For Erin

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This is a very short piece dedicated to ShadowSucks, Erin, who just a couple of weeks ago lost her battle with cancer.

Erin contacted me a few months ago and asked me to try and write a story in this genre. We became fast friends and in a little under a year, she grew to mean very much to me. So I am posting this story in her memory. If you enjoy it, she is the one to thank.

I will miss her immensely and keep her memory alive in my heart for the rest of my days.

As always, readers, thank you for your support and comments are welcome.


“You’re late.” She said coldly and peered unsympathetically at my drenched face. I hung my head in apology. For the longest seconds she stood motionless, as though daring me to utter an excuse. A blast of freezing wind whipped across my rain soaked body. My clothes clung to my skin and the cold began to burn. I shivered violently and looked at my Mistress, silently begging her to open her door to the lost puppy on her doorstep. She finally opened the door a little wider and stepped to the side.

“Take those clothes off and leave them outside.” She nodded her command and brought her hand to rest on her hip. “I don’t want you dripping all over my floor.”

I sighed my relief and immediately moved to peel the wet material from my torso. I lifted my shirt over my head and the beading drops of rain on my face were swept away with it. My shaking hands moved to unbutton my pants and as I struggled to push the sodden denim down my legs another gust of wind stung my bare flesh. I kicked my sneakers off my feet after realising my jeans could not be pulled over them and finished removing my pants. I dropped the clothing on the wooden deck chair to my left. My hands travelled behind me but were stopped short of reaching the clasp of my bra.

“That’ll do.” She turned her body sideways and tilted her head away from me. “Come.” I gratefully stepped inside and was immediately comforted by the warm wooden floor. Mistress closed the door and stepped around me without so much as a glance in my direction. I counted her steps. One. Two. Three. My feet moved to follow her, knowing their expected distance. My eyes were glued to the long black stiletto heels that glided sensually over the floor. I watched her exquisitely toned calves, clad in black, back seamed thigh highs, adorned with a lacy band as they carried her toward her domain.

I didn’t need to watch where she was going. I knew this path well enough to walk it with my eyes closed. I had walked this path with my eyes closed, several times. Nine steps forward, turn left, twenty one steps forward, eight steps down the first flight of stairs, turn right and ten steps down the second flight. I didn’t need to count the steps so I merely marvelled at Mistress’ mouth watering body. I love how strict she makes lace look. Her derrière swung back and forth as she walked, crowned by the thick band of lace of her thong before disappearing between the firm cheeks. Her lace bra hugged her back so perfectly and my tongue ached to taste its sunkissed length. Her long hair was pulled back into a tight ponytail high on her head and swayed with each step she took. My ears rung with the hypnotic clicks of her heels against the floor and my eyes absorbed the impossible straightness of the stocking seams as they traversed the contours of her legs.

When we reached the basement Mistress pointed a long finger at a metal ring, bolted to the floor, just to my left. “Wait there.” I obeyed and stepped toward it, tucking my frozen fingers underneath my arms. I watched as Mistress walked toward the wall at the opposite end of the room. She paused when she reached it, surveyed the various items scattered across it and looked toward the ground. She began to pace back and forth parallel to the wall, occasionally looking at a specific item before moving on. Each time she paused to consider a weapon my body shuddered with memories of the last time it was used.

She turned to look at me, her face blank and cold. Her eyes almost looked through me. My heart began to pound in my chest. Mistress wasn’t usually this quiet and it made me nervous.

“Do you know how late you were?” She asked. My breath caught in my throat and I swallowed hard.

“No.” I answered meekly.

“Twelve minutes.” She bluntly snapped back and her gaze forced my eyes to the grey floor. I felt her eyes on me and blood flooded my chest and cheeks.

“Twelve minutes spent waiting for you,” She repeated, her tone more forceful, “do you think that’s acceptable?”

“No Mistress.”

“Hmm.” She pursed her lips and nodded subtly. “Neither do I.” Mistress inhaled deeply and folded her arms across her chest, not once taking her eyes off me. “Turn around.” The command surprised me.

I did as told and turned to face away from her. My eyes busied themselves studying the metal rings attached to the wall in a square while my ears focused on following the sound of my Mistress’ footsteps. She moved to each end of the wall and lifted something from it. My mind Ankara escort spun with the possible combinations of tools she could have selected. I didn’t have to wonder for too long. Moments later, Mistress appeared at my side holding the leather wrist cuffs in her hand and a blindfold draped over her right arm.

“Give me your hands.” She reached for my left hand and I extended it to her. She folded the soft leather around my wrist and buckled it tight. She did the same to my right wrist before linking the two together with a four inch chain. She yanked firmly on the chain to ensure the cuffs were secure. “Get on your knees.” She stepped back slightly and waited for me to take my place. Leaning down, Mistress took the chain between my cuffs and clipped it to the metal ring on the floor. With my hands fixed to the ground, she placed the satin blindfold over my eyes and tied it tightly behind my head. She walked away from me towards the back wall again. My body quivered and my heart raced. She walked the length of the wall and I had no idea what she had retrieved.

“How many minutes late were you?” She asked.


“That’s right.” Her foot steps grew closer. “I really don’t like to be kept waiting. And I want to make sure it doesn’t happen again.” Her footsteps approached from my left side and circled around me slowly. “So… One lash for each minute you were late.” My fingers closed around the thin chain and tugged against it.

“You are going to count them, out loud, so I can make sure you know not to keep me waiting.” As she passed behind me I felt her fingers in my hair. They twisted the strands around her palm and suddenly pulled my head back. “Do you understand?”

“Yes.” I answered, my voice a strained whisper.

“Forehead on the ground, ass up in the air.” She nudged my head forward. I shuffled my knees backwards, pushing my ass upwards, until my arms were fully extended and my head touched the floor. I thought I heard her moan her approval but put it down to wishful thinking. Her heels clicked against the hard floor as she circled me again. The anticipation and uncertainty had me tingling. I flinched when I suddenly felt her hands jerk my underwear over my ass. I turned my head in her direction, foolishly hoping I would be able to see through the blindfold. I couldn’t. She walked back and forth behind me making my body tense more with each step. I clenched the chain in my palms and my toes curled painfully as she kept me waiting.

“Uuuuhhh!” I cried out as the first strike collided with the exposed skin of my ass. “One…” I cried, panting with both shock and relief. Smack! The second strike landed on the opposite cheek and stung a little more. My body jolted forward and the chain strained against the ring which was now between my wrists. “Two…” I said now certain that she was using the flogger, the area of the pain and distinctive crack gave it away. I focused on slowing my breathing as my Mistress circled me again. My ass burned and I cringed at the thought of how much more there was to come. Smack! Pain flashed across the underside of my left cheek. “Three…” I shrieked and cursed my voice for its high pitch. Smack! The fourth landed barely a second later and precisely where its predecessor had. “Four…” I breathed through my teeth and followed her footsteps to the other side of my body.

Smack! The flogger collided with the underside of my right cheek. “Fi…” Smack! I gasped as the sixth blow landed. “Five, six…” I whimpered quickly, knowing there would be consequences for falling behind. I struggled against my restraints as my body winced with the aftershocks of my discipline. I hadn’t noticed Mistress move until her heels clicked beside my head and startled me. I didn’t know whether to be grateful for the break or frustrated that she was prolonging the punishment. I heard her feet touch the ground on the other side my head and thought she had stepped over me until her shoes dragged against the floor on both sides. I realised she was standing over me, the mental image sending shivers coursing through me to my pussy. I fought the urge to lift myself towards her.

Smack! I jolted again as the flogger snapped between my ass cheeks and I felt the first traces of moisture seep from my pussy. “Seven…” My voice cracked. Smack! Smack! Smack! Three swats landed quickly over the length of my back. The pain burned through my body and my fingers clawed at the rough floor as my pussy began to throb. “Eight…” I said defiantly.

“Oh,” Mistress ran her sharp heel up the length of my right arm, “liking this that much, are you?” My only response was a moan. She moved to the right side of my body.

Smack! A swat nipped my upper back.

Smack! The next landed across my lower back.

Smack! The flogger kissed the centre of my back.

“Nine…” I arched and relaxed my back, stretching and releasing the tingling skin.

“Twisted little slut.” She chuckled cruelly at me and I squeezed my eyes shut beneath the blindfold. I knew she was right.

Smack! Smack! Ankara escort bayan Smack! Three strikes ripped across my upper back and I moaned loudly, my knees scraped against the floor and my legs involuntarily spread themselves as the shocks rippled towards my pussy. I remained quiet. Mistress walked to my left said.

“I don’t think you’re meant to be enjoying punishment this much.”

Smack! Smack! Smack! Determined to properly discipline me, the next three strikes landed where my ass and back met with such a force that my legs spread wide enough for my pussy to touch the cold floor.

“Ten.” My voice quivered and my body blazed.

“That’s better.” She smugly offered. “Get that ass up!” She scolded and I shot back to the position I was meant to be in.


“Aaaaahhhhh!” I shrieked as the next one struck just below my ass, to the top of my thigh, the tips torturously teasing the inside of my thigh as they bit. “Eleven…” I whined at the same determined force as the previous three swats.

“Oh god yes.” I heard Mistress mutter beneath her breath. I know she likes making me scream and I know she’s going to do it again.


The final blow hit my opposite thigh, again the tips reaching around to my tender inner thigh. I screamed as my body collapsed to the cold, hard ground and I pulled painfully against my cuffs. “Twelve!” I yell as the blood rushing to my thighs heats the skin and radiates into my dripping cunt.

“Did I say you could lower your ass?” She scorned as another blow struck across my shaking thighs. I flinched and immediately pushed myself back to my knees.

I heard her come closer and stop near my legs. I sighed loudly as Mistress’ cool, gentle fingers soothed my stinging ass. She softly caressed my thighs, sending sparks through my core. My pussy was aching for my Mistress.

“Mmm… I love it when this ass is all red for me.” Her fingers lightly ran up the sensitive skin of my back which erupted into goose bumps in her wake.

“Aaaaaaaarrrrhhhh!” I squealed sharply as her fingernails raked down my spine. The intensity had me jerking and writhing beneath my Mistress and my hips bucked backwards in search of her.

“Fuck yes baby, scream for me.” She hissed as her nails dragged over my ass cheeks, grasped my panties and yanked them back up, snapping the band around my hips. I whimpered as I heard Mistress stand and walk back to the wall. Moments later she was approaching again and came to a stop at my hands. I more heard, than felt, her unclip the chain from the metal ring.

“Sit up and turn around.” She commanded and I happily obeyed. My knees were relieved to no longer be jammed to hard floor. “Hands.” She said and I raised them in the direction of her voice. I felt her unclasp the chain from my left wrist and, holding my right wrist, move behind me. She pulled my right arm to the centre of my back and then pulled my left arm to meet it before reattaching the chain. Her fingers caressed my shoulders lightly and proceeded to slide down my arms as Mistress’ warm lips found the skin of my neck.

My head sunk backwards to rest against her shoulder as her moist lips and tongue explored my neck. I moaned contentedly when her teeth softly nipped and pulled at my wanton flesh. She stood up behind me, her lips never leaving my neck, and brought her right hand around my body to firmly take hold of my throat. I gasped and shuddered as Mistress’ fingers tightened slightly and her teeth bore painfully into the nape of my neck. My pussy twitched and released more of its juices, my legs spreading and pussy arching forward. She clutched a fist full of hair and used it to pull my head backwards, her lips travelling up my neck and along my jaw line. My heart raced and my mouth watered as I waited for her to kiss me.

When her full lips grazed mine a moan escaped me. I wanted to whine and whimper as she hovered above me, her lips ever so lightly teasing mine, making me wait as her hot breath poured into my shamelessly open mouth. Her lips finally enveloped mine and my body melted against her passion. It was always during her kisses that I knew I would do anything she asked of me if it meant just one more of these kisses. Mistress coaxed my lips apart but just before our tongues met, pulled away. I wanted to yell in frustration but knew better. She walked away again but not towards the wall of toys. I waited and listened to her every movement, hoping for a random sound to hint at what she was doing.

She walked back and stopped just in front of me. Her hand found my chin and her thumb smoothly slid across my bottom lip, making me slightly open my mouth. Her fingertips skimmed their way down my throat and over my chest, stopping to massage my breasts. I focused on keeping my breathing steady as Mistress’ skilled hands caressed and kneaded the supple flesh. I felt her fingernails against my ribs as she slid her fingers under the elastic band of my bra and harshly yanked it up above my breasts, leaving it there and resuming her ministrations. I groaned Escort Ankara as her thumbs and forefingers closed around my taught nipples, squeezing and pulling the peaks away from my body.

Her nails gently scratched down my abdomen and my body shook with desire. I was panting by the time her nails reached my thighs and I couldn’t stop my hips from rotating as she scratched harder down my thighs. Mistress’ fingers found my pussy and began to rub me over my panties. When her other hand closed around my throat and slightly squeezed, I was dizzy with pleasure and panted in desperation. Lost in the pressure of her fingers both clutching my neck and rubbing my clit at the well practised speed which she knew would reduce me to a puddle in her palm. I jumped sharply as my Mistress placed a firm swat to my humming core. My body tumbled into despair as her hands left me.

The blindfold was unexpectedly ripped from my eyes and they strained to adjust to the light. The moment my vision was clear, life stood still around me. The universe froze in a single instant to allow my senses to drown in the excruciating sensuality before me. Mistress was seated on a chair in front of me, her bra and thong removed, legs spread wide and her magnificent alter being displayed a matter of inches from my mouth. A soul crushing need tore through my entire being and I lunged forward towards my Mistress. Searing pain flashed through my shoulders as the force almost pulled the joints from their sockets, stopping me no more than four inches away from my Lady’s ambrosia. Dazed and confused I looked behind me to see that she had chained me to the same metal ring.

No! My mind and soul cried out as I looked back to the waiting treasure my Mistress guarded. I pulled and strained against the chain, my arms and shoulders aching and throbbing in pain, my neck extended the farthest it could be in effort to reach. For long seconds I struggled against my binds, hoping that one more pull would break me free. It was in vain.

“Please!” I quietly begged, my eyes pleading for mercy. My body strained and ripped at the chains and I found myself wishing for the dislocations that would result in the inches of distance I needed.

“Please. Please!” I beseeched her, consumed by a level of desperation the likes of which could rival a starving animal. She coldly watched my struggle.

“Please!” I yelled in frustration and pulled on the chain violently. Her face began to soften and she broke out into a cruel and sadistic chuckle.

“Mmm… Now there’s my greedy little pussy whore.” She announced as she leaned forward, took my chin in her hand and placed a forceful kiss against my lips. My blood was a molten inferno and my soul quivered, not so much from being called a whore but from being called Hers. “You wanna taste my pussy?” She sarcastically asked.

“Please!” I begged again. Mistress leaned back and placed her left foot on my right thigh.

“My stockings are feeling a little dry. Why don’t you get them nice and wet for me.”

I bent forward and kissed the inside of her calf. Curling even more, I pushed my tongue passed my lips and licked around Mistress’ ankle.

“Good girl.” She muttered as she watched me coat her shin in saliva. I craned my neck to reach around to the outside of her leg and lathered every inch I could reach. When my tongue stretched to tease the underside of her knee she moaned loudly and raised her leg, resting it on my right shoulder. She turned it slightly outward so I could reach the back of her calves. My lips and tongue kissed, sucked and licked my Mistress’ leg. When I reached the back of her knee I, again, heard her moan and turned my head to look at her. She was watching me intently and my attention was drawn to a flickering movement in my peripheral vision, where her fingers were working in circles around her glistening clit. My tongue was unable to move as I looked at her in anguish. “You better keep working.” She commanded and my mouth hesitantly returned to its duties. I coated the underside of her knee before moving around to kiss and suck on her knee, frequently stealing glances at Mistress’ tormenting fingers. With her knee sufficiently wetted, my mouth set to work on her inner thighs and my eyes fixed themselves to the movement of her fingers which were now slowly pushing inside her.

Extending my tongue as far as I could, I was able to just reach passed the lace band of her thigh highs and revelled in the taste of her silken skin. The scent of her arousal filled my nostrils and my heart thudded within its bone cage. I looked up to see Mistress’ eyes intensely burning into my own, I held her gaze until she inhaled sharply and removed her fingers from her centre. She slid her left leg from my shoulder and slowly raised her right leg to my left shoulder. She placed her ankle passed my shoulder and I immediately began with her calf. She watched me, her breathing laboured and her hands clutching the sides of the chair. When I reached the back of her knee again she moaned lightly and dropped her head backwards, bringing her fingers back to her sopping hole. Her hips began to role against her hand as her fingers entered her. I sucked and nipped on her inner thighs as she began to pump faster into herself, the sounds echoing in my ears.

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