, and stared longingly into her eyes. Paige could feel the heat emanating off him in roiling waves.

“D’you know you’ve never been more fucking beautiful than you are right now?” Damon told her, reaching back for his drink, nonchalant now.

Paige smoothed down her hair, and pulled her dress down demurely back over her arse.

“Not even on our wedding day?” she pouted.

Damon laughed. “Ok, maybe more so on our wedding day. But only just.”

Paige laughed at that and took another drink of her wine. Just a sip this time. She’d got a gentle buzz going on, and didn’t want to get too fuzzy with alcohol. She wanted to enjoy this feeling as clearly as she possibly could.

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