Five Women and One Lucky Guy

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Most men who walked in on what I walked in on would likely have not reacted in the manner in which I did.

I entered my home and found two lovely young women having sex on my new leather couch. I recognized them on sight — my oldest daughter, Alexa and her younger sister, Kara.

Alexa is a lovely, slender blonde and Kara, a young and petite, half-Latina beauty. They are both exceptionally lovely and high-spirited young ladies. Alexa just turned 20 and her sister is 19. I am in the loop on the lives of all of my daughters and am completely aware that they are both sexually active. I also knew that this was not their first time being intimate with one another. More on this in a little while. I cleared my throat to alert my girls to my presence.

Alexa moved so that she could look up and see me. “Oh, hi daddy,” she chirped merrily. “When did you get home?” Allow me to add that she made absolutely no attempt to cover herself.

“A few minutes ago, now …”

Kara sat up and she too, remained defiantly naked. “Uh-oh, daddy’s got that look again,” she cautioned her older sibling. “I think we’re in trouble.”

Indeed they were, but not for the reason most of you are expecting. I tapped my foot and stared at my daughters with no small amount of anger and frustration. “Have I not told you, time and again, that I don’t want the two of you having sex on the furniture?” I stated firmly. “That couch was incredibly expensive and it’s only a few months old.”

Relieved that she wasn’t in deep trouble, I saw Kara’s face relax and I noticed Alexa’s winning little grin. “Sorry daddy, but sometimes, you just have to go when the mood strikes you,” Alexa answered me.

“You both have huge bedrooms,” I said, intent on not letting either of my girls off the hook. “Why couldn’t you use one of those?”

“Mom,” Kara commented. “She’s in spring cleaning mode and you know what that means,” she said and shook her head.

I nodded and decided to grant them temporary amnesty. I did indeed know what that meant. I love my wife, but when she gets in her cleaning frenzies, nothing and no one is safe. Even our pets run for the hills. I assumed that when I checked later on, our bedroom furniture would be spotless and not in the same place it had been earlier that morning. I had to let the girls off the hook and I informed them of that with a smile.

“Whee, we got away with it!” Kara chortled. “Okay daddy, now that you’ve decided that you’re not gonna punish us, why not join us? We’ve been at it for a while and a nice, fat daddy-dick might just hit the spot. Get out of your clothes and let your favorite daughter give you one her patented, perfect blow jobs!”

Kara glared at her older sister and stuck out her tongue. “Hey, no fair leaving me out in the cold, big sister! Besides, what makes you think that you’re his favorite daughter? There are four of us, you know!”

Kara and her sister love teasing each other, so I knew by now that this was only the playful banter of two loving sisters. “Okay, okay, so I was the first daughter!” Alexa sighed as she playfully threw up her hands in defeat. “Happy now?”


By this point, I was down to my skivvies. Of course I was going to join them. I know a good idea when I hear one.

I’m sure that some of you are wondering by now why I wasn’t freaked out by catching my daughters having sex. It wasn’t the first time and it won’t be the last. I have a very unique — but happy — relationship with my girls and with their mom. To help you understand the extent of it, I need to go back about 15 years.

I was not a lucky man in a lot of ways. Ever since high school, I’ve had issues with women. Unlucky in love, that was me. Most of the relationships I had fizzled out or went down in spectacular flames.

I also had not achieved much success in life. I had worked a series of dead-end jobs that helped pay the bills, but only just. I lived in a cramped apartment that I could barely afford. All of this hardly made me a chick magnet, as I am sure you can understand. I had only a few things working in my favor. One was my physical appearance. I decided when I past 30 that I was going to lose weight and take care of myself. It took 18 months, but the end result was a 6’2″ guy who tipped the scales at 225 pounds, most of it muscle. My other and my strongest asset was my mind — I had always possessed a good imagination and I’d always wanted to write. As my social life was nothing to write about, I decided to spend a goodly portion of the time I wasn’t scraping out a living to write. I managed to get a few short stories published and even got a few encouraging pieces of fan mail.

If you think you know where I’m going with all of this, stop right now. You are likely mistaken. What happened next was not something I could have foreseen.

I often spent a portion of the extra dollars I earned from writing on lottery tickets. Now you might know where I’m going. Yes, I won the lottery florya escort — and I hit it big. Not as much as a huge Hollywood star might have, but a lot of money — and here, lottery winnings aren’t taxable.

Here’s the second curve ball. Not even one week after I was picking up my lottery winnings, my third — fourth — fifth? — attempt at selling a novel — sold. A new publisher had read the manuscript, liked it and had decided to make my meagre effort their first published novel. In less than one year, I had sold a few million copies. The apartment gave way to a sprawling home with a pool and a servant or two to tidy up, while I began working on another book — or two. I didn’t want to rest on my laurels and even though I had enough money to live large for the rest of my life, I had discovered that I loved writing. I also felt I owed my readers some more material, because even if I had not won the money, I’d still have achieved my dream.

As they tell you when you win money, people are going to come out of the woodwork. I didn’t expect my luck to be any different — and it wasn’t. However, in my case, it proved to be a nice little piece of serendipity.

You see, the very first person who came a-callin’ was someone I wanted to hear from. She was the one that got away. I hoped that this might prove to be a golden opportunity. It wasn’t, at least not at first. Stay with me, all right?

My parting with Sarah Shannon had been — less than amicable. I didn’t know it at the time, but she had serious issues and I caught all of the flak. Because I was blindly in love with this woman, I was oblivious to all of her flaws until it was almost too late.

In my collegiate years, as some young men and women are wont to do, I partied. I drank a bit too much and I partook of substances I should not have. I wanted the full college experience, although I always erred on the side of caution. I never once drove under the influence — of anything.

Blinded by a bit too much alcohol and too little sleep, I didn’t see that the same could not be said of my girlfriend. Sarah overdid it and it became her lifestyle. She didn’t graduate college and when I finally saw how fucked up she was, I had my own problems to deal with. I had to either let her go or be dragged into the mess myself. I am sure the smarter of you can understand what I did and why I did it.

Cutting Sarah loose was the hardest decision I ever made. She was the love of my life, I had been contemplating asking her to marry me, or, at the very least, move in to a shared apartment. I had been totally oblivious to the train wreck she had become. When I did cut her loose, I did something Sarah herself might have understood. I got blind, stinking drunk and remained so for the better part of a week. Then I started my new life, eliminating most foreign substances and working hard to achieve whatever kind of life I could eke out,

When Sarah’s call reached me, I felt my heart pounding a mile a minute. Whatever she needed, I now had the money to help her and I would. If that was what she was calling about, because it had been several years since I had last seen her. She could have been better or she could have emerged from that train wreck a mangled, damaged human being.

It was somewhere in the middle, as it turned out.

There was a tremor in her voice and she sounded a bit shaky when she first spoke. What she didn’t sound like — was high.

“It’s good to talk to you, Brad, very good,” Sarah’s voice said to me. “Please, let me apologize for everything I did back then, anything that hurt you. I — wasn’t myself for a long time, but I’m working on it.”

Not knowing what she wanted, I had to play aloof while remaining cordial. “That’s — good to hear, Sarah,” I intoned. “You’re too — special a person to not take the good things that life is offering you,” I said. I was trying to remain calm, as much as this was killing me. I have always known that I never got over her, and I likely never would.

“Thank you, although that is a lesson I’ll likely be learning for several years to come,” Sarah said softly. I could almost hear a slight smile. “I’m sober now, a month, and I’m entering rehab — I start next week.”


“I have a favor to ask — a huge favor and if you say no, I won’t bother you anymore,” Sarah said. If she was on the level, I would have given her the moon. “After we broke up in college, I made a lot of mistakes. The one mistake I didn’t make — I didn’t give up my daughter,” she confessed. I had no idea that Sarah had a child. “She’s almost 5 and a very bright, loving girl,” she continued. “I want her to have the best, but you know my family.” I did and I can’t say I thought much of her self-centered relatives. “If I go to rehab, they’ll take her or it’s foster care. I don’t care much for the outcome of either.”

I could understand that. Sarah lacked stability in her life and she wanted it for cihangir escort her daughter. “Brad, I know that you’re doing well now. Would you possibly consider taking care of my little girl until I complete rehab and get back on my feet?” She asked me.

I knew that I would help because I had the resources. Don’t judge me for how I answered Sarah’s request. I was trying to think clearly and not as a man still in love with a woman who had caused him a lot of pain.

“I’ll do it, but only under one condition,” I said, trying not to let Sarah hear my voice tremble. “I become her legal guardian — you have to surrender parental rights. That way, if something happens, you can’t change your mind or god forbid, if anything worse happens, your daughter will always have a father.”

Sarah’s response was the minute I began to hope that she was not too far gone. “Yes,” she choked up and I could hear the tears in her voice. “Yes, I’d be willing to do that to insure that Alexa has a better life.”

So, that was how my daughter Alexa came to live with me some fifteen years ago. A few days later, Sarah arrived at my new home with Alexa in tow. It was hard to see Sarah in her condition, she looked rough, but I could still see flickers, minute traces, of the woman I had been in love with. With all of my heart, I hoped she could come through the other end of this horrific nightmare she had been living.

What I had not counted on was becoming an instant parent. One look at the lovely blonde cherub who would soon become my daughter and I fell instantly in love. She had the most lovely blue eyes, a resemblance to her mom that worked in her favor and a beautiful smile that was infectious. For some reason, when Sarah explained to Alexa that I was now her daddy, she didn’t question it. She just flashed me one of those smiles and gave me a welcoming hug. I was determined to do right by my now-daughter from the instant that I signed all of the legal documents.

It proved to be the wisest decision I ever made. Alexa was a ray of sunshine and it even helped me reconnect more with my own family. My mother had despaired that I would never marry or have children. She knew the huge torch I was carrying for Sarah and she loved Alexa on the spot. “Grammy” spoiled my little girl rotten — and she still does.

I had the money that I could raise my daughter right and give her anything that she needed — save for one thing. As much time as she needed, that I could not supply her with.

I now had money, from two fronts. Once you inherit or win money, much of your time is not your own. My book was starting to do well and my publishers were very much interested in a second book. They wanted me to do a tour to promote the first one. I knew that if I wanted to make all of this work out, I needed to heed their advice. Alexa was in school and making lots of friends. I didn’t want to rock the boat by pulling her from school and away from all of her extra-curricular activities. Some men would have had to make tough choices. Luckily for the two of us, I didn’t have to make such a choice. I had money now and money can solve a whole lot of problems.

I did something smart — I asked around with some of the other parents at Alexa’s school and got references for a nanny agency. I wanted someone responsible and caring to care for Alexa when I could not be there.

I did get one little eye-opener when I went to the Domestic Agency. I was met by a receptionist who looked as if she could have posed for Penthouse. A long-legged, redheaded stunner named Jayme, who listened carefully as I explained — or tried to, distracted by her swinging, high-heeled long legs — what I required. Honestly, I wondered if this place might just be a front for an escort service or if they only worked with bachelor fathers and single dads. Every girl I looked at was beautiful and sexy. I did see that each woman came with impeccable references and tried to make a selection. I supposed that there was nothing at all wrong with a single father hiring someone attractive to watch over his child. Why not enjoy a bit of eye candy for what I was willing to pay whatever young woman I hired?

I finally decided to hire an attractive black woman named Shay. She had worked with children all through school and university and held a degree in ECE. Was I at all influenced by the fact that she was sexy, petite and in her video, had the cutest French accent? What do you think?

Regardless of why I chose her, she fit in like she had lived with us for years. She bonded with Alexa almost immediately and my daughter hung on her every word. Shay could get my tenacious little girl to do things that even I or my mom could not. Alexa would even eat vegetables for her. Of course, there might be a reason for my daughter’s reluctance to eat them, as her daddy hates a lot of veggies — especially beans and Brussel sprouts.

It did not escape my attention that Shay seemed mecidiyeköy escort to have a small thing for her new employer. I wouldn’t have made any untoward moves on the younger woman, because I wouldn’t have wanted to jeopardize Shay’s relationship with my almost-6 year old. However, that decision was soon taken completely out of my hands.

One night, around 10 PM, I was actually relaxing in my bedroom. I had completed the latest chapter of my second novel and as it was summer, there was nothing exciting to watch on television. I thought I might watch a movie or do some light reading although neither of those things happened.

Instead of any of that, Shay appeared at my door. Posing at my door, she wore a lovely black and white lingerie ensemble and high bedroom slippers. I did not do the obvious and make some kind of flippant remark about why she was there. I rather thought that was obvious, so I simply smiled and nodded. She had also brought a bottle of wine and two large goblets.

“I’ve been trying to attract your attention for several months, now,” she informed me as she perched on the edge of my bed. “At first, I thought you might be celibate or gay, but I’ve seen you checking me out when I’ve worn something slightly provocative, so I know it isn’t the latter. Aren’t you at all interested?”

I had been celibate for several years now, working on my career and then, focusing all my spare time on Alexa. I responded with a simple answer by kissing her lips softly. Oh yeah, as I had expected, the girl could kiss. Her reply was more passionate and we just made out for a few minutes before I came to my senses and broke our almost-torrid embrace.

“Alexa …”

“… could sleep through a tsunami,” Shay chuckled lightly. “You deserve to have some fun and so do I. What good is having all of this money and success if you don’t live a little?” She poured us each a glass of wine which we drank, a delicious prelude to something that would prove to be even more delicious.

After finishing our drinks, we might have been light-headed, but only barely. My dusky seductress had the wherewithal to do a nice little strip and enhance the mood. After that, Shay proved that I had seen only the smallest amount of her talents. For example, she proved to be a world-class fellatrix — that’s cocksucker, for the laymen / laywomen out in the audience.

“I love cock,” Shay purred as she moved up and down on my shaft, making a rather noisy, yet sexy, display of her talents. “Of course, working and living here, I haven’t had any for a while, so I’m glad I finally got up the nerve to do this. I sort-of figured you might have a nice, big cock!”


“Yeah, there have been some — indications — that you were rather well put together,” she giggled as she came up for air. I knew what she meant by that. Despite my own best intentions, there were a few of Shay’s outfits that leaned towards the “fantasy inspiring” side.

I let her have fun with my cock for a while longer and then I spun her around. Her meticulously-trimmed pussy beckoned and I went after it like a man who had — well, I actually had — done without for years. I’m almost surprised that we didn’t wake Alex, although she wouldn’t have understood the yelps and squeals that Shay was making. It had been a while, so I was pleased that I obviously remembered how to make a woman cum with my tongue and fingers.

“Oh baby, are you going to sleep well tonight!” Shay gasped as she struggled to regain her breath. She mounted my cock and raked her nails on my chest. “Let’s turn up the heat boss; it’s a bit too cold in here!” She hissed through clenched teeth. Shay was the kind of lover a guy like me needed after a long hiatus. She wasn’t afraid to voice her enthusiasm, she used all the right words and she let loose on me. My cock was in a snug, tight pussy and she used it to wrest a lot of cum from my balls. Even when I wasn’t sure how much more of this sexy black bitch I could take, she still didn’t let up. She moved up and down on my cock, she rolled her hips; she thrust herself against me and fucked me until I was exhausted. It was actually a bit cute how we finished. In a way, she reverted to being an employee again and helped me tidy up before checking in on Alexa.

There is a lot more I could tell about my affair with Shay and that is perhaps for another time. You know that I am Alexa’s lover now and that she has a sister. Here’s how the latter came about.

One of Alexa’s closest friends in grade school was a petite little thing named Kara. They never went to Kara’s home and always played here. As a dad, there was something that troubled me about that. I asked Alexa but managed to get very little out of her, only that Kara’s parents were “sad”. I discussed this with Shay, who was able to pry more information out of my daughter than I ever could. Kara’s parents weren’t sad; they were falling-down drunks. Worse yet, they were just her foster parents and they barely acknowledged her comings and goings. I knew how much happiness Alexa had brought to my life. I knew how happy she was in the company of her little friend. I didn’t even have to think about what I was about to do. I only had one hurdle, that was Shay and she almost cried when I told her what I was thinking.

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